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Combat Culture


I created and published this original story and accompanying digital illustrations during the era of the United States involvement in warfare in Iraq 2003 to 2011.






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Blast From The Past

This will be an ongoing series of post, presented as the title describes, but with a twist.

These are all old renders I've done over the years, but have been enhanced recently, in one way or another, from the original.




Devil Dawg Donnelly's... Chapters One Through Fourteen:



                                                                   CHAPTER ONE:

Billy Donnelly killed the engine of his Boom 125cc motorcycle right before he made the turn off into their driveway.

Since moving five miles away, Billy was forced to use some of his hard-earned summer jobs, save for college money to buy this cheap motorcycle just so he, and his best bro Baxter could still work out on base in the gym weight room together.

Ever since his Dad, MSgt. Max Donnelly, had made the decision, because of his stupid, horny little brother, to move off base, and down the road into an old three-bedroom trailer that his Dad, and his buddy Carl had set up on a small plot of land he bought right off the main road, Billy had made it his personal duty to keep tabs on his sixteen-year-old brother JD, since it was his fault their dad had made that call in the first place.

Not that base housing was really any better than what they had now, but it was a lot more convenient using on-base facilities, especially the gym, where he, and Baxter could just walk the ten minutes it took from the Donnelly residence.

True, he used to have to go pick Baxter up, since he lived off base with his Mom, but that was just a couple of streets down from the side gate they used to go to and from each other's houses.

Though Baxter was a Marine Corps brat through and through like Billy, after Baxter's Dad was killed in Afghanistan, back when Baxter was just nine years old, he and his Mom had to move from base housing to a civilian home a couple of roads down from the base, and Billy would have to meet up with Baxter at the side guard gate so he could bring Baxter in as a guest on his military dependent ID card.  Guess being a gold-star Marine brat wasn't enough to warrant continued access to on-base facilities after his Dad died Billy thought to himself.

Baxter never complained though.  The death benefits his Mom got pretty much paid for their home, with enough money left over for his Mom to put aside a modest college fund for him; that is if they survived their upcoming senior year of high school and their senior year state wrestling standing, and hopeful championship.

It was just the beginning of summer vacation, but Billy was getting very suspicious of his little brother's comings and goings with his new bestie Timmy Anderson.

What made Billy suspicious is the fact the two of them had absolutely nothing in common either socially or academically. Timmy was a full year or so older than JD, he was roughly the same age as Billy and would be a senior this year as well, and he was one of the schools best gymnasts, even placing very highly in the state gymnastic competition this last year, as well as being a grade "A" student academically.

Even odder, Timmy came from a very religious conservative civilian family, and from Billy's perspective, the guy was the polar opposite of his brother.  Whereas JD was extremely brash, crude, and outgoing, Timmy was bashful, quiet, and one of the most socially backward persons he knew of.  His strict family upbringing sheltered him from the exposure to the more diverse social structure that Billy, JD, and their older brother Mike had grown up with just from being military brats.

It was almost comical how many different shades of red Timmy's face would turn just spending five minutes listening to JD boisterously swear his way through whatever ludicrous scenario crossed his mind, which was mostly lurid gossip he'd garnered from his jock buddies on the school football and baseball teams.

Timmy was way too naive, and innocent.  He could barely look you in the eye without blushing or averting his own gaze.  But, right after the "Incident" late last fall, and their Dads subsequent decision to move them off base, JD just kind of latched onto Timmy, and just seemed to revel in seeing how many different ways he could embarrass or make Timmy blush.

It wasn't like JD was purposely trying to torment the guy, they were just that different from each other. But, for some strange reason, that Billy had yet to determine, they had become almost inseparable, and from what he knew, their friendship was very much on the down-low from Timmy's family.

Billy doubted his parents even knew they hung out almost every single day.  JD just being himself would probably totally mortify the Anderson's, especially if they knew their angelic, poster child perfect baby boy was besties with a trash-talking Marine Corps brat, chiefly someone of JD's scandalous reputation.  They would be mortified, especially after word of mouth got around about JD's blow-up "Incident" the year before.

Billy still seethed at his little brother's unbridled stupidity.  Their Dad gave them a lot of leeway, especially since their Mom abandoned them back when Billy was just eight years old.  

It was a hard thing to deal with for him and his brothers, Even Mike, their older brother who was ten at the time, couldn't recall things being bad enough for their mom to just up and split without even so much as saying kiss my ass before leaving.  Yeah, she and their Dad would argue about stuff, but they always seemed to make up pretty quickly, and she never let on or gave any indication that things were so rough or terrible for her that she needed to get away from him.  It's not like he ever (not to their knowledge anyway) threatened her, and he never physically harmed her.  That was something she really couldn't have hidden from them, or chiefly from their older brother Mike, he and their mother were always particularly close, but even he was surprised she had just abandoned them and gone AWOL.

Even worse, was the fact that there was never any further communication from her.  All three of them were certain that their Dad knew more than he was saying, but they all pretty much assumed he did so out of concern for them.  Billy always felt his Dad was protecting them from her true nature and the fact she didn't, not even once, try to contact any of them, always reinforced that feeling, at least from Billy's perspective.

Mike on the other hand, as he grew older, seemed to emotionally distance himself from their father.  It really came to a head right after his eighteenth birthday.  It wasn't long after that, and as soon as he graduated, he joined the Marines himself and moved away only coming home twice since then; once after boot camp and then to say goodbye when he got stationed to Germany.

He did occasionally shoot Billy, and JD a short email, but it was always the typical "everything's fine, doing great" kind of stuff, just enough to let them know he was still alive, and kicking.

Billy's mood continued to sour dredging up all those bad memories as he first glided, then dismounted and pushed his bike down the S-shaped driveway that curved through the trees on the gravel that paved their driveway, which led back through some trees and shrubs, to their tan, trimmed in dark brown trailer they now lived in.  The native terrain effectively concealed their home from the main road.

Just as Billy suspected, he saw his brother's bike, and more importantly, Timmy's little red Jeep Wrangler parked near the front of the trailer.

It was 1:36 PM and JD was supposed to be at baseball practice from noon until 3 PM, or so he had told Billy and his Dad that morning before their Dad left for work.

Typical, Billy thought, he still hasn't learned his lesson, but then again, JD for the last two years or so had seemed determined to get on their Dad's last nerve.  Like what he's done already wasn't bad enough, and had already brought the wrath of MSgt. Max Donnelly down on both their heads.

Their Dad wasn't a man you fucked with, and Billy would have thought that was now made crystal clear after the punishments dished out by their very angry father when he found out JD broke the golden Donnelly rule, a rule that had been repeatedly laid out by their father as soon as they became teenagers.

To the casual observer, you would think this was a minor boy's will be boy's infraction, but the truth is, JD broke the trust their father placed in all his son's when it came to following his non-contestable golden rule: No girlfriends, no dating until they graduated high school and moved out on their own.

They all knew his reasoning, being a MSgt. in the Marine Corps, their Dad had seen boy after boy, who couldn't control their raging hormones, ruin their lives by getting girls knocked up. As a matter of fact, as he laid it out to all of them, almost half the guys coming through his doors to be trained on how to kill, and break things for the United States Marine Corps, were there because they bred some high-school girl and because they were too stupid or selfish to wear a condom, were now either trying to escape the responsibilities of fatherhood or were trying to pick up the pieces to their shattered youthful dreams. Dreams like college or other future ambitions, like promising sports careers, all laid waste by unwanted or impending fatherhood.

No girls, period, not until they were eighteen, on their own supporting themselves!

Yes, Billy hated the rule just as much as JD did, and he suspected Mike shared their sentiment; Billy's best bro Baxter did as well, seeing as his Dad, having known Baxter's Dad for many years, took up the mantle of male role model, and authoritarian, and if necessary disciplinary figure in his life, something Baxter's Mom very much encouraged, his Dad making it all to clear to Baxter, the rule extended to him as well.

The upshot, though hardly compensatory to their raging, red-blooded, always horny teen libido's, their Dad gave them carte blanche to beat their meat anytime they wanted to, to any porn mags usually laying about the place (Playboy, Hustler, etc.) not to mention the free porn vids available online using their phones, and he kept them supplied with bottles of lube, and to be fair, their Dad never brought chicks home to bang.  Yeah, there were times their Dad would come sneaking in late at night or messaging them stating he was going to be out all night, but no, he didn't flaunt the fact that he was this six-foot two-inch muscle hardened, dark-haired, furry, well-trained machine that dripped testosterone and could probably have any woman he wanted, to flaunt in their faces. No, MSgt. Max Donnelly was a man who knew about self-control and attempted to lead his sons by example.

Apparently, though, that wasn't enough for JD.

Billy knew he should have suspected something.  He knew JD was sometimes sneaking out at night, but it was usually because one or more of his football bros would come knocking on his bedroom window and try to convince him to go raid the officer quarters outdoor beer machines on base and bring it to them so they could go party.  Billy knew this because his brother's room was, and still is, right next to his and he could hear them beg and whine until either JD got pissed off and told them to fuck off.  But more times than not, he capitulated and sneaked out, and left with them in tow.

Still, despite how intimidating their father could be, too late their Dad discovered that JD apparently was hounding after several girls throughout base housing.

Billy use to think that his brother sneaking back in at night or early morning as the case may be, and his brother hitting the showers was to wash away the beer smells, knowing their Dad had this very acute sense of smell, like, he could literally find a bag of potato chips anywhere in the house just by sniffing it out.  But, in hindsight, it was to wash away the smells of teen girl perfumes, and other bodily scents.

Billy didn't know exactly how serious things had gotten or exactly how incredibly stupid and reckless his brother was being until all hell broke loose on an early November late afternoon when their very enraged father practically burst through the front door of their home...

Billy knew his Dad as this imposing strong figure, one that was both feared, and respected by the men who served with him and those few men whom he called friend or made part of their extended family dynamic.  But Billy had never seen that kind of fiery rage behind his father's eyes before and it had sent a shiver of fear down his spine and another when his Dad, almost growling the words asked: "Where's your brother?"

Billy could still remember the cold chill that passed through him with the intensity of his father's gaze, a glare that bore right into his very soul and threatened to reduce the entire house to rubble if he didn't like the response.

He remembered so vividly how the escalating intensity behind that glowering gaze magnified as his Dad took two steps toward him and repeated his demand.

To his recollection, Billy also recalled, just for an instant or by some trick of possible reflective ambient lighting, his father's deep blue eyes seeming to flash a brilliant blue around his irises.

Barely able to muster the fortitude to respond in words that didn't seem to want to coalesce in his fear-restricted throat, he meekly gestured toward his brother's bedroom, while simultaneously wondering what hell he might have just unleashed on his unsuspecting younger sibling.

Like a preamble to a cacophonous thunderhead, a sort of eye of the storm effect filled their home as the nearly imperceptible steps of his towering father reached the door to his brother's room.

Billy gasped slightly and held his breath as his father's right hand, almost appearing to be moving in a very cinematic slow-motion effect, touched the doorknob to JD's room.

Billy either vicariously or through intuition or the heightened awareness that seemed to slow and enhance his entire surroundings felt or sensed that the door was locked.

In that instant, time seemed to stand still, before, with a speed and ferocity of near herculean proportions, he watched as his father almost effortlessly ripped the door and half the framed molding away in an explosion of wood shards and flying debris.

He had watched in trepidation as his father casually tossed aside the remnants of the door as he stepped into the room, almost instantly transposing the distance between the shattered portal of JD's room, to his bed, where a startled and unsuspecting JD found himself snatched to his feet from his previous prone position and hurled into the hallway where he slammed to the floor on his hands and knees, completely caught off guard and totally unprepared for the ferocity of their father's strength.

JD flipped to his back, partially supported by his elbows, to confront the frightening visage of their enraged father, whose face had become a fiord of snarling, angry facial lines.   Gone were his usually calm masculine features, squared jawline, dimpled cheeks, and even the comely divot in his wide chin. What was left of his once handsome face was now completely contorted into a mask of anger, rage, and... disappointment?

Billy watched helplessly, as if bound by some intense localized gravitational forces, to the spot he was standing on, when his father, mere moments ago had disrupted the quiet serenity of this unseasonably warm November evening, and ripped his little brother from the very room he once viewed as his personal, private sanctuary.

Billy stood helplessly as his father scooped JD up from the floor with one hand, by the front of his sweatshirt, toting him into the air, his legs dangling pendulously, swaying back, and forth as they desperately sought purchase to the ground nearly a foot below his feet.

Even from his side-view perspective, Billy could see the abject terror etched into JD's face and wide eyes.  An expression that deepened even further as the full force of his father's vehemence clutched him inches from his face before nearly spitting words so full of anger, and disappointment: "You have no idea what you have done" his father's voice, deep and near growling sounding, twinged not only in anger but with a sense of something being irrevocably lost.

Their father shoved JD to the floor before nearly spitting the words: "You've ruined whatever future you might have had before." his emotional voice almost cracking, continued: "And for what, a few moments of casual physical pleasure?"

With a look of confused bewilderment, JD barely audibly mumbled: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Billy watched as his Dad's large fingers curled into fist that kept clenching, and unclenching at his sides before spitting accusatorily: "Sarah Nichols ring a bell, how about Michelle Touts or Rebbecca Wheeler?"

JD sat up, bringing his hands to his face forming a mask he intended to shield him from his father's litany of willful transgressions and lurid liaisons.  Like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, JD's head bowed before haltingly and halfheartedly disavowing his carnal actions off as nothing more than casual fun: "I didn't do anything they didn't want me too" he offered feebly as if it justified his actions and willful disobedience.

Billy saw his father slowly squat before his brother then quickly snatch him by his shoulders, jerking him forward until their noses were almost an inch from each other. The laser-like intensity of his gaze instantly caused his brother to cast his eyes downward in shame and embarrassment, emphasized by their father's disapproving glare.

"Nothing they didn't want?!" his father spat with a snarling, deep, almost growling rumble: "How about Andrea Thomas?"

JD shot back defensively: "We only did it the one time!"

Billy's mind filled with the remembrance of his father's disdainful reproach after shoving his brother away from him and standing, looking down on his youngest son, shaking his head from side to side before almost calmly stating: "Well guess what sport, it only takes one time!"

Billy felt his heart skip a beat, hell, maybe a few as the light of awareness went on and spread perceptibly across his brother's now shocked face.

"Yup sport" their Dad spat out almost mockingly before bringing the hammer of truth down squarely on his youngest son's shoulders: "Welcome to fatherhood dumbass!"


                                                                 CHAPTER TWO:


Billy pushed his motorcycle quietly as possible to the far left end of their trailer, where their Dad and a few of his buds had poured a concrete slab, and constructed a simple covered carport with room enough for both his Dads S150 truck, and Billy's motorcycle. Billy continued reminiscing about the days following the blow-up, and the revelations of his younger brother JD's indiscretions, and fumbling dalliances.

Billy's Dad revealed how he came to find out about it all from Andrea's father, at least the part about JD's involvement with his daughter, and Andrea's father learning from some of Andrea's friends about JD's other involvements, and Andrea's tearful confession about how she got pregnant, or more precisely by whom.  He detailed how her recent week-long morning sickness had troubled her parents enough to take her to the on-base infirmary where the attending physician quickly deduced what was at the core of her frequent nausea.

Their Dad also revealed that the girl's parents had already made the decision, and had convinced their daughter to carry the child to term and to put it up for adoption.  Their Dad also revealed he wasn't as sure that was the course he wanted to follow and was still trying to decide if he was going to intercede and make other arrangements for his future grandson.  

How their father was so sure that she would indeed be having a boy he didn't address, only that he knew it would be, simply stating that as long as the family history had been recorded, Donnelly men only sired male children, and since it is the father who determines the sex of the child, he knew it would be a boy, and by blood, a Donnelly.

It was just like the Marine Corps to hear their Dad tell it, knowing the family history and the fact Donnelly men have been serving in the United States Marine Corps since the inception of the first Continental Marines during the American Revolutionary War was formed by Captain Samuel Nicholas.

Their father also let them know about his decision to move off base, and at least get JD away from the temptations he seemed too weak to resist, and indeed, their Dad made sure that either he or Billy or their Dad's oldest, and closest friend, and human pit-bull, Carl McGregor could keep track of him.

Carl was one of those no-neck Marines.  He was shorter than their Dad by about four inches but the man was the living embodiment of what one refers to as built like a brick shithouse; pure, dense solid muscle lightly dusted with light brown, almost reddish-blond hair.

Carl's been close to Billy, and JD's Dad since way before they were born, as far back as childhood, just like Baxter, and Billy.

They had grown up calling him uncle Carl and as far as their Dad was concerned, he was every bit as much a part of the family as anyone blood related, and as intimidating physically as Carl appeared, Billy, and his brothers had long since learned he was just a big gruff teddy bear whose unassuming laugh could fill a room, and could just about defuse any negative vibes.  Even now, the boys both knew that it was Carl who had calmed their Dad down from his initial tirades and threatening rants.

It was the days that followed, that they became acutely aware that JD's impending fatherhood was actually not the foremost of their father's concerns regarding JD's transgressions, and strongly implied there would be future ramifications for JD's conduct in the breaking of the code.  It wasn't just about him becoming a teen Dad, it was about his rejection of the family code, and the total disregard in which he treated authority, and family.  Billy understood that it was like something he felt to the core of his very being, and he too began to worry for his brother's future, that despite everything he, and his father still loved JD.  They both just knew that somehow the worst was yet to come.

In the beginning, Billy felt that JD understood it too, but as the months passed, and the school year ended, and summer began, JD had once again been reverting to his more secretive, cocky former self, exhibited in his actions today, and his deception with both Billy, and his Dad about he's supposed itinerary.

It was JD's out-of-place involvement with Timmy that peaked Billy's doubts in his brother's intentions and veracity.  It was why he and Baxter wrapped up early today so he could check on his brother, and make sure he was exactly where he said he was going to be. Billy's instincts have been so far proven correct, something Baxter had always trusted about him, but until recently, he had doubted about himself.

The older Billy had gotten the more he began appreciating his friend's level-headedness, Billy often noting to himself how much he, but Baxter too, had grown over the last couple of years, especially how quickly they had both been packing on muscle, and practicing their wrestling moves, how Baxter was only second to Billy on the team, and whose determination, and drive almost matched his own.

It was true that Baxter was determined, but Billy was always able to dig just that little bit deeper, pull that little bit more out of himself that, even though he and Baxter were within a couple of inches in height, Billy had packed on at least twenty pounds more in muscle.

Still, he couldn't help appreciate the solidity of Baxter's nude body as they showered at the base gym after their workouts.  They both often garnered the admiring stares of the various Marines that worked out there and noting how much he and Baxter contrasted each other.  Billy's slightly bulkier frame, and six-foot height, his light covering of dark body hair over his chest, abs, arms, and legs compared to Baxter's dark ginger hair, and facial scruff, the smattering of light strawberry blond body hair that appeared darker with the water cascading over his rippling muscles tightly contained by his paler skin.  Most notable was Baxter's large, protruding bubble butt.  Billy and his teammates always teased him in the shower warning him not to drop the soap or else he might be tempting fate.  It was meant in jest, but there were times, Billy just couldn't help but admire it.

It was all good-natured ribbing, but still, Billy couldn't help appreciate the work his friend had put in on his own body.  They both often commended each other on how buff they were getting and usually lamenting how they both had to be the two hottest seventeen-year-old virgins in the high school.  Damn, no wonder sex was all they ever thought about.  

Billy couldn't help but smile, knowing his eighteenth birthday was coming up in about three weeks, June 30th to be precise, and he couldn't wait to graduate, and either go to college or join the Corps.  Either way, his father's restrictions would be lifted, and he could finally rid himself of his often detested virginity.

Billy was jarred out of his self-indulgent pity party by the ding on his phone signaling he had a message  He quickly turned the volume off on his cell not wanting to prematurely warn his brother of his early arrival home, not until he had the chance to see if his brother was up to something he shouldn't be.

Billy quickly glanced at the message, noting it was from Baxter.  Billy had dropped him off earlier at his house and cautioned him to stay on guard in case he needed his assistance, that is if he found his brother doing something that could possibly incur their father's wrath.  Once in a lifetime was more than enough for Billy.

"Sup bro, is he there like u thought?" queried Baxter's text. Billy shot back a quick: "Yes, just checking it out right now, stand by in case I need u."

Baxter shot back: "Whatchya gonna do if he's got a girl in there?"

Billy responded with only two words: "Kill him!"

Moving around to the back of the trailer to enter through the back door, Billy utilized the toe to heel stealth steps his "Uncle" Hank had taught him, and his brothers, and his two sons Kent, and Jake when their Dad would take them hunting to the family lodge/cabin in a deeply isolated, and forested area by a small lake located in central Georgia.

Billy could remember many happy memories of spending time with their "cousins" Kent, and Jake; Mike, and Kent especially hit it off being roughly the same age, and both became best of friends and had even enlisted together, and now served on a Marine base located in Germany.

Jake and JD hit it off the most, even though Jake was almost three years older than him.

Jake was always this tall, lanky goofball who always seemed to look so serious about everything, especially if either Billy's Dad or his own was imparting some need to know wisdom or observation, but still, he was fun to hang with, and rough house/wrestle.

Billy always felt the boys had grown so close due to the semi-shared experience of losing their mothers at an early age.  Kent and Jake's Mom had passed away from uterine cancer when they were just kids, and like Billy, and his brothers, was mostly raised by their Dad.

Billy and JD always had a blast hanging out with their "Uncle" Hank too, the man was even taller than their Dad at six foot four inches, but not nearly as buff or muscular, plus their Dad had almost jet black hair, and was covered in it from head to toe, the often shirtless Hank was more svelte, hairless, tight, and cut.

Their Uncle Hank also served in the Marine Corps up at Camp Geiger in North Carolina, where he was a hand to hand combat specialist, and taught a lot of young Marines how to defend, subdue and even kill an opponent with their bare hands, and with bladed weapons in more advanced courses.

Billy knew that Hank was currently working on his retirement discharge, and planned on relocating here in Albany before the end of the month, his Dad had recently informed him that Hank, and Jake, who was now currently training as a hand to hand combat specialist like his father, would both be here to help celebrate his eighteenth birthday, which Billy knew would be this big to-do at the family Lodge/cabin.

All the Donnelly men, including both Kent, and Jake had undergone what his Dad referred to as their rightful Heritage which was viewed by all Donnelly men as a right of passage into manhood; something Billy was both excited about, and disappointed with since his Dad informed him that Baxter would not be allowed to tag along because it was for men only, informing him you had to be at least eighteen to attend the ceremony.  

Baxter wouldn't turn eighteen for almost another month, on July 24th, and Baxter was visibly disappointed, and crestfallen when his Dad told him, feeling like he was being left out of one of the biggest days in his best, and closest friend, and brothers life.  But his Dad had just wrapped his arms around Baxter, and while giving him a big noogie assured him, he was undergoing his own ceremony on his birthday, and everyone would be there with him to celebrate him coming into his Heritage, and passage into manhood.

His thoughts returning to the present, Billy entered through the laundry room door in back and listened intently before poking his head around the frig located right past the doorway from the kitchen to the laundry room.

Scanning the living room, Billy confirmed what he had already suspected, JD was in his room, door shut, and Billy was certain it was locked as well.

Softly as he could, Billy crept up to right outside JD's door and put his ear to the cool-to-touch wood surface.  He could hear muffled sounds that resembled gurgling, and even maybe some coughing as he could hear his brothers soothing but demanding instructions about: "Don't move" and "quit squirming" followed by, what Billy was sure was choking sounds. It was kind of hard to discern exactly what was being said because of the incessant droning of JDs window A/C.  As far as Billy could tell, JD and Timmy could just be playing video games, and after tentatively trying JD's doorknob, and finding it locked as he had guessed already, Billy decided the sounds were still suspicious enough that it still warranted further investigation.

Billy decided to go back outside, and see if he could get a visual through JD's bedroom window, he was sure he could because of the window A/C, it was like his own, and had these corrugated plastic panels on either side that slid side to side accordion-style to fill in the gaps between the window, and side trim.

Billy had to grab the small step ladder in his Dad's tool shed so he could reach the raised elevation to JD's window, and just as he surmised JD had the blinds drawn, but he could access the corrugated panels, and he carefully manipulated the plastic piece on one side just about half an inch, and peered in, to see if he could make out what his brother and Timmy were up too.

In his heart Billy kind of hoped JD, and Timmy were alone, and just playing video games, but his hopes were dashed when he could quite clearly make out his brother's muscular bare ass moving up, and down, obviously on his bed. "Dammit," Billy thought, the little bastard was in there screwing some chick right now: "the balls on this kid" he growled to himself.

Billy wanted to know who she was, and wondered where Timmy was; was he just sitting on the side perving out watching his brother fuck, or was he not as innocent or bashful as everyone thought, and just waiting his turn.  One thing was for sure when their dad found out he was going to go ballistic, and this time Billy wasn't going to be the least bit concerned about his selfish, horny little brother's well-being; hell, he might just kick the little bastard's ass himself.

As carefully as he could, Billy moved the plastic panel to the side another inch, and peered once again through the gap which now gave him a fuller view of JD's bed, and more importantly, and hopefully who was under him.

Billy could now clearly see his brother's muscular, sweaty naked body, knees pulled up flat, and spread on his bed, splayed out on either side of someone's shoulders.  His brother's upper torso was in the pushup position, and facing toward the person's feet, and using his hips only, was humping into the person under him:  "Was that Timmy?" Billy thought, were they wrestling naked on JD's bed... no that couldn't be Billy told himself, as he scooted more to the side to get a better look from a different angle, only to almost instantly regret it for what he now clearly saw.

Trapped between his brother's thighs, and held down by the force of his brothers thrusting hips, JD was fucking Timmy's mouth, just like a guy would a girl's pussy.

It was at that moment the A/C cut off, and Billy could now distinctly see, and hear the slurping suctioning sounds of Timmy's wet mouth being almost brutally fucked by his little brother.

Billy watched and listened in fascination as his brother's big egg-sized balls slapped wetly against Timmy's nose, and eyes.  The sweaty sticky flesh of his ball-sack attempting to adhere to Timmy's facial skin on each downward thrust.

Billy could make out the spit-soaked shaft of his brother's seven-inch shaft pile driving into Timmy's suctioning, gurgling mouth, and throat.

He could now clearly hear his brother's deep moans as he repeatedly ground the full length of his dick past Timmy's cock stretched lips.  He watched, trance like, as spit, and heavy mucus bubbled out of Timmy's mouth, down across his cheeks, and over his chin; even forming gooey pools in his eye sockets as the slop clung to his brothers cock, balls, and thighs as his brother repeatedly moaned: "Yeah take that dick buddy, swallow all my load's bro" he groaned, his voice thick with lust, and sexual hunger.

Billy could feel his own cock begin to twitch and begin to inflate and engorge in the loose confines of his sweatpants.  His still sweaty jockstrap began to strain as his manhood filled to overflowing with his expanding meaty cock.

Still in shock, trying now to figure out, with all that had been happening with his little brother, was he now turning gay or was he just so horny that it just didn't matter who was on the receiving end, Billy suspected the latter.

Billy now had to make a tough choice, handle the situation himself, or tell his Dad or possibly both. Either way, he was sure his Dad would go ape-shit finding out his little brother was now banging fags, though Billy had to admit, it was pretty hot watching his brother pound Timmy's wet, sucking mouth.

Billy decided to leave them to it, and left JD's window, put away the ladder, and went back inside through the back door, got himself a Coke from the frig, and with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, parked his ass on the couch, humorously awaiting his brother, and Timmy's little "playtime" session to end before they exited his room.

Billy had every intention of making his little brother squirm, he would enjoy this moment, considering this a little bit of payback for disrupting his life, and his Dad's.

As the minutes ticked away, Billy considered what if anything he would say to Timmy.  Knowing now why his brother had become so chummy with him, he found himself still wondering, what was Timmy's deal?

He couldn't even imagine what his hyper-conservative religious family would do if they found out their bashful, perfect, handsome little golden blond jock Adonis was a total cock hungry fag.  Just casually remembering the visual of his brother's cock pummeling Timmy's puffy full lips made Billy's own cock begin to puff up again and thicken in the tight confines of his jockstrap.

As Billy thought more, and more about it, maybe his little brother was onto something. Technically, he was adhering to his father's golden rule.  Timmy was definitely not going to get knocked up.

Actually, Billy found himself beginning to admire his little brother's ingenuity in finding a solution to a problem both he, and his brother shared, that problem is a very overactive sex drive, one up to now, Billy had only been marginally satisfying with his own hand.

As Billy's cock continued visibly swelling and creating a large mound of turgid, hot, pulsating flesh in his sweatpants, Billy's own mind kept returning to the previous visual of Timmy's hungry, wet, thick cocksucker lips wrapped around his brother's jock cock.

No matter what he ended up deciding about Timmy's fate, Billy most certainly was confronting his brother as soon as he exited his room.  He was going nowhere until he surprised his brother, delighting in the idea of watching his little brother squirm.

                                                              CHAPTER THREE:

The next day found a nearly naked Billy Donnelly lying on top of his bed clad only in his old sweaty jockstrap, reminiscing about the events of the previous day as they transpired in his head.

He had patiently allowed his little brother to finish with his little afternoon delight, choosing to wait until his sibling came out on his own with a very disheveled-looking Timmy Anderson right on his heels.

Billy wished he had thought to set up his phone somewhere, and recorded a video of his brother, and Timmy's facial expressions when they came out of his room, only to find Billy parked on the couch drinking coke with a huge shit-eating grin on his face: "Have'in fun bois?" Billy had asked, his lips turning up into a more than sardonic sneer while not so silently chuckling to himself.

The look on his brother's face totally read "busted" while poor naive Timmy seemed oblivious to what was transpiring almost telepathically between the two brothers. Regardless of what was happening between them, Timmy's eyes danced around everywhere, and anywhere except Billy's.  Timmy had always felt intimidated by JD's older brother.

"So guys, how was baseball practice?" Billy taunted, causing Timmy to naively reply: "I don't play baseball." Billy laughed: "that's funny JD was just telling me this morning you were getting really good at handling the ol' bat, and balls when you get together to play."

Billy thought how much of a Kodak moment it would have been to capture how all the color had instantly drained from his sibling's face, and how heavily he gulped, looking very much like he could just hurl any minute.

Cautiously nervous, JD turned to Timmy, and as calmly as he could, told him he should get going now, and that he'd call him later.

Timmy looked at him quizzically, like he wasn't quite sure what JD was saying, then just shrugged his shoulders, hung his head, and like a sad little puppy shuffled out the front door, only stopping to look back at JD, like he wanted to say something, then with a sideways glance in Billy's direction, seemingly thought better of it, then shut the door as he left the house.

Billy stood up, walked over to his brother, snickered, jabbed a finger into his belly before walking past him heading toward his bedroom, and saying, before he closed his bedroom door: "Dad's just gonna love finding out his youngest son is now a big ol' flaming homo."

Billy just couldn't stop smiling.  He could just feel, no, almost taste the fear emanating from the spaces outside his door. He could hear JD's nervous pacing back, and forth in the hallway, stopping occasionally at his door.

Billy just knew his brother was contemplating his next move, or more likely, what lie he could think of to make Billy think what he knew had happened didn't really happen, like there was something he could think up that would lend to any kind of plausible deniability.

Billy patiently awaited the inevitable knock on his door, and he wasn't at all surprised when it happened a few minutes later.

"It's not locked" Billy responded, and with no small degree of smugness, waited as a very trepidatious and subdued JD cautiously entered his room.

"L..L.Listen" he stuttered, already stumbling right out of the gate.

It's not what you think, I don't know what you saw or heard, but it's not what you're thinking."

Billy looked his little brother right in the eyes, responding coldly, and matter of factually: "So it's your contention, that I didn't see you fucking Timmy's mouth while he was pinned underneath you?", seriously dude, you are gonna have to do way better than that." adding, just for effect: "Think Dads gonna buy that BS?"

Billy could almost see the synapses firing behind his brother's eyes, he even thought he caught a glimpse of "maybe I could take him, and beat him into silence" but that thought faded as quickly as he had mentally actualized it.  He was absolutely no match for his older brother, so that left just two options, and Billy bemusedly wondered which one his brother would choose.

He could attempt offering to pay for his silence or, he could appeal to his sense of brotherly camaraderie, and compassion, guilting Billy into believing he would be signing his death warrant if their Dad found out.

But what his brother offered/suggested surprised Billy, not the offer, just that his brother was desperate enough to imply, let alone suggest it.

"He's really good at it you know" he started out anxiously, trying to mentally pry into his brother's brain, see if that might have piqued his interest at all.

"Are you suggesting I'm a homo?" Billy responded, trying to sound offended, though he really wasn't, enjoying his brother's discomfort.

Like he told himself earlier, this could have potential, and he had his little brother right where he wanted him, offering his playmate up as potential collateral for his silence.  It was a good plan, and it was working.

"I could get him to blow ya" he half suggested/half offered. looking directly into Billy's eyes hoping he had tempted him.

He hadn't.  Billy had another plan, one that was just forming in his head.  What Billy wanted was to humble his brother; sure, Billy wasn't stupid, Timmy was going to blow him, but he didn't need JD for that, he could handle Timmy all on his own in that regard.

"Not interested" Billy answered his optimistic brother, dashing any hope he might come out of this unscathed.

"What then?" JD queried. "What can I do to get you not to tell Dad" the desperation had him almost there, having him right where he wanted him.  Billy felt like the cat that played with the mouse right before it pounced, and went in for the inevitable kill.

Billy put on his coolest poker face staring right into his brother's eyes, commanding his absolute, undivided attention before responding: "Two things you have to do" Billy paused before correcting himself: "No, make that three things." pausing again, more for dramatic effect than anything else, again, it worked.

"What are they?" his brother stammered, already looking defeated, cornered, and totally out of options, which ironically, he was.

Holding his brother's gaze, Billy reached down, first running his hand over his bulging jockstrap pouch, again for dramatic effect, before pulling the engorged pouch to the side freeing his five-inch limp, uncut fat dick, and his large, grade "A" egg-sized hairy gonads. Billy spread his legs allowing his balls to sag down, practically resting on the mattress of his twin-sized bed.

"First" Billy began: "You have to kiss the tip of my cock." Billy smiled inwardly, enjoying the look of disgust that washed over his brother's facial features before he added: "Secondly, you have to lick the sweat off my big hairy balls." Billy had to contain himself from bursting out laughing as he watched his brother's face contort into a grimace as his jaw dropped in shock.

"No fucking way" he shouted: "I ain't no homo!" Billy watched as he turned, looking very much like he was going to storm out of his room in some sort of self-righteous fit of indignation at the suggestion he'd ever do anything that was remotely queer, despite the fact, that just a few moments ago he was still having sex with his buddy Timmy in his own room.

Billy couldn't help himself anymore and started laughing at his brother's churlishness and hypocrisy.

"Is that what you tell yourself when you shove your tongue down Timmy's throat while you kiss him?" Billy didn't know whether his brother had actually kissed Timmy, but knowing his brother, he couldn't help but believe it was a distinct possibility.

"Kissing someone ain't the same as sucking their dick or licking their balls" his brother swore, outraged by the mere suggestion that he might be gay.

Billy just chuckled again: "geez dumbass, thanks for confirming that you make out with that faggot before you fuck his face." then continued: "And you're no homo?" Billy sneered mockingly.

JD just stood there for a moment, fuming, his face as red as a fire engine.  Billy sensed he was once again contemplating attacking him, but just as quickly as before, he threw his hands up in frustration and turned to stomp out of Billy's room.

"Step out that door..." Billy stated calmly, and coolly before concluding: "And my generous offer is off the table and I tell Dad everything as soon as he walks through the front door."

JD halted, stopped in his tracks by the sincerity in his brother's voice.  Billy watched as all the fight drained out of his little brother, his head bowed, and his shoulders sagged. Billy had won, and JD knew it, and he was putty in his older brother's hands.

As JD turned to face his punishment, Billy once again rubbed his fat, rapidly blood engorging uncut cock, pointed it right at JD before calmly commanding him: "Kiss it bitch."

JD sat on the foot of his brother's bed for a moment staring at his big nine-inch cock, actually, it looked bigger than nine, but one thing was for sure it was a lot longer and thicker than JD's

"Get to it." Billy urged growing impatient at his sibling's continued reticence.

JD sighed, and moved upward between his brother's muscular thighs.

As much as JD hated this, he couldn't help but be impressed with his brother's body. Though not as hairy as their Dads, it still was heading in that direction the older Billy got but more importantly, it was Billy's body.
At seventeen Billy had the physique most adult bodybuilders would be proud of.  JD had more than once appreciated both his brothers, and his buddy Baxter's bulging muscles, and rightly so.  JD knew how hard they both trained, putting in hours every day to not just make their muscles bigger but to improve their overall strength, and stamina, all things they needed, to be the best in the school at wrestling.

JD found himself almost tempted to run his hands over his brother's muscle bulging thighs and wondered how it would feel to trace the large protruding veins crisscrossing over each separate muscle grouping.

As JD moved within inches of Billy's crotch, Billy playfully grasped the base of his fully erect manhood, and waved it at JD: "Pucker up little bro, and give me some sugah." Billy teased.

JD resigned himself to his task and reached for his brother's big throbbing dick.

Billy snatched it away before JD's fingers could touch it: "No no no, little bro, no touchie with hands, just your sweet juicy lips" Billy was out, and out taunting him now.

"Can we just do this, and get it over with, okay?" JD pleaded, wanting this humiliation to end.

Billy took mercy on his brother pushing the large mushroom-shaped glans of his fat cock right up to his brother's full pouting lips.

JD could smell the strong masculine musk wafting from the half-exposed smooth, shiny purple/blue hued tip of Billy's glans.  JD nervously wet his lips, and moved his mouth to the very tip, the glans orifice, feeling the heat from the pulsating member, but just as JD's lips touched the tip, and was fully committed to his task, Billy pumped his shaft, and a large dollop of clear precum oozed from the glans orifice, and stickily smeared across JD's smooching lips.

JD jerked back spitting, and sputtering wiping his lips with the back of his hand, and shouted: "Eww, gross dude, you sick fuck!"

Billy was almost doubled over with laughter, not at what his brother had just done, not because that shit actually felt pretty damn good, but at his brother's comical antics afterward.

"You loved it little bro" Billy jeered before taunting him again: "Come on baby brother come lap up your bubba's sweet man nectar." laughing: "It'll put hair on your chest, and make a man outta ya."

"Ha ha" JD mocked:  "glad at least one of us is having fun" before concluding: "Are we done, can I go wash my mouth out now?" JD started to turn as if to escape the position he held between his brothers massive thighs.

"Whoa, there bro" Billy cautioned, his voice low, and almost threatening: "I believe the deal was that you also had to lick all the sweat off my hairy balls." Billy smiled, his lips pulled back over his teeth in a lecherous grin that left no doubt, he fully intended to savor this moment.

JD sighed, hoping against hope that his brother was really kidding or would be satisfied with the kiss to his cock head.

"Get to it JD", his brother urged: "Let's get this done before the ol' man gets home!"

JD shrugged his shoulders again, and moved into a lower position, lying on his belly, and scooting up until his nose nuzzled his brother's huge musky balls.

Billy knew his nads really weren't sweaty.  He, and Baxter took a shower after their morning workout, but he had no intention of telling his brother that.  Let him think they were drenched in sweat.  Either way, he was going to lick every square inch of his ball-sack before he'd agree that the task was completed.

Billy got a start when he felt the first flutter of his brother's wet tongue on the skin of his hairy testicles.  He almost jerked away, it had felt so different from anything else he had ever experienced thus far, in his very limited sexual encounters which, up until now had been completely limited to his own hand, and a few dry hump sessions of his pillow late at night, when he was so horny, he just couldn't stand it anymore, and allowed his instinct to fuck take control, and fornicate with his pillow until his pillowcase was drenched in his thick sticky ball juice.

Billy could barely feel just the tip of his brothers tongue lightly flicking, haphazardly against his left nut: "Dude" Billy growled, demanding: "Quit messing round, and lap my nuts clean" Before threatening: "Or all deals are off, and Dad, and I have a man to man talk about you!"

Billy was delighted when he heard his sibling groan, which sounded more like a whimper as JD began to seriously, and very wetly began lapping at his big nads, covering them in his spit, polishing them in his slick, thick saliva.

Billy's eyes rolled back in his head as he thrust his groin against his brother's lapping tongue.

Billy reached down, and clasped his right hand behind his brothers head, almost caressing his brothers thick, short, wavy, gold-flecked brown hair, before pulling him tightly into his crotch, and grinding his balls against his brothers face.

After a few minutes had passed, and Billy's nuts were dripping with spit, JD pulled away, his lower face wet with his own spittle.

"There," he said almost demanding: "They're as clean as they are gonna get" he offered, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, pulling away from his older brothers groin.

"Gotta hand it to ya bro" Billy sighed: "That was one fine ball washing." With a sneer on his face, Billy ruffled his brother's hair before pushing him back with the palm of his hand, signaling the end of this part of their deal.

JD stood, looking down at his brother, searching for confirmation that they were cool now, and he could leave, and try to put this awful event behind him.

Just as he turned to depart, Billy stopped him: "Wait just a minute dude" he paused before continuing: "I do believe there were three things I said you had to do?"

"Aw geez dude" JD whined again, resigned to do whatever his brother demanded, and end this humiliation: "What now?" he moaned.

"You're gonna call your buddy Timmy, and tell him to be here tomorrow at eleven AM sharp" his deep demanding voice left no doubt that his little brother was going to do eactly as he was instructed: "And when he gets here, you're gonna escort him to my room after telling him he better do what ever I want, whenever I want from now on." Billy had stood up while saying this, and was within inches of his brother's face glaring right into his brother's deep blue eyes before concluding: "Now get the fuck out of my room!"

JD lowered his eyes in total submission and stepped through the door into the hallway before turning just as his brother slammed the door in his face... "Crap," he thought, how was he gonna explain this to Timmy without him having a heart attack right on the spot, and worse yet, how would he ever get him not to hate his guts after this?

Despite trying to convince his brother otherwise, he really did care for the guy, and JD was mortified that he was now being placed in a position to destroy whatever feelings Timmy had for him... "Fuck!!!" he groaned aloud as he threw himself on his bed, and not since his dad had read him the riot act back in November over his one time indiscretion with Andrea, he felt like crying...

                                                                     * * * * *

Billy Donnelly caught himself, for the umpteenth time, glancing toward the clock mounted on his bedroom wall.  He couldn't believe how nervous, and anxious he was.

Despite his bravado from the day before with his little brother JD, he couldn't stop thinking about his upcoming encounter with Timmy Anderson.

He's known of Timmy for years at high-school.  Hell, Billy could remember him as far back as grade school.  Timmy was always this little angelic, curly haired cherub faced Adonis who was also a quiet, soft spoken, bashful kid that few people actually had ever bothered getting to know, Billy, lumping himself among them as well.

Despite his near crippling social awkwardness, this pensive, shy, and as Billy had more recently noted, demure kid, was absolutely one of the best athletes in the entire school. No one came close to his gymnastic skills.

Though only five foot eight inches, he had managed to pack quite the sizable amount of muscle onto his little frame, most notably in his calves, thighs, and glutes, especially the glutes.

No doubt about it, Timmy Anderson had one impressive bubble butt, solid as a rock, with almost zero jiggle or bounce, but still managing to look like two large over ripe melons.

Billy had contacted Baxter earlier, and had canceled today's workout at the gym, telling him he had stuff he had to do around the house today (which was technically true) But of course he was feeling kind of guilty about deceiving his best friend, and even considered filling him in about what was hopefully going down today, but had ultimately decided against it, not really knowing where Baxter's head might fall at the thought of being serviced by a guy.; even if that guy was one of the cutest guys in the whole school.

Billy knew eventually he would fill him in, but if he was being completely honest about it, he kind of wanted to do this one alone, after all, it's not every day one loses their virginity.

It was already bad enough his little brother might be involved, having had a conversation about it after their Dad left for work, when JD had practically begged him to let him handle Timmy, and Billy had agreed to that.  It was no sweat off his balls, just so long as Timmy sucked his dick, he didn't really care how JD accomplished it, thinking the end result would be the same for him.

Billy had been resisting, since yesterday's encounter, from pounding one out even though his cock was screaming for release ever since then, but so far, he'd been staving off the very strong urge to rub one out.  Instead, he'd chosen to save it all to dump down Timmy's throat; that is if he managed to get him to do it.  Scratch that, he was going to do it!  The way Billy saw it, if he could take care of his little brother, then he could take care of his cock too, its not like he was going to rape the guy or anything, just wave his big fat dick in his face, and hope he can reel him in, and get him to take the bait.

Basically, that's what his brother did after catching him checking him out in the locker room, and then again later on in the shower room.  JD said he was practically drooling for it.

JD laid out his plan.  It actually had the advantage of being really simple, and would solely rely on Timmy's hunger for dick.

JD had called him, and told him to meet him here at the trailer about eleven AM.  JD told Billy to be lounged out on the living room couch in a pair of his loose, short-legged gym shorts, and to go commando.

Shortly after Timmy got there, he'd make up an excuse about having to go meet up with his baseball coach for about an hour, but for Timmy to stay there, and wait for him.

As he was leaving, he'd have Timmy walk him out after shutting his bedroom door, and locking it.  That way, Timmy couldn't get back into it to wait for him, forcing him to wait in the living room where Billy would be, while pretending to be passed out watching some boring movie on TV.

Then Billy, once he was sure Timmy was hanging out in the living room while he awaited JD's return, would do some minor tossing around in his sleep, would get a big old boner that Billy could then maneuver to pop out through the loose leg of his shorts.  JD was certain once Timmy saw Billy's big dick, he wouldn't be able to resist it.

Billy suggested that at some point before he takes off, he tell Timmy not to worry about Billy waking up, that he had hurt his back the day before, and had taken a couple of muscle relaxers about half an hour ago, making it clear that Billy would be out for hours, and making it sound like a side effect that happens when he took those things, assuring him not even an earthquake could rouse him.

All in all, Billy thought it was a pretty good plan, now if only Timmy took the bait!

Everything went down without a hitch, just as they planned it with one minor change, instead of having Billy hog the whole couch, he would be sitting while leaning back with one leg on the floor, and one on the couch.  That position would fully expose his crotch, and also offer Timmy a better view while also giving him better access to the goods, if he took the bait.

After JD left, Billy pretended to be passed out, and with his legs fully spread, his junk was already poking out the leg hole, practically fully exposed without him even being hard.  In that position, even Billy's big balls would be out in full view.

After a short time, Billy felt Timmy move from the floor where he had been watching whatever was playing on the TV, to the other end of the couch, knowing that Timmy now had the best view in the house of Billy's fully exposed junk  It was easy for Billy to fully bone up, just the potential idea that Timmy might cop him a feel or maybe even sample the goods, had Billy's big fat cock seeping, and drooling precum all over his belly, and down his shaft.

Billy could feel Timmy constantly shifting on the other end of the couch.  Risking a quick look, Billy partially opened one eye, and sure enough Timmy's eyes were glued to his drooling cock, and was fondling himself through his own shorts.

About ten or fifteen minutes of that, and Billy could feel Timmy's weight shift on the couch as he scooted closer to a supposedly unconscious, knocked out Billy.  Moments later, Billy felt Timmy's hand tentatively touch his left thigh, which was swung out, his foot touching the floor.

At first, all he did was rest his hand on Billy's thigh, he could feel his fingers tremble as he lightly fondled the muscles of his thigh, before he felt Timmy shake him, trying to see if he could nudge him awake, even going so far as to call out his name: "Billy are you okay?" his soft voice almost breaking from his nervousness.  Seconds later Billy could feel Timmy's hand grip his thigh harder, shaking him even more vigorously, and using his normal speaking volume he called Billy's name, seeing if he could rouse him or if he truly was passed out like JD had suggested he would be.

The whole scenario had Billy's over nine-inch cock throbbing, and he could feel a large puddle of precum spreading across his lightly furred six pack.

Off, and on, for about two minutes, Timmy kept trying to see if he could wake Billy before finally realizing he was completely out of it, just as Billy had led him to believe.

For almost a full minute Timmy did nothing, and Billy thought for sure he wasn't gonna take the bait, but then slowly,  timidly he felt Timmy's hand return to his exposed thigh. This time however, he wasn't jostling him trying to see of he could get a response from Billy, no, this time his hand was slowly moving up his thigh caressing his large bulging muscles as his hand made its upward sojourn toward its ultimate goal.

Within less than a minute, Billy could feel Timmy's quivering, trembling fingers massage their way to the inside of his groin until the backs of his fingers came into contact with his now very tight, extremely full ball sack.  His fingers gently stroking his uppermost inner thigh before slowly, tentatively, moving from his thigh to his bloated testicles, wherewith a near feather-light touch, he began gently caressing his balls.

After still getting no discernible response from Billy, Timmy became even more bold, and openly began to squeeze, and grope his ever tightening gonads.

Then, out of nowhere, Timmy's other hand touched Billy's cock. It was exploratory at first, but then fully wrapped around Billy's hard pulsating shaft.  He could clearly hear Timmy's breathing getting quicker as his desire for Billy's big cock surpassed his fear of him waking up.

Timmy now fearlessly stroked Billy's cock, and groped his huge cum swollen nuts. Pre-cum oozed like a river from his throbbing cock-slit, dripping over Timmy's fingers in rivulets.  All of this combined, had worked its magic on poor unsuspecting, deliriously lust crazed Timmy, as he could resist no more, and lowered his head to Billy's warm inviting crotch.

Billy once again chanced a squinting peek, watching Timmy's face move within inches of his massive, tight cum laden balls.

Billy nearly groaned as Timmy's hot wet tongue slipped past his thick pouty lips to wetly suave his hairy nads, leaving a trail of thick drool wherever his tongue touched.

Billy was fighting the almost overwhelming urge to grab Timmy's head and crush his tongue against his swollen testes.  It was even harder not letting out an audible gasp as he sucked one of his hairy balls into his wet sucking mouth, and as hard as that was it was twice as difficult not to cry out as he forced the other one in with it.

Billy always knew he had big balls, but even peering through the slits of his eyes, and seeing for himself, he still couldn't believe that Timmy had actually been able to stuff both his testicles into his oral cavity.  Billy just watched through slatted eyes as Timmy brazenly began nursing on Billy's giant hairy gonads.  It was becoming almost painful with how hard he was sucking, but then, as quickly as he had stuffed them in, Timmy spits them out, instantly moaning, and swabbing his balls, licking up the spit that now so generously coated them.

Timmy didn't stop at Billy's nuts, he continued his journey upward licking slowly from his balls to the bottom of his shaft, ever upward, licking wetly lapping, and nearly panting like a dog in heat.

Quicker than Billy had wished for, Timmy's probing tongue reached his frenulum. Timmy tugged at the hood of Billy's uncut cock, dislodging his swollen, shiny knob from its moist fleshy hood, pulling the extra folds of his skin down tight to the base of his cock.

Billy again almost audibly groaned as the tip of Timmy's tongue assaulted his now fully exposed frenulum, sliding up rapidly into the cleft where the glans separated underneath.  Billy was practically squirming trying not to make a sound, not that Timmy would have noticed at this point, his head swam with burning desire and cock lust.  With little preamble, Timmy raised his mouth over Billy's burgeoning dong, and let his lips slip over his precum-soaked, drooling glans, stuffing it into his mouth like a greedy starving baby attaching itself to its mother's teat.

Billy gasped, no longer able to contain himself as his hands shot upward, lacing his fingers, and locking them behind Timmy's head before pushing his face down the full length of his prodigious schlong.

Timmy shot up instantly, spitting, sputtering, and coughing, freeing Billy's cock from its unexpected invasion of his throat. Timmy fell on his ass fearfully staring up into Billy's lust-crazed eyes, his lips quivering as he fought to find words that could possibly explain why he had been doing what he was doing, but only a gargled mash of vowels managed to squeak past his now fear constricted throat.

Billy glared down at him as he swerved front-ways on the couch.  Timmy is now directly between his legs, on the floor cowering.

"So ya like sucking cock huh faggot?" Billy boomed, as he lurched to his feet yanking a terrified Timmy up from the floor, and shoving him toward the hallway, and his bedroom.

"Don't worry bitch" Billy goaded: "You're about to get more cock than you could ever dream possible."

Billy corralled Timmy, herding him down the hallway, driving him backwards until they reached his room, shoving Timmy to the floor at the foot of his bed.

Timmy just sat there whimpering, his eyes full of pleading tears, his muscular body trembling with fear as he blubbered nearly incoherent apologies, all of which Billy ignored as he discarded his shorts, threw himself on his bed, spreading his legs, and staring at Timmy, whose head just barely peered over the rim of the mattress.

"Well, whatchya waiting for faggot?" Billy urged in a deep lurid bassy tone: "It ain't gonna suck itself now is it?"

Timmy just sat there staring across Billy's mattress quivering, too terrified to move, his bottom lip still trembling, his eyes pleading for mercy.

Billy finally took some pity on the guy: "Listen, dude, stop with the waterworks, nobody's gonna hurt you" Billy paused letting that sink in for a second or two before continuing: "So you got caught sucking my cock, its not the end of the world."

Billy decided a different approach was needed: "Here's the way I see it" he waxed philosophically, sitting up in his bed before continuing: "You're a fag, fags suck cock", Billy pushed on, following his train of thought: "I'm a guy who loves his cock sucked, hell, to be completely honest, this is my very first blowjob", Billy smiled, and pushed on: "What we have here is just simple economics, supply, and demand" His grin broadened: "You love sucking dick, and I have a dick, and I love having my dick sucked" Timmy started to sit up higher, his entire head, and part of his shoulders now visible above the mattress line: "So basically what I'm offering you, is all the dick you can suck, and I get a cocksucker all to happy to feast on my meat."

"Happy ending" Billy went on: "Everybody gets what they want and nobody needs to get hurt.  You walk away with a belly full of my delicious jizz, and I get my balls drained when ever I want" Billy smiled, a big smirky toothy grin: "What do you say we just agree to help each other out, and make everyone happy?"

Timmy moved up onto the bed, sitting pensively before softly asking: "You won't say anything to anyone?" he quickly added: "If my parents found out..." That you're a fag" Billy interjected, just stating a fact. "Um... yes something like that" Timmy blushed; "If they found out, they'd kill me, or send me away to one of those horrible places where they try to turn you straight"

"Well then" Billy stated: "I guess we'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen, now won't we?"

Timmy smiled, and blushed a beautiful shade of pink, as Billy laid back, grasped his hard cock by the base and waved it at Timmy: "Now how about that blowjob faggot?"

Timmy grinned, and moved forward between Billy's spread muscular legs, placing his hands softly on either thigh as he inched toward his juicy, throbbing target.

Billy moaned deeply as Timmy wrapped his hands over Billy's right hand which still clasped the base of his cock.  An electric tingle spread from Timmy's fingers to Billy's, and through to the base of his cock.  Timmy swooped downward, lapping at Billy's piss slit, swabbing all the oozing precum from his large, glistening bluish pink glans. Timmy's fist helped guide Billy's to peel back the hood of his foreskin setting the large bulbous, mushroom head free for Timmy's soft wet flicking tongue.

Billy moaned appreciatively as Timmy's tongue scooped more of the copious amounts of dick dribble gushing from his gaping piss slit, before whisking it into the warm wet depths of his hungry mouth.

"God this is amazing," Billy thought to himself before clasping the back of Timmy's head with his free hand and tried pushing his straining, engorged lemon-sized cock-head into Timmy's drooling, salivating orifice.

Timmy looked up into Billy's eyes, who stared back at him mirroring the lust they now both shared.

"Stop teasing bitch, and suck my dick" Billy groaned through clenched teeth.

All too happy to comply, Timmy wrapped his thick lips around the head of Billy's dick and wetly eased downward taking as much of the thick organ into his mouth as he could.

The length wasn't an issue for Timmy, but Billy's dick was as thick as a Red Bull can, and the large lemon-sized glans made accommodating him way more difficult.

Billy didn't seem to mind as he slowly began to thrust his hips gently fucking Timmy's mouth.

Timmy continued to swab Billy's glans, and with each pass of his tongue against his frenulum, Billy's cock also rewarded Timmy with a fresh dollop of sweet sticky precum, which Timmy graciously accepted, and swallowed.

As good as it all was though, Timmy hungered for the real prize and judging by the heft of Billy's prodigious balls, it was going to be a big payload.

Billy moved his hands, clutching either side of Timmy's head, and face, whose hungry all consuming glazed over eyes, stared longingly into Billy's.

Billy was mesmerized watching has fat dick push in, and out of Timmy's sucking mouth.

"Goddam Faggot, you could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch" Billy moaned from somewhere deep in his chest.

Billy was sitting up now tightly clasping Timmy's head, and ever more forcibly, thrusting his throbbing dong into the depths of Timmy's wet sucking orifice.

Timmy was drifting into cocksucker bliss, when he heard Billy growl deep within his chest as his grip tightened on the back of his head, when all of a sudden, Timmy's bliss was shattered as Billy roared from somewhere deep, and primordial within himself.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrgh" was all Timmy made out before Billy's fingers locked together behind his head, holding him in a steely, vice like grip as Billy rammed his massive, throbbing dong balls deep into Timmy's unprepared throat.

Timmy uselessly tried to pry Billy's powerful fingers from the back of his head, clawing desperately, trying helplessly to free his overstuffed throat of the invading organ.

Timmy's pleas for relief were useless, blocked by the expanding member swelling in size as it hurtled toward an orgasm of massive proportions.

From Billy's perspective, it felt like his dick was exploding inside Timmy's mouth and throat.  Gone was the Billy everyone knew, a more primal Billy had taken his place as the molten jets of his exploding schlong erupted into the hole he had sheathed his cock in.

Spewing hot blast of thick ropey cum like liquid fire in Timmy's throat, 5... 6....7.... "Gaaaawwwdfuuuukindaaaaammmm" Billy roared: "Take it you fucking bitch, uuuhhhhnnnn you gaaaawdam fukin slut" Billy bellowed, all the while ramming, and humping his swollen balls against Timmy's abused lips.

Tears poured from Timmy's eyes as he repeatedly attempted to gasp for air, his arms, and hands beat against Billy's sides, front, and back all completely unnoticed...10....11.....12....

Billy's orgasm consumed him, sperm spewed from him in torrents, flooding Timmy's esophagus to overflowing, an overflow that had nowhere to go because Timmy's throat was completely blocked...16...17....18...

"Mmmmmuthafuuuuuk" Billy growled uncontrollably squeezing Timmy's head so hard it felt like his fingers were digging through his skull....20....21...

Billy's orgasm finally crested, and abated, subsiding, no longer a crashing thunderous Tsunami but more like waves washing against the rocks...

Billy's fingers let go of Timmy's skull, who pulled back coughing and gasping for air almost simultaneously.

Billy fell backwards, his heaving chest gasping for air as sweat poured like water from his body soaking the covers of his bed.  His still bloated, swollen cock plopped wetly against his belly as more semen, and sperm still oozed in spasms from his softening dick.

Billy's body still jerked and twitched: "FUUUCK" he moaned contentedly: "Damn boy, you're one helluva fukin' cocksucker", Billy panted between his gasp for air.

Timmy, still panting for air himself, in between gulping down the biggest load he had ever taken, crawled toward Billy before coming to rest between his thighs, his head in his groin.  Unbelievably to Billy, he watched as Timmy began to slurp up the large pool of jism that spread across his hairy abs, and overflowed from his navel... Timmy got it all, in between his gasp of air.

Billy gently stroked the hair on the side of Timmy's head as Timmy continued licking at the still engorged, but not so hard gooey member that had just practically raped his throat.  Billy just shook his head in disbelief as Timmy stuffed his cock back into his mouth trying to suck the last bit of testicular juices from his deflating dick.

"Gawwd I love homos" Billy sighed as he just laid there enjoying the gentle, rhythmic sucking sounds...

                                                            CHAPTER FOUR:


JD looked at his phone.  It had been at least an hour since he left Timmy alone with Billy, and JD was heading back now.  If everything had gone according to plan, then his brother should have gotten what he wanted.

JD hated the thought of turning Timmy over to his sibling, he was afraid he'd hurt him. Yeah Timmy liked it kinda rough, but he also liked to cuddle too, and make out before, and after, and JD just couldn't see his big badass bro doing any of that, except the rough part.

Worse yet, JD feared Timmy would hate him for this.  That he'd blame him for it (which was kinda true) but JD knew, that the only thing his brother wanted from Timmy was sex. He'd use him, abuse him, and toss him aside.  He'd never make out with him, would probably never cuddle with him, he'd never do any of that other stuff.  Billy didn't know Timmy like he did, he's never seen him doing his gymnastics, how graceful, and talented he truly is.  No, all his brother would ever want from him would be to use him for sex, just a wham bam get the fuck out until I need you next time man.

As he was heading back, JD dreaded what he'd find, a bruised, and battered Timmy was his biggest fear.  How would Timmy explain that to his homophobic parents?

No, Billy didn't care for Timmy, he hasn't sat with him while he cries about how hard it is for him at home, how his parents are always on him to do better; be perfect, like some kind of programmable robot, living their lives vicariously through their 18 year old son, expecting him; no insisting he be all virginal, and chaste, and save himself for his future wife, a wife they would help him pick.

Timmy lived in constant fear his parents would find out he's gay, that somehow, someway he'd slip up, and they'd find out, and send him away to some fix the gay group.

Not that everything was hopeless for Timmy, he did have a sort of plan.  Be as good as he can with the gymnastics, win a scholarship, and go far, far away to college, and never look back.  Get a good education, find a good job, and hopefully fall in love with some hot guy, and live his life openly, without shame, and free from his family's emotional shackles.

JD quickened his pace.  He needed to get back there, he needed to make sure Timmy was okay, make sure his brother hadn't hurt him.  Most of all, he needed Timmy not to hate him.  He really did care for him, it may not be love, but JD was sure it was more than just friendship that they shared, which was way more than he felt for that bitch Andrea or any of her viper squad.  All those girls knew damn well all he ever did with any of them was a couple of make out sessions, never anything below belt, never, not until that stupid pre Halloween party Blake Riley had thrown, and Andrea, and her entire viper squad was there with her; how she kept handing him beers, and then rubbing on him constantly, if it wasn't her it was one of the others.

He'd learned later on from one of his other buds, that Andrea, and her nasty bitch friends had laced the beer they were passing out to select jocks, with Viagra, and it was Andrea's plan to get one of them to knock her up.  She didn't really care who, and JD was the poor unfortunate sap that fell afoul of her nefarious plans.

JD had figured out that Andrea was fed up with mommy, and daddy constantly trying to tell her what to do.  She wanted to make a statement, she wanted to do the one thing that would piss them off the most, and she got what she wanted.  JD fell for it, he didn't listen to his Dad, he directly did exactly what his Dad had told him not too, and to make it all the more worse, he realized that that made him no better than Andrea.  Hell, JD wasn't even that interested in girls, he'd had his eye on Timmy Anderson for quite some time, he just hadn't worked up the balls to do anything about it.

Now his Dad was always mad at him, and with good reason, and he had his brother, and Baxter, and even his uncle Carl constantly breathing down his neck.

That's why JD had been trying to take it all in stride, and play it cool, and low key.  But then, that opportunity with Timmy arose, feeling kind of like they were being thrust together, stars in alignment sort of thing, and they hit it right off, and it was like they couldn't keep there hands off of each other.  Yeah, sure it was mostly just lust but there was something else there too, but now, JD was afraid he'd thrown it all away, whatever "it" turned out to be...

                                                                         * * * * *

Timmy was licking his balls again, Billy just moaned, and let him; it felt so good, even though he'd just shot the biggest load of his life less than ten minutes ago, he was already boned up again, rock hard, and drooling.

Billy was kind of holding off however, he knew his little brother would be back soon, and he didn't want to start something they might not have time to finish.

This was a good thing, he didn't want to spoil it, or push his luck, and he didn't want to replace JD in this kids affections.  Billy knew that much when after they had recovered enough, and their breathing was back to normal, Timmy had moved up his body, licking his way up that is, and had tried to kiss him.

Billy stopped him of course, he didn't love this kid.  Yeah, what they did was mind blowing, and extremely fun, but this was no love story, and he wasn't looking for a boyfriend nor did he want Timmy to think he did, Billy didn't want to ever be accused he led him on.  No, Billy thought it best he nip that right in the bud before it started, this was just about getting off for him, nothing more.  He'd leave the romance to his brother. He got the distinct feeling that there was something going on between them anyway.  It was in the beginning stages he'd bet, but it was obvious JD felt something for him.  He hadn't quite made up his mind about Timmy though, since he just tried to kiss him, but he'd leave that to JD, and Timmy to figure out, it had nothing to do with him.

Billy heard the front door open, and could tell by the footsteps it was JD.  He could see the shadow of someone's feet underneath his door, and he hollered at JD to come in.

JD wasn't surprised seeing Timmy licking Billy's big hairy balls, he was surprised that Timmy didn't stop, instead, just turned his head slightly, smiling up at him, all the while continuing to lap his big brother's ball-sack. Licking it like it was a big ol' lollipop.

"Ya might be back just a little early bro" Billy said, smiling down at Timmy, and cupping his chin in his hand, and stroking one of his cherubic cheeks with his thumb.

"Why can't he just join us?" Timmy said, smiling like a cheap slut while looking hopefully back, and forth between Billy, and JD.

"Wuh?" Billy groaned unhappily: "You gonna suck us both off at the same time, you could barely fit my dick in your mouth by itself?"

Timmy giggled, and blushed slightly before looking back at JD: "there's more to having fun than just blowjobs." He reached over to JD, and pulled him in by the waistband of his sweats.  JD just smiled, thinking to himself: "Well at least I know now he ain't mad at me."

Billy watched as Timmy crawled over to the edge of the mattress, and pulled JD's sweats down before swooping in, and gobbling his half hard dick into his mouth right down to the balls, and started sucking, keeping his cock buried balls deep in his throat, while staying there for a good thirty seconds before he backed off, and let JD's now spit soaked dick plop out, to loudly smack up against his six pack abs with a very wet thump.

Billy kind of envied his brothers smaller dick or at least less thick dick.  Billy wouldn't call seven inches small, but JD's dick was probably a normal thickness.  Then again, he was only sixteen, and all that could change over the next couple of years, it had for Billy. Shit, he thought to himself, he was still growing, and he was almost eighteen.

Billy huffed: "And exactly what am I supposed to be doing while you blow my little brother, because that ain't doing nuthin' for me?

The smile, and look that swept over Timmy's face was anything but innocent.  Lecherous was a word that came to Billy's mind, lecherous in a cute, and totally disarming way of course, he thought, laughing to himself.

Timmy looked up at JD before saying, as he reached for his balls kneading them before wrapping his fingers around his dick, and saying: "You up for it stud?"

JD smiled back at him, knowing exactly what Timmy wanted, and he also knew it would probably weird his brother out.  So yeah, he was up for it he grinned inwardly, just loving this side of Timmy.

Timmy looked at Billy, grinning lasciviously before turning back to JD, turning his head up toward him and opening his mouth wide with his tongue out.  Billy watched with fascination as his brother tilted his head, looking right into Timmy's eyes before parting his lips and letting a huge stream of his spit drip from his mouth right into Timmy's, who then turned back to Billy, crawled up between his legs once again, looked up into his eyes, spreading his mouth wide, with his tongue cupped but slightly extended, and showed Billy the big wad of his brothers spittle he held in his mouth, before he closed his lips around his knob, bowed his head, and took Billy's swollen cock-head into his mouth swirling his brothers mucous all over his glans.  

Pulling back briefly, and allowing JD's spit to flow down his shaft, Timmy stuffed his member back into his mouth and took about an inch past the glans coronal ridge and began swirling the mucous around his member with his tongue, making Billy moan deeply from the sensation.

Billy watched his little brother move behind Timmy, who now had his legs spread wide, ass up, jutting backwards toward him.

Billy watched as JD ran his hands up, and down Timmy's strong muscular back, caressing his tight sinewy muscles from his hips to his lats, then back down to his bulging bubble butt.

Billy gave a bit of a jump when JD suddenly raised both hands open palmed and smacked them down hard onto Timmy's twin globes.  He watched as his brother smiled, bent over, and kissed Timmy's butt at the top of his ass crack and slowly ran his tongue from the base of his spine right up to the back of his neck and then back down again, just as slow.  Billy felt the tingle clear down to his toes as Timmy moaned deeply around his throbbing shaft from what JD was doing to him.

Billy placed his right hand behind Timmy's head as he moved up into a kneeling position,  running his large left hand down Timmy's spine and into the top of his crack and back up to his lats, all while JD massaged the bulbous mounds of Timmy's muscle taut ass.

Billy ran both his hands down Timmy's back, leaning forward, driving his dick further into Timmy's mouth, pressing slightly past the uvula, as his hands came to rest on Timmy's twin mounds.  Billy repeated his brothers earlier actions, and smacked Timmy's ass with a loud "THWAAAP", which forced Timmy further onto Billy's throat invading cock-head.

Timmy gagged, but tried to fight it, gulping like he did so many times while impaled on JD's dick, but Billy's dick was just so thick, the head so large that it not only filled the back of his mouth, it expanded, and stretched it.  Billy could feel the gagging, it actually sent waves of pleasure through his glans down his shaft right into his balls.

"Come on fag boy, you can do it" Billy groaned, then cautioned: "Don't make me do it for you, I won't be as gentle as you."

With that said, Billy gave him another really loud whack on both cheeks of his ass, hitting so hard they left two large red hand prints.

JD just smiled, knowing Timmy loved this, he loved being dominated, not so sure about pain, but he liked when guys took control, so he knew he was loving this.

Billy let go of his ass, and returned to his upright position on his knees, and locked his fingers behind Timmy's head, pushing his cock to the back of Timmy's cock-sucking mouth.

"You're gonna take it all, you fucking queer or I'm gonna make you, just like last time." Billy paused momentarily letting it sink in, before he jabbed the large, blood engorged knob of his big fat dick into the entrance of Timmy's throat.

Timmy's lips felt stretched, his tongue forcibly flattened by the massive girth of Billy's invading prick, and concentrated as hard as he could to relax his gag reflex, allowing the burgeoning phallus to invade his constricted throat.  With sweat running down his forehead, and into his eyes he was able to finally pop the bloated, lemon sized glans into his expanding, over stretched throat.

Timmy squirmed, fighting the urge to gag, suppressing the need to cough the invader free, repel it, to unsheathe this fleshy pole. But Timmy fought it, he suppressed it, and like the other muscles in his body, he controlled it, mastering it to an extent, and began gulping Billy's big dick back further into his oral cavity, almost into his esophagus.

Billy moaned, grinding his balls into Timmy's chin, rotating his hips in tight circles to help grind the last fraction of an inch into Timmy's hot sucking mouth.

Billy eased back after a few seconds.  This wasn't going to be like last time, he intended to enjoy these new sensations, make them last before drowning this little cocksucker like he did before.

Timmy pushed forward slightly, and sort of gurgled, and moaned at the same time.  Billy looked up from Timmy's face where he had been concentrating, and enjoying so much of his pleasure, to see that his little brother had dropped down behind Timmy, the majority of his face hidden below Timmy's buttocks.

Timmy continued to moan louder even as he stuffed Billy's big cock-head back into his throat, enveloping it like a silky wet glove, plunging with lust all the way down to his hairy groin.

JD's forehead appeared over the crown of Timmy's twin moons, he looked right into his brothers eyes before spreading Timmy's twin peaks, and slipped his face between them. Billy couldn't believe what he was seeing, was his brother kissing this fags ass cheeks, his crack?

No, it wasn't that.  Just then JD looked into his brothers eyes, with such pure wanton lust, his eyes glazed over, deeply ensnared by passion, his tongue crested the uppermost part of Timmy's magnificent crack.

"Damn" Billy said out loud, but noted to himself that his brother was indeed licking another dude's ass.  That was simultaneously the grossest thing he had ever seen, and the hottest.

"Eat that faggots ass", Billy moaned not being able to take his eyes off his little brothers mouth as it slid back down his crack, before thrusting forward..."Yeaaaaah" Billy snarled: "tongue that faggot's pussy."

Billy subconsciously licked his own lips, he didn't know whether it was because his lips suddenly went dry or he was vicariously helping his brother munch this queers bunghole.

Billy didn't know if he could ever do that, having only ever thought about eating a girls pussy before, and how hot that would get him.  But his brother sure looked like he was loving it!

"Damn bro" JD moaned, his voice thick with lust: "You should try it, faggot pussy is the best pussy" Then smiled wickedly, and almost sang: "Faggot pussy is so good to eat I eat it everyday" Then added: "and for every meal, then have it for dessert, and a midnight snack."

Billy chortled: "I take it ya kinda like faggot pussy bro?"

JD laughed too, and they both high fived each other, an action that drove Billy's dick back to the balls in Timmy's throat, much to his own delight.

"Ya wanna try it dude?" JD asked inquisitively: "Nah dude I'll pass right now, but who knows maybe later" Billy responded.

JD took that for what it was.  For Billy this was all new, he was still experiencing things on that level.  JD knew that he'd be singing a different tune soon, but for now, he decided he was really gonna go for gold, and give his brother something new to think about.

JD stood up, and got behind Timmy.  Billy watched intently as JD palmed the head, and part of his shaft in his hand, and began letting large wads of his spit drop onto the glans, which he smeared down to the base of his cock several times until his dick was slick and wet.  Then he placed the throbbing head against Timmy's tight pucker, and began pushing slowly into his clenching little hole.

Timmy groaned loudly, and Billy just stared in disbelief as his brother sheathed his rock hard rod into Timmy's hole.

"Geeeesus fuuukin Christ dude, are you fuckin' him?" Billy queried, still not sure he was believing what his eyes showed him.

JD smirked, and answered: "You're damn str8 bro, it's twice as good as real pussy, and take my word for it, only a fraction of the bother, and trouble girl pussy brings ya."

Billy had no basis for comparison like his brother, so he'd just have to take his word on it.  Right now he was ready to really ram this queers tonsils, and began thrusting his fuck-pole in and out of Timmy's slurping wet mouth pussy.

It took a little while, but eventually Billy, and JD worked out a rhythm together, and had Timmy see sawing back, and forth between them; both his holes slurping up hard driving Donnelly dicks, moaning continuously in absolute ecstasy.

As their breathing, and rhythm synchronized, JD looked at his sweaty brother, and said: " Ya wanna switch?"

Billy didn't know how to answer having never done it before, he had difficulty believing his big dick would ever fit in such a tiny hole.

"Dude", JD pushed: "You are gonna love it!" JD pulled out of Timmy's ass, and motioned for his older brother to move back with him.

Billy withdrew from Timmy's hot sucking mouth, and scooted off the bed, joining his brother behind Timmy.

Billy watched with fascination as his little bro slid back in, then slowly withdrew his dick from Timmy's hole.  He watched intently as the tight little pink ring clung to his dick, and the actual "pop" sound it made when JD's plump cock-head plopped out, and his dick smacked wetly up against his groin.

"Damn that looks hawt" Billy moaned.

"Feels even better bro" JD beamed: "You are so gonna love it!" He added, his grin almost as wide as his face.

"Wait right here dude" JD huffed as he ran out of the room, returning in a few seconds later with a bottle of lube in his hand.

He popped the cap, and squeezed a generous amount onto his brothers huge pecker, and told him to spread it around with his fist, which Billy obediently did.

When his dick was practically dripping in the slimy cold goo, his brother reached over, put both hands on either side of his brothers hips, and guided him into position.

Billy almost jumped out of his skin when he felt his brothers warm strong fingers wrap firmly around the base of his throbbing cock, and eased him forward until the tip of his bloated knob touched the soft velvety tissue of Timmy's anus.

JD held his dick tight, getting behind his brother, and used his hips to help ease his brothers swollen cock-head into Timmy's tight hole.

Billy watched, his mouth hanging open as the lips of Timmy's hole pushed inward, and began to part, slipping over his glans like a tight glove.

His heart raced as he felt Timmy push back, trying to will his hole to open, and accommodate the huge invading member.

With both JD, and Timmy pushing equally hard, one of them forward the other backward, they were finally able to get the pulsating head of Billy's cock to pop through the sphincter into the tight confines of Timmy's clutching, over stretched hole.

Billy threw his head back in absolute ecstasy as Timmy continued to slide more of his turgid, steel hard pole into the depths of his now overstuffed rectal cavity.

Timmy felt almost virginal again, as Billy's fat schlong stretched his hole beyond what it had ever been stretched before.  About three quaters of the way in, Timmy felt it hit a barrier in the depths of his hole.  He reached back between his legs, and grabbed Billy's dick as tried shifting it around until he felt the bulbous tip of the glans hit a certain spot, that though small, had some give to it.  Timmy knew that was his inner sphincter, and was beyond where JD was able to reach, his dick not being long enough.  But Billy's was, and now Timmy was determined to lose this last refuge of his virginity to Billy's prodigious fuck-stick.

Timmy pushed as hard as he could, trying desperately to will the inner sphincter open, until he was practically bouncing as hard as he could against it, but Billy's cock-head was just too big, his cock just too thick.

JD saw his frustration, and saw the look of bewilderment on Billy's face, who was just all smiles, and to drunk with passion, and sexual ecstasy, to realize what was needed.  Just the right amount of force at the right moment, and that moment was right now!

JD raised his foot, put it on his brothers rock hard ass cheeks, and thrust his brother forward as hard as he could.  Timmy cried out in pain as Billy's fat dickhead ripped its way through his inner sphincter, and the last couple of inches claimed the last of his virginity.   It was in that moment that Billy lost all sense of reality, his full weight collapsed on top of Timmy, pushing him into the mattress.  Billy's powerful arms wrapped around his waist forcing Timmy's hips upward, embedding every last fraction of Billy's pulsating, spasming dick into the furthest reaches of his now obstructed bowels. To Billy it was pure heaven, he instinctively ground his pubes against Timmy's anal ring, and began to hump rapidly, and tightly using only his hips like some wild animal in rut.

"Fuuuckin' that Puuuuusy, fwwwuuukin it" Billy growled deep in his hairy chest, and for the next two minutes that's all he said, over and over before he practically roared in a deep animalistic bass howl as his body began to spasm, and twitch uncontrollably, his huge cock blasting Timmy's insides with hot molten sperm.  Timmy's eyes rolled back in his head as his own five inch cock exploded with ropes of jizz blasting onto the covers of the mattress under him.

JD saw Timmy's mouth wide open in ecstatic joy so he decided to take full advantage of it, and rammed his dick down Timmy's throat, and joined the duet in carnal, orgasmic passion, spewing ropes of jetting cum down Timmy's gullet as his older brother kept chanting, grunting and humping: "Fwwwwuuuking dat pwwwuuusssy" over, and over until he collapsed, sprawled out full weight on top of Timmy; who just laid there, with the most happy, stupid grin on his face as JD pulled his still oozing cock from his mouth, and began wiping it on Timmy's face, when he saw him, from the corner of his eye, their Dad, hands on his hips standing in Billy's bedroom doorway.

JD's jaw dropped as both Billy, and Timmy turned their heads in slow motion, a look of horror painted on their faces as they realized who it was!

"When you boys are done playin' with your friend" he calmly declared, a big smile on his face: "I brought home some pizza for lunch" they looked at each other in shock as they watched their Dad turn around, and head back up the hallway, whistling like he didn't have a care in the world.

                                                                    * * * * *

Shit meet fan, that's the image that was now dominating Billy Donnelly's every thought.

How the hell was he going to explain this to his Dad, in fact, what were any of them going to say?

JD just kept looking at him like he was desperate for guidance, needing his big brother to tell him what to do, while Timmy just whimpered on the bed, looking like he could burst into tears at any moment.

The only real answer that came to Billy's mind, was to own it, what else could they do really?

He turned to Timmy, the one person who seemed to be in more distress than either he or JD; this wasn't his fault, he was here because he had maneuvered him into being here.

"Timmy?" Billy spoke softly, get your clothes, and go to the bathroom, and get cleaned up, and pull yourself together then join us out there, okay?

Billy knew he was terrified, and was trying to be as comforting as he could be under the circumstances.

"This is my fault" He said: "And I'll take responsibility for it" He reached over, and put his hand on Timmy's shoulder, trying to be as gentle as he could be.

Timmy looked into his eyes, searching for some kind of hope.

Billy understood what Timmy's fears were instantly: "Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you" he assured him, pulling him toward him, hugging him then pushing him back by the shoulders, repeating what he had said before: "Pick up your clothes, go across the hall, and get cleaned up okay?

Timmy cast his eyes downward, but silently nodded his head, and proceeded gathering his clothes from the floor.

Billy turned to JD who was already pulling up his sweat pants, and looking for his T-shirt.

"Guess there's nothing else left to do bro" He said looking at his brother who stared back at him looking as hopeless as Billy felt as he struggled to pull his T-shirt over his shoulders.

"Time to face the music dude" Billy concluded, pulling on a clean pair of board shorts from his dresser drawer.

Billy turned, and was about to head out his bedroom door when his brother reached out and clasped his shoulder, stopping him.  He turned back looking at him questioningly.

"Don't you think it's just a bit odd bro?" JD queried then clarified: "Was it just me or did he seem like he was cool with what we were doing?" He paused, then added: "Or am I just being crazy?"

"There's only one way we are gonna find out, and it's this way dude" Billy stated flatly, turning back, heading out the door, and down the hallway to go face their Dad.

                                                                     * * * * *

Max Donnelly stood at one of the counters in the kitchen, fumbling with one of the two pizza boxes he had picked up on his way home.

He had taken off early, and had messaged Carl McGregor to join him here, and was expecting him any moment. He'd already laid out a handful of paper plates, and some napkins on the table, getting things ready for his boy's when they worked up the courage to join him.

Max Smiled to himself, rather amused at the fear he could smell coming from the back bedrooms, that, and the smell of sex, sperm, sweat, and testosterone.

Was there anything better in life he asked himself, shaking his head no, laughing to himself.

He anxiously awaited his boy's joining him, and could hear them start shuffling their way down the hallway.

He quickly posed himself, arms crossed over his chest, feet apart and leaning casually against the counter with as stern a look as he could muster before his boy's came through the kitchen door.

It took everything Max had not to laugh his ass off, barely being able not to giggle when they came shuffling slowly into the kitchen, heads bowed, looking so forlorn, like they were going to their execution.

Just as he suspected, his eldest stepped forward, the youngest, head and shoulders bowed, looking very much like he was trying to collapse within himself and blink out of existence.

"D..d..dad?" Billy stammered slowly raising his head to meet his father's stern gaze.

"I... um... I mean we..." God Max thought this was better than anything on comedy central.  Max was struggling now, barely able to contain himself from a gut busting, doubled over laugh.

"Spit it out son" Max said as deeply and firmly as he could muster: "I'm waiting?" he added tapping his foot for dramatic effect.

Good god, he thought, the kid could blow chunks any moment now he was so scared.

"D...Dad what we did....we, um...Billy trailed off, unable to find the words he wanted to say when just then Carl McGregor came through the back door toting a six pack of beer, and a duffel bag, which he dropped on the laundry room floor before coming into the kitchen bellowing: "Howdy all, wuzzup, why is everyone lookin' so glum?"

Max strained now, he knew Carl wasn't up to speed on what was happening and Max decided to see how far he could milk it, this was just too much fun to pass up.

"Do you want to explain to your uncle Carl William, or shall I?" He taunted Billy trying to add to his distress by using his son's formal name, which he only ever used when he was in deep trouble.

Carl didn't know what was going on, but he didn't smell any anger coming from Max.  If anything he sensed the exact opposite...what game is he playing at here?  The smell of fear coming from both Billy, and JD was palpable, that, and the smell of recent sexual activity, but not with a female, but with a ho... He let that thought drop for the time being.

Carl looked instead at Billy.  The kid looked terrible, and his brother looked even worse. What was Max playing at, he thought to himself?

Carl crossed over to Billy, and put his hand on his shoulder, comfortingly: "What's up Billy, you can tell me."

Billy tried looking Carl in the eyes, to lift his head, he struggled to get his throat to work, his lips to form the words, he just couldn't.

Carl swore he could hear a barely perceptible chuckle from Max, and whirled around to confront him.

"What's this about Max?" Carl demanded, certain now Max was just playing one of his silly games, toying with his sons.

"Dad caught us..." came the small voice behind him, it was Billy.

"Caught you what? Carl demanded taking both of Billy's shoulders in his hands, insisting on a response.

Without raising his face, which was bright red from embarrassment, and shame, he whispered: "He caught us with a boy in my room"

Aww, Carl thought to himself, the missing piece...Carl just shook his head, and muttered to himself: "Max you asshole."

Carl took his right hand, and lifted Billy's chin, trying to look him in the eyes, which Billy kept shifting, too ashamed to make contact.

"By caught" Carl mused:" I assume you mean you were having sex with?"

Carl just shook his head as Billy bowed his head even further, and just barely nodded, and whispered: "Yes."

Carl threw his hands up in the air and laughed: "Is that all, I thought somebody got hurt or died."

"Bu...but we..."Billy stammered, confused why Carl was laughing at him.

"Seriously kid" Carl chuckled: "Your Dads banged more than his share of guys over the years, it seems awfully suspicious he's going all puritanical on ya now."

"Boys?!" Carl boomed: "snap out of it, he's messing with ya."

Billy raised his head and stared directly at his Dad who just burst out laughing before he walked over to him and put his arm around his son, giving him a noogie with the other.

"Damn kid" His Dad laughed: "Relax, and quit taking things so seriously."

Billy, and JD just looked confused, not exactly sure how to take their Dad at the moment.

Carl grabbed one of the pizza boxes and brushed past them on his way to the table, jabbing Max in the abdomen: "That was cruel, funny but cruel" then he added: "I think you owe your boy's a beer for that prank." as he proceeded to shove a can into first Billy's then JD's hands.

"Sit boy's" Carl demanded as he opened the pizza box and took a slice.

Max came over and sat next to Carl, who high fived him as he sat down, still chuckling at his son's awkward discomfort.

Billy and JD still looked confused, not sure what to say let alone think, and right now eating was the last thing they were thinking about.

Max saw this, and finally took pity on his boy's, deciding to put them out of their misery.

"Boy's!?" He began: "It's okay, I don't care how you get off, so long as you don't violate the code." He leveled a stare at JD, who chafed under his father's sudden scrutiny.

JD so wanted to blurt out what really happened with Andrea, and why, but in the end he knew it really didn't matter, he was still guilty, he still broke his father's trust, and he knew he'd always be trying to live that down.  He just wished he could go back in time, and tell himself to stay home that night, and to stay as far away as he could from Andrea Thomas.

Billy picked up on the change in his brothers mood and ran his hand down his brothers back trying to comfort him, especially after everything else they'd been through today.

"It's okay dude" Billy whispered: "We'll work it out, we're still your family and we always will be!"

"Here Here" Carl added, picking up on Billy's sentiment, raising his can in salute.

"To family" his Dad echoed as they all raised their beers and clicked them together before swilling them down and slamming the empty cans to the table.

It was just then that a very timid, and pale looking Timmy Anderson, as quietly as possible, entered the room, head and shoulders down, his fingers clutching at each other, fumbling timidly at the hem of his sweatshirt.

Max Donnelly stood up, followed by his right hand man and lifelong best friend and companion Carl.  In full parade rest, they cheerfully welcomed Timmy.

"Get up boys" Max demanded of his sons: "Have you no manners?"

Billy, and JD looked at both their father and at Carl before turning their heads as they rose to their feet to look at Timmy, who just blushed, and fidgeted from all the unwanted, and unexpected attention.

He had never felt so awkward and out of place.

Max pulled out a chair right beside him at the table and beckoned Timmy to sit down.

When Timmy didn't move his Dad stepped forward, and said: "We would be honored if you'd join us for lunch" He paused pulling out the chair next to him, and then reiterated: "please Timmy, sit with us."

Timmy shuffled over and quietly sat down.  They all watched as Max put his hand on the back of Timmy's neck and started rubbing him, like one does when comforting a child.

"Are you okay?" Max asked him: "I didn't scare you earlier did I?"

"A little" Timmy said meekly, offering Max only the briefest of side glances.

"Then I apologize, that was not my intent." Max said, still massaging Timmy's neck.

Timmy tentatively looked Max in the eyes: ``You aren't mad about ....us?" he said, looking furtively at Billy, and JD.

Max beamed, and smiled ear to ear: "Why would I be upset with my boy's for enjoying themselves with someone who is so obviously beautiful as you are?"

Timmy blushed even more, but Max's words had the desired effect, Timmy smiled, and Max could feel some of the tightness and tension fade from Timmy's shoulders, and neck as he began to relax.

"Do you like pizza?" Max asked Timmy.

"Sure" Timmy softly responded.

Max reached over, and grabbed a paper plate and a couple of napkins, and set them in front of Timmy, taking a slice of pizza from the box in the center of the table and placed it in front of Timmy.

"Can I get you something to drink" He offered: "A Coke, milk or water?"

"Can I have a beer?" Timmy asked demurely, smiling.

Max roared with laughter: "You got balls kid, I like that!" then turned, and grabbed a beer from beside Carl, opened it, handing it to Timmy.

"Thanks." Timmy smiled, batting his eyes, an action not missed by either Max nor his sons Billy, and JD.

"Damn you are beautiful" Max almost cooed, as he lifted a finger to the loose golden blond stray locke of curly hair on Timmy's forehead, and brushed it back with the others on top of his head, before returning to the back of his neck, massaging his shoulders, and neck, and even stroking the very short hairs on the back of Timmy's head.

"Ahem." Carl interrupted: "don't we have something to be discussing right now?" He asked trying to turn Max's attention to other matters, other matters meaning other than fawning over Timmy.

"Right you are Carl." Max's attention seemed to instantly refocus as he withdrew his hand from fondling Timmy's neck to fiddling with his other hand on top of the table.

"The reason I'm home early today" He began: "was to fetch my boy's, and of course Carl here, and then swing by to pick up Baxter" He looked at Billy who looked back at him questioningly: "We're heading up to the Lodge this afternoon to stay for the weekend."

Both Billy, and JD could barely contain their enthusiasm, letting out a hoot or two, and a bro double high five. They loved going up to the Lodge, and staying in the cabin or even going hiking, and camping out under the stars.

"Don't get too excited" their Dad cautioned: "We're going for a reason." Both Billy, and JD inwardly sighed wondering what that meant.

They listened intently as their Dad explained: "It's just three more weeks until young William here, comes into his Heritage, and takes up the mantle of manhood." Billy could almost hear the pride in his father's voice, and Billy held his head up higher, hoping to live up to his father's expectations, while he simultaneously wondered exactly what this ceremony would entail, and exactly what would be expected of him?

He remembered his older brother Mike coming back from his, and how strained things became between him, and their father after his eighteenth birthday.  Billy could never find out from Mike what had happened but it was obvious Mike wasn't happy about it, and as time passed, became more, and more withdrawn right up to the time he graduated.  He didn't even wait around a single day after, before he was off to boot-camp.

Both Billy, and JD felt his loss in their lives and they still missed him not being around.

There were still things Billy wanted answers too, and he sincerely hoped those answers would be forthcoming after his ceremony.  His Dad did promise him that a great many things would become clearer after he came into his Heritage.

Billy had often asked his Dad what that meant, and he always got the same response. His Dad would simply say it wasn't something that could be explained, it was something you have to experience, that the ceremony reveals everything, and he promised Billy there was no need to worry, every Donnelly man had gone through it, and every single one survived.

Billy turned his attention back to what his Dad was saying.

"We are taking some lawn mowers, and weed eaters, and other gardening tools with us, so we can do some clearing to make way for Billy's ceremony." His Dad explaining the what, when, why's for their visit before smiling, and adding: "Don't fret boys, you can still all go skinny dipping at night, and maybe have a little bit of time in the morning to go fishing." he reached over, and ruffled both his sons hair as he stood up, and said they all needed to finish up so they can get things loaded before heading out.

                                                                       * * * * *

Baxter Whitmore was busily selecting items from his closet and dresser drawers, and stuffing them into his military issue duffel bag.  It was his Dads at one time and his Mom let him have it to use.  It was one of the few things that Baxter had that was his Dads; every time he took it out to pack with he had this little ritual he'd perform in deference to his Dad, he'd trace the letters of his father's last name, and then speak it out loud when he finished W.H.I.T.M.O.R.E. U.S.M.C. Sgt. Russel Whitmore United States Marine Corps.

Baxter knew his Dad had been dead for eight years, but it sometimes still felt like he could just walk right through the front door, a front door he knew nothing about, because his Dad never lived in this house.  But still, it was there, eight years later, and the memory of his father was still with him.  He'd come to realize, and accept it always would be, but he also regretted not really getting to know his Dad as well as he wanted too, but even more so, he wondered what his Dad would think of who, and more importantly what his son was now.

Baxter was certain his Dad would be proud of his academic grades (straight "A's), and he was equally certain his Dad would be proud of his wrestling skills, and achievement. Still, there was more to Baxter than those things, they were only part of the whole, and no one, not even his lifelong best friend Billy Donnelly or his Mom knew everything about him.

There were parts he kept locked away, that no one ever got to see, but to be truthful, it was weighing him down.  It sometimes felt like there was a caged animal clawing to get out, one Baxter was certain would rip his life to shreds, and destroy everything he had worked so hard for, drive everyone he cared about away from him if they knew.

But then there was Billy, there was always Billy, everything in his life seemed to center around him.  For as long as he could remember, even when his Dad was still around, there was Billy.

 When his Dad died, there was Billy, holding him, crying with him, comforting him, reminding him how much his Dad loved him.  Then there were the sleep overs as kids, there was Billy, lying next to him, the smell of his hair, the natural scent of his musk, the way he moved, with confidence, never a moment's doubt in who he was, and what he was capable of, and when Baxter was with Billy, he always felt the same way.

Every single moment of Baxter's life, the good, the bad, the highs, and lows the only absolute, ever persistent constant was... Billy.

Yet, there was a creature that tore at him, and clawed to get out, and that creature wanted only one thing; it was the same thing, the same constant that has always been there, it was Billy.

While Billy lives his life basically without fear, and Baxter tries for the most part to do the same; emulating his life long friend, his self declared brother, but the Baxter Billy has known all along is a lie, because Baxter knows the real truth, he knows the creature he lives side by side with every day.  

Sometimes it takes every ounce of Baxter's strength to hold back the onslaught, the fiery tempest that burns within him.  The beast he knows will destroy his life, and even more frightening, drive away the one constant in his life...Billy.

There have been so many times that Baxter fought himself over this, and every time he has managed to fight it off, reason it away, hold it back, cage it up, and take away its voice, silence it, but despite all this effort, all his strength goes to caging the beast, and Baxter was tired, worn out from the constant never ending battle...no more!

It was less than three weeks until Billy's eighteenth birthday, the day his father, and the man who has served in his own fathers stead, would pick up the mantle in memory, and deference to honor his birth father's memory, would guide his best friend into manhood, and in less than a month afterward, had sworn to guide Baxter on that same journey, to become a man.  

How could Baxter become a man, he questioned himself, when he can't even be who he is?  When he's too afraid to tell the person that means the most in the world to him, the truth, how can he stand before the man who would steer him into manhood knowing it was all a lie?

Baxter was tired, tired of lies, tired of holding back, tired of not being wholly himself, tired of not saying the things that needed to be said, and said to the people that needed to hear it.

When Max Donnelly contacted Baxter's Mom this morning and told her to have Baxter gather clothes for a weekend stay up at their family Lodge, and cabin, right as Baxter was totally focused on how he should proceed with his life, he took it as an omen, that omen being, to set himself free, let the beast out of the cage to reveal him to the one person that deserved to know the real him...Billy.

Now is the time, while he still had the chance to do so before Billy becomes a man, he wanted to do this, no... he needed to do this, he needs to face his inner demons, and he needed to honor the memory of his father by living it to its fullest, with head held high, no regrets, to look the beast right in the eye and tell him the truth....I love you Bill.


                                                                    CHAPTER FIVE:


 "Breath it in boy's" Max Donnelly proudly proclaimed, standing there with his hands on his hips as he inhaled the fresh clean woodland air of the Devil Dawg Compound.

Max watched as Carl McGregor, his two boy's Billy and JD and of course Baxter Whitmore, the boy he viewed as much a son as his own biological offspring, started unloading all the supplies and equipment they had brought from the beds of the two trucks they had just arrived in.

It was late afternoon when they finally pulled into the compound, about a two hour drive from the Marine base located in Albany, to reach the compound in the rolling forested hills a short distance from Macon.

Half an hour of that drive was after they turned off the main road down the solitary gravel topped, red clay based road that wound through the dense forested hills to reach the remote, and very isolated Devil Dawg Compound.

They had pulled up right in front of the large rustic log cabin style communal lodge building.

The structure was oblong in shape, about seventy feet in length and forty feet in width and its steep slate roof reached a nearly twenty five foot height.

Inside, it had a large communal room with a massive stone fireplace on one end. Huge log rafters stretched side to side across the upper walls to a central row of log pillared support beams that cut down the entire center of the room.

Large caste iron chandeliers with about five kerosene lamps each, hung about every eight feet apart down this central row, and served as the main source of lighting for the building when lit.

There was only one main common room, and it took up almost three quarters of the length of the building.  The far right end, the one that faced the lake, held the kitchen, larder, and pantry.

This was a structure meant for large meetings and gatherings.

Billy, JD, and Baxter had all been inside the place many times with their Dad and Carl, but in all the years they have been coming here, they had never seen or been part of any gatherings or get-together's that would have required the use of such a large facility.

They did know that from time to time their Dad, Carl, and even uncle Hank would travel here to take part in such gatherings, but that was for adults only, according to their Dad.

They didn't know how many people showed up for these events, Billy guessed he was going to find out before the end of the month, but the building could easily hold a large number of people, well over a hundred, maybe more.

Billy noted that the parking area that they were now unloading the various lawn care equipment into, was big enough to handle at least twenty, maybe thirty cars, so he guessed these functions could get rather large at times.

Standing, facing the lake, there was a path that started at the far left end of the parking area that went beside the left end of the lodge, and went back a ways into the woods where the cabin they always stayed in was located.

Like the Lodge, it was built log cabin style with a front porch that spanned the entire front length of it.

As you entered the cabin you came into the largest room, a stone fireplace directly on the opposite wall, with two leather coaches juxtaposed to each other sideways, right in front of it.

The cabin had two loft style rooms that you climbed crude, hand cut wood steps to reach on either side; those served as the sleep areas with room enough for two twin beds each with a small dresser between them for any clothes they brought.

Under the one loft was a simple kitchen with an island between it and the main room, and often served as a bar or serving area from the kitchen.  On the opposite side was a large round table where everyone would gather for meals or card games.

Kerosene lamps mounted on the walls served as the evening/night time lighting.  There were no electrical or plumbing fixtures anywhere in the compound, other than some hand pump wells from which they got fresh water.  There were several outhouses and even a water tower that collected rain water, which had a couple of large shower heads with a chain that opened the flow of water when you pulled on them, out in front of the structure, completely open air.

Billy fondly remembered how as kids they seldom even wore clothes the entire time they were there.  Most of their time was usually spent down by the small stream fed lake either hanging out on the large dock, cooking out on charcoal/wood grills or fishing, and of course to dive off of into the cool clear waters.  Several canoes where stored in a small shed close to the lake shore and even while canoeing they seldom if ever wore clothing.

The only time clothing was actually necessary was times like now, when they'd be mowing and using weed eaters, or cutting wood.  But when the chores were done, Billy was sure every one of them would strip down and head for the cool refreshing waters of the lake, and he'd bet good money that they stayed off for the rest of the evening and night.

Billy helped his Dad and Carl unload the riding mower from the back of Carl's truck, while Baxter and JD carried the coolers, grocery's, and duffel bags to the cabin.

Billy couldn't help but notice how quite JD had been all afternoon after he said goodbye to Timmy, he'd noted how JD had even walked him out to his little red jeep, and talked to him privately before Timmy drove off to head on home.  Their Dad had invited Timmy to come along, but Timmy was certain his parents would never approve of that, just spending what time he did with JD was hard enough to explain since he knew they definitely would not approve of him hanging out with him, especially after the local gossip mill had spread and of course embellished every lurid detail of JD's indiscretions last fall.

Billy had also noted Baxter's pensive mood.  He seemed off, not his usual cheerful self at all and Billy wondered if he was still upset about not being able to attend his coming of age ceremony to be held in three weeks.

He hoped Baxter didn't blame him for that, he had no say in it after all.  If there was anyone he'd want to be there it would be Baxter, he was still having a hard time accepting it as well.

Billy made a mental note to make sure he brought that up to Baxter later, maybe reassuring him would help change his mood, then again Billy was only guessing, maybe something else was on his mind, either way, once they had some time alone he'd do his best to get him to talk about it.

There was no one more important in Billy's world than his life long friend, and best bud Baxter, they always told each other everything, no secrets meant no regrets, and no judgements. Open door, open book, it's what made their friendship what it is today.

It was that line of thought that made him realize, he definitely needed to talk to him about what happened today, he was sure Baxter would get totally grossed out that he had gotten a blow job and fucked a fag today, and even weirder, that his Dad, and uncle Carl were cool with it, remembering Carl had even said that his Dad had had sex with guys before.  That blew Billy's mind the more he thought about it, and the way his Dad was treating Timmy? He didn't even want to go there with that mental image.

He just had to make sure that he reassured Baxter that in no way shape or form was he any kind of fucking queer, he was just a really horny guy tired of using his own hand, and it wasn't like he'd be repeating that very often, he wouldn't be going anywhere near any faggot after his eighteenth birthday, after that, it was big firm tits and wet pussy only for him, and any queers could just fuck the hell off.  Though, he had to admit, doing Timmy was pretty awesome, but he didn't need to tell Baxter that part.

By early evening most of the general area had been mowed and trimmed around the cabin, and around the lodge itself.  There was still the areas surrounding the parking lot to do, and of course any usable shoreline on this side of the lake still needed trimmed.  The biggest areas yet needing mowing, and trimmed was the path that led to the large clearing that held the ceremonial structures, and around the structures themselves.

The ceremonial grounds always held a large mysterious fascination for Billy, and all the other boy's growing up.   They would often go there to hang out and dream about what secret rituals and rites that were performed there, always imagining the most grand pagentries or just to scare each other with lurid frightening tales of animal or human sacrifices, envisioning brutal gladiatorial combatants squaring off in savage displays of violent, and bloody masculine supremacy. The structures themself lent to their mysterious adolescent imaginations and speculations.

The six foot wide stone paved path that wound through the dense shrubs and trees ended about hundred yards into a large low, flat grassy valley with hills on three sides, forming like a natural bowl shape in the center.

The entire flat area was stone paved and the path cut through a semi circle, four step stone amphitheater.

On the opposite side was the tallest of the foliage and tree dense hills reaching a maximum height of about forty feet.

A large square stone arch, about fourteen feet high jutted out near the base of the hillside, the structure seemed to cut right into the hillside itself but the arch had ten foot tall, eight foot wide large metal doors that had several large metal locks that prevented anyone from entering.

Six stone steps, about twenty feet wide led down from the entrance onto an oblong stone dias that had two twelve foot stone pylons, about two square foot wide at the base, that were perpendicular, and about eight feet apart.

The inside surface of the pylons facing each other had two large metal rings about a foot off the ground, and another set roughly about six feet from the ground.

On the front, and back side of the stone pylons, metal torches protruded eight feet up, the scorch marks above them attested to their use.

The front of the elevated dias descended about six more steps before giving way to the stone paved ground.  At the center of the amphitheater is a large circular fire pit, which was obviously used for large bonfires.

Taken in whole, and to the casual observer, it was quite impressive if not more than a little ominous, and daunting in appearance, especially to young impressionable minds rife with overactive imaginations.

As the sun began to dip below the tops of the trees, Max Donnelly signaled a stop to the yard work for the day, shaking his head with approval at the work thus far accomplished.

"Let's get the equipment cleaned up and put away for the night" Max barked, then continued with a big smile:  "then lets get naked and jump in that lake and cool off, and clean up before we fix some chow." The last two parts enlisted hardy cheers from his makeshift work crew.

"Did I forget to mention?" Max paused for effect: "Beers all around tonight boys!" That brought more than a few hoots, fist bumps and grunts of approval.

After dinner Max Donnelly sat, still naked on one of the two leather couches and watched admiringly as Carl, who had just finished collecting all the dirty paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, and empty beer cans into plastic garbage bags, was now proceeding to haul his, and Max's duffel bags up to the far left loft.  As he ascended the steep rough hune wood steps, Max couldn't help ogle his lifelong friend, and companions ample dirty blond, fur covered bubble butt.  Max especially enjoyed the dense thicket of pubic hair between his tight crack, a site that never failed to make his cock stir, and plump up.

Max absentmindedly fluffed his own big hairy balls and reached for his expanding cock before catching himself, suddenly remembering who was there with him, and willed his dick to go down.  No need shocking the boys any more than he had already today, but he knew the time was coming when that cat would claw its way out of the bag.

Max knew with both Billy's and Baxter's upcoming ceremonies, and both ceremonies being so close together, that a lot of things that they have thus far been protected from, would come bursting to the surface.  Oddly enough, of the two, Max worried more about Baxter.

Ever since the boy was twelve, and entered puberty, both Max, and Carl's senses confirmed what they had often speculated about the boy. Long before puberty they could see the way he looked at Billy.  But once puberty hit, the pheromones kicked in, and it removed any doubts they had as to what Baxter was feeling, the smell at times, especially in close quarters could be overpowering.  Max often mused that Carl was secretly appreciative of the effect the boys raging hormones had on Max's libido, a libido that Carl often vicariously benefited from.

But they also couldn't help notice that Billy was completely clueless about it, but they knew that was about to change, once Billy claimed his Heritage on his eighteenth birthday, that secret would out itself.  If what they suspected about Billy pans out to be true, and they were both absolutely certain it was, then they still felt, at least on Billy's part, there would be no problem.

No, they both agreed the biggest hurdle will be keeping them apart until Baxter underwent his own ceremony, then the natural order of things wouldl sort them out.  But letting nature take it's course meant it was going to be imperative they keep Billy, and Baxter apart after Billy's ceremony, until Baxter went through his.  Max, and Carl were already working on a plan for that, and Max just had a few minor details to work out, and of course get Baxter's mothers approval, then keeping them apart shouldn't be to big of an issue, because neither would suspect that that is what was happening.

But right now, Max was a little concerned with what he was picking up from Baxter, and he worried that Baxter might be on the precipice of doing something that could complicate things.  It was only a minor worry he, and Carl both agreed that after all was said, and done, the problem would resolve itself, but if Baxter's internal turmoil pushed things too far, it could make things a bit unnecessarily hectic for a while, at least until the two boys have both come into their Heritage.  But still, Max was hoping his little machinations would forestall that from happening, he didn't want to see either of the boy's go through an emotional rough patch that would temporarily strain their relationship.


Billy was getting a little worried about his friend.  Baxter had seemed pensive all afternoon, even distracted, definitely not his usual self.  He also couldn't help but noticed, that while the rest of them were running around as usual while at the compound completely naked, Baxter had slipped a pair of shorts on, something he had never done when they were kids; that was one of the things they use to really like doing as soon as they got here, both enjoying the sense of freedom that came from running around butt ass naked.  It always had felt quite liberating.

As JD went up in the loft to unpack his duffel bag, Billy seized the opportunity to nudge his best friend saying: "Hey bro, follow me." as he jumped up from the porch step they had been sitting on, and ran down the path toward the Lodge.

Billy kept looking back to make sure Baxter was following as he ran full out in an unissued challenge to his best bud to catch him.

As hard as he tried Baxter was a few feet behind Billy as their race ended at the dock with Billy throwing his hands up in victory, jumping up, and down, and proudly proclaiming: "And the crowd goes wild, at the humiliating defeat of Baxter Whitmore by the undefeatable machine that is Billy Donnelly!" Billy cheered himself on with his hands raised in the air dancing around when an unamused Baxter pushed Billy into the dark waters of the lake.

"There's your reward" Baxter mockingly laughed, while doing his own side step shuffle dance then shaking his ass at a very wet Billy, while he laughingly joked: "kiss this champ."

"Get your ass in here Whitmore, and I'll do a lot more than that" Billy laughingly goaded.

Baxter whipped off his shorts, and jumped in cannon ball style within a couple of feet of Billy, splashing, then dunking him almost simultaneously.

For the next fifteen to twenty minutes Billy, and Baxter splashed, raced, dunked each other, and wrestled in the cool night time waters of the lake, just like they did so many times as kids until finally, out of breath, and muscles beginning to ache slightly, they hauled themselves from the water, and lay side by side on the dock staring up into the star filled night sky until their heart rates dropped, and their breathing became less labored.

Baxter finally sat up staring off across the lake, Billy could sense him tense up again, and just as he was about to reach out to touch his friends shoulder, and ask him if something was troubling him, Baxter stood up, and started searching for his discarded shorts.

After finding them, and slipping them back on he turned to Billy, and said they should be getting back, that he was tired, and they had a long day ahead of them tomorrow, and he wanted to get some sleep.

Billy knew something was up, and with the way he felt Baxter was acting, he suspected that it had to do with something about him.

Had Baxter caught on about what happened yesterday or this morning? Did he suspect or did he overhear something someone said, maybe his Dad, and Carl had discussed it, and Baxter overheard.

Billy wracked his brain over the possibilities.

Baxter had already begun walking back in the direction of the cabin, and Billy jogged to catch up with him, but continued to ponder what to say to his best friend, how he could broach the subject, but ultimately they just both walked back to the cabin in silence, neither speaking, deep in their own thoughts.

The next day things remained pretty much the same between them.

By lunch time they'd mowed, and trimmed almost two thirds of the ceremonial grounds, and had stopped for a lunch break consisting simply of cold cut sandwiches, and chips.

Billy noticed that Baxter didn't come over, and sit with him as he usually would, but instead went off on his own, and sat on the steps leading up to the dais with the pylons.

Billy went over to the ice chest, and grabbed a couple bottles of water, and went over to his best friend, his concern mounting.

It was time to have that talk Billy thought to himself, he hated keeping things from Baxter, and he just knew Baxter could somehow sense he was, and was now upset with him for it, and as Billy saw it, how could he blame him.  He should have told Baxter what he found out about JD, and Timmy, even before he lured, and maneuvered Timmy into giving him a blowjob.

Billy was also consumed by guilt.  Twice he had lied to his friend, something he had never done before.  He had lied when Baxter messaged him after he caught JD, and Timmy together, telling Baxter that they weren't doing anything.

It's not that Billy didn't want to share his plan with Baxter, he was more afraid Baxter would be repulsed, and think Billy some sort of fag instead of just some super horny guy who just wanted to get off.  No, Billy didn't tell him because he was more afraid Baxter would stop him, and Billy really wanted that blow job!

The second time he lied to Baxter was the next morning when he called him, and told him he couldn't work out that day because he had work to do around the house, when in fact he was meeting with Timmy.

Billy had always planned to tell Baxter, and he was now sure that the fact he hadn't was somehow now coming between them.  It was a problem that Billy intended to rectify right now, as he walked over to his friend, and shoved a bottle of water under his nose: "Drink" he simply stated: "You gotta stay hydrated." Baxter accepted the drink, and gave Billy a simple smile, and a nod as he sat down next to him, close enough to feel the heat emanating from his body but still enough space that their skin didn't touch.

Baxter's thoughts raced almost as fast as the heart within his chest, he knew he had to do this, he had to tell Billy how he felt, prove he had a back bone, and face him, and in so doing free himself.

"I got a confession" Billy blurted out, just as Baxter was about to speak.

"I lied to you" he paused trying to look his friend in the eyes but letting his gaze drop to his feet before adding; "Actually I lied twice."

Baxter's head was swirling, one moment he had built himself up to reveal everything to Billy, and the next Billy was babbling about lying to him.  Baxter was confused, and was trying to clear his mind, focus, and redirecting his previous thoughts on what Billy was now saying.

Baxter listened as Billy told him he had lied about what he found out about JD, and that he lied to him a second time when he canceled their work out session at the gym the next day.

"Dude" Billy said pleadingly: "I was thrown for a loop, and I just wasn't ready to discuss it right then" he frowned at the confused look on Baxter's face, knowing he was going to have to be more forthcoming than that.

"I'm confused" Baxter said, shaking his head, still trying to refocus from his previous train of thought. "You, lied to me?" he said pointing to himself while looking quizzically at his friend.

Billy felt he had to pick up the pace before he lost the courage to say what he felt needed saying.

"Timmy's a fag, and I think my little brother might be too" he blurted out, all hushed like, so no one else could hear him, no one but Baxter that is.

Baxter felt the blood drain from his face, and his heart skipped a few beats as he heard the vehemence in the way Billy said "fag", but also curious how he came to think that his brother, and his friend Timmy were so inclined.

Billy quickly laid out the course of events from the time he spied through his brothers window to the next day right up to the part where he fucked Timmy's ass, but he cut short of telling him about their dad catching them or how much he had really enjoyed the experience.  When he was done, he stared into his friends now pale face, who just sat there staring at the ground, and saying nothing...

Billy panicked, taking Baxter's silence as disapproval, maybe even rejection or worse yet, judgement.

Defensively he quickly spat out: "I swear man, I'm not a fucking fag dude" he said pleading his case, Baxter noting there was almost a hint of desperation in his voice.

"You know I'm not!" Billy insisted before adding: "I'm no more a fucking queer than you are" he concluded,making it sound more like a supplication than a statement of fact.

Baxter stood up and took a couple of steps, his thoughts racing, his heart sinking heavily in his chest, now thankful he hadn't confessed what had been eating at him.  Any thought of making that confession to Billy was now gone.

Baxter came to the brutal realization, one made from self preservation, that the guy he had so long thought of as a brother, the best friend who would always have his back, the one person he believed, and hoped would at least understand, maybe, as he had fantasized so many times, in some small part even share, in fact felt the exact opposite.

Baxter turned and looked Billy in the eyes as if seeing him truly for the first time, and not liking what he saw.

In that moment, seeing the supplicating, near desperation in Billy's eyes.  Baxter did what he had always done, the mental cages that held the beast back within his mind got slammed shut, and pushed back into the darkest recesses of his consciousness.

Baxter smiled at Billy, a smile as fake, and as superficial as Baxter now thought his relationship, and friendship with him had always been.

No, he wasn't blaming Billy, he was exactly as he had always been, what had now suddenly changed is Baxter's perception of him, the recognition that he, and Billy were actually polar opposites.  He also saw more than a bit of self grandiosity, riddled with toxic veins of superficial sexual superiority stemming perhaps from some weak masculine insecurity, and a false sense of entitlement.

He was in fact, just Billy, a guy like any other guy, and they were, as Baxter now recognized, just buddies, two guys who just shared a couple of similar interests, nothing more than that.

Billy saw his friends smile, and jumped to his feet, and threw his arm over his shoulder, feeling happy he had gotten all that off his chest, and cleared the air between them, certain that they were squared, and back on track, barely noticing Baxter shrugging his arm off before turning, and punching him on the shoulder.

"Hands to yourself fag" Baxter taunted as he dashed away from Billy, who just laughed, then chased after him catching up, and began a playful shoving match between the two of them as they rejoined the others.

Billy was happy he had cleared the air between them, thankful his friend, by all appearances was back to his fun, playful self.

Baxter knew what was expected of him, he had played this part for more years than he cared to recall, but mentally he was busy burying all the emotions he had always carried for Billy, accepting, and inwardly embracing the death of those feelings, knowing they were never shared, and never would be.

On the inside, Baxter felt like a light had gone out, a light that use to warm him, but now was cold, and dark, a light that would never shine again.

                                                                 * * * * *

Carl McGregor was finishing cleaning the grill they'd used that evening to cook the steaks, and potatoes they had that night, he'd enlisted Baxter to help him in the attempt to lift the boy's mood.

Max, and he both had observed Billy, and him talking at lunch that afternoon, and while outwardly he seemed to be more upbeat, and even playful with Billy, and JD, they had sensed a change in him; obviously imperceptible by Billy, who seemed to accept the sudden mood change in his friend, but it hadn't fooled Max or Carl.

Underneath it all, they both sensed a deep sadness veiled by a very thin veneer of fake frivolity.  The boy was hurting inside, and even without their superior senses, they could perceive the difference from this morning to this afternoon.

It further flummoxed them that Billy was so blind to it; for the last twenty minutes Carl had tried to get Baxter to open up, and talk to him while they cleaned everything up after their meal, but Baxter was being stubborn, and with each gentle nudge Carl issued, it only seemed to make Baxter withdraw within himself even more, causing Carl to think that what Max, and he had feared the most might happen, had indeed transpired.  It seemed the only chance that could now resolve this issue between them was still weeks away.

"He's in pain." he shared with Max as they stood together later, leaning over the island counter in the kitchen, watching the boys noisily play some card game while finishing their first beers of the evening.

"That's obvious," Max groaned, his eyes never leaving Baxter: "We both know what the problem is" he continued. "But there's little either of us can do about it until they've both gone through the ceremony."

Carl knew he was right, but knowing that didn't make it any easier to accept, let alone watch.

Max could feel his long-time companion's stare burn right into the side of his peripheral vision.

"Dammit Carl," He said curtly, "I know what you want me to do, and you also know why I can't!"

Carl cast his eyes downward before responding: "I know, I'm sorry." He brought his hand up and gently touched Max's arm: "It's just so frustrating watching this happen when I know what he's feeling right now..."

Max turned and looked Carl squarely in the eyes: "It will resolve itself after the ceremony, we both know this." Max nodded his head in the direction of the boys: "We both know that right now all we can do is some damage control until then."

"Is there any way we can push up your plans for Baxter and extend them until right before his ceremony?" Carl mused, knowing the distance, and different surroundings might help ease some of Baxter's hurt.

Max smiled at Carl: "You're like a mother hen, ya know that?" he whispered with a huge smile: "I'll talk to his mom when I take him home tomorrow okay?"

"Somebody has to keep an eye on them, and keep some semblance of order around here." Carl said jovially: "If it was left up to you, they'd all be running around feral, and out of control."

"Quit your bitchin'," Max growled: "You know you love it!" he stated matter of fact, before smacking Carl's naked ass, and giving it a playful squeeze.

"Hey, hey! None of that in front of the kids!" Carl grunted before pulling away, wiggling his ass suggestively as he walked away from him.

"Keep doing that bitch and I'll take what's mine right here, and now in front of them!" he muttered under his breath, admiring the bounce of the twin melons that passed for Carl's hairy muscular ass.

                                                               * * * * *

Sunday morning they finished up what yard work they had left before noon, and  after a quick swim, and a cold cut sandwich lunch, they decided to pack everything up, and head back to civilization.

Carl could tell the strain of keeping up a happy facade was beginning to wear on Baxter, and he wasn't the least bit surprised when he climbed into the passenger side of his truck instead of JD for their journey home.

"You don't mind if I ride with you, do ya?" Baxter asked: "I've got a bit of a headache and just need some peace, and quiet for a while." he offered as an explanation.

"Not at all," Carl smiled: "I could use some of that myself after almost three days of Max."

Carl knew the real reason Baxter wanted to ride with him; it was because he didn't want to be so close to Billy right now, trapped in a long-distance ride in such close quarters was just too emotionally taxing for him right now.

Billy was hurt that Baxter would choose to ride alone with Carl instead of him, his little brother, and his Dad, he was about to say something to him when his Dad tossed his truck keys at him, and told him he was driving back; he was riding with Carl.

"What the hell?" Billy said aloud but silently wondered what was going on, his Dad never let him drive his truck on his own.

No one was more surprised than Baxter when Max opened the passenger-side door to Carl's truck, and ordered him to scoot over; he was riding with them.

Awkward didn't cover it for the way Baxter felt, sandwiched there between the two large, muscular adult males as Max instructed Carl to get his ass in gear, and they pulled out, leaving Billy and JD to follow behind them.

They mostly rode in silence as country music played softly on the cab radio.

As they hit the main road and started the return trek down the highway, Baxter felt Max move his arm behind him, and his large hand began absentmindedly stroking the neck, and the back of Baxter's head.  At first it felt uncomfortable, like an invasion into his personal space, but after a few minutes, he found himself starting to relax, and not long after that he began to find it soothing.

Despite what had transpired with Billy, he knew deep down that it didn't, and wouldn't affect his relationship with Max, not unless he wanted it too.

Right now, at this moment in time, he was beginning to find his presence, and the warmth of his touch comforting, and before long, his head eased over sideways, and rested upon Max's strong shoulder, and Baxter soon found himself drifting off into a dozing half-sleep.

                                                                * * * * *

As always, the trip back home seemed to go a lot quicker than the trip there, and before long they found themselves pulling into the Donnelly residence driveway.

It was still mid-afternoon, and as Max, and Carl unloaded what they needed from Carl's truck, Billy, JD, and Baxter unloaded the stuff from Max's truck, and hauled it into the trailer.

Billy was about to suggest to Baxter that he stay the night; he wanted to spend some time alone with him because he was getting an uncomfortable feeling that maybe things still weren't right between them, and he wanted, no needed to make sure things were good.

He wanted Baxter to understand, needed him to know that there was nothing or no one in his life more important to him than his best friend.  But, before he could suggest it, his Dad came in, and told him, and JD to go with Carl, and help him unload the mower at his place while he took Baxter home, that he needed to talk to him, and his Mom about something.

Baxter looked questioningly at Max, who just nudged him off in the direction of the front door, reassuring him there was nothing wrong, and they'd discuss it along the way.

Billy just stood there, wondering what that had all been about, and more sure than ever that something was going on with Baxter that he didn't know about.  He was definitely going to make it his mission to find out though, one way or another, if Baxter had a problem then he had a problem and he'd move heaven, and earth to help his friend with whatever it was!

                                                               * * * * *

Baxter Whitmore sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of Max Donnelly's truck as he drove down the road in the direction of Baxter's home, not five miles away, wondering what was up, or more importantly if he had done something he shouldn't have.

"Quit squirmin' " Max chided him with a big smile on his face as he concentrated on the road.

"Did I do something wrong?" Baxter asked questioningly, the worry thick in his voice.

Max laughed out loud: "Boy, I can't think of a single time you've ever done anything wrong."

Max wasn't exaggerating: "Why do you think I like having you around Billy so much?" He posited: "You keep him grounded, and he's a better person when he's with you." he stated matter of factly before continuing: "You mean more to him than anyone else in the world Baxter, surely by now, you get that don't ya?"

Baxter suddenly felt awful, finding himself wishing he'd never gone on this three day weekend; still though, Max's words changed nothing, he didn't know what he knew; hell, none of them did, not even his mom; and after yesterday's conversation with Billy, he knew Billy understood him least of all.

Max could feel he wasn't getting through to him, but he hoped he had at least planted some seeds of doubt to the dilemma in his head.

Max hoped that Baxter would go for what he was about to propose, if he didn't, he didn't really know what he could do, at least not until he came into his Heritage, go through his ceremony as Max had promised his Dad he would.

Max made one more attempt: "Baxter I hope you know you can talk to me about anything," he paused before continuing: "I promised your Dad I'd keep an eye on you, to protect you, and your Mom."

Baxter bowed his head at the mention of his father: "I'm not going to push you right now Baxter, but only if you make me one promise..." again he paused waiting for some sort of acknowledgment from Baxter, who briefly lifted his head, and gave him a quick glance, eye to eye, and nodded his head slightly: "All I ask Baxter is that you make no drastic decisions between now, and your birthday without talking to me first, can you do that?" Max asked, almost pleadingly.

"I'll try sir," Baxter responded barely louder than a whisper.

"Do more than try, Baxter" Max insisted before proclaiming: " I've already lost one son because he wouldn't talk to me; I'll be damned if I lose another, do you hear me?"

Baxter could hear the emotion in that voice, and he knew that he was talking about Michael, his eldest son, but it also warmed Baxter's heart that Max thought of him as a son, as his son.

Baxter tried to straighten up, lifting his head and facing Max head-on: "I promise sir, I won't do anything rasah without discussing it with you or my Mom."

Pulling into Baxter's driveway and stopping, he reached over and ruffled Baxter's hair playfully.

"You've grown on me kid and I like having you around." Max beamed a grin as wide as his face, a grin so infectious that it couldn't help but lift Baxter's somber mood.

Max opened his door, and stepped out of his truck: "Let's go talk to your Mom, I have a mission for you, and we're gonna need your Mom's permission first."

Baxter, not for the first time that day, looked questioningly at Max, and wondered what the heck he was up to.

                                                             * * * * *

"What do you want for dinner boys?" Carl asked as he pulled out of his driveway after unloading the riding mower, and putting it away with the rest of the lawn equipment in his garage.  Carl lived off-base in a ranch-style two-bedroom home situated back in the woods by itself away from the main road, about a mile or so past the base.

As he headed into town to pick up some food, he sat patiently waiting for a response to his query.

Billy sat silently, staring out the passenger side window of his truck tapping his index finger on his right hand against his front teeth.

This was something Carl had noticed many times over the years, that he did this when he was deep in thought, while JD busily typed out messages to his "friend" Timmy, letting him know they were back, and wondering if he could come over later.

"Earth to boys," Carl grumbled, attempting once again to get their attention, they both looked at him simultaneously with the same dumb expression on their faces.

"Food, dinner, and where?" Carl reiterated, "and don't say pizza!" he quickly added, realizing he was talking to two teenage boys.

"How about tacos?" JD casually suggested, his attention already back on his phone as he responded to another text.

"Crunch wrap supreme sounds good to me," Billy said, not really giving it any thought before drifting off again.

"Can we get Timmy something just in case he comes over too?" JD asked, his vision never once leaving the screen of his phone.

Carl just sighed. "What does he like?"

JD gave him a side glance, shrugging his shoulders before responding: "How should I know? We've never gone to Taco Bell before."

"Well of course not. What was I thinking?" Carl mockingly sighed before he moaned out loud to no one in particular: "Teenagers!"

                                                                * * * * *

Baxter Whitmore watched from the dining room in his house as Max Donnelly, and his Mom chatted outside on the back deck of their small two-story home.

Max had told him that he had something he wanted him to do but needed to talk to his Mom first, mainly to see if she not only approved but to get her input as well.

Baxter had no clue what they were discussing, and wished right now that he could read lips.  He knew Max, and his Mom talked frequently; she often turned to him for advice, especially about Baxter, and he also knew that she was aware of this Heritage ceremony that Max, Carl, and others talked about.

His Mom had assured him that it would be what his father wanted since she knew he had undergone such a ceremony when he was eighteen, right before he joined the Marine Corps.

It was while he was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan that his Dad met up again with his old squad buddy Hank Bauers, who he had served with in Kuwait and Iraq, when everyone in their squad, except Hank, and his Dad, had been killed; that was all years before he met his Mom.

Hank was the one who introduced his Dad to Max, and Carl.  His Dad had been so impressed with them, he even put in for a transfer so he could move here after his first tour because his Dad wanted to join Max's squadron.

Baxter noticed that Max was doing most of the talking, and occasionally his Mom would look at him through the window, and give him a faint reassuring smile.

Whatever Max was saying seemed to agree with his Mom, as she kept nodding her head in agreement with whatever he was saying.

After about twenty to twenty minutes, they came back in, and asked Baxter to sit down so they could talk to him.

"Baxter," his Mom started out: "Max has made me aware that Hank Bauers, one of your Dad's closest friends and old squad buddies has decided to retire, and move here to Albany in a few weeks." she paused to let Baxter take that in, looking at Max, and then letting her continue: "Hank's coming into town in two weeks to stay for the week of Billy's eighteenth birthday so he can attend his Heritage ceremony."

"What's that got to do with me?" Baxter asked: "I'm not even allowed to go." A fact Baxter was still a bit miffed about, and was sure that it came across in the timbre of his voice.

Max ignored Baxter's almost accusatory tone, and continued: "Well, after the ceremony, Hank will be returning to North Carolina to finalize his retirement, and will be packing up to move here."

"Billy's already told me that much," Baxter said, wondering again what this had to do with him?

This time his Mom took over the conversation: "Well honey, as you know, Hank was a real good friend of your father, and he has asked if you'd like to go back with him for a couple of weeks after Billy's ceremony?"

Baxter looked from one to the other, wondering what the deal was before his Mom continued: "I know that you have expressed an interest in following in your father's footsteps in joining the Marines when you graduate, and when Hank extended his invitation: "I..." she paused: "No we," meaning Max, and her: " We thought you might like to go to Camp Lejeune and look around." she paused again before explaining further: "That's where your father went to boot camp."

"Plus," Max added: "Hank could use some help packing up, and getting his stuff ready for the movers."

Baxter pondered for a moment before responding: "What about my birthday ceremony?"

Max smiled: "Don't worry Baxter, Hank knows he has to have you back here on time for that, and just so you know, he, and his son Jake will be attending your ceremony, Hank was one of your Dad's best friends Baxter, and I think he's looking forward to seeing you through your ceremony as much as I am."

That made Baxter feel better, and the offer did intrigue him, plus it would get him away from here for a while, give him some breathing room to figure out where his head was at, and he would have the chance to talk to someone who served with his Dad before he had married his Mom, when he was Baxters age.

That thought alone sold Baxter: "I'm in" He smiled thoughtfully.

Max hugged him: "You're an amazing young man, Baxter," he said, before holding him an arm's length away, looking him right in the eyes: "Don't ever let anyone tell you differently, you hear me?"

Baxter could hear the sincerity in his voice, and though he may not think so much of Billy right now, he still very much looked up to Max, and would try to do his very best.

                                                               * * * * *

Timmy Anderson wracked his brain for some excuse he could give his parents for going out.

He so wanted to meet up with JD, it had been two, almost three whole days since he, and JD had last been together, and he was really missing him.

No one made him laugh like JD did, and though JD teased him relentlessly, he knew he secretly loved the attention, and he knew that JD realized it too.

Yeah, JD could be really aggressive, but Timmy had come to accept that he liked that too, truthfully, he liked it a lot.  He had especially enjoyed it when JD, and his big, hot, muscular brother had spit-roasted him together; that, and his brother's big dick.

Just thinking about that thing made Timmy's hole twitch in anticipation.  God, he had been fantasizing about that cock for the last two days, hoping he would get another chance at that big thing.

Timmy also thought about their Dad, he knew it was crazy to think so, but he was sure their Dad was flirting with him, and he had to admit that he was the hottest, most masculine man he had ever met.  Just the very thought of that man made his boy parts grow bigger, and made his hole tingle at the possibilities as well.

There was a knock on his bedroom door, and Timmy quickly answered it.  He was greeted by the stern countenance of his overbearing father.

"Timothy, can you come downstairs, your mother, and I have something to discuss with you."

His father spoke softly, and Timmy sensed that something was wrong, and he feared what that something could be.

After his Dad had delivered his proclamation, he turned, and headed back down the hall, and to the stairs, looking back only once to make sure that he was following him.

Timmy joined his mother, and father in the living room, his Mom looked like she had been crying, not unusual to see, she seemed to cry a lot.  Timmy was sure it was just her natural defense against everything, unless she, and his father were raving about some godless heathen or whore they haplessly landed on while searching for something good, and wholesome to watch on TV.  Not an easy task according to his father who was hyper-critical about almost every show that was currently on it.

Even at the age of eighteen, they still wouldn't allow Timmy to watch anything that was above a "G" rating.   His Dad told him to sit down, indicating the chair opposite the pristine, plastic-covered, white couch his parents stiffly sat on.

"We have some sad news," his father began, his mother thrusting a tissue under her nose right on cue to stifle a sob.

"Your grandmother Ericson," meaning his mother's mother: "has fallen ill, and has become bedridden, and she's wanting your mother to come stay with her for a while." He frowned, and shook his head slowly side to side as if he thought this news should be devastating to Timmy.  Timmy not being stupid, feigned an: "Oh no, will she be okay?"

Timmy knew his grandmother did this routinely.  It was her way of forcing her children to come visit her when everyone knew that what was usually wrong is she drank too much of that cooking sherry she kept hidden in her bedside nightstand, and probably too many Xanax, her drug de jour.

His Dad continued after what Timmy knew he thought was the appropriate amount of time had passed so as to not to upset his mother's delicate sensibilities even further.

"I've already notified work that I'll be taking a few days off to immediately take your mother to tend to your sick grandmother." He paused again, reaching his hand over to pat his mother's.

Timmy was already moaning inside, certain what was coming next, meaning he'd be expected to pack his bags, and miss his workout routine every day for the next week just so they could go fawn over his grandmother so she didn't write them out of her will.

Imagine Timmy's surprise when his father said "your mother, and I understand that you have obligations to your coach, your gymnastics team, and to maintain your workout schedule.  So, we've decided to trust you to stay home by yourself, so long as you promise to not have any guests over while we're were away, especially girls," his Dad added, and cautioned sternly: "I know how you young boys are." he scolded: "Every pretty girl turns your head, and makes you think impure thoughts, but we have agreed to trust you," he went on: "since you've shown so much dedication to your academics, and of course your sport."

His Dad stood up, and patted Timmy on the shoulder, the single most affectionate thing his Dad had done since he was like thirteen: "We are already packed, and will be leaving shortly.'' he announced as he helped his mother to her feet, and guided her back to their bedroom.

"I would appreciate your help son in loading the luggage out to the vehicle." which Timmy knew actually translated into him expected Timmy to carry it all out there, and to load it all into their SUV for them, which he did ecstatically, barely able to contain his jubilation, at his unexpected good fortune.

As they pulled out, Timmy fought the urge to jump up, and down with joy as his parent's car disappeared from sight.  Timmy raced into the house to his phone, and begin deliriously typing a message to JD: "I'm on my way stud!!!"

                                                                    CHAPTER SIX:

Anna Whitmore sat with her son Baxter at their kitchen table enjoying the evening meal she was having with her son and even more the somewhat happier mood and tone their mealtime conversation had taken.

Anna could tell her son was still troubled by something, but since she and Max Donnelly had suggested going to North Carolina for a couple of weeks next month with one of his fathers oldest and best friends, she couldn't help but note that her son's mood had improved, and while she could sense the building excitement and enthusiasm he had for the idea, she was also considering Max's other request, to perhaps take Baxter away on vacation somewhere for a couple of weeks.

She knew she had plenty of vacation time accumulated from her job as chief librarian at the local community college, and it was summertime; what better excuse for her and Baxter to get away for some mother-son time, It had been a while, and with what Max had filled her in about the troubles between Billy and Baxter, Anna was forced to agree with Max about it being best to keep the two apart for a while.

For quite some time Anna had suspected her son felt more than just friendship for Billy Donnelly, being both a mother and someone who had been in love before, she could see how her son looked at him, hung on his every word and always wanted to spend as much time as he could with him, but she also had noticed that something had recently and fundamentally shifted or changed in Baxter.

She had suspected it had to do with Billy, who else could it be about, and after talking to Max she was just as sure as he was what was wrong with him and her heart ached for him.

She wasn't as sure as Max that it would all resolve itself after both Billy and Baxter had undergone their Heritage ceremony, but she had no basis for comparison.

Her husband had indeed explained everything about himself before they married, even warned her that no matter how many children they had they would all be boys, she understood the science and history behind his claim, he had even told her what to expect as their child/children reached maturity, it was all very exciting and scary for her, but she had seen for herself with her own eyes what to expect after her son goes through his Heritage ceremony.

She was simultaneously both excited for her son and more than a little bit terrified, especially if Max and Carl were correct in what would or could happen with both Billy and subsequently Baxter, especially if it turned out to be true.

After dinner, while she and Baxter were cleaning up the dishes, as usual, her washing him drying, she decided to implement the second phase of their plan, one she had mentally dubbed "Operation Distract Baxter."

"You know Baxter..." she began, as if she had just thought of it: "I was just thinking when was the last time you and I went on vacation?" she questioned, turning to look at her son.

Baxter stopped drying the plate he held for a moment as he contemplated before answering: "I think the last time was when I was fifteen when we went to visit grandma and grandpa on their farm in Alabama." Baxter smiled at the memory his sudden recollection of that visit brought, fondly rememberig the fun he had fishing with his grandfather and the incredible pies his grandmother made.

Anna smiled back at her son: "Why don't I see about taking a couple of weeks off from work tomorrow and we go to some nice beach in Florida for a few days and then go visit your grandparents for a week or so?" she suggested, looking at her son, hoping for his approval.

Anna was thrilled by the sight of her son's huge, broad smile; at this moment she couldn't help but notice how much he looked like his father, the auburn hair, his broad, muscular chest and shoulders, his narrow waist, the way his scruff grew on his face, his deep green eyes, and his rather large, thick lips, and that adorable little pug nose set between his high cheekbones.

There was absolutely no doubt how handsome her son was and that he was his father's son, one of her biggest regrets was that she and her husband had only had the one son, she knew Baxter would have made an amazing big brother.

Anna was thrilled as her son snatched her up in his arms and practically twirled her around like a rag doll in his large muscular arms, obviously overjoyed at her suggestion.

"I take it you approve?" She mused, not needing any more confirmation than his already overzealous response indicated.

"Are you kidding?" He said giddily: "When can we leave? What beach are we going to? Can I call grandma and tell her?" It was obvious Baxter was happy, and Anna said a silent thank you to Max Donnelly for suggesting it.

                                                               * * * * *

JD was thrilled to see Timmy's red Jeep in their driveway as they pulled up in Carl's old truck, Carl would have called it "vintage"; JD couldn't wait to get him alone in his room, lock the door and rip Timmy's clothes off. "Maybe with my teeth," JD thought to himself, he was so horny.

He'd been exchanging messages with Timmy since they got back, and he was almost as thrilled as Timmy seemed to be when he messaged him to let him know his parents had left town for a few days.

JD intended to take full advantage of the situation, his dick already half chubbed, and wanting immediate attention.  He couldn't help notice that even Billy seemed to perk up when they got out of the truck, and saw Timmy stand up from where he had been sitting on their front porch, waiting.

He was only wearing a pair of skin-tight, very short gym shorts that hugged his huge muscular bubble butt like a second skin, and an old thin sweatshirt that had been cut off right about the mid-waist, JD especially enjoyed the light blond hairs of his treasure trail as it disappeared into the low cut waistband of his skimpy shorts.

"Good god" JD thought, he could just lick him all over like a lollipop right here, right now.

No sooner than Carl had ushered all the boys into the trailer, and was passing out paper plates to everyone at the kitchen table, when Max walked through the front door.

Billy had half hoped Baxter would be with him, but he had kind of guessed he wouldn't be, he was still feeling a lot of angst over Baxter, and was having a hard time thinking about anything else, he desperately wanted to know what Baxter, and his Dad had discussed, and waited for the opportunity to speak to his Dad alone.

As they all sat down for dinner at the small round table in their kitchen, Billy couldn't help but notice that Timmy positioned himself between his Dad, and JD, as the meal progressed he watched with casual interest as his Dad, and Timmy continuously flirted with each other.

Timmy kept batting his eyes at their Dad, and with what could only be described as a giggle, did so at every lame Dad joke their made, Timmy also constantly kept touching their Dad's arm, lingering there far longer than what anyone would deem appropriate.

Billy noticed even Carl giving the duo the side-eye at the almost comical flirtation exhibited by the pair.

By the end of the meal JD was getting visibly annoyed, but it didn't end until Carl stood up, announcing he was tired, and going home.

Billy sensed he was kind of put off as well by the constant flirtation between his Dad, and Timmy.  Carl's sudden decision to head home seemed to be the catalyst that finally spurred their father to end his exchanges with Timmy, as he also rose to go after Carl, who was already heading out the front door.

Billy observed out the kitchen window from where he sat, and watched as his Dad caught up with Carl just as he got to his truck; he saw his Dad's right-hand raise, and move around Carl's body to the top of the truck door, and held it shut, preventing Carl from opening it.  Carl just stood there with his hand still on the truck door handle, while their Dad talked to him from behind until Carl finally turned around, and Billy's placed both hands on his shoulders.

Their Dad talked, and Carl listened.  After a while, Carl's head bowed, and he nodded a few times before their Dad let him go, and he climbed into his truck, and started it.

Billy watched as his Dad headed back to their front door: "Hey boy's I'm going over to Carl's for a while, we have a few things we need to discuss and work on, don't expect me back until late." he shouted, before turning, and heading back to Carl's truck and got in.

"Dammit," Billy thought to himself, miffed that he hadn't gotten the chance to talk to his Dad about Baxter, and as his thoughts once again began to dwell on his friend, Billy's mood soured and he got up from the table and headed for his room, leaving JD, and Timmy to fend for themselves.

Billy picked up his phone, and tried to think of some way he could approach the topic via text message with Baxter, but frustratingly couldn't think of anything that didn't sound completely lame, so he just called it quits, and decided he'd just hash it all out with his buddy after their morning workout at the gym the next day.

Having decided on a course of action, Billy decided to strip and hit the shower, and just turn in early.  As he crossed the hall naked to the bathroom, he couldn't help but notice JD, and Timmy had already locked themselves up in JD's room.  Billy kind of mentally kicked himself for not at least thinking far ahead enough to at least have gotten a blowjob off Timmy, but then again, he had some pretty important stuff on his mind distracting him.

After his shower, Billy just flipped his a/c on, climbed under the sheet of his bed, and allowed himself to drift off to a bit of restless sleep.

It must have been sometime after one in the morning when he heard his bedroom door creak open.  In his lighter than normal sleep mode, he was instantly aware of its opening, and he was certain of who it was, and exactly what he wanted.

His dick knew what he wanted too, as it began to instantly expand, and engorge with blood, and it was fully erect in seconds, waiting for what it knew was coming.

Billy felt the shifting weight of someone climbing onto the foot of his bed, felt the sheet lift over his feet as that person moved under it, and up his body between his muscular hairy legs.

He moaned as wet lips found his cock-head, and a wet tongue swabbed his hooded glans, before sucking his foreskin into his mouth, forcing the tip of his tongue into the folds, and wetly drove the tip of his tongue into his already leaking piss slit.

Billy didn't speak, he just moaned as the hungry wet mouth began to devour his thick nine inch cock, he felt it stop as the bulbous head of his dick poked at the back of Timmy's throat, trying to force the thick mushroom-shaped knob to move past his uvula to penetrate the warm silky wetness of his throat.

Frustrated with the cocksuckers hesitancy, Billy reached down, and interlocked his fingers behind his head, and rammed his throbbing cock to the balls, grinding his nads against Timmy's chin, enjoying the sensation of the choking, and gagging as his pole smoker struggled with his prodigious member.

Billy completely dominated his cocksucker's mouth, pulling slightly back but not letting the lemon-sized head of his uncut dong slip past the entrance of his throat.

"Breath through your nose, bitch," he whispered gruffly: "cause my dick ain't leaving that throat until I say so."

As if to accentuate the veracity of what he was saying, he slammed back balls-deep, and ground his hairy testicles against the cock-suckers chin refusing to let him pull back even a fraction of an inch.

Billy just held him there, could feel the increased choking, the desperate hands trying to push him away, even the convulsions that made his throat muscles undulate as he tried to vomit his fleshy sword from the recesses of his impaled orifice.

After a minute or so, Billy backed out just a couple of inches, still leaving the swollen head of his cock inside the throat just past the uvula.

"I told you to breath through your nose, bitch." Billy swore as he rapidly micro humped his glans into his oral cavity in his attempt at throat fucking his captive cock slave's throat hole to loosen it, and allow his cocksucker to gasp air around his invading member.

Slowly, through trial, and error, and more than a little desperation, necessity forced the throat muscles to loosen, and expand around the thick cock-head, allowing for the briefest wisp of air to come sucking around his fat glans.  The sensation was exhilarating to Billy, and added a new dimension to the oral molestation of his cocksucker's mouth pussy.

Billy redoubled his assault, ramming harder, and harder into those wet dick smoking, cock gobbler lips, and throat as Billy could feel his much-needed orgasm build to a crescendo, before finally releasing the torrents of molten sperm into the hungry waiting depths of his cocksucker's esophagus.

As the waves of his orgasm abated into an oozing pulse of thick cum, Billy yanked his cock-sucker off his dick by the curly short locks on the crown of his head.

Timmy gasped for air, gurgling around the thick mucous, and copious amounts of sperm, and semen that still obstructed his throat cavity.  As Billy shoved him backward, forcing himself between Timmy's legs, grasping the base of his still very erect pole, Billy used the tip of his still sperm drenched glans to find Timmy's already puffy hole, and rubbed his gooey essence around the lips of his anal folds.

As Billy leaned forward, burying his face in Timmy's muscular neck, and gently biting into the flesh below his left ear, Timmy dug his heels into Billy's ass, as Billy rammed the full length of his turgid pole balls deep into Timmy's tight entrails.

Timmy would have cried out in pain if Billy hadn't swiftly covered his mouth with his left hand, muffling his cries as Billy began to punch fuck Timmy's guts with his engorged organ.

At first, Timmy's anal ring clung to the flesh of Billy's dong, but as Billy continued leaking large amounts of semen into his anal cavity, the sloppy foaming soup that formed eased his invading passage and Timmy's hole loosened, and allowed easier access to Billy's rampaging prostate poker.

With each push, and pull of his dick, the coronal ridge of Billy's glans mauled Timmy's prostate, making Timmy gasp, and moan like a slut in heat, humping his upturned muscular ass into Billy's driving pelvis, the wet, sloppy, sucking sounds of Timmy's ravaged hole drove Billy into making deep guttural groans as he ruthlessly pummeled Timmy's anal orifice.

Timmy could feel it deep in his anal cavity, as waves of pleasure pulsated from his battered prostate throughout his whole body, his five inch cock jumped, and throbbed, and with a silent scream of orgasmic pleasure that erupted from his own cock, sprayed his, and Billy's chest, and abdominals with copious amounts of his sticky ball juice.

Timmy's orgasmic bliss made his anus spasm, and undulate, his anal ring clutch, and squeeze at Billy's rampant dick, triggering his own seismic orgasm, which erupted from the pulsing head of his cock like a fire-hose, spraying Timmy's guts with his thick, hot manly juices.

Sweating like a prized racehorse after a winning race, Billy collapsed on top of Timmy as Timmy absentmindedly kissed, and licked the sweat from Billy's neck as he just lay there trying to catch his breath.

Unable to move a muscle, he just lay there letting his half-hard dick dribble into Timmy's wet sloppy hole, without even saying a word as Timmy stroked the muscles of his sweaty back with both his hands as Billy drifted into a deep sleep.

                                                            * * * * *

Billy found himself in a dark pool of swirling water, he didn't know how he got there, only that it was dark; the only time he could see anything was by the ever-increasing frequency of the flashing lightning storm that raged around him.

Gale force winds pummeled him, and forced him to tread the murky dark waters that splashed against his face relentlessly.

With one huge flash of lightning, Billy saw Baxter reaching out to him, to his immediate right pleading for Billy to take his hand, which was mere inches away from his.  He could see that Baxter was being pulled towards a watery vortex, and was trying to swim toward Billy, but was gradually losing ground.

Billy fought as hard as he could to close the distance between them, desperately trying to clutch Baxter's outstretched hand, their fingers barely making contact.

Billy kept screaming Baxter's name over, and over, but the current of the whirlpool kept pulling Baxter from his grasp, and he watched in horror as he was slowly, inexorably sucked under time, and time again, begging Billy to save him, the absolute terror, and desperation on his face, and in his eyes wrenched at Billy's heart, and soul as Baxter was dragged beneath the roiling dark surface one final time, never to rise again.

Billy wailed uselessly at the raging storm, powerless to save the one person who meant the most in the world to him.

He surrendered himself to despair, and as the dark waters consumed him in his anguish, the cacophonous explosions of lightning left a deafening ringing in his ears as the lingering scent of honey, and feshly dug earth, lingered in the air.

                                                           * * * * *

Billy woke with a start to the loud, persistent buzz of his alarm clock, his chest heaved at the vague recollection of his dream.

Billy had set his alarm for an hour earlier so he'd have plenty of time to get ready to go too Baxter's house with enough time for him, and Baxter to have a moment to chat before they headed over to the base gym to do their morning workout.

Billy noted that Timmy had vacated his bed at some point last night, and he was kind of grateful for that; he really didn't want any distractions this morning.

Billy quickly showered, and brushed his teeth.  He had just finished getting dressed in his room when his phone dinged with a new message.  Billy looked at it knowing at this early hour, it had to be from Baxter.

It was...

"Hey bro, gotta cancel today. Mom, and I are working on something today...fill ya in later."

"Dammit!" was all Billy said. He was really disappointed now; he was so looking forward to finally getting to spend some time with Baxter alone, and figure out what was eating at his best friend.

"Sumthin' up dude?" came the question from his little brother, who was now standing in his doorway.

"It's Baxter; he's canceled on me today." he responded, still staring at his phone still not sure what to say back: "He's been a bit off recently, and I think he's upset about something." He looked over at his brother, leaning against his door jam dressed only in a pair of sweatpants.

"Well, he's probably upset you didn't give him a kiss before he left with Dad yesterday." JD said, taunting his brother.

"Baxter, and I aren't like you and Timmy." Billy said, giving his brother the finger.

"Ouch dude, that was rude." JD feigned hurt by clutching his heart before responding: "You know, since Baxter can't make it, and I know you've missed a few days of working out..." He paused gauging his brother's responsiveness: "Timmy, and I could go with ya, and show ya how to do it right?" Then he quickly added: "You have been looking a bit scrawny as of late, just sayin'."

Billy couldn't help but laugh at his little brother.  He knew he was just trying to help out: "Ya know, that's not a bad idea, and it has been a few days since I've logged some gym time, plus it sure as hell couldn't hurt you to do so, runt." Billy chided.

"You're on dude!" He turned to head back to his room: "Let me just rouse Timmy, and get his beautiful ass in gear so we can head out."

"I'll whip us up some protein shakes for breakfast; can't work out on an empty tank dude." Billy smiled for the first time that day.

Though in the back of his mind he was still worried about Baxter, he welcomed the distraction his brother was offering.  Billy was finding he was actually looking forward to seeing Timmy workout; he'd never seen him do any gymnastics before, and was kind of curious about it.

                                                               * * * * *

The morning went remarkably well, all considered Billy thought, turn's out that his little brother wasn't such a bad workout partner, with Timmy proving to be even better.

Timmy was surprisingly able to keep up with Billy as he went through his routines, that's not to say Timmy could match the amount of weight Billy was use too, but he came close enough to impress Billy; especially considering his lighter build, and smaller stature.  At only five foot eight inches Billy was completely impressed with how much muscle, and muscle control Timmy had.

But where Timmy really shone came later in the morning when he gathered several yoga mats, and laid them end to end before starting his gymnastic stretches, tumbles, and flip routines.

Toward the end of his workout, almost everyone in the gym had stopped their workouts to watch this young, blond Adonis twist, flip, role, and contort his body into almost any conceivable position, effortlessly.

His final run had him rolling into a standing jump into the air where he tucked into a ball, and rotated no less than three times mid-air before he then landed perfectly into a full split, and without breaking his split at all, was able to, in an amazing display of muscle control, raise sideways.

Moving his split vertically, Timmy twisted into a handstand split position, and rotated his entire body in a 360-degree spin that culminated into a backward flip right into a perfect straight-legged standing, chest out, arms raised skyward position.

Everyone cheered, and applauded him.  Billy couldn't help notice more than a few guys there re-adjusting their crotches as they went back to their own workout routines; but continued doing so while constantly side-eyeing Timmy.

Billy knew what they were thinking because he was thinking the same thing, and also found himself among the others having to adjust the growing bulge in his jockstrap; especially when every bit of Timmy's routine only served to highlight, and showcase his amazing muscular bubble butt.

As morning gave way to afternoon, and Billy returned home by himself, Timmy, and JD had decide to pop over to Timmy's house so he could get some clean clothes, and then go out for something to eat together, leaving Billy alone to fend for himself.

Billy couldn't help but notice his Dad's truck was still there but knew his Dad wasn't, which meant he never returned from Carl's the night before.

Billy just shook his head figuring his Dad, and Carl must have gone whoring last night, and his Dad got lucky.  He knew his dad kept spare uniforms at Carl's house, so there was no need for him to rush home, and do the early morning walk of shame in front of his sons.

Bored out of his mind, Billy decided to give his best bud Baxter a call, and let him know he was gonna hop on his bike, and head on over so they could hang out before his early part-time shift started at the local Piggly Wiggly, where he worked as a stock boy.

Billy still wanted very much to talk to Baxter about the last few days, and clear the air between them, discuss any problems, and get them resolved.  The last thing Billy wanted or needed right now, with everything that's been going on, and with the pressure of his looming birthday ceremony, was an upset best friend; someone who Billy solely counted on for moral support, and the occasional morale boost.  Plus, he wanted to tell Baxter about that weird-ass dream he had the night before, as scary as it was at the time, he knew Baxter would probably turn it into something humorous, and dispel whatever angst Billy still felt over it.  More than ever though, Billy knew Baxter was always his rock, the one that kept him grounded and centered, and would always be there for him, no matter what.

Billy picked up his phone, and tapped Baxter's icon dialing his number, releived by the all too familiar: "Sup dude?" as the calming voice of his life long best friend greeted him.

"Hey Baxter!" Billy practically sighed with relief at hearing his friend's voice: "I'm just calling to let ya know I'm getting ready to head on over to yours so we can hang for a few before my shift."

"Um..." Billy heard the hesitation in Baxter's voice: "Sorry dude, no can do." Billy got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as Baxter continued: "Mom and I are packing right as we speak."

Billy quickly interrupted, concern in his voice: "Is something wrong, do you need my help?"

Baxter could hear that concern: "No bro, mom just surprised me when I got home yesterday." He tried sounding upbeat with Billy, putting him at ease: "She and I are going on vacation, and we're leaving here shortly."

"Leaving?" Billy stammered questioningly, his head beginning to swim, and feeling like the room around him had begun to spin.

"Yeah, we're going to a beach in Florida for the rest of the week, and then to my grandparents, the following week. Ain't that kewl dude?"

Billy didn't think it was "kewl" at all, he felt like he was alone all of sudden. He felt like he was sinking, and Baxter was drifting away, out of reach.

"Anyway..." Baxter said, sounding a bit distant: "Gotta go, dude, gotta finish packing. Catch ya when we get back."

Billy knew that he hung up, the silence coming from his phone was almost deafening. His thoughts spiraled, leaving a sinking feeling to sweep over him as he felt Baxter drifting away from him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

For the first time since his mother left them as kids, Billy sat on his bed, folding into himself, feeling like he was being abandoned for the second time in his life.

As Billy collapsed across his bed with his forearm over his eyes, Billy felt like... crying.

                                                           * * * * *

Max Donnelly had just finished giving some last-minute corrections to one of the Lance Corporals under his command, and making sure he understood all his instructions to the letter, before calling it quits for the day.

Max hated the more mundane administrative aspects of his job as a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps, the paperwork alone was mostly mind-boggling, anal-retentive bullshit intentionally designed by bureaucrats to over inflate, and massage the egos behind it.

Max called them kingdom builders, smug little men with big attitudes, and an even bigger overestimation of their worth, and contribution to the Corps.  Max was far more the hands-on type of guy, preferring to knuckle down, get hands-on dirty with his men, and just get the job done.  Definitely not a "cross the t's, and dot the I's" kind of man. But, red tape is what drives today's military, and Max reluctantly played the game.  It was also what was adding to the darker aspects of Max's mood today.  But as usual, it often made him more self-reflective as well, something he had been doing all day, especially after the events of the last few days, and last night with Carl.

Max hated disciplining Carl, but Max also knew he couldn't allow Carl's little display of disrespect, spurred by petty jealousy yesterday in front of his son's, just go unaccounted for.

As he approached Carl's truck, who was dutifully waiting to pick Max up, and take him home, he was hopeful Carl was in a better state of mind.  Max didn't want to have to repeat last night's corrective actions again.

As he scooted into the truck he couldn't help notice how Carl just stared eyes forward, no greeting, no eye contact.

Max wasn't expecting a bubbly reception but he also wasn't in the mood for attitude either, he needed Carl's mind focused, especially with all the upcoming events they still had to orchestrate.

"Still in a mood I see." Max spoke bluntly, and to the point: "Carl?" Max tried to control himself, and speak more calmly: "I need you focused right now, not pouting like some jealous schoolgirl." Max was just being honest, trying to appeal to Carl's usually more reasonable side, as Carl still stared straight forward, his hands gripping the steering wheel of his truck.

"Permission to speak freely, Sir." Carl muttered, trying to mask all emotions in the timbre of his voice.

Max's eyes flared into laser focus, boring into him before nearly hissing: "Since when have I ever expected anything less from you?" then quickly added: "And don't push me with that "Sir" bullshit."

Max's hackles were up now, and he was not in the mood for games.   He watched as Carl bowed his head, and glanced over at him, briefly making eye contact before submissively lowering his gaze.

"Its been a long time since you've taken your belt to me like that Max." He stammered.

"So..." Max countered: "You think just because its been a while, that it was unwarranted?" he questioned, practically demanding a response with the severity of his tone.

Max knew what the real problem was, and he didn't want to start the evening off with another belt thrashing of Carl's ass; Max reached over and lifted Carl's chin with his right hand, turning his head upward, insisting Carl make eye contact.

"Just because I show interest in someone else," he began, this time more softly, "doesn't negate or change what I have with you, and you know it!"

Carl sighed: "I can't help the way I feel Max, and you punishing me made me think what I feel doesn't matter to you."

Max shook his head, moving his hand to gently stroke Carl's neck, and tried to temper his response, while still not backing down: "You know I didn't punish you because of how you feel, I punished you because of how you acted with me, and especially the way you acted in front of the boys." Max leaned forward, clasping the back of Carl's head, and staring intently into his eyes: "If you don't know by now, after all these years, how I feel about you..."Max paused, choosing his words carefully: "Through all those years with Monaca, the mother of my three children, did I ever willingly neglect you?"

Max paused for a response, watching as Carl's head hesitantly nodded side to side: "Have I not included you in every aspect of my life, even in bringing up the boys? Yes, I'm attracted to that kid," Max said bluntly: "But even if I do claim him or just have some fun with him, it doesn't affect us and what we've had, and as far as I'm concerned, will always have." Max had both hands behind Carl's head now, forcing him to stare him right in the eyes: "Use your senses Carl, am I lying to you?"

Carl bowed his head again, he knew he was right, Max was almost always right, and he was proving once again how far more level headed he could be when one doesn't let sentimentality, and selfishness override reason.

At that moment Carl couldn't help but compare what Billy, and Baxter were now going through with his, and Max's almost identical experiences before their Heritage ceremony.

What a mess that was; but Max's sire knew they lacked the perspective they would gain from the ceremony, and as it was then, they were both certain now the same perspective would help Billy, and Baxter.

"You didn't have to hit me so hard ya know." Carl mused, a slight grin spreading across his face.

Max growled softly: "You loved it, and you know it"

Carl blushed, slightly embarrassed because he knew it was true.

"Now let's get the fuck out of here." Max demanded, waving his hand forward, and settling back into his seat.

"By the way..."Max exclaimed: "It's way past time the boys learned to deal with some simple truths." Max ignored the puzzled look on Carl's face: "You'll be staying over tonight. Let's see how they deal with that!"

Carl gulped, thinking to himself...this could get interesting.

                                                              * * * * *

Gavin Hollis was distracted.

He'd just finished correcting yet another re-order number that he had made a mistake on, as he remined himsel that this only happened when "he" was working.  How could he be expected to concentrate with "him" to work with?

That "him", of course, was Billy Donnelly. The distracting factor wasn't anything that Billy did.  No, it was just his mere presence that was a problem.

The way he moved, the way the light would catch his bulging muscles, the cleft in his broad masculine chin, and his squared jawline.  It was the persistent five o'clock shadow, his dark thick wiry, and wavy brown hair, and of course that bulge; no matter what he wore, there was always that mound of hidden flesh pushing against the straining fabric of his clothing.

Gavin could remember all the times he'd glance over at Billy in PE period in school, his locker being just across from Billy's.  The countless times he would turn just to see him standing sideways, talking to his equally hot bestie Baxter Whitmore, for Gavin, both were the stuff of his most lurid teen sexual fantasies.

Yeah, he looked, who could resist that massive bulge in his jockstrap or his hairy asscrack?  Oh, and that butt; big protruding twin mounds of muscle packed flesh stacked on top of massive tree trunk sized thighs.

"Shit," Gavin said aloud, he had entered another mistake, at this rate he was going to lose his job if he didn't get his act together.

Actually, there was no real fear of that happening, his uncle was the store manager, and Gavin's significant computer skills had proven quite useful to his uncle, helping him track on-hand inventory, and a coded program he had written to help one click re-orders, using handheld tablets like he was doing right now with the stock boy on duty; which unfortunately for Gavin, happened to be his second biggest crush, Billy Donnelly.  His first biggest crush being that giant blond muscle god, and prized fullback for the football team, Arliss Gundarsun.

Arliss made even Billy look small in comparison; Billy being six foot in height, and Arliss being at least six foot four inches, but unlike Billy, who was a very outgoing kind of guy that most people liked, Arliss was often withdrawn, and extremely quiet, and introverted.

They were also kind of polar opposites.  Billy's skin tone skewed to the pale side whereas Arliss was very tanned, being a farm boy, and spending countless hours outdoors working on his family's farm.

They also contrasted in hair color, Billy's darker brown hair vs Arliss's sandy golden blond hair; blond hair that covered almost everywhere, his arms, chest, abdomen, legs, and ass, which was thick too, the kind of thickness one was sure their fingers could get caught in.

The best part of Arliss for Gavin though was the fact he was so shy, and soft-spoken.

There wasn't a presumptuous bone in the guy's body; Gavin knew this because they were kind of friends, well, as friendly as Arliss could be with no social life other than going to school, football being the only exception his parents made since most of what could be considered spare time to the average teenager was time Arliss spent working on the farm; that, and his parents didn't seem to like having strangers around.  They tolerated Gavin because he often helped their son with his schoolwork, which Arliss needed from time to time, not that he was slower or less intelligent than others, it just boiled down to time, and the family farm consumed most of his.

Every day, for the last three years going to, and from school, Gavin would help Arliss cram for his classes, which was usually just enough to help him maintain the grade average he needed to still be able to play football.

All that was over now, since Arliss had graduated, and was now working full time on his family's farm.

Gavin didn't know how he was going to handle his daily commutes without Arliss, and Gavin was determined to save enough money from his summertime job to buy himself a nice dependable used car so he didn't have to depend on the school bus for transportation.

Being the nerdy type, didn't exactly endear Gavin with the other football jocks on Arliss's team.  They tolerated Gavin because they didn't want to piss Arliss off; no one wanted to do that.

One defensive back tried one time to make sure Gavin knew he wasn't welcome, and shoulder shoved Gavin in the hallway up against his locker, he could have easily passed it off as an accident, but the idiot decided to laugh at him, and warn him to stay out of his way, ending it by calling Gavin a nerdy little faggot.

Gavin was sure the guy probably just about pissed himself when Arliss, with one hand, snatched the guy into the air, and tossed him across the hallway to smash into the lockers on the other side so hard it dented two of them.

Not a word was exchanged, but Gavin never had a single problem with anyone after that.  But this year, his senior year, there would be no Arliss there, and Gavin kind of worried about how different his life might be when he went back to school in the fall.

"Dammit," his program dinged again, rejecting for the umpteenth time the erroneous order number he had typed in.

"Is there something wrong?" said the deep voice that came from about two feet away, Gavin was surprised to see Billy; he didn't even hear him approach.

"Yes," Gavin blurted, sounding harsher than he intended: "I keep entering the wrong numbers."

"It's not my fault is it?" Billy asked, legitimately thinking it might be his fault because he was the one writing down the product codes from the stock inventory for Gavin to enter into the system.

Gavin chuckled: "I wish I could blame you, but I'm the one screwing up, not you."

"I was just wondering." Billy said rather self-deprecatingly: "Judging by the last few days, it doesn't seem like I can do anything right."

Gavin frowned: "Know that feelin' all too well dude."

Gavin thought for a second, looking at Billy, and how he didn't seem to be his usual upbeat self.  Not that Gavin was accustomed to working around him; they'd only worked together like three or four times in the last few months.  Gavin usually worked in the afternoon instead of early evening hours, but he certainly seemed rather glum today: " Hey, ya know what?" Gavin spoke, it was more of a statement than a question: "Why don't we take a break; we've been at this pretty steady for the last two hours, and I don't know about you," He paused pointing a finger trigger at his head before firing: "my brains about fried, how about you?"

Billy laughed: "Yeah, I could go for something cold to drink, and a breath of fresh air." Stopping to fan his face with his right hand: "It's kinda warm and muggy in here, especially with these thick overalls we wear."

Gavin wasn't that uncomfortable, but then again Billy probably had a good seventy five pounds or more on him, not that Gavin was scrawny or anything, he did try to work out regularly, but he was only five foot seven inches, and about hundred and forty five pounds.  Not skinny, by any means, but nowhere near as buff, and bulky as Billy.

"Let's grab a couple of bottled waters, and slip out back shall we?"

Out back meant where the truckers would deliver, and usually contained trailers that had been dropped off that were in need of being unloaded and sorted.

The entire area was fenced off, and unless you worked that section, people were kind of discouraged from hanging around there, management citing security reasons, and employee safety as the reason, but everyone knew they were afraid of employees stealing from the unpacked trailers.

"You sure that's kewl?" Billy questioned.

Gavin smiled, mischievously: "Of course not, but my uncle is the store manager, ya know." he concluded with a wink.

Billy smiled back at him, really beginning to like this guy: "Lead the way boss man." following him as they went to fetch some water first before stepping outside into the warm night air.

As they settled against one of the loading docks in the back of the building, Billy decided to unzip his overalls down to his waist then peeled it back over his torso, exposing his broad, slightly hairy chest, and abs as brought the sleeves of the garment forward, and tied them around his hips.

Though Billy didn't catch the longing, and appreciative sideways glances Gavin gave him, he definitely could see how he started sweating more, something Billy noted first by the smell, a smell somehow vaguely familiar, the scent of something like honey, and newly dug dirt; but here, outside, it faded in the warm summer breeze, and was quickly forgotten.

It didn't bother him if Gavin looked, he had heard the locker room rumors about him, and Arliss Gundarsun, rumors no one with half a brain would even whisper anywhere within earshot of Arliss if they valued breathing that is.

Truth be told, Billy found more, and more, he rather enjoyed the way people looked at him.  He knew it was vain, but so what? Who did it harm? Certainly not him or the person looking. Then there was the simple truth; he was enjoying talking to someone, it felt good just bullshitting, and not fretting over things he had no control over.

He missed Baxter, and yes, he desperately wanted to clear the air between them, but Baxter wasn't here, and if he was being honest, he felt that Baxter was deliberately avoiding him.  He didn't like it, but there was nothing he could do about it, so why not just let it go for now, and enjoy the company of someone who enjoyed being with him as well.

As they concluded their break, and re-entered the building, Billy started to untie the sleeves, thinking to pull the top of the coveralls back over his torso, when Gavin stopped him, saying, that since it was so hot, and that they were the only ones back there right now, that it didn't bother him if he wanted to be more comfortable.

Billy smirked to himself.  Of course it didn't bother him.  No, Billy didn't know if the rumors were true, but one thing he did know was true; the obvious bulge in Gavin's crotch that hadn't been there before they stepped outside, was a big indicator.  There was also the increased sweating, and the constant sideways glances that seemed to focus on his chest, and abs.  Who knows, maybe, like his little brother, he could have his own Timmy...

That was it! The smell, scent, whatever you wanted to call it, he had smelled it before, even though it was faint, and there were minor differences, Gavin smelled like Timmy! That faint honey and freshly dug earth scent, stronger, and now a more pervasive odor here in this static, enclosed environment.  Yes, it was still faint, but it was there.

He didn't know what it meant, maybe they used the same type of soap or cologne, but somewhere in the back of his mind he realized that scent had followed him almost his entire life.  He found it simultaneously comforting, and now more recently, arousing.

Billy felt the blood flow start to increase in his groin, gradually filtering it's way to his previously flaccid cock.  He could feel his dick start to press against the fabric of his overalls.  He didn't try to curb or conceal his expanding bulge, instead, he went with it, deciding to test what he was sensing about Gavin.

Billy hiked the fabric of his overalls at the crotch, letting it accentuate his growing member, allowing it to stretch out, and tent the front of his coveralls, and noting that it had worked!  Gavin could barely conceal his roaming eyes, now a bit wider, and more insistent, and Billy could almost feel his increased respiration, and the notable flaring of his nostrils, and of course that scent...

"Hey?" Billy decided to leap: "Got anything planned after work tonight?" he asked almost suggestively, his voice a little raspy, deeper, and thick with his mounting desire, watching as Gavin gulped, trying to convince his lips to move while also trying to peel his eyes away from Billy's bulging crotch, and meet Billy's lusty gaze.

"Unfortunately, I do." Gavin stammered, really wishing he didn't right now: "I promised my uncle I'd stop by, and go over these numbers when we're done, he's anxious about getting this stock program implemented as soon as possible." he said by way of an explanation.

"Do you work tomorrow?" Gavin half-asked hopefully.

"Yup." was Billy's one-word response.

"So do I!" Gavin stated excitedly: "Maybe we could go hang out or something afterward...?"

Billy allowed the question to linger for a minute, not wanting to appear too eager, then responded: "Sounds like a plan."

Gavin's ear-to-ear smile, and visible excitement made Billy smile too, as the two boys went about their work a lot more lightheartedly than they had before.

                                                              * * * * *

Max had allowed Carl to badger him into doing some grocery shopping at the base commissary before heading home, not his favorite thing to do, which is why Carl usually did it for him, but he didn't mind so much today.

Swallowing his pride a little, and allowing Carl this small bit of PDA, and it was PDA, knowing that two Marines grocery shopping, and pushing a cart around together, was almost the social equivalent of holding hands in public on a Marine base.

He did it telling himself he was just placating Carl's desire to domesticate him, at least a little, and Max was fine with that; relationships could be complicated things, and Carl has been very patient, and tolerant over the years, and Max has recently decided that, combined with his alternate duties, and position, Carl warranted a few special, long over due considerations.

Max knew Carl understood the statement they would be making tonight; with the simple phrase of Carl spending the night, Max meant that it would not be on the couch, as he had sometimes done in the past.  But instead, this time in his bedroom, and in Max's bed.  

Most of all, he was doing this for Carl, not because Carl wanted him too, or emotionally coerced him into it, but because Carl deserved it.  He deserved the recognition, and acknowledgment of his position, and role in his life.

On some level, he knew Carl was freaking out right now, and Max had to admit to himself, this was as bold a move as he had ever made, but with Billy's approaching birthday, and his coming into his Heritage, combined by what both he, and Carl sensed about his middle son, and what that could mean not only in their lives, but countless others, if it did indeed pan out to be true.

Max thought of the old axiom: "Change is the only constant in the universe." and every one of Max's senses crackled with it, every fiber of his being told him that things were about to change, evolve, metamorphose, and Max was determined he would be ready to face it head-on with an open heart, and an open mind.

                                                                  * * * * *

As Billy turned into his driveway, he couldn't help note that Carl's truck was still there.

It was after ten, and Billy thought it rather odd he would be here this late since it was a work night.  He was happy to see that Timmy's Jeep was there, and he hoped he could get a repeat performance like he had the night before, especially after that trip home on his bike, which vibrated his crotch all the way, and made him even hornier than he was before leaving work after saying goodnight to Gavin.

"How's it going guys!" Billy called out as he entered through the front door.

"Over here kiddo" he heard his Dad say from the direction of the kitchen, where he, and Carl sat; Carl on his laptop surrounded by some papers laid out on the table: "Ya caught us working on your birthday stuff." his dad mused, looking very much like the cat that had caught the canary.

Carl looked up briefly, and asked: "How do you feel about roasting a pig for your birthday meal?"

Before Billy could respond his Dad corrected: "You mean pigs as in plural."

Billy looked quizzically at his Dad: "Why so much? I don't know that many people?"

His Dad leaned back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest, and responded with: "Because there will be a lot of people there, some you know, some you have met over the years, and quite a few you have never met."

Billy looked at his father, puzzled by his response: "If they've never met me then why are they invited?"

His Dad's eyes took on a more menacing look: "Because they must be there, and bare witness!"

Billy wasn't so sure he wanted to know what his Dad meant by that, so he just let it drop: "Pig sounds good to me." he said, attempting a half-smile as he said it.

"There's a plate of lasagna, and garlic bread in the oven for you." Carl cut in, effectively ending the birthday conversation, and concluded with: "I think we're done for the night." he added, closing his laptop, and reaching for his beer.

"I'm going to go wash up first, then I'll eat." Billy said as he headed down the hallway in the direction of his room.

As he passed JD's room, he noticed that the door was slightly ajar, and that Timmy, and JD were lying on his bed, side by side, with controllers in their hands playing some video game.  He noted Timmy's wink as he passed by, and Billy knew that that somehow confirmed he would be getting another visit that night, which made Billy smile.

After taking a quick shower, and throwing on a pair of clean shorts, Billy headed back to the kitchen for his food.

He couldn't help noting his Dad, and Carl had moved to the couch in the living room, and were watching some documentary on the History channel.  What was of special note to Billy though, was that they were sitting rather close together, and that his Dad had his right hand on the back of Carl's neck massaging it casually; Billy fluffed it off, and sat at the table, and began eating his dinner.

"There's pop in the fridge if you want one." Carl stated, his eyes still glued to the tv.

'Yeah." His Dad added with a playful moan: "There are all sorts of stuff in the fridge, and freezer" His Dad adding jovially:  "Carl held me at gunpoint, and made me do KP duty at the commissary!" laughingly adding: "Who knew there were so many different types of milk?" He then quipped: "How do they get milk out of almonds anyway? I didn't even know nuts had tits!"

Carl just moaned, and elbowed Max in the abdomen. It was at that time Timmy came bouncing in, and plopped himself down right next to Carl, followed by JD, who sat down right next to him.

"Can Timmy stay the night?" JD asked his Dad who continued to stare intently at the tv as he responded: "Ask Carl, household matters are his purview now."

JD didn't know what to think. At first, he just stared at his Dad, then he looked over at Billy who just sat there staring back with the same dumbfounded look he had.  Then they both looked back at their Dad, then to Carl, who just gave Max this stern sideways glance, who in turn continued to ignore all of them.

When it was clear that Max had no intention of answering JD, Carl turned to him, and said it would be fine, just so long as they didn't stay up too late.

JD looked back over at his older brother questioningly, Billy just shrugged back at him being just as confused as he was; what was clear though, was their Dad was being quite sincere.  Then, just like he had done it a thousand times before, their Dad rose, looked down at Carl, and announced it was time for bed, and stood there until Carl got up to join him.

Billy, and JD watched wide-eyed as their Dad placed his hand on the small of Carl's back, and escorted him back to his bedroom.

Before shutting his door, he turned, and bid them goodnight, leaving his sons with their mouths open, and heads spinning.

                                                             CHAPTER SEVEN:

"Mmmm, I could wake up like this every morning." Carl McGregor moaned into the pillow his face was almost buried in.

Max Donnelly pulled his head back from between Carl's hairy ass cheeks, taking one more swipe of his long, wet, drooling tongue across the swollen puffy lips of Carl's moist anal orifice: "I could spend the rest of the day eating this delicious pussy of yours!" Max practically purred, before driving his tongue inches back into Carl's moist hole.

"Max?" Carl groaned, subconsciously lifting his hips to push back against Max's probing hole lapper: "You need to stop, we have to get up." Carl said with all the enthusiasm of someone getting a root canal. Max responded by pulling his tongue out of his hole and kissing it sweetly before clamping his lips around his swollen pucker and begin sucking on it in earnest.

"MAX!?" Carl moaned louder, turning his head around as far as possible, practically pleading with him: "We have to get it in gear."

Max pulled back, raising both hands and loudly smacking Carl's muscular furry ass cheeks: "Never disturb a man when he's eating pussy, bitch." To emphasize his point, he re-spreads Carl's cheeks, dove back in vigorously and loudly began lapping and slurping at Carl's rectum.

Carl just buried his face in the pillow in an attempt to muffle the loudness of his ever-increasing moans, until finally Max pulled back, giving Carl's hole a playful smack with his fingers, making Carl flinch and twist around, his hands shooting up protectively, trying to cover his smarting anus.

"What was that for!? Carl griped, his fingertips gently massaging his now sore hole.

Max rose from the bed, a wicked grin on his face: "Just reminding you who's hole that is!" Leaning over, Max planted his lips against Carl's, forcing his tongue into his mouth, before pulling away with a smack of his lips: "How's your cunt taste, beautiful?

Carl almost laughed at the debauched lecherous smirk on his lover's face: "Tastes like your cum, if you wanna know the truth." Carl smiled, closing his eyes, and rolling his tongue over his lips sensuously making sure Max knew he enjoyed the flavor.

Max laughed: "I thought you said we had to get going?" bringing his hand up to stroke Carl's face affectionately before palming it and shoving him backward. Max turned to head toward the bathroom, then suddenly pivoted back around, cautioning: "Stay right there boy!"

Max walked over to his nightstand, opened the top drawer, reached inside and pulled out a two inch circumference butt plug and motioned for Carl to turn around: "Almost made me forget this, you little vixen." he said, spitting on the plug and smearing it all around with his fingers: "Ass up!" he commanded, Carl groaned before complying.

"Is this really necessary Max?"

With a resounding smack against his right ass cheek, Max growled out: "It's my hole, I do what I want with it when I want!" Max snarled, shoving the plug into Carl's hole, then smacking his fleshy mounds again on both sides: "Got it!?" he stated, daring Carl to disagree.

"Wouldn't dream of having it any other way." Carl responded, rising from the bed and putting his arms around Max's neck and pulling his head down to kiss him warmly on the lips.

Max broke the kiss and turned once again to head toward the bathroom across the room: "By the way, that stays in until I remove it, is that clear?" his voice trailing as he crossed the room.

"Doesn't it always?" Carl quipped, still feeling playful while trying to straighten the bed.

"Leave that for later." Max ordered: "Get your ass in here so you can do your duty and wash me." he added, stepping into the shower, turning it on, and adjusting the temperature to his liking.

"Damn," Carl thought to himself: "I sure could get used to this every day!" hurrying to join Max as he held out the bar of soap to him expectantly.

After washing every inch of Max's hairy body and rinsing him with his massaging hands, Carl applied shaving lotion to Max's face and began reluctantly shaving him, gently stroking the razor over his face, Carl mused: "When we retire from the Corps, the first thing that's gonna change is this."

Max smiled down at him affectionately: "You just want to feel my whiskers against your snatch." Max reached down gripping both of Carl's firm mounds in his hands and began squeezing them, drawing Carl up against his body.

"Stop that!" Carl groaned: "You could make me cut you!" he cautioned.

"I heal fast." Max sniped playfully snapping at the tip of Carl's nose with his teeth.

Carl knew he had to change Max's focus, or they were indeed going to be late for duty the way things were progressing, as evident by Max's rising phallus.

"What time is our meeting with Walker today?" He asked, hoping to refocus Max's attention.

"Hmmm, I was thinking about," Max paused before continuing: "how about ten hundred hours? Would that be enough time for you to get your shit together?"

Carl's brow furrowed thoughtfully: "I think so, not sure about Walker though."

Max gave Carl a half-grin: "Quit being so critical. I had one of my lance corporals notify him yesterday." Max actually loved the way Carl was always trying to be cautiously prepared for every contingency.

"Atticus will do fine Carl." He insisted: "Give the poor guy a break and let him prove himself."

Max thrust his head under the shower spray and rinsed his face: "Let's get dressed and fix some breakfast." He reached for a towel as Carl shut off the water: "What if the boys are up? Carl asked hesitantly.

Max shrugged his shoulders: "What about it? They're big boy's now. Let 'em figure it out." He looked Carl in the eyes: "If they have questions, they'll ask." a smirk crept across his face as he leered into Carl's green eyes: "Then I'll just stand back and watch as you squirm, hem haw, and get all embarrassed."

Carl glared at him, while Max grinned back, giving him a quick peck on the nose: "What's the matter Sgt. McGregor? Can't the big bad jarhead handle two wittle teenage boys or is he gonna yank up his skirt and run screaming away like a 5-year-old girl?"

"You're asking for it, Donnelly." Carl snarled, laughing at himself on the inside for falling right into it.

Max was right though, control the situation, don't let it control you.

Later, as Carl finished up frying a skillet full of scrambled eggs and putting some more bread in the toaster Max sat at the table checking out the morning news on his phone.

"Could you wake the boys?" Carl asked over his shoulder as he finished buttering the previous pieces of toast that had popped up.

"Nope." Was Max's simple response: "I told ya last night this is your purview now babe."

Carl tried to mentally shoot daggers from his eyes at Max's head.

Without even looking up from his phone, Max declared: "Carpe Diem Carl; seize the day."

Carl grabbed a pot from the rack above him and the wooden spoon he had just used to scramble the eggs and walked down toward the boy's bedrooms.

As he banged the pot loudly, Carl shouted out: "Rise and shine boys! Breakfast is nearly ready. Ya got five minutes before your Dad starts singing as loud as he can."

Carl returned to the kitchen with a shit-eating grin on his face, Max looked over at him as he removed the last two pieces of toast from the toaster and started buttering them and adding them to the plate and setting it on the table.

"And exactly what is wrong with my singing may I ask?"The look on his face was so serious, Carl wanted to burst out laughing.

"Nothing Max, you have a singing voice that should be on the radio." Carl grinned devilishly.

"Haha!" Max smirked: "Let me guess, so you can turn it off right?"

Carl just batted his eyes at him feigning innocence, just as JD and a very sleepy looking Timmy came stumbling out of his room, Timmy looking a little worse for wear.

"Rough night?" Max inquired, more as an observation than an actual question before adding: "Carl did warn you two not to stay up too late."

Just as Carl sat down at the table after getting the plate of bacon from the oven, Billy appeared from the hallway running his fingers through his already messy hair: "What's with the early morning roll call?" he grumbled, now trying to rub the sleep from his eyes as he sat down.

"Good morning boys!" Carl smiled ignoring their grumpiness: "You're up because it's after oh seven hundred and it's time for breakfast!"

"Better give it up boy's. He's obnoxiously upbeat in the morning's." Max stated, taking a sip of his coffee before adding: "Better get used to it because you don't have any other choice."

Carl thought about giving some smart ass retort but decided against it. Max was right. If the household is now his purview, like he said it was, then he was running it the way he wanted and that meant everyone at the table for breakfast in the morning.

"Can we eat now?" JD grumbled: "Or do we all have to hold hands and sing a round of Kumbaya first?"

                                                             * * * * *

Master SGT. Max Donnelly sat at his desk staring at his computer screen reviewing the stats on the two new transfers coming in from the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. Cpl. Scott Taylor and Pfc. Austin Davis were already in flight and would be arriving this evening.
Max knew Carl was just going to love that, since he'd be the one assigned to greet them, both men had checked out after Carl had sent Max the breakdown of their lineage and their training specs.

Both have undergone their Heritage ceremonies, something easily tracked through Max's connection network, Elder Danal Cornelius himself vouched for their authenticity.

Scott Taylor was sired in the Northern Devil Dawg region and Austin Davis was sired in the South Western Devil Dawg region, the latter just having completed his Heritage ceremony just five months ago and was only eighteen years of age, still a bit green, but he fit Max's requirements.

Scott was twenty one and had specialist training both in the Corps. and outside it, his profile was like so many others, left outside the system by the death of his sire in service to the cause or service to the Corps. and now sought placement, at first thinking he could go it alone, again like so many others on his list, but quickly finding out that that is not so easily done.

Though his good friend and one-time mentor Danal Cornelius did his best to keep track of all these outsiders, the older they got the more likely they would fall out of the system and would make lives for themselves outside their Heritage.

 Max and Carl compiled this list of some of the younger ones that Danal was able to keep track of and contacted them explaining the situation and what Carl, Hank, and even Danal had sensed in his son Billy; let's just say these twelve young outsiders thought it intriguing enough to hitch their wagons to the possibility so to speak.

If what they believe is true, and the signs were there, and they had all sensed it, then these young rogues could finally find a place they could legitimately belong, it was a huge leap of faith by all of them, but if everything pans out, then the potential for them finally finding acceptance would be almost assured. If nothing else Max reasoned, they had at least started coalescing into a fine unit of their own. Max could definitely find a use for that.

Just as expected and right on time, Carl arrived for their appointment with Corporal Atticus Walker in tow.

Atticus was pure Kentucky country boy; big, outgoing, and eager to make an impression; too eager sometimes for Carl's liking, but most of all, he, like the other nine in his growing squad, had managed to maintain the code; not an easy task considering their age and having already all gone through their Heritage ceremonies and living out on their own, free from the expectations of their sires whether separated by death, dissolution, or physical/mental incapacitation.

The one thing that annoyed Carl the most was the hair. Though still regulation cut high and tight, Atticus and his squad had taken to wearing their hair faux-hawk style, pushing the sides of the hair on top to the middle and into a small peak.

Carl thought it was disrespectful to the Corps, Max however found it rather fitting and somewhat attractive.

 Max gestured for them to both be seated in the chairs in front of his desk. Carl laid his laptop down on the corner and pulled his chair up to the desk while Atticus just sat where indicated and let the small stack of folders he brought sit on his lap.

While Carl got ready, Max took the moment to appreciate Atticus's physical features.

 While not what some would call handsome, absolutely no one would deny his features weren't extremely masculine, noting his most prominent facial feature was his broad nose, his larger than normal nostrils, that often flared when he spoke; a voice deep and raspy, a voice you knew could boom out orders when required, the crooked side bent of his protruding nose bridge, deformed by poorly set bones from some previous breakage. Atticus's eyes were also a narrower set, light golden hazel green/brown that always burned with enthusiasm and an inner drive.

Above those eyes was a heavy protruding brow, with thick, dense, medium brown hair. A lower than usual forehead that crinkled and furrowed heavily when he would smile, laugh or even while concentrating, his jaw also protruded, as does the broad chin framing a very wide mouth with lips so thick it looked like if you licked them and shoved his lips against the wall his face would stick to it.

As for the rest of him, the best word to describe the man was thick. Everywhere. Even though he was six foot four inches, he looked squatter than he actually was, his large thick hands and huge feet added to the illusion, as well as the fact his neck was so thick and wide and corded with muscle, it gave the impression he barely had one, it also made his head look disproportionately smaller.

As for the rest of his body, Max could only surmise the man lived in the gym weight room and when he wasn't there, stuffing his face in the mess hall trying to fuel his near bestial proportions, even his XXL uniform fatigues looked too tight on him.

Max had never seen him shirtless, but suspected his entire body was covered in the same thick reddish-brown fur his forearms were covered in, Max concluded his VSE (visual surveillance of extremities) of the young Corporal as Carl cleared his throat and indicated he was ready to begin.

"I've received confirmation that Taylor and Davis boarded their flight as scheduled and had landed in San Diego." Carl began, still staring at his computer screen: "I can also confirm they boarded their connecting flight in San Diego and should be arriving here in Albany by or before nineteen hundred hours." He concluded, looking at Max for further instructions, instructions he was already sure would not be to his liking.

Max looked him intently in the eyes, his brow furrowing: "You know I'm gonna want you there to greet them." Max could see he was expecting it, but also that he didn't like it. Max understood; after last night and this morning's breakfast with the boys, Carl wanted to present a united front, backing up their status as being "together," that he was afraid his absence tonight might send a confusing message to the boys.

But this was important; they also needed to demonstrate a united front especially with the new recruits, the final two arrivals for this new special unit.

Max turned to Atticus who was intently taking it all in, ready for Max's orders, anxious about finally completing this phase of many months worth of work: "I expect you there to greet your men Corporal." Max's tone was firm, but tinged with a casual light grin, an acknowledgment to Atticus's excitement at having the last two members of his team finally join them.

Max cleared his throat before continuing, looking at Carl: "You know, you'll..."

Carl interjected before he could finish: "I'll be there as well, Master Sergeant; at least until we get the new men settled."

Carl's face was completely deadpan, devoid of anything other than acceptance of his duty. This is one of the many things Max loved about him; his selfless devotion and sense of duty. If Atticus weren't here right now he'd... Max let the imagery of that thought trail away to the back of his mind for later and returned his attention to Cpl. Walker: "Are those the latest updates to your men's progress reports?"

Atticus stood and handed over the stack of folders he held, reaching across the desk, and handing them to his superior: "Yes Master Sgt. "He was practically beaming with enthusiasm.

Max took the folders and set them on his desk opening one at random to peruse the content: "Is there anything of special significance I need to address or know about Corporal?" Max asked, looking intently into Walker's eyes.

Atticus, with no small sense of pride in his thick raspy voice, enthused: "I'm very happy with the overall progress of the team as a whole Master Sgt., but two of them are already doing better than expected." He paused pointing out two folders that lay spread out in front of Max: "These two." He indicated pulling them from the spread: "Pfc. Barin Young and Pfc. Rex Wilson." Atticus's eyes betrayed his youthful exuberance speaking about his teammates.

Max scanned their files with interest, taking special note of their progressively incremental surges in hand to hand combat and tactical growth, Max nodded with approval, adding: "There will be two highly trained combat specialist arriving within the next week or so from Geiger. I think they will be significantly helpful getting the rest of your team up to par with these two Corporal." Max concluded: "Good work Atticus!" Carl knew Max was referring to Hank Bauers and his son Jake, both Max and Carl could see how Atticus beamed with pride over Max's appraisal.

"Confidence is a good thing," Carl stated in a matter of fact tone, then added: "but it's the overall unit competency that matters here." Carl addressed his comments specifically to Cpl. Walker: "With that thought in mind and with Max's approval, we will be going on a little training mission Corporal."

Max looked quizzically at Carl, not knowing exactly what he had in mind, but knowing him well enough to hazard a guess: "Training mission to the compound Sgt McGregor?" Carl's faint grin confirmed he had read the situation correctly: "Get it set up immediately." Max ordered.

Carl dreaded asking because he already knew the outcome: "How immediate are we talking?"

Max tried to conceal the fact he knew Carl would not be at all pleased with his response: "No time like the present." He looked Carl right in the eyes, the intensity of his gaze leaving no doubt that there was no room for discussion; his mind was made up: "Start preparations now," Max ordered, "I expect your unit to pull out by zero nineteen hundred hours tomorrow."

Max didn't look at Carl now, he knew he wouldn't be happy with the order but knew it was coming and Max knew he understood why Max was so keen on this getting done. Billy's birthday was just a little over two weeks away now, and Max wanted this unit ready for any contingency, they both knew that if what they thought was true, not everyone might be accepting of it, and though he wasn't expecting any significant trouble, like any good leader, he knew to prepare for it and he also knew Carl understood that as well.

"You have your orders gentlemen." Max stood, indicating the meeting was over: "Dismissed!" Max noted Carl was fiddling with his laptop, purposely stalling, waiting for Atticus to leave. Max came around his desk sitting on the end closest to Carl as Cpl. Walker exited his office: "Don't be upset with me." he said softly lightly touching Carl's shoulder.

"I'm not, Max. I'm just a little disappointed at the timing is all." Carl said not looking up to meet Max's eyes, fumbling with the satchel he kept his laptop in.

"Pick us up something to eat for dinner on your way home." Max added with a small grin. "I'll wait to have dinner with you when you get home tonight."

Carl couldn't help but smile, before asking if there was anything, in particular, he'd like to eat for dinner, Max responded coyly: "I think you already know what I want to eat and it ain't something you can buy at any restaurant."

Carl blushed slightly as he turned to head out of Max's office before pivoting slightly at the door to respond: "I'm saving that for dessert Max Donnelly!"

                                                             * * * * *

Things were panning out pretty good Billy thought to himself, at least compared to earlier, it started going downhill at first, right after his morning work out on base.

He had ridden his bike to get there as usual, but after his workout and on his way home it started to downpour and Billy was completely drenched in the short time it took him to get there, it continued to rain off and on, in typical Georgia summer fashion, all afternoon.

By 3:30 pm Billy was resigned to the fact he was going to have to drive to work in the rain and get drenched again, but Timmy offered to give him a ride, as he was getting ready to go home to check on things, maybe call his parents, and get a change of clothes, if nothing else, Billy figured he could call his Dad if he needed a ride home after his shift, but he was kind of hoping he and Gavin might still do something after work.

Billy pondered what that something could possibly be and exactly how far did he intend to push it?

Gavin was cute and all, for a guy, but Billy wasn't sure he could go as far as his brother does with Timmy, if he made some sort of move on Gavin, what would Gavin expect him to do? Or maybe he was just overthinking it, perhaps all Gavin was expecting was just to hang out or something, which was also cool with Billy, noting mentally that Gavin had a good sense of humor and Billy could see them just being buds, nothing like him and Baxter, but still, he wouldn't have any problems just hanging out together.

Billy was kind of relieved fairly early on in their shift when Gavin asked if they were still planning on hanging out together after work.

After Billy explained his ride situation, Gavin just smiled and said he could give him a ride home; he was using his Mom's truck and told her he was probably going to hang out with a friend from work afterward.

"How about we get something to eat at Burger King?" Billy suggested.

Gavin thought that was a great idea, he hadn't eaten since lunch and was starving.

As their shift came to a close, Billy popped into the employee restroom and quickly changed out of his overalls and slipped into the sweats he'd brought with him then headed out back to meet up with Gavin.

Billy was kind of surprised how easy it was to talk to Gavin, noting Gavin shared a similar taste in music and even liked a few of the same video games.

As they pulled into the local BK, Gavin asked Billy if he just wanted to go through the drive-thru or if he wanted to go inside to eat.

It was a little after 8pm and there didn't appear to be that many people there at the time so Billy suggested they go inside: "It's a lot cooler in there than it is out here." Billy happily noted.

Gavin gave Billy a quirky little smile and innocently responded: "Well, we can't have you getting too hot, now can we?" No sooner had Gavin spoken the words, his face flushed realizing how what he just said might be interpreted.

Billy burst into a hearty laugh, increasing Gavin's embarrassment: "I'm sure if I get too hot, you'll be able to think of a way to cool me down." Billy quipped before giving Gavin a lecherous wink and a wicked smile full of implied intent.

"Good gawd, what have I unleashed!?" Gavin moaned mockingly, all the while his face flushing even redder than before.

Gavin parked fairly close to the building, off to one side, not far from the side entrance.

As they got out of the vehicle and stepped onto the sidewalk leading to the entrance, Billy bowed slightly and with an over-exaggerated sweeping gesture indicated that Gavin should lead the way: "Perhaps you should go first so you're not tempted by my hotness." Billy could barely contain the mirth he was getting from Gavin's embarrassment.

Gavin just shook his head, but after passing Billy and reaching for the door and pulling it open, he stood there waiting for Billy to enter returning Billy's mocking, bowing gesture and with a sweeping arm flourish ushering Billy inside, he bemused: "I'm pretty sure you just wanted me to go first because you were afraid you wouldn't be able to figure out how a door works!"

                                                             * * * * *

After appropriating an M38 jeep from base transport and picking up Atticus from his unit's assigned barracks, Carl transported them to the Southwest Georgia Regional airport outside Albany to pick up Taylor and Davis who were arriving from their commercial connecting flight from Atlanta; fortunately, and much to Carl's relief, the flight was on time and he and Atticus awaited their departure from their aircraft.

As the two young Marines entered through the small terminal gate carrying their rucksacks and their duffel bags, Carl found himself visually assessing them. Cpl. Scott Taylor was the taller of the two, Carl estimated him at about six foot one inch with dark, almost pitch-black hair, fair complexion, with broad-shoulders and a tapered waist, he wasn't overly muscular, rather lean; but from his exposed nearly hairless arms, Carl noted how defined his muscles were, noting to himselg, this is obviously a man who trained his body for both strength and speed, not just bulk.

Despite the apparent lack of body hair, Taylor actually reminded him of a very young Max, both in the way he carried himself and the ever scanning and assessing glare of his eyes.

Pfc. Austin Davis was his mirror opposite; sandy-haired, shorter, maybe dive foot nine inches, light golden hair softly covered his thick, muscled, exposed forearms, heavier set than his companion, though not what Carl would ever denote as obese or fat, his sparkling blue/green eyes unable to conceal what Carl was sure would be a bubbly, cheerful personality, as did his boyishly cherubic face.

Austin defined what Carl had always pictured as the stereotypical baby blue Marine.

 Both Carl and Atticus stood motionless in typical parade rest, hands behind back, shoulders straight and chest out stances, as the two Marines spotted them and approached with what Carl observed as a small degree of trepidation.

"Cpl. Scott Taylor and Austin Davis reporting for duty Sir!" Taylor announced, both dropping their gear to stand stiff armed in the expected stationary drill stance, eyes forward and awaiting instruction.

"Drop that "sir" shit!" Carl sneered: "I'm not an officer corporal, I work for a living!" Carl's admonition caused both men to smile and relax their stiff stances.

They both extended their hands in less formal salutations as both Carl and Atticus shook their hands announcing who they were in a less formal greeting.

After gathering their gear and loading them up in the jeep, Carl headed back to base and listened intently as Atticus unabashedly preened about his unit and getting to know them on a more personal level.

As they recounted their life histories leading up till now, Carl couldn't help but shake his head more than once at their all too familiar stories; how both Taylor's father and mother had been killed in a car accident when he was nine and he was sent to Michigan to live with his widowed grandfather who had made sure he underwent his Heritage ceremony but died soon after, a ceremony that would have never taken place if it hadn't been for his grandfather's absolute persistence after being repeatedly rejected by the regional Devil Dawg compound leader, describing how it wasn't until he sought the help of the district's Green Father, Elder Hadrian Mumsford, who interceded on his behalf and performed the ceremony with his grandfather stepping in to take his son and Taylor's sire's roll, that it happened at all.

As for Austin, he didn't have a clue growing up who his father was, his mother just said he was some Marine she met at a private party one night and never saw again.

Austin said he would have never even known about his Heritage or the ceremony if it hadn't been for the father of a friend and football teammate he had just met when his mom transferred to her new job in Corsicana, Texas as a sales rep, he recalled how he pulled him aside one night and grilled him about who his father was.

Austin told him all that he knew and his friend's dad made it a point to talk to his mom to help fill in the blanks, Austin was fifteen at the time and after that conversation, he took a keen interest in Austin's life, recalling how it was he who ended up laying down the law, so to speak, about the code and the importance of him and his son having each other's back until they were eighteen and came into their Heritage, which they did.

On Austin's eighteenth birthday, his friend's father stepped in and assumed the role of surrogate sire and saw him through his ceremony.

Hearing their life experiences forced Carl's thoughts toward Baxter and how if not for what they believed about Billy, would share a similar fate as all these young men.

More and more Carl shared Max's belief that the ancient Codex could go fuck itself. These young men deserved better!

After returning to the base and doing a brief introduction of the two new recruits with the other nine members of their unit, Carl gave them their orders for the next morning and left them in Atticus's care.

Carl was actually impressed with the way Atticus had gotten the two young Marines to open up and discuss the most intimate details of their lives and how trusting and at ease his men felt around him.

Of course, this only made Carl reluctantly smile inwardly, acknowledging how right Max had been, thus once again proving that Max was seldom wrong about people and that there was more than met the eye as far as Cpl. Atticus Walker was concerned.

Carl returned the jeep to base transport and jumped in his own truck, pulling out his phone, punching on Max's icon and waiting for him to answer, wanting to know if there was anything specific Max wanted for dinner all the while silently chanting: "Please don't say pizza." over and over again.

                                                              * * * * *

Max Donnelly's stomach growled again, refusing to let him forget how hungry his belly was.

Max had just taken a cold shower a few minutes ago hoping to quell another hunger as well; at least until Carl made it home.

Seeing his youngest son lay on the couch with his legs sprawled over the far end and his head resting peacefully as he slept in the angelic lap of Timmy Anderson, who idly stroked his son's hair from his perch in the center of the couch, wasn't helping with the latter part of his hunger, noting the boys were feigning interest in some movie on Netflix, Max decided to pop a bag of popcorn and join them, hoping to at least assuage his grumbling belly if not his churning balls.

As the popcorn popped, Max dove into the fridge and grabbed a can of beer, flipped the tab, and took a deep chug of the refreshing, bubbly beverage.

Max contemplated heading back to his room and putting on a pair of shorts instead of walking around with a damp towel wrapped around his waist, but the sudden ding of the microwave altered that plan; Max just said "fuck it", grabbed the bag of popcorn, his beer, and joined the duo on the couch.

Max parked himself a couple of feet from Timmy and sat his beer on the end table next to him, then he took a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into his mouth and extended the bag to Timmy, urging him to have some.

Feeling a bit peckish himself, Timmy hesitantly reached out and grabbed a few buttery kernels and stuffed them in his mouth, looking right at Max and playfully sucked the salty butter from his fingertips.

Max just laughed at him and turned kind of side-saddle on the couch and propped the bag of popcorn between his hairy muscular legs, before reaching in and hauling another handful out and began munching on it while pretending to pay attention to the movie on TV.

Timmy frowned slightly, before reaching over and grabbing some more of the popcorn and casually consumed it, kernel by kernel, as he returned his focus to the movie he and JD had been watching.

Quenching the initial pangs of his ravenous stomach only brought the gnawing hunger centered in his gonads more to the forefront.

Max openly ogled Timmy's nearly naked body, being clad only in a pair of skimpy tight shorts, Max was able to admire the bugling ripples of his nearly hairless velveteen skin over his well-toned muscles, the soft milky, smoothness of his skin practically begged for caressing.

He watched as Timmy's left hand haphazardly reached over and fumbled to find the opening to the popcorn bag, practically groping Max's leg in the process, before plucking out a few more kernels of corn and moving his hand slowly to his mouth, Max watching as he then sensuously poked them one by one between his full, ripe lips and proceeded to suck his fingertips each time, not realizing the effect it was having on Max's libido.

Max just scooted his hips forward more and brought the bag closer to his now exposed crotch, he bemusedly watched as his cock began to slightly engorge with blood and expand upward and flop thickly across his right thigh.

He could barely contain a snicker as Timmy's hand once again fumbled over in the direction of the bag to grope his naked upper thigh once again, his fingertips just missing his expanding dong by fractions of an inch before finding the bag opening and retrieving more kernels again absentmindedly pushing each piece into his mouth and sucking his fingertips.

As Max watched his cock expand to its fullest, he noticed a drop of pre-cum bubble out his piss slit in a large pea-sized beaded droplet.

Max reached into the popcorn bag and plucked a kernel out and stuffed it into the viscous fluid instantly adhering it to the tip of his enormous helmet-shaped bulbous glans as Max moved the popcorn bag out of the way, fully exposing his genitals.

Max's eyes watched wickedly as Timmy's hand reached over once again and fondled around for the popcorn bag grasping at empty air until Max eased his crotch forward even more until Timmy's fingertips came into full contact with his massive wanger.

Max laughed out loud as Timmy wrenched his hand back, a look of shock and surprise consuming his facial expressions.

Max ran his left hand down his hairy chest and abdomen, his fingertips pushing through his thick dark pubes until connecting with the base of his cock and pushing it upward, forcing it to stand straight up.

Max lasciviously looked into Timmy's wide bulging eyes and sneered: "Last piece, you want it?" Max watched as Timmy visibly gulped before adding: "Come and get it!"

Timmy sat there motionlessly, frozen, staring at the biggest cock he had ever seen, and that included the numerous porn vids he had watched.

Up till now, Timmy had thought Billy had a really big dick, but this one put it to shame.

Max's cock was huge, not only longer than Billy's by a good bit, but a lot thicker as well, and Timmy felt hypnotized by it as it visually pulled at him like a moth to flame.

His hand seemed to reach out for it of its own accord, forcing Timmy to lean sideways to wrap his fingers around its humongous girth.

It didn't surprise him at all, that his fingertips couldn't meet no matter how hard he squeezed, trying to close the gap between his thumb and middle finger; Timmy knew it had to be thicker than his wrist and almost as long as his forearm, at least twelve inches.

The huge helmet-shaped head was a bluish lavender and shiny, so shiny he almost expected to see his own distorted reflection in it, noting how it was also thicker than his shaft, being close in size to a tennis ball.

Max's balls were also a marvel, his hairy thick-skinned sack looked like it had been stuffed by a baseball, pulled up tight to his groin.

Timmy unconsciously and repeatedly licked his lips in pure lustfull hunger taking in Max's prodigious endowments.

Max decided to take matters into his own hands, reached down, and plucked the piece of popcorn from the tip of his cock and plopped it into his mouth, taunting: "Your loss." He then moaned and rubbed his belly. "Delicious!"

Timmy audibly whimpered and sought to move his mouth closer to his throbbing cock-head, and with just mere inches from his goal, Max's phone rang, and he immediately stood up, ripping Timmy's hand away from his cock as he headed to the kitchen to retrieve his phone and answering.

                                                               * * * * *

Billy shook the last of the piss from the head of his dick before stuffing it back into his jockstrap and sweatpants.

As he flushed the urinal, washed his hands, and turned to head out the door of the restroom, he found himself smiling and not remembering when the last time he actually felt like doing that.

Gavin was a fun guy to hang with, he was funny, and at times witty, and Billy was really enjoying hanging out this evening, he'd even half-forgotten about seeing if he could get a blowjob or something off him, not that he would now say no to that, but more like discovering he was actually enjoying having someone to just relax with and shoot the shit.

As Billy rounded the corner from the bathroom area, he noted that several people had gathered around his and Gavin's table, and as he drew closer, he knew immediately who they were.

Blake Riley and that nasty-ass bitch Rebbecca Wheeler, two of Blake's football buddies, and to Billy's surprise Melissa Talbot.

He had always gotten the impression she was as smart and nice as she was beautiful.

Billy had always admired her from a distance at school, thinking she was one of the hottest girls he knew of, looking almost like a clone of Selena Gomez right down to the long dark sultry hair and, of course, having all the curves in all the right places.

So, Billy thought to himself, what was she doing hanging with that redneck dipshit Blake? And why were they all crowded around his and Gavin's table?

Melissa spotted Billy first, and just shrugged her shoulders with her hands held up denoting helplessness and rolled her eyes from Billy's gaze to Blake's back.

 It was at that moment Billy could see Gavin, with his face turned sideways away from Blake whose angry face was mere inches from Gavin's left ear, he couldn't quite make out what he was saying, but his tone was definitely threatening, noting how Blake's two large, jock buddies stayed close by, arms folded over their chest just as threateningly, while Rebbecca Wheeler just sneered nastily at Gavin on the other side of him, where Billy had been sitting just a few moments ago.

Gavin looked pale as a ghost as Billy sauntered up behind Mike Humphrey and Dougie "Dickhead" Dickson, that's what his brother called him having had a few run in's with him, and threw his arms over their shoulders loudly stating: "Howdy boy's, is there a problem here!?"

Dougie and Mike instantly pulled aside, shrugging off Billy's unwelcomed bro hug, Blake turning angrily to Billy: "Fuck off Donnelly, this ain't none of your business."

Billy shoved his way between Dickhead and Mike and yanked Rebbecca Wheeler out of his seat by her arm, eliciting a harpy-like screech from her as he shoved her aside like a rag doll: "Next time, stay out of my seat, bitch." Billy sniped.

Blake jerked erect, puffing his rather sizeable chest out, hands clenching: "I'm warning you Donnelly, stay the fuck out of this!" he practically spat the words in Billy's face.

Billy just leaned back and casually stretched and relaxed into his seat while offering a visibly more relieved Gavin a big smile, before looking right into Blake's eyes, he responded with a coldness that made Gavin shiver: "Or what, pussy boy, you'll wet your panties?"

Billy laughed mockingly as Blake's buddies grabbed Blake, holding him back from lunging across the table at him, continuing to smile wickedly while he just sat there coolly ignoring his ranting profanities.

It was at that moment Melissa gently took hold of Blake's arm, trying to calm him down, saying they should just leave before they all got into trouble.

It was Rebbecca Wheeler who responded for Blake: "Shut the fuck up, bitch!" she hissed venomously: "This little faggot deserves everything it gets after what its boyfriend Arliss Gundarsun did to Blake a couple of years ago! "Rebbecca shook her bony finger angrily under Melissa's nose, who surprisingly snatched it, shoving her backward and warning her: "You ever stick your finger in my face again, you little tramp, I'll shove it up your ass. Oh, by the way, his name is Gavin, not "faggot" or "it", you dumb, bigoted cunt!" The look on her now angry face left Billy and Gavin both with no doubt she'd do exactly what she said.

Billy couldn't help but smile, nor could he help the fact she just made his dick chub a bit.

Blake whirled in Melissa's direction and grabbed her roughly by the arm before shoving her backward spitting: "You just earned yourself a long walk home, you fucking frigid dyke."

"Like I'd ever get in a car with any of you ever again, you pencil-dicked momma's boy." Melissa's tone was cool, calm, collected, and completely said without fear, knowing the hours of training her Marine Corps father taught her gave her all the confidence she would ever need to handle someone like Blake Riley.

Billy was so impressed with Melissa he almost let her handle Blake herself as he moved toward her and raised his fist as if to strike her, but Billy's instincts and lightning-fast reflexes caught Blake by the wrist, and before Blake knew what happened to him, Billy slammed him face-first into the table, his arm twisted behind his back, holding him painfully helpless.

Billy barely had time to turn his head around, catching Rebbecca Wheeler, now armed with a serving tray, throwing the arm holding the tray back over her right shoulder,  but before she could swing it at Billy's head, Billy and Gavin watched in total surprise as Melissa snatched her by the hair on the back of her head and with one big yank tossed Rebbecca backward onto her ass on the floor where Melissa, now standing over her, thrust her foot against her throat and held her securely to the floor, Rebbecca helplessly clutching at Melissa's ankle and shin with both hands, trying desperately to extricate herself to no avail.

Like the coward he was, Blake cried out to his buddies for help.

Billy turned, still holding Blake's arm, but expecting he'd now be facing three opponents instead of one, but as he looked over at Mike and Dickhead, he noticed neither made a move in his direction, it was then that Billy noticed a familiar face smiling back at him from between the two jocks.

Carl McGregor had witnessed the ongoing events as they played out from mere moments ago, knowing one-on-one, Billy would have no problem defending himself.

Carl got out of his truck and hurried in, not liking the odds of all three boys jumping Billy.

He now stood grinning back at him smiling, Mike Humphrey's left arm and Dougie Dickson's right arms securely held tightly behind their backs, fist firmly planted between their shoulder blades and held tightly against their spines.

Carl whispered into their ears: "If I let you boys go, are you gonna behave like gentlemen and collect your friends and depart the premises?" Carl twisted their arms even tighter, causing considerable discomfort, before stating as a matter of fact: "Or am I going to have to rip these off and shove them up your collective asses so far it will take a team of proctologist a week to remove them?" He let go of their arms and shoved them forward, assuming a defiant stance, daring them to make any kind of move he didn't approve of.

With a nod from Carl, both Billy and Melissa released their captives, allowing them to stand up.

Instantly, an enraged Blake tried to take a swing at Billy's head with his closed fist, arcing towards him when he was suddenly struck against the back of his head with a dinner tray, hard!

Blake stumbled forward, his knees almost giving out, as his two buddies caught him and practically carried him away, a glowering Rebbecca Wheeler practically snarling at them as she joined them.

Gavin still stood there, the tray in his shaking hand, not quite sure he had done what he had indeed just actually done.

"That was awesome bro!" Billy's face beamed as he slapped Gavin on the back congratulating him.

"So..." Melissa quipped from behind them, as both Billy and Gavin turned simultaneously, taking note of her standing coyly with one hand on her hip: "Is it always this much fun hanging with you two?"


                                                                CHAPTER EIGHT:



 While helping Cpl. Atticus Walker and his men load the last of the provisions and equipment into the M1165 troop transport vehicle he had Atticus pick up this morning, Carl McGregor couldn't help but give a lustful look over at Msgt. Max Donnelly.

For Carl, seeing Max standing there in his dress blue "D's" was close to a strong dose of Viagra, the way his tan, short-sleeved, well-pressed shirt outlined his very muscular torso and clung to him like a second skin, triggered all sorts of signals, all of them X-rated, but not nearly as X-rated as the way Max's huge cock strained against the crotch and down the inside seam leg of the dark blue and the blood red pinstripe dress slacks; it was obvious Max wasn't wearing underwear, not even one of his usual bursting-at-the-seams jockstraps he seemed to prefer.

"Get your men loaded corporal!" Carl instructed Atticus as he broke away and walked toward the man he'd shared most of his life with so far.

"Being a bit obvious this morning aren't we?" Carl stated, casually looking back at the group of men now jumping into the back of the transport carrier, making sure no one saw him as he reached down with his right hand and lovingly palmed Max's big cock through his pants.

"Unless you want me to fuck you right here in front of these men, I suggest you stop doing that right now." Max growled, the lustful glare in his eyes leaving absolutely no doubt in Carl's mind that he would do exactly that.

Despite Max's threat, Carl reluctantly let Max's hardening cock go, though he knew deep down it wouldn't bother him at all if Max wanted to put on a little show for the squad, but he had his orders and Marines, if nothing else, Marines are good at following orders.

"So, who's that for?" Carl queried, glancing down at the very significant and obscene bulge in Max's trousers, which was now stretching halfway down his thigh, knowing full well, that Max wouldn't be suited up in his "D's" and putting on this "display" if it wasn't for a reason.

Max's face twisted into a lecherous sneer: "I'm meeting with Gunny as soon as I leave here."

Carl just rolled his eyes and shook his head: "So, you're in that kind of mood today huh?"

Glancing over at the truck and watching as Atticus was securing the last of his men into the transport carrier, Max responded: "Not at all Carl, just tying up a few loose ends."

Carl laughed: "I'm betting you actually mean that literally."

Max smiled at him and reached down with his right hand and stuffed his fingers into the front of Carl's BDU's, hooking his belt and pulled Carl's crotch to his: "It won't be as much fun as it was last time without you there!" Carl could feel his own cock stiffen at the memory as Max released his grip on his trousers: "If everything goes as planned today..."Max continued, the intensity of his gaze burning into Carl's eyes: "Expect someone to join you and the team Friday before twelve hundred hours."

Before Carl could question what Max meant by that, Atticus called out that they were good to go.

Carl twisted his head sideways, giving Atticus the thumbs up before returning his focus to Max, but before he could frame his questions Max cut him off: "You have your orders Marine hop to it."

Carl's brow furrowed as he resisted the urge to posit a response, and as Carl shrugged his shoulders and turned to join the team, Max grabbed his left bicep, drawing his attention back to him and softly said: "After the new arrival Friday, leave Atticus in charge and return home for the weekend understood?"

Carl grinned ear-to-ear, wanting nothing more than to lean in and give Max a kiss, but Carl knew Max would think that inappropriate behavior in public while on duty, instead Carl just gave him a naughty wink and headed over to hop in the passenger side of the MTVR.

Max stood there and watched as the unit pulled out and was completely out of sight before jumping in his truck and heading over to the armory where he had a meeting with Gunnery Sgt. Brock Gryzinski.

As Max approached the armory, he swung around to the back entrance and parked, knowing that Brock would be waiting there for him in the back storage room the Gunny had set aside for their secret rendezvous.

As Max entered and headed down the dimly lit corridor, he could feel his cock begin to once again engorge with blood, stretching down his trouser leg and strain against the blue fabric of his slacks.

There was no sign of any other personnel, just as Max knew it would be, the remoteness of the backroom had been a carefully secured location set up by Gysgt. Gryzinski.

Max paused briefly, switching the briefcase he carried to his left hand, before reaching up and knocking on the locked metal door three times.

Max could hear the jostle of the deadbolt lock as it released, and purposely waiting a moment, with a huge grin on his face, before grasping the knob, twisting it, and swinging the door inward.

                                                              * * * * *

Billy was almost bemusedly assisting Gavin Hollis with the leg lift machine at the base gym, trying to be as encouraging as he could after Gavin had agreed last night to come with him this morning to work out.

JD and Timmy had also come with them, but had finished up a little while ago and had headed out to go swimming at the base pool.

As Gavin finished up with the last of his reverse leg curls, he just lay on his stomach across the incline bench, moaning how much that hurt until Billy smacked him hard across the left cheek of his plump little bubble-butt.

"Ouch!" Gavin yelped, pushing himself up into a sitting position: "What was that for?" he asked, turning to look up at Billy who just stood there grinning down at him.

"It's called motivation, little buddy." Billy laughed and offered Gavin his hand as an assist in helping him to a standing position.

"Little buddy?!" Gavin quipped: "What is this, Gilligan's Island?"

"Yeah" Billy chuffed: "It's just like Gilligan's Island, and you know who that makes you don'tcha?"

Gavin smiled and retorted: "Not the big fat one?!"

Billy bellowed with laughter as he reached over and mussed Gavin's hair: "Alright smart guy," Billy pulled Gavin to his feet: "Time for some more stretching."

"Again, we did that already?" Gavin moaned as his shoulders slumped.

Billy grimaced, his tone more serious: "That was the warm up, now that we're done for the day, you have to do your cool-down stretches or you could start cramping."

Gavin just shook his head and followed Billy over to one of the mats: "I think you just like torturing me."

"Smart guy like you just figuring that out now?" Billy chortled and began running Gavin through his stretch routine.

As Gavin sat on the floor, legs spread and leaning forward to touch his toes, Billy leaned in tight to his left ear and whispered, his reassuring hand flat against his lower back: "Look at it this way, the sooner you're done, the sooner you get the added bonus of seeing me naked in the shower."

Gavin moaned louder this time: "I was right, you are a sadist, Billy Donnelly."

Billy just smiled and then quietly guided Gavin through the cool-down stretches, allowing his thoughts to drift back to the events of the previous night.

Not long after their encounter with Blake and his minions, recalling how Gavin, Melissa, and he had sat there excitedly going over the whole thing, laughing not only at how stupid Blake was, but how clueless the rest of his group had been, they were, of course, laughing at themselves and the way they'd each reacted as well.

At one point, after Gavin excused himself to go take a leak, Billy had found himself, for a few moments, alone with Melissa.

He recalled how she smiled at him and listened intently to everything he was saying; how she would ever so casually place her hand on his forearm when she was making a point or just to emphasize something, and how soft and warm her touch was.

He also remembered the smell, not exactly like the one he perceived from both Timmy and Gavin, but very very similar, the scent of honey and fresh dug earth, but tinged with something else, it was harder to distinguish because, like most girls, Melissa bathed, powdered, and perfumed herself with all sorts of scented things meant to mask one's natural musk.

But it was still there, underneath it all, just like it was with Timmy and Gavin; he also was becoming aware of just how much that scent aroused him, but it also confused him, because it was such a familiar scent, it wasn't something new he was just beginning to smell, it had been there all along or at least for as long as he could remember, but just like the other night with Gavin, or at different times with Timmy, he couldn't place exactly where he had encountered it before and more importantly, why it seemed only recently he had started to notice it.

Carl's hand on his shoulder had broken that train of thought, he was sitting there close to Melissa, listening to her soft gentle voice go quiet as Carl sought his attention: "Walk me out?" Carl's tone leaving no doubt that he fully expected Billy to follow him.

Once outside, Carl went to his truck, Billy was following sheepishly; he knew what was coming.

"I'm not going to lecture you." Carl started, looking Billy sternly in the eyes, compelling Billy to meet his gaze: "I'm a firm believer that the worst vice is advice." He continued: "You know the Code and you know how important it is to your father." Billy held his hand up: "I'm just talking to her uncle Carl." Billy noted how it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself as much as Carl.

Carl got into his truck with the bag of food he bought, shutting the door, and while hanging his head out the side window, he stated: "I said I wouldn't lecture you, and I'm not, but a blind man could see what you were feeling just now in there."

Billy bowed his head, knowing it was true as Carl added: "All I'm saying Billy, is think how disappointed your father would be if something did happen, especially this close to your Birthday."

Billy met Carl's eyes again: "I promise it won't." he stammered: "Please don't say anything to him." Billy had pleaded.

Carl sighed heavily: "You know I won't lie to him Billy!" He paused, seeing how Billy's head bowed and his shoulders sagged: "I won't bring it up, but if he asks..."

Billy beamed, jumping over and threw his arms around Carl's neck and hugged him through the truck window.

"Thanks uncle Carl! I promise to keep the Code; I won't disappoint him or...you."

Carl had smiled at him as Billy pulled back, and as he started his truck up, he had instructed Billy: "You and your friend escort that young lady home and don't be out too late."

Billy had watched him pull away before returning inside to get his friends.

After chatting for a while together, Billy suggested to Gavin that maybe they could give Melissa a ride home, which Gavin happily agreed too.

Melissa and Billy had both gotten a kick out of how nervous Gavin was going through the main gate of the Marine base. it was especially funny when the guard stepped up to his driver side window and asked for his ID card; Gavin handed him his drivers license.

They could barely contain themselves when he looked at them with wide eyes after the guard impatiently handed it back and said: "Military ID card, sir!"

The look of sheer panic on Gavin's face was priceless to Melissa and Billy, but Melissa was the first to crack and handed over her military dependent ID to the guard who checked it and had handed it back to her and motioned them through.

"You assholes!" Gavin yelled: "I almost had a heart attack!" They all laughed teasing back and forth all the way to Melissa's house, where they dropped her off with the promise they'd all get together again sometime to hang out.

Billy remembered how he had watched her walk up to her front door, well, more specifically, how he watched her ass as they pulled away.

"Somebody's got it bad!" Gavin teased.

Billy huffed and bro-punched Gavin's right shoulder.

Gavin smiled and added: "You do know she was checking you out too right?"

"Bullshit!" Billy quipped: "She's like one of the hottest girls in school."

Gavin roared with laughter: "Do I really have to have the whole hot conversation with you again?!" he exclaimed.

Billy had just shook his head smiling at the recollection but not biting Gavin's goading.

Gavin's voice took a more serious tone: "Seriously dude, she's into you."

As they approached the gate, Billy handed Gavin his ID card: "Can we just please drop it dude?" he asked timidly.

Billy recalled how grateful he was when Gavin changed the subject asking him if he had any suggestions about what they could do next or if he just wanted to call it a night.

"I could really go for a swim right now." Billy had said halfheartedly knowing the base pool was closed at this hour.

"I know a place" Gavin smiled while adding: "My family uses this boat dock down on the Flint River, no one will be there at this time." The excitement showed on his face: "We could go swimming there, if ya want?"

The more Billy had thought about it, the better the idea seemed to him, and before he knew it, Gavin was pulling down a dirt road that ended close to a small dock with a concrete ramp that disappeared into the waters of the Flint River.

There was no artificial light, but the half-moon coming up well over the horizon provided more than adequate lighting as their eyes adjusted to the night.

Billy had watched as Gavin had pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the dock as he waded his toes into the cool water, looking like he fully intended going in wearing the board shorts he had on.

He smiled faintly to himself as he had noted the surprised look on Gavin's face as he had completely stripped down butt-ass naked and ran down the dock and jumped into the river, it had taken him a good deal of taunting and teasing to get Gavin to finally strip down to his briefs and jump in with him.

Billy had to fight the urge to rough house with Gavin like he always had with Baxter, Gavin was much smaller than Baxter and Billy feared how Gavin would take it, still, he did dunk him under a few times and they had the usual obligatory splash battle, before hauling themselves out of the water and laying on the hard concrete surface of the dock to dry off and catch their breath.

Billy couldn't help noting how Gavin kept giving him quick sideways glances, most notably to his groin area, Billy was also equally sure Gavin had an erection in his wet, white briefs, and it wasn't long before Gavin had sat up with his legs crossed sitting nearly head level to Billy.

Billy knew that position gave him a better view of his naked body and it was easier for Gavin to ogle him more openly without Billy noticing.

But Billy did notice, he just pretended not to, deciding to let him look until he had his fill.

Billy had tried to make small talk with him, but before long, they just fell silent, it was apparent to Billy that Gavin was obviously far more focused on something else, and Billy allowed that to continue for a few minutes before he finally decided to confront Gavin head-on.

"Gavin, can I ask you a personal question?" He had asked cautiously.

He heard Gavin sigh in anticipation of his question, with a sense of unease.

But Billy had pressed on: "I know a while back there were those rumors about you and Arliss..."

"They weren't true!" Gavin shot back, a little to defensively.

Billy could feel Gavin's body tense up, and Billy had turned to face him, keeping his motions slow and as non-threatening as possible, he tried to look him in the eye, but Gavin turned his head and avoided the contact.

"I was just going to say, whether it was or wasn't, it doesn't matter to me." Billy had said trying to sound supportive.

"Can you keep a secret?" Billy had asked him, still trying to get Gavin to look at him.

Gavin just nodded his head and whispered: "Sure."

"My brother and Timmy do stuff together." He paused before adding: "Not sure if my brother's gay, but I know Timmy is."

That had gotten Gavin's attention, Billy had watched as his mouth dropped and he stared wide-eyed at him.

"Wanna hear something even wilder than that?" he had queried: "That guy that helped us tonight..."Billy had paused before adding: "The other night, he stayed the night with my Dad...in his bedroom."

"Bullshit!" Gavin had said, not believing him.

"Ask my brother." Billy had suggested, then it struck him to ask: " Hey, there's an idea! Why don't you go to the gym with me tomorrow?"

Gavin just looked at him, before letting his gaze drop: "You still want to hang out with me?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Billy had mused, and continued with a tease: "Besides, you could stand to spend some time in the gym, nerd."

That had made Gavin laugh, and Billy had stood up and offered his hand to Gavin, helping him up as well.

"Billy?" Gavin's voice went soft again, barely a whisper: "I am, you know..." His eyes had dropped down again looking at the ground, tentatively waiting for Billy's response.

"Well duh!" Billy had said playfully: "I knew that by the way you've been drooling over my big fat dick!"

Billy had to dodge quickly as Gavin swung at his arm. He had begun laughing as Gavin had chased him: "Asshole!" he shouted, nearly giggling.

"Help! Help!" Billy had cried out feigning terror: "There's a big ol' homo trying to rape lil' ol' defenseless me!"

Billy had let Gavin catch him and they tumbled to the ground, laughing so hard their sides had begun to ache.

                                                                  * * * * *

Entering the small, twelve-feet by fourteen-feet room, Max noted how it reeked with the smell of honey and freshly dug dirt.

As usual, kneeling on the floor naked and with his head bowed and arms behind his lower back was Gunnery Sgt. Brock Gryzinski.

Max turned and shut the door with a loud clang and twisted the large dead-bolt to the locked position.

Max and Brock had been meeting like this for over two years, not long after he had transferred here.

Brock wasn't that old, he was actually rather young at only twenty six; at least for a Gunnery Sergeant, but he was exceptional at his job, and Max would be hard-pressed to find anyone who was equal to, let alone better at firepower logistics than this man; If you needed any kind of equipment or machinery, Brock could get it.

There was just one thing that was holding Gysgt. Gryzinski back and Max was here today to fix that, or at least start him down the right path.

This was, of course, the path Max wanted him on.

Max walked past him, and appeared to completely ignore the naked figure kneeling with his knees spread wide, fully exposing himself as he was commanded to do per Max's instructions yesterday, not that this was anything unusual, this was his default position when they would get together.

Max walked to the center of the room to the large crate occupying the space right underneath the single metal dangling light fixture.

Max veered sideways and sat his briefcase on top of one of the two metal barrels off to the side of the wooden crate, then moved to the front end of the large wooden box, swung his left leg over one corner, letting his leg dangle over the front.

As he leaned his left butt cheek on top of the crate, his right leg planted firmly on the floor, Max leaned forward, resting his left elbow on the top of his left thigh and clasped his left forearm with his right hand.

"About face boy." Max commanded in his more restrained baritone voice.

Brock immediately rose and turned, executing a 180, now standing and facing Max, whose face instantly turned into an angry grimace; Max practically roared at the young Gunny: "WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU TO STAND FAGGOT!?"

Max's voice left no doubt he was livid, and a horrified Brock dropped to his knees, instantly bowing his head, hands behind his back, knees spread wide.

"LOWER!" Max ordered, his arms crossing over his chest and watched as the frightened Marine dropped his head to the floor, ass up, hands clasped together behind his lower back.

Max sat there for a moment enjoying the Gunny's submissive position: "Crawl over here on your fucking hands and knees boy!" His voice still booming in the dimly lit room.

Instantly Brock rose and did as ordered, knowing there would be consequences for his previous presumptive actions.

Max smiled wickedly as the Gunny crawled on his hands and knees to him, coming to a stop directly between his legs, head bowed and waiting for his next command.

"Sit pretty, faggot." Max ordered, his voice still cool and dripping with icy venom.

Brock returned to his previous upright knees spread position,  Max lifted his left shin and parked his foot squarely on Brock's chest: "Hold my ankle, boy." Max muttered, locking his eyes on Brock's face.

The young Gunny grasped Max's left ankle, gently, almost reverently.

Max leaned forward slightly: "Look at how dirty your disgusting floor got the sole of my nice clean shoe." His tone now almost mocking: "It's your fucking fault faggot for being such a dirty little bitch." Max snarled, shoving the toe of his shoe against Brock's lips: "What are you waiting for faggot? Lick it clean!" Max commanded.

Instantly Brock began earnestly lapping the dirty sole of Max's patent leather shoe, his tongue dragging enthusiastically over the full length, heel to toe until the entire sole of his shoe was licked clean and practically dripped with saliva.

"What are you waiting for?" Max spat in his face: "Take it off, then do the other one."

Brock did as ordered even removing his socks and carefully folding and kissing them and placing them neatly into Max's shoes.

Max stood up his hard cock leaving a large, straining, tenting bulge more than halfway down his thigh.

He stepped forward slightly rubbing it across Brock's face: "I know what you want boy." Max cooed softly, almost seductively: "It's what all faggots like you want." Max stepped back, his arms hung loosely at his sides: "Go ahead boy, remove my uniform."

Max stood there motionless as Gysgt. Gryzinski carefully undressed him, being extremely cautious when removing each piece of Max's uniform, folding it neatly, kissing it and placing it reverently on top of the first barrel.

When done, Max shoved Brock backwards ordering him to kneel again as he walked around him slowly, until he came full circle.

Max had always admired how ruggedly handsome Brock was, from the light brown hair on the top of his head to his totally shaved muscular body, Max had made him keep his entire body shaved from neck to toe for the last two years, an order given not long after he started using him.

Max admired the thin-set lips and the low arch of his thick, but well-trimmed eyebrows, his strong jawline, and that small pug nose of his, with it's upward turned rounded tip, of course, his ever-present dimples in his cheeks and the long lashes of his deep hazel colored eyes also added to the attraction.

Then he saw it, glinting at him from the corner of his eye, reflecting the light from directly above their heads.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, YOU GOD DAMNED FUCKIN' BITCH!?" Max snatched Brock's left hand up to his face, slapping the young Marine with his own hand repeatedly.

Brock cowered; in his haste to have everything set up perfectly and get the place cleared for the arrival of the Master Sergeant, the now very frightened Gunnery Sergeant was mortified he'd left his wedding ring on.

His Master Sgt. had long ago forbidden him to wear it in his presence and had always threatened to beat the skin off of his ass if he ever forgot.

His lips trembled as he softly uttered: "Please forgive me Master Sgt." Brock tried to yank the ring from his finger with his right hand but Max had intercepted it and twisted it behind his back, before shoving the Gunny to the floor.

Max angrily walked over to his briefcase and withdrew a pair of handcuffs then ordered the visibly shaken Gunny to stand and put his hands behind his back as Max locked Brock's hands behind his back and then shoved him face-down on the crate.

"You are so going to get what you deserve now, faggot." Max snarled into his left ear.

Max reached over to his pants and picked up his black leather belt: "Don't you dare fucking move a muscle or make a single sound bitch!" Commanded Max's deep guttural voice, icy cold and full of purpose now.

Gysgt. Gryzinski waited for his punishment, knowing his Master Sgt. was about to rain hellfire down on his ass, and even before the first blow hit, he gritted his teeth, steeling himself so as not to make a sound, not even a whimper could escape past his lips or he knew it would be twice as worse for him.

The first hit struck like lightning on his naked ass, Brock knew it had instantly left a large red welt: "Count them out, faggot!" Max bellowed.

"One Master Sgt." Brock whimpered, "Good god, this was going to be bad." he thought to himself, and indeed it was.

Max whipped his ass mercilessly fifty strokes, to be exact, of searing agony, Brock's ass glowed bright red and thumped with a fiery throbbing pain.

Silently he wondered how he would explain this to his wife, but he knew better than to mention that to the Master Sgt.

Brock felt Max grip his gold wedding band between his thumb and forefinger and ripped it from his finger, he felt Max lean over him and spoke right into his right ear: "I'm just gonna have to make sure this never happens again huh, faggot?!"

 It was more of a statement than a question, and Brock knew it, as Max suddenly kicked Brock’s legs apart and stepped forcibly between them.

He could feel Max press the gold ring against his asshole, and too little too late, he realized what Max intended to do.

Without any lubrication at all, Max shoved the gold band into the Gunny's asshole using his index and middle finger, shoving them and the ring in to the third knuckle and then ruthlessly twisted his fingers, grinding the ring in as far as his digits permitted, Brock gritted his teeth and rapidly hissed his breath through them, his hole now burning almost as much as his ass cheeks.

"If you thought that hurt..." Max growled, positioning the enormous glans of his massive twelve-inch unlubricated cock at the Gunny's twitching hole, he then rammed it in to the balls, ripping passed the Gunny's sphincter, tearing through his inner sphincter in one teeth-jarring jolt.

Brock screamed in absolute anguish, trying as hard as he could to twist himself away from Max's maypole, tears of pain poured down his cheeks as his mouth dribbled spittle between his deafening cries for mercy.

Max yanked him to his feet, throwing his left arm around his waist, his left hand clasping the base of his ball sack pulling his testes down tight, protruding passed the index finger and thumb of his fist.

Max held him tighter, and using his right hand, began slapping Brock's tightly stretched balls held securely in his left hand.

The Gunny howled in renewed anguish, trying desperately to twist and squirm out of Max's strong grasp, his hole felt like it was being ripped to shreds, his balls began to swell and tighten as Max continuously pummeled them with nonstop rapid smacks.

Max snarled into his ear: "I'm gonna destroy your fuckin' pussy with my dick bitch!"

Brock knew he had to fight past the pain and surrender himself to it and do as his Master Sgt. ordered.

Slowly, Max felt the Gunny's hips start to move, felt his hole clutch, and suck at the base of his wrist-thick schlong, Max slapped Brock's balls even harder, each blow making the Gunny's ass pussy quiver, tighten, and release.

"That's it, you fuckin' bitch. Milk that fukin' dick." Max growled.

Brock howled in agony, thrusting his hips back and forth, ramming his abused and swollen hole against his Master Sgt.'s pubes, grinding himself in tight circles with each downward thrust, trying to capture every fraction of an inch of Max's throbbing monster cock.

Max squeezed his balls even tighter, his slapping hand now turned into a tightened fist that smashed into his bruised and battered nads, Brock wailed and screamed, thrusting as hard and fast as he could, actually trying to destroy his own hole on his Master Sgt.s humongous rod, when suddenly, he felt the dam within him burst, as the first jolts of his orgasm hit him.

Brock's six-inch cock exploded in a shower of rapid-fire jets of erupting jism, splashing loudly against the far wall and squirting against the ceiling.

His eyes rolled back in his head and his whole body jerked and spasm, caught in the throes of unimaginable ecstasy as Max's arms now encircled him holding him upright, his cock now erupting torrents of sperm into Brock's battered cunt, filling him to near overflowing, his huge glans expanding and contracting as volley after volley fired like a cannon deep into the depths of Brock's undulating bowels.

 As their tidal waves of lust and passion diminished and assuaged the savage beats of their hearts, Max and Brock collapsed in a heap on the floor beside the large wooden crate, Max continued to hold Brock, his hands now gently stroked his chest and abs.

Brock spoke first, his throat tight and dry: "That was amazing, Master Sgt. Thank you, Sir."

"Was it what you wanted?" Max queried.

"Yes Master Sgt, exactly what I hoped for." He sighed contentedly.

Max eased Brock forward and stood up, reaching for his clothes and started to dress. Brock continued to sit propped up by the crate.

"Well, I'm glad you had a great time." Max smiled then his face suddenly grew stern. "Because that was our last time Gunny."

Brock straightened immediately, turning his full attention to Max, he couldn't hide the near panic that washed over his face suddenly.

"Don't look at me like that Gunny; you knew this day was coming." He said matter of fact.

"I just thought..." Brock's voice was soft, almost forlorn, his heart raced anew with a sudden sense of unimaginable loss.

Max had practically been his salvation, his oasis, in a life that was nothing but duty and obligation in every other facet of his existence, not only could Max sense the despair building in the young man, he could smell it.

"Enough!!!" Max ordered, glaring down at Brock: "Get your ass up and get dressed!" he paused before adding: "We've got things to discuss, not least of which is your future Gunny."

                                                                 * * * * *

"Ya know, I could just go home and take a shower just as easily." Gavin bemoaned trying desperately not to gawk at a now nearly naked Billy Donnelly.

"Dude, did you or did you not ask me to help you get stronger and teach you how to defend yourself last night?" Billy stood there only two feet away from Gavin, stripped down to his jockstrap, hands on his hips, and from Gavin’s point of view, looking more like a wet dream come to life instead of a self-defense instructor: "Here!" Billy said shoving a towel in Gavin's hands, knowing exactly what the problem was: "Wrap that around your waist and strip ya big pussy."

Billy was right of course, partially. Gavin wasn't use to being naked around anyone, let alone those that happened to be a bunch of very fit, healthy, young Marine, in other words, Gavin's dick was as stiff as a railroad spike.

Thankfully Gavin had gotten so nervous realizing that Billy wasn't taking no for an answer, that his boner had subsided to a mere semi-chub, but be that as it may, and even with the towel wrapped securely around his waist, Gavin still blushed about ten different shades of red, all of which Billy found immensely amusing as he timidly slid his underwear off.

Billy, of course, didn't understand Gavin's lack of self-confidence, after all, Gavin wasn't a bad looking guy, Billy thought he looked kind of cute in his glasses, glasses he only wore when he was reading, so it wasn't like he wore them all the time; and yes, he was shorter than most guys Billy knew, standing at about five foot seven inches, but he had a nice solid build and a cute little bubble butt that kind of jiggled when he walked.

His sandy-colored hair was kind of floppy and always looked a bit wild and out of control, something that probably contributed to people's perception of his nerdiness, but he had a cute face, high cheekbones, a smallish nose, and a rather small mouth with pouty lips; Billy also noticed how nearly hairless his slim body was, that more than anything made him look deceptively younger than his seventeen years indicated.

As they entered the shower area of the locker room, Billy herded him toward the back.

The showers there had dividers between them for those wanting a little more privacy than the main showers offered, and Billy guided him to the very back one and turned it on, adjusting the water to a comfortable level.

Seeing the relative privacy did start to allow Gavin to relax a little; that is until Billy whipped his towel off and entered the stall, beckoning Gavin to join him.

Billy noted Gavin's hesitancy: "Dude if you don't get your ass in this shower right now..." Billy moved out of the shower to stand in front of him with his hands on his hips: "I'm gonna throw you over my shoulder and haul you out to the public showers and hand wash you top to bottom in front of anyone who wants to watch!"

The way Billy said it left no doubt to Gavin he'd do just that.

Reluctantly, Gavin hung his towel up and stepped under the warm shower spray, his hands covering his crotch.

Noting Gavin's apprehension and bashfulness, Billy decided to counter it with a little of his temerity: "Turn around." Billy said, dispensing some soap into his hands. Uncomfortably, Gavin slowly turned to offer his back to his muscular new friend.

Billy placed his now soapy hands-on Gavin's upper back, smearing the soap and gently massaging and washing Gavin's skin, and despite his apprehension, Gavin started to relax, enjoying the way Billy's strong fingers stroked his body, cleansing away not only the sweaty grime but his tension as well.

As Billy finished with his back and rinsed the foaming soap away with his hands, he handed the bottle of liquid soap around to Gavin: "My turn bro!" he practically whispered into Gavin's ear as he turned to offer him his broad back rippling with muscles.

Gavin turned to face him, squeezing some of the bottle's contents into his hand before setting it on the tiled shelf of the shower stall, his hands trembled slightly as he touched the naked flesh and burgeoning muscles, massaging Billy gently, exploring the vastness of his back.

Gavin noted the dichotomy between the softness of his skin compared to the hardness of his back muscles all the while, right below him, was the large, lightly furred mounds of Billy's muscular bubble butt, the effectual cause was made quickly apparent by Gavin's now fully erect six-inch cock.

As he finished, he tried to turn far enough away to hopefully conceal his erection from Billy, mortified that Billy would ever see such a blatant display of the sexual arousal he felt for him, completely embarrassed by his body's lustful betrayal.

"Dude, it's okay," Billy assured him softly, his large hand now grasping his shoulder and slowly turning him around to face him.

Gavin felt his entire body was blushing and was wishing nothing more than to be anywhere else instead of so blatantly displaying his carnal desires to his friend.

Billy reached up with his left hand cupping the right side of Gavin's face, his thumb stroking his cheek gently, affectionately: "This is bullshit ya know." Billy groaned: "It's okay to feel what you feel dude." Gavin hazarded a quick glimpse into Billy's bright blue eyes, those same eyes stared back at him, soft and gentle, the smile on his face genuine, not mocking, as Gavin feared he'd see.

Then to his surprise, Billy stepped back and brought Gavin's right hand up to the center of his chest and held it there, covered in his own: "Go ahead bud, look and touch all you want." his voice deep and soft like velvet: "It doesn't bother me at all that you’re perving out on how hot I am!"

Gavin punched him in the chest as they both burst out laughing.

                                                               CHAPTER NINE:

Max Donnelly sat at his desk; he had just returned after releasing Brock Gryzinski after their little morning rendezvous and ordering him to get cleaned up and meet him here in his office within the hour.

Normally Max wouldn't and didn't involve himself in the personal lives of those he worked with, preferring to keep a professional distance, but he and Brock weren't just friends; they had became more than that; GySgt. Gryzinski had become a valuable resource and ally as well as a pretty damn good piece of ass.

He was one of the chosen few who were fully aware of the Heritage while not being part of it, but Max, like a growing number of others within the Heritage, were coming to realize and feel that the Heritage Codex, the rules that those of the Heritage lived by, something that they had followed for untold centuries, had been twisted into something self-serving and exclusionary, even to those the Heritage had a long-standing connection too; men like Brock.

Max pondered the numerous times he, Carl, Elder Danal Cornelius, and several others heavily debated these things and how they had all come to the conclusion that things needed to change and as Max has observed so often, it always came back to that age-old axiom, time and time again: "Change is the only constant in the universe", and that axiom is what brought Max where he is today.
It was now, with that thought in mind that he was now going to force GySgt. Brock Gryzinski to face today.

Max knew that the Gunny was stuck, he had boxed himself in and could no longer evolve beyond where he was at, where Max and all the others that depended on him, including Brock, needed him and depended on him to be.

Brock Gryzinzki needed change and Max had decided to be the instrument of that change by doing what the universe does to spur it on; Max was going to introduce chaos into the Gunny's life, the kind of chaos he couldn't hide away from or pretend would go away or deny the existence of.

Max sat at his desk waiting for him, ready to push the button, to shove Gunny over the precipice into chaos and the inevitable liberation that would result and free him from the mess his life had become, a mess he forced not only on himself but by naive association, those closest to him.
Max was contemplating the small plaque on the wall by his desk inscribed with the Latin words: "Verum Tuae Sui", or “To thine own-self be true” when the timid knock came on his door.

Max straightened himself and adjusted his shirt, composing himself for what was to come: "Enter," Max called out and watched as GySgt. Gryzinski entered his office, clean and crisp dressed in his normal fatigues.

"Gunnery Sergeant Brock Gryzinski reporting as ordered Master Sergeant." he announced taking the customary stationary drill stance.

"Take a seat, Gunny." Max said pointing toward one of the chairs in front of his desk, and as he did so, Max got up and walked over to his office door and locked it, then returned to the front of his desk, leaning his ass on it, crossed his ankles, and folded his arms over his chest.

Without a word he reached down and unzipped his fly and hauled out his genitals, letting his flaccid eight-inch uncut cock drop to hang pendulous between his thighs, over his big hairy balls now nestled in the crook of his crotch.

Studiously watching as Brock lustfully stared at his groin and absentmindedly licked his lips repeatedly, Max leaned forward lifting the young Gunny's chin forcing their eyes to meet: "Do you remember what I said to you before I left you in that storage room this morning Gunny?" Max's tone was firm and leaving no doubt he expected a response.

Brock gulped: "Yes Master Sgt." Max could see the longing behind his eyes, the troubling fear of potential loss: "Did I do something wrong, Master Sgt?" Came the expectant plea Max knew would come.

Max pointed to the plaque on his wall: "Do you see that plaque Gunny?" He demanded, staring intently into the Gunny's eyes.

"Yes Master Sgt." was his simple, soft-spoken reply.

"Read it out loud." Max said, his voice louder, firmer, and more commanding.

"Verum Tuae Sui." came the timid response, a confused expression crossing his face as his eyes returned to Max's.

Max glared at Brock, the intensity cutting right through him: "Do you know what it means Gunny?"

Max watched him intently, watched as he now cast his eyes first toward Max's huge limp cock and then to the floor, then, almost whispering: "To thine own self be true." His eyes looked up into Max's, eyes that begged him to stop, fearful of the outcome if he didn't.

Max proceeded calmly, confident of his decision to help this young man: "Get on your knees." he commanded, pointing to the spot right in front of him.

The Gunny instantly dropped down, his face mere inches from Max's prodigious endowments, licking his lips both nervously and from a deep, hungry, aching lust.

Despite his fear, the sense of being trapped and cornered, Brock felt his cock swell to fullness in his fatigues, straining against the crotch of his desert camo pants.

Max snapped his fingers and the Gunny's eyes jolted back to Max's intense gaze: "Before you is your truth Gunny." Max paused letting him take in his now growing cock, until he was almost completely transfixed to it.

Max reached over and grabbed his phone and began recording a video and pointed it down at the young Gunny: "Look up at me!" He commanded, his voice thick and full of authority: "Beg me for it faggot!" Brock knew he was videoing him, but he was torn between obeying him, to give in to his near insatiable hunger or refusing.

 Instinctively he knew if he chose the latter, Max would never let him have it again, would never fulfill his deepest desires, satiate his unrelenting voracious hunger.

Max smiled lecherously as the young Gunny whimpered and stuffed the massive bulbous head of his half-hard schlong into his mouth and ravenously sucked on it like a starving calf on its mother's teat.

Max slapped him, hard, the blow dislodging his dong from his mouth, spittle flying everywhere: "I said BEG!" Max's voice was near a snarling growl.

Brock returned his attention to Max's dick, looking upward, their eyes meeting: "Please Master Sgt." he paused, his voice quivering: "Please let me suck your dick, Sir!"

"I only let cock-hungry faggots suck my dick boi." Max snarled: "Tell me what a cock-hungry faggot you are."

Brock's head swam with lust, he had to have Max's big dick back in his mouth, he didn't just want it, he needed it: "Master Sgt., please let this cock-hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

A large lecherous grin stretched across Max's face as he reached down and patted Brocks head: "That's better faggot. It's all yours!"

Brock Gryzinski didn't waste time, he devoured the huge knob and forced it into his oral cavity, his lips sucked convulsively, his tongue undulating against the frenulum; he knew what Max liked and he was determined to give him the best blowjob he had ever given, forcing the bulbous tip of his swollen glans against his uvula, his jaws expanding to encompass the bloated dick meat.

Two years’ worth of jaw stretching exercises now assisting the expansion of his throat muscles as he gulped the entire length of Max's monster down his gullet like a snake devouring its prey, cock-sucker tears poured from the corners of his eyes as his lips stretched and strained to their fullest until they nestled in the coarse thick bush of dark pubic hair.

"Okay, that'll do Gunny!" Max suddenly announced, turning off the camera on his phone while pulling his wet dick out of Brock's mouth, and as he leaned back against the desk, stuffed his half-hard dick back into his slacks, and zipped up.

Brock just knelt there, wondering what had just happened, his mind trying to clear away the webs of his lust and refocus on the man against the desk, the source of his confusion: "Get up Gunny." Max's voice full of controlled calm authority again.

Brock frowned, as the questions formed on his face as fast as they formed in his head: "I have all I need now," Max concluded as if that should answer all the questions now swirling in the Gunny's brain.

Max toyed with his phone, turned it around showing it to a very confused Gunny, the image of him kneeling, looking up into the camera appeared, Brock's face flushed as he heard and saw himself say: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!" Max smiled and hit repeat and shoved the phone closer to Brock's face.

"Wuh...wah..what are you doin'?" Brock pleaded, his eyes now denoted the impending panic building behind them.

Max's face took on a stern calm as his eyes drilled into Brock's: "I'm showing you your truth, Gunny." he paused and added: "This is who you are, you're not the fake, phony, liar you show everyone else." Max hit repeat again: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

"STOP IT!" the now panicked Marine yelled at him, his hands balling up into fist his body tense and nearly trembling from fear and anger.

Max hit repeat again: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

Brock lunged at the phone, intending to rip it from Max's left hand, as his fear gave way to anger his anger gave way to action.

Max deftly avoided his grasp and his right hand shot up smacking squarely into Brock's chest with just enough force to topple him backward onto his ass, Brock's anger now turned into blind rage and fury and he jumped to his feet and launched himself full-body at Max.

With a speed that completely caught the young Gunny off guard, Max's right hand shot out lightning-quick, his fingers digging into the Gunny's muscular throat, and hoisted him one-armed into the air.

For the briefest moment, Brock could have sworn Max's irises flashed a bright blue, but there was no mistaking the predicament he now found himself in as he desperately tried to gasp for breath against the steel-like grip of the man dangling him a good foot off the floor.

Brock’s hands clutched at Max's forearm, clawed at his rigid fingers, helplessly trying to extricate himself, his need for oxygen growing by the second as his face flushed red and his hazel eyes bugged out.

Max shoved the phone in his face once again and hit repeat: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

"This is who you are!" Max growled, daring Brock to disagree with him, forcing him to face his reality... to face the truth, his truth... "Verum Tuae Sui."

All the fight drained from Brock, and as his body went limp, Max lowered him to the floor and eased him back into one of the chairs, where he sat slouched over on his elbows, resting on his knees and his face planted in the palms of his hands as the tears began to flow from his eyes.

Max knelt in front of him, tossed his phone into the other chair, and brought his right hand up to gently stroke the right side of Brock's head: "You’re gay, Gunny." said Max's voice, now deep and soothing, but full of truth.

Max's resolve almost melted as this strong young man began to sob, arms reaching out to him, Max pulled Brock to him, his strong powerful arms encircling and comforting him and softly stroked his back, neck, and head, allowing him the time to face his truth, to accept it, and move on.

That's what real men do, that's what this Marine needed to do, to become a man and face his fears head-on, to face the chaos head-on and allow it to forge him into something new, something better, to claim his heritage.

His heritage as a man and a Marine.

They stayed like that for a while until Brock gently began to pull back, wiping the tears from his face, Max reached over and pulled some tissues from the box sitting on his desk and handed them to Brock, as he composed himself and sat up straighter in his chair, his hands clutching at the moist tissues he held in his lap, Max returned to his seat behind his desk, adjusted his shirt and sat down.

"What do I do now?” Brock moaned, his voice still thick with the parade of emotions that continued to wash over him.

Max glared at him sternly, forcing his eyes to meet his: "You're going to own it, Gunny, and become the man you were meant to be!"

Brock's face grew sullen: "What about my family, they'll never accept this? My parents are very religious, my brothers..." His eyes became saucers: "Dammit, what about my wife?!!"

Max leaned back in his chair and contemplated for a second: "She doesn't have a clue, does she?" Max had met her before at squadron dinners and other social functions, an attractive woman if not a bit naive.

Max's brow furrowed but he had to ask: "I've always wanted to know something, you being married to a woman and being gay and all..." Max's voice trailed for a second, not sure how he wanted to frame his train of thought: "I assume since you've been married for four years, at some point the two of you have had sex."

Brock bowed his head: "Yeah, but not that often..." He thought for a second calculating: "Maybe a couple of times a month, sometimes more. Usually I don't even cum." he concluded.

"Damn" Max groaned, shaking his head: "No wonder you're always so.. how shall I put this...enthusiastic." Max smiled and noticed the faintest of grins at the corners of the Gunny's lips: "Clarify for me..." Max said pausing briefly: "What all do you do together, in the bedroom that is?”

Brock shrugged his shoulders slightly: ”We fuck...well, at least we fuck for as long as I can maintain an erection that is."

"Nothing else?!" a look of surprise crossing Max's face before Brock responded: "Well, sometimes she will suck me a little. But I don't think she likes doing that very much."

"How about you?" Max asked, truly fascinated now.

"What about me?" Brock asked not sure he understood the question.

"Do you ever go down on her?" Max queried and almost laughed at the look of disgust that momentarily washed over the young Gunny's face.

"Um....no." he half-whispered looking down at the floor.

"Never!?" Max exclaimed incredulously staring at the Gunny.

He didn't need to answer, Max knew it alread, Brock’s face and entire body language said he was repulsed by the idea: "That poor fucking woman!" Max sighed: "That's it, we're through talking." Max exclaimed and stood up glaring at the Gunny.

"You know what you're gonna do Gunny?!" Max was in full command mode now, the timbre of his voice leaving no doubt whatsoever that GySgt. Brock Gryzinski was going to do exactly what he was about to order him to do: "You're going to go home right this minute and drag that poor bitch into your bedroom. You're going to sensually strip her down and sit her at the foot of your bed. You’re going to lean her back, spread her legs, and you’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening eating her fucking pussy. You’re gonna lick, lap, and suck her clit and drive your tongue as deep as you can in and out of her snatch and slurp up all her pussy juices. You're going to eat pussy and make your wife cum over and over again until she can't take it anymore and begs you to stop!”

Max didn't give a rats ass when he saw the color drain from Brock's face and he began looking a bit green around the gills at the thought of what Max was commanding him to do: "If I find out..." Max sternly cautioned jabbing his finger toward Brock's chest: "that you failed to carry out my orders..."

Max let his threat sink in: "No Master Sgt. I won't fail, Sir!" Brock stammered, visibly shaken. Max could see the fear in his eyes, knowing Brock was in no hurry for a repeat of what had just happened minutes before.

Max opened the briefcase on his desk and removed an envelope, two manila folders, and a small oblong box and set them in front of him: "After you've satisfied your wife and probably given her the best sexual experience of her life..." Max paused, once again emphasizing his orders: "You're going to sit her down and tell her the truth. Then you're going to tell her that you're going to immediately petition for a non-contested divorce, granting her whatever she wants of your joint assets." Max wasn't even trying to be diplomatic about it now: "Then you're going to pack some clothes and go to a motel for the night." Max stared right into Brock's eyes: "Tomorrow, you're going to retain an attorney, and file a divorce petition."

Max looked down and picked up the first manila folder: "These are your orders to file with base operations tomorrow letting them know you are going on special assignment effective immediately."

"New assignment Master Sgt.?" Brock's was face full of questions he was afraid to ask.

Max picked up the second manila folder: "These are the requisitions you are to file before the end of day tomorrow." Max handed it to the Gunny: "Make sure you get everything in order before you leave."

The Gunny opened the folder and started scanning the contents, a surprised look on his face: "Are these all approved?" he asked.

Max smiled: "Look at the authorization Gunny."

Brock saw the name: "Lt. General Bastian Hartford!" a look of surprise swept the Gunny's face: "A three-star general at that." Brock whistled: "You got some real connections, Master Sgt."

"And you have your orders Marine." Max picked up the small oblong box and the letter handing the last two items over to Brock: "Friday morning at zero nine hundred, you are to depart for the Devil Dawg Compound and report to Sgt. Carl McGregor. He will introduce you to the new team you will be training with." Max had taken him to the compound several times before, a couple of times with Carl.

Max smiled wickedly at the next part: "You will be introduced to Corporal Atticus Walker, whom you will present this envelope too. After he reads the contents, you are to hand him this box and do exactly as you are instructed to do."

Max sat back down, pleased with himself and with a wave of his hand dismissed the Gunny, but just as he had opened the door to leave Max called out his name: "Brock?" The Gunny turned to meet the Master Sgt. eye to eye and with a big smile on his face Max said: "Enjoy your first taste of pussy Marine."

Brock left, suddenly feeling very queasy and nauseous, thinking to himself: "It's going to be a very rough night."

                                                                      * * * * *

"So, how does it feel to be a loser?" Gavin didn't expect Billy to answer that question. It just felt good to be better at something than this big strong jock.

"That's quite the accomplishment, being better at a video game you've played a million times compared to someone who has never played it at all." Billy retorted.

Gavin feigned indignation: "Do you expect me to believe that you've gotten to the ripe old age of seventeen and have never played Mario Kart?" Gavin clutched one hand to his chest and the back of the other to his forehead, sweeping his head upward mockingly: "Lies I tell you, lies!" Billy laughed and reached over and started tickling Gavin's sides: "Stop that asshole! You’re gonna make me piss myself!"

Billy straddled his chest and begin fingering Gavin's armpits, making him squirm underneath him, trying to twist away from the tickle torture: "Go ahead," Billy laughed, a broad grin on his face: “It's not my bed you'll be pissing in."

After the gym, Gavin had asked Billy if he'd like to come over to his house and hang for a while, Gavin didn't have many friends that ever came over to visit, especially any that were as hot as Billy Donnelly.

He wondered what his computer geek friends would think if they saw him now, lying across his bed with one of the hunkiest guys in their school, straddling his chest, his bulging crotch mere inches from his face; a crotch Gavin just couldn't keep his eyes off of.

"Are you staring at my dick again, ya big homo?!" Billy sneered playfully.

"It's hard not to when it's practically shoved right in my face, ya big prick tease" Gavin laughed and tried harder to push Billy off his chest.

Billy rolled off him and lay down beside him, both of them now lying sideways across Gavin's bed, their bare feet on the floor: "Do you really think that?" Billy said, his expression a little more serious now, turning his head to look at Gavin meeting him eye-to-eye.

"I didn't mean anything bad by that Billy!" Gavin's face showed his concern, thinking he had crossed a line and offended Billy by his comment, quickly adding: "It wasn't a complaint." Gavin bowed his head slightly and blushed a little: "Truthfully, I kinda like it."

Billy thought for a moment, bringing his arms up to lace his fingers together behind his head: "I don't tease you because you’re gay, ya know that, right?!"

Gavin twisted sideways and propped himself up on one elbow looking at Billy's strong handsome face: "I know that dude, but..." He paused for a moment before adding: "This is just all so new to me and sometimes..." He let his thoughts drift for second thinking how to put his feelings into words: "I am gay and you’re like.." He gulped, too afraid to say what he was thinking.

"A hot stud muffin you can't take your eyes off of?" Billy goaded and chuckled trying to break the somber seriousness of the moment.

Gavin smiled back at him and poked him playfully in the ribs: "It's just that I've never... you know, I've never done..."

Billy sat up putting his hand on Gavin's shoulder: "You mean you're a virgin bro?” Gavin turned away, not wanting Billy to see him blush now: "Seriously dude, you've never done anything?" Billy asked, laying back down folding his hands behind his head again.

"No" Gavin smiled faintly.

"Not even a kiss...nuthin'?" Billy was kind of surprised, but not surprised at the same time, thinking back at how awkward and bashful he'd been, even about being naked around another guy: "So you've never even seen a dick up close, have you?" Billy queried, honestly wondering if today had been the very first time Gavin had seen one relatively up close like he had today in the shower earlier. Gavin bashfully looked back at Billy, their eyes barely connecting, and shook his head no.
If there had been a bulb over Billy's head it would have lit up and probably exploded at that moment compelling him to ask: "Would you like too?"

Gavin just looked at him questioningly, confusion by Billy's question written all over his face.

Billy clarified: "Do you wanna see my dick up close?" Billy almost laughed out loud, but glad he caught himself after seeing the deer in headlights expression that now dominated Gavin's surprised, shocked face: "Yes or no dude? It's not that difficult a question."

Gavin heard the sincerity in Billy's voice, and though he was still more than a bit shocked by the question, he heard himself timidly respond: "Yeah."

Billy sat up briefly, pulling his sweatshirt off and tossing it on the floor, before returning to his previous hands behind head position: "There...that's better, might as well get the full show while we're at it." Gavin continued to sit there not knowing where to begin staring at Billy's now exposed muscle-bulging chest and rock hard 8-pack abs.

Billy noted his hesitancy: "Pretend it's Christmas and you’re unwrapping your Christmas present." He said mischievously, grinning ear to ear. Gavin's eyes were still trying to take it all in, he had seen Billy with his shirt off before, but not like this, not so close and on display solely for his enjoyment.

"Can I touch your abs?" Gavin asked, almost breathlessly.

Billy giggled slightly, amused by Gavin's timidness: "You can touch anything you want."

Suddenly Gavin felt like a kid in a candy store; he didn't know where to start as he brought his right hand up and placed it palm down in the center of Billy's abdomen and caressed the hard, bulging mound of his belly, enjoying the feel of Billy's light brown fur.

His fingers traced the valley's and crevasses of Billy's abdominal muscles, slowly moving upwards to the twin slabs of rock hard flesh that comprised his pecs, Gavin's fingertips stroked the line between them as Billy flexed them slightly, making them grow tauter.

Gavin was amazed at the detail of the striations as they rippled underneath his stroking digits.

Gavin turned his attention to Billy's quarter-sized areola and the pencil eraser sized nubs of his nipples and without thinking, he bent his head down and licked one before realizing what he'd done and jerked back looking concernedly up at Billy who just smiled back at him.

"It's okay bro, you can touch, kiss, or lick anywhere you want..." Billy paused then added: "Anywhere but here." he pointed to his lips. "I'm not that keen on kissing another dude right yet." He laughed making light of his one restriction.

"That's kewl." Gavin smiled, still considering himself the luckiest gay virgin in the world right now getting to do all this with one of the hottest studs he has ever met.

Billy watched as Gavin refocused his attention, moving his hands down tentatively to the waistband of Billy's sweatpants, he watched with interest as Gavin hooked his thumbs into his sweats and began easing them down slowly.

As Gavin got up and moved between Billy's muscular thighs and pulled his sweats down, Billy lifted his hips off the bed allowing Gavin to draw them down over the growing bulge of his overstuffed jockstrap and slid them down his legs removing them completely.

Billy's cock began to engorge with blood, expanding the already obscene bulge of the jock pouch, stretching it outward, straining against the elastic yielding fabric.

He watched as Gavin slipped his fingers over the bulge extending up to his waistband and began slowly pulling it down over his growing erection until it popped out and flopped heavily and with a thumping noise against his belly.

Having removed Billy's jockstrap, Gavin focused his attention on what he considered to be the grand prize, the huge throbbing piece of meat between Billy's splayed  legs.

Gavin marveled at it, his tongue absentmindedly flicking wetly across his lips, his mouth suddenly watering at the impressive organ, he let his hands roam over Billy's thighs ever upward toward it, drawn like a moth to flame his right hand finally touching it, his fingers slowly encircling its pulsating girth, lifting it to stand vertically upright.

Billy moaned deeply, a resonant sound that came deep within his chest as Gavin began to peel away the thick foreskin from his bulbous, lavender-blue shiny glans.

Gavin brought up his left hand and gently cupped the two large, furry, egg-sized balls that dangled loosely between Billy's hairy spread muscle taut legs, awed by the sheer weight and density of them, the aromatic musky smell that wafted upward into Gavin's nostrils further intoxicating his senses with pure animalistic lust.

Wanting to fully savor the moment, Gavin leaned in and hesitantly kissed both cum swollen testes, feeling like an acolyte worshiping at the altar of Billy's manhood, relishing the pure masculine aroma that was uniquely his own.

With eyes glazed over, his tongue slipped between his lips almost subconsciously and swabbed the moist and salty flesh, Gavin adoringly enjoying the strong, sapid flavor of male virility.

Not wanting to ignore the main focus of his lustful journey, Gavin flattened his drooling tongue against the base of Billy's monumental phallus and slide it upward in one long continuous stroke ending at the cleft between his glans then swirling the tip of his tongue against his frenulum coaxing a low and guttural groan from Billy.

Not wanting to interfere with Gavin's explorations, Billy was doing his best to not reach down and seize him by the hair and force his aching boner down his throat and deposit his load, but Billy didn't know how much more he could take before his libido overrode his need for release.

Gavin lifted his head over Billy's palpitating, bulbous glans, wrapped both hands around the thick shaft, and pumped gently up and down marveling at the shiny, smooth, velveteen flesh of his blood-engorged knob.

He watched wantonly as a large, clear, pea-sized, droplet of seminal fluid oozed from the gaping urethra.

Staring up into Billy's lustful blue eyes, Gavin pursed his lips and sipped the viscous fluid into his mouth and savored the saline sweetness of masculine secretions for the first time, and with hunger and passion he'd not known existed within him before, Gavin devoured the helmet-shaped mushroom head and stuffed it deep into his oral cavity, slurping and sucking like a wanton cock hungry whore.

Billy's groans grew louder, his hands shot to Gavin's shoulders gripping them tightly, thrusting his hips upward, trying to push more of his dong passed Gavin's pursed, siphoning lips before his gonads launched the missiles of his pent up load, blasting like a rocket into Gavin's lip locked suctioning orifice.

Gavin did not expect the sheer volume of sperm that blasted into his mouth, let alone the speed and force in which it jetted into the back of his throat, he gulped and choked, gobbled and guzzled hot molten jizz, his head dizzy with passion, his eyes rolled back in his head in pure carnal lust, realizing too late his cock was exploding into his underwear and shorts, his orgasm spurred by the satiation of his primal hunger for cock.

As the waves of their passion subsided Billy's right hand lifted and gently stroked the side of Gavin's face, Gavin softly looked upward, still somewhat in his lustful fugal state, happily sucking and swallowing the last bits of dick dribble still oozing from Billy's member.

Billy grinned as their eyes locked: "Damn dude! I'm gonna have to let you win at Super Mario Kart more often!"



                                                             CHAPTER TEN:


Max Donnelly had just showered and slipped into his favorite pair of USMC PT silkies and grabbed his first cold beer of the day from the frig; as he opened the can and went to take a swig, he heard the message ding of his phone and went to check it, knowing it couldn't be Carl because they didn't have cell service out at the compound, he also knew that Billy was over at his new friends house and was having dinner there, so that only left one real option.

"Dad, coach is taking us all for pizza, won't be home till later, JD." Max smiled to himself, he loved his boys but this was one of those rare moments that he would actually have some time to himself, no Carl, no teen boy drama, just him, a cold beer and a comfy couch calling out his name.

But of course, he had no sooner stretched out when he heard a vehicle pull up out front; for a moment or two he thought about just pretending no one was home but as he heard the footsteps on the gravel drive approach his front door he already knew who it was, the strong scent of honey and fresh earth preceded him...
                                                          * * * * *

Timmy had been clothes shopping in town and decided, since it was on the way home, he would chance dropping by and see if JD had made it home yet from baseball practice.

As he came down the driveway he noticed Max's truck in the carport and hoped that meant his Dad had picked up JD and he was indeed home, he could already feel his cock begin to stir and his hole began to get that certain itch at the thought of spending another evening with JD; of course the possibility of seeing his incredibly virile, hunky Dad wouldn't exactly bother him either.

Timmy hadn't stopped thinking about JD's Dad's enormous cock and those huge hairy balls, and he couldn't stop fantasizing about what might have happened if he hadn't gotten that phone call from Carl right when he did and how Max had taken the call to his room and came back out a few minutes later totally dressed virtually signally an end to any possibility of Timmy getting his hands on that magnificent tool of his.

With his imagination still full of visions of that big cock still lingering in his mind, Timmy raised his right hand to knock on the front door to the Donnelly trailer; he was startled by the door opening abruptly and now found himself blushing as the person he had just been fantasizing about now stood before him, dressed only in a loose pair of olive drab silk shorts, which did nothing to conceal the near perfect outline of the large appendage dangling bulging underneath the sheer fabric.

"Uh hum!" Max's deep voice breaking the momentary silence: "My eyes are up here" he stated with a cocky half grin and pointing to his dark blue eyes, embarrassingly refocusing Timmy unconsciously staring at his crotch, to meet him eye to eye.

Timmy felt like crawling away and hiding somewhere, ashamed at his blatant ogling of Max's obvious endowments.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Donnelly, I just stopped by to see if JD was here" he finally managed to stammer out the words but still fighting the impulse to caress Max's bulge with his eyes.

"He just called a few minutes ago saying he was going out to eat with his coach and his team" Max paused briefly: "But you're more than welcome to come inside and wait for him" Max stepped aside and practically ushered Timmy inside before shutting the door.

"Sit!" Max said with a gesture of his hand to the couch, the word sounding more like a command than a request as he headed toward the kitchen: "Would you like something to drink?" He asked while pulling another beer from the frig for himself. "A Coke would be fine" Timmy stated meekly, still feeling very nervous and more than a little intimidated by the man's mere physical presence; for Timmy, Max was everything he thought a man should be, strong, confident, sure of himself, lump all that in with his incredible body, handsome masculine features and of course his prodigious endowments, and Max Donnelly became his near perfect ideal vision of manhood.

As Max casually sauntered back over to the couch with a beer in one hand and a Coke in the other Timmy couldn't keep his eyes away from the large limp phallus that flopped and bounced against the silky fabric of his very thin shorts, his hand almost trembled as he tentatively took the proffered can of soda from Max's large hand before sitting himself next to him on the couch, close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body, near enough to smell his clean natural masculine musk, a scent that only addled Timmy's thoughts and composure, a composure further rattled by Max's next comments: "You know..." he paused a look of contemplation crossing his face: "In many ancient cultures people like you were considered a third sex." Max could see the question forming by Timmy's expressions before he even spoke: "People like me?" he asked, trying to focus his thoughts now, anywhere except between Max's legs.

"Yes, your people" Max affirmed: "Homosexuals."

Timmy almost spat out the sip of Coke he had just taken, an action not missed by Max, but not acknowledged either before continuing: "Of course they weren't called that back then, the word homosexual didn't exist until 1868 when an Austrian-born Hungarian journalist by the name of Karl-Maria Kertbeny first coined it." Max's eyes became more stern and a slight sneer crossed his face: "Kind of makes you wonder how the word homosexual got into the New Testament of the King James Bible since it was written in the early 1600's, doesn't it?"

Timmy just stared at Max, his face a blank palette; was what he was saying true, he thought to himself, quickly concluding it had to be or Max wouldn't have known where the word originated; how did a word that wouldn't be invented until over 200 years later now appear in scripture?

Why didn't his parents know this, even worse, why didn't his church's pastor know this? Timmy's mind was swirling now, his ire rising as he recalled all the time's he could remember the condemnation from not only his parents but their church pastor citing Bible verses using the word homosexual wielding those scriptures like swords of eternal damnation, hellfire and judgement against people just like him.

"Just something to consider" Max mused, the stern look fading from his eyes knowing the weight of the seed he just planted in this young man's mind.

Timmy looked intently at him now asking: "So, what name did they call them in these ancient cultures?" Max stared back at him, contemplating: "That depends which culture we're talking about" he posited then added: "Did you know that there's no Hebrew word for homosexual? he paused letting that sink in: "Nor is there a Latin word, the language the Romans spoke, neither was there an Aramaic word, the language Jesus spoke."

Timmy was baffled, and queried: "Are you saying there were no gay people back then?"

Max couldn't help but smile and give a little chuckle: "No, it's just that they didn't have a word for it, but they did have a terminology" Timmy's brow furrowed, now more than a little confused, Max answered before Timmy could frame his thoughts into a question: "The terminology was born eunuchs" Max waited a moment before concluding: "Many modern scholars have determined this because of these ancient cultures definition of what a born eunuch is; that being men born without a desire for women" Max smiled broadly again with a hint of mischievousness: "sort of just says it all doesn't it, so simple yet so true."

Timmy just shook his head: "They don't teach these things in public school that's for sure"

Max took another few swigs of his beer before continuing the conversation: "Many men in those ancient cultures actually sought them out" He noticed Timmy's frown, knowing he was thinking the worst, he quickly added: "They sought them out to be guards over their wives, daughters or for their harems"

"Guards for what?" was Timmy's rather naive response: "Guards against other men having sex with them of course" Max chuckled again: "Plus they had the added bonus of being additional sexual partners to those men." Max's smile was nothing less than lecherous and it didn't go unnoticed by Timmy.

"Enough about ancient homo history" Max laughed then stated: "I'm getting hungry, how about you?" Timmy didn't really need to think about that: "Yeah actually I am kind of hungry"

Max grinned at him: "Can you cook?" he asked looking him dead in the eye: "A little" Timmy responded, again his face a questioning grimace that Max thought was kind of adorable: "Good, I was wondering who was going to fix my dinner tonight" his eyes burning into Timmy's before leaning back sideways on the couch, his rising legs inching Timmy up so they could take his place as Max nodded his head to the left: "Kitchens that way, let me know when dinners ready."

                                                              * * * * *

"You're full of shit!" JD said mockingly, shoving Davy Turner sideways in the seat next to him. His teammates and buddies Matt Brewer and Jason "Pee Wee" Dunne shaking their heads and agreeing with him.

"I swear on a stack of Bibles dude, I saw it with my own two eyes!" Davy insisted.

"Then you need fukin' glasses" Jason admonished in his deep baritone voice, his huge hand taking a playful swipe at Davy's blond haired head from across the table at the Pizza Hut coach Tuck Pullman had taken them too.

Moments before Davy Turner had told them about what he'd seen this morning when he arrived early at their high school gym at 11am, his Mom needed to drop him off early because she had a doctor's appointment to get too by 11:30.

He had seen that the coaches truck was there and he had headed in through the back entrance to the gym where the coaches office was, thinking he'd see if he needed a hand getting the day's equipment out and set up on the baseball field and in the dugouts.

He'd poked his head in the coaches office and though the lights were on, the coach wasn't in there, so he decided to just go take a quick whiz in the locker room before he headed out to the field, thinking that's probably where the coach was, but when he got to the locker room he could hear a shower running and figured the coach was probably taking a quick one before the team got there; normally he would have just headed back outside, but he really had to piss so he decided to see if he could just sneak passed the shower room entrance and hit the head real quick without disturbing the coach, but as he got closer to the shower room, he could hear someone moaning real low the kind of moans guys make when they are having sex.

Davy kind of grinned wickedly and told them he thought the coach had his ol' lady in there bangin' one into her so he had gone full stealth mode so he could take a peek.

They'd all started bro punching him on the shoulder calling him a perv: "Like all you guys wouldn't have done the same thing." he taunted, everyone snickered because they knew it was true.

"Anyway..." he continued: "when I got there what do I see, ain't nobody with the coach, but he's naked and pounding his pud right there in the shower" they all just looked at him in disbelief especially after he told them the second part of it.

"I'm tellin' ya, it was nuts, I ain't ever seen nuthin' or heard of nuthin' like it!" his eyes wide as saucers talking excitedly, his face flushing red at the recollection: "He was sitting his ass on a baseball bat!" it was then that JD had called bullshit.

"Nah' dudes" Davy now insistently continued: "At first I just thought he was just resting against it, then I saw him ease back with the bat handle wedged against the floor and wall and I watched him lower his asshole down on it like about four-inches or so" he paused letting that visual sink in: "I'm thinking how the hell could ya get something that size up your butt-hole that far and not split yourself in two, but he didn't stop there." He paused again trying to catch his breath before going on: "I know ya ain't gonna believe me, but I shit you not, the coach sort of squatted, reached between his legs and using both hands on the handle of that Louisville slugger, slid it up there at least three quarters of the way, everything except where his two hands was holding it."

All of them laughed at Davy, absolutely certain he was totally full of shit now, making the whole thing up.

"I knew you guys wouldn't believe me!" he stammered, knowing his pride was on the line now, he pulled out his phone and pulled up a file on it and hit play, and there it was, a video of their coach in the shower fucking his asshole with a baseball bat, not just a little bit but just like Davy said, he was practically shoving the whole thing in and out of his ass and almost more impressively, without even touching his dick, they watched as he rammed the bat in and out as fast as he could, he groaned real loud and started spraying jizz all over the shower room floor.

They all just sat there, faces red and flushed, but all agreeing that if Davy hadn't recorded it, they wouldn't have believed it possible, even after seeing it, they still couldn't believe someone could take something that big up their butt let alone take almost the whole damn thing, even more astonishing that the person doing it was their macho, married, redneck baseball coach.

                                                               * * * * *

"That wasn't bad at all" Max Donnelly moaned, scooting his chair back from the kitchen table and patting his stomach having just stuffed himself with the spaghetti Timmy had made them for dinner.

"Sorry it was just meat sauce and not meatballs, but that would have taken a lot longer to fix" Timmy was still smiling from Max's compliment.

"Meatballs wouldn't have changed the taste any, I even enjoyed the salad" Max smiled widely and leaned toward Timmy and whispered: "But don't tell Carl that or he'll be making me eat rabbit food every night."

At the mention of Carl's name, Timmy's head slightly bowed and he toyed with the fork he still held in his right hand: "Can I ask you a personal question?" his eyes only briefly looking into Max's: "Shoot" Max simply stated, before taking another swig of his beer.

More awkwardly than he would have liked, Timmy asked: "Are you and Carl...you know...like..." Max interrupted: "A couple?" the half grin on his face denoting the humor he felt at Timmy's bashful discomfort.

Timmy couldn't bring himself to look up at Max, a fresh wave of embarrassment flushing across his face, Max responded as best he could without revealing too much: "What Carl and I have goes beyond that, but what I really think you want to know is..." He paused, a huge wicked grin conveying more than his words as he reached down and lewdly groped his bulging phallus through his silkies, practically shaking it at Timmy: "You're sitting there wondering if Carl would object to me pounding your ass tonight."

Timmy's eyes shot up immediately, his mouth practically hanging open, once again shocked at the man's boldness, that and knowing he wasn't wrong. "How does he do that?" Timmy thought to himself.

"You didn't answer me" Max's voice a bit firmer now: "Do you or do you not want me to pound your hole until it looks like a fuckin' pussy?"

Timmy had to gather all his strength just to meekly mutter his one word response: "Yes."

Max smiled again, loving how he affected this beautiful young man, he could smell the sexual pheromones just gushing from Timmy, so much so he could practically taste them, he could hear the sound of his increased heart rate, feel the rising heat emanating from his skin as he flushed with sexual desire, the scent of honey and freshly dug earth, this is what people like Timmy smelled like, it was a lot like the scent that women give off but when coupled with the testosterone that infused his masculine body it becomes almost intoxicating, irresistible to those like Max, the need to possess and dominate crashing against the thinly veiled wall of their self control.

Max had to wonder to himself, if this young man knew what was about to be unleashed on him, if he had a choice before it went that far, would he still be sitting there or would he have bolted from him, gaining as much distance as he could hoping they'd never meet again?

No, Max concluded, the waves of passion now radiating from Timmy would never allow someone such as him to flee, they craved, hungered for what men like Max could give them, the fulfillment they could never find anywhere else, a fulfillment Max noted that came from wisdom, a wisdom that can only come with age or experience, a fulfillment Max now knew worked both ways.

"What is your interest in my son?" Max suddenly queried his voice thick, almost demanding.

Timmy sat there, no longer able to avoid the intensity of Max's gaze, his desires growing, stretching outward longing for the gratification that he knew instinctively he could only find with a man like Max Donnelly: "I don't know" he answered simply, honestly.

"You don't love him, that much I do know" Timmy heard the truth behind Max's words, he didn't love JD, at least not in the sense Max was referring too. He did however deeply cared about him.

For Timmy, JD was like the proverbial knight in shining armor who had saved him from the evil dragon that had threatened to consume his life, but Timmy had also come to realize, that JD had become his safe space, the person who makes him feel good about himself, lightens his day and makes his existence bearable.

But Timmy also knew that for all those wonderful things that JD is, he's still a boy; a beautiful, smart, funny, energetic, exuberant breath of fresh air, but underneath it all, still a boy, fumbling to find himself.

"I don't want to hurt him." Timmy finally managed to moan, his beatific face now marred by worry and a growing angst.

"He's not for you" Max spoke calmly, but firmly insisting: "My son's path lies in another direction, one regrettably forged by his own hand" Max paused, not wanting to go into too much detail about his sons fate, a fate he will be faced with in just a couple of weeks and one Max hoped he had successfully bargained and prepared for, one he hoped his son could grow into and salvage himself from the wreckage of his own making.

Timmy sensed the sadness in Max's voice, but he also sensed hope there as well.

"He needs someone who'll love and care for him." Timmy whispered but his words were resolute.

"Then we both want the same thing for him" Max's tone was softer now: "If I told you he will have that opportunity, will you accept what I say without further question?"

Timmy heard the sincerity, he wished he had had a father like Max growing up.

"If you promise me you'll keep your hands off my boy from now on..." That lecherous grin returning to Max's handsome face, reaching down and pulling the left side leg of his shorts to the side revealing his massive genitals to Timmy's startled but all consuming stare: "I'll promise to satiate you in ways neither he or anyone else ever could!"

Timmy looked up to meet Max's lusty glare, eye to eye, matching his boundless passion with his own unquenchable thirst.

                                                           * * * * *

"Mmmmmm...mmm....mm" Gavin Hollis moaned, his swollen puffy lips still firmly wrapped three quarters of the way down the still fully erect phallus of Billy Donnelly, whose still pulsing dick head still oozed his thick testicular juices into Gavin's hungry mouth.

Gavin once again, his mouth full to overflowing with Billy's thick hot sperm, languishingly savored the viscous fluids, swirling them around the fat cock in his mouth, enjoying the tingle of his little swimmers on his tongue and the subtle nuanced bouquet of saline, starch and sweetness.

Gavin has been sucking this beautiful member, off and on now for hours, in fact this was the fifth load Billy had blasted into his mouth, each as thick and plentiful as the last.

Gavin marveled at his virility, but as he slowly let this load join the others in his belly by gulping it down in spurts allowing him to prolong his enjoyment, he knew this had to end, his jaws ached, his lips were swollen and puffy from all the suctioning as was Billy's now bloated foreskin, but he never complained, allowing Gavin to satiate himself from all those years of pent up sexual repression, gorge himself passionately on the bountiful feast that is Billy's virility and manhood.

"Looks like someone's finally had enough" Billy chuckled softly, his voice thick and dry from hours of moaning as Gavin suckled him into blissful oblivion.

Indeed, Gavin reluctantly allowed the firm turgid flesh to slip from his lips and wetly smack against Billy's abdomen, bending gently down and giving it one more long lick and a sweet kiss on the tip as his tongue swiped into his glans orifice for one more tasty reminder before rising up, stretching and turning to smile gratefully at the man who made this wonderful day possible.

"You really suck" Billy said laughingly, his own head still recovering from the fugue-like state he'd been in most of the afternoon and early evening.

Gavin smacked him on the thigh and stood up, looking down at the mess he himself had made from his own ejaculations.

"Come on dude, we need to get cleaned up" Gavin said offering Billy his hand for assistance in getting up: "My Mom will be home soon and she can't catch us like this."

Billy laughed again: "How are you gonna explain them big ol' lips of yours to her?" Gavin rushed over to the mirror above his dresser: "Shit dude, it looks like someone punched me in the mouth."

A large smirk spread across Billy's face: "Someone did, Me!" He said chuckling again: "I've been dick punching them almost all day."

"Ha ha monkey boy" Gavin sneered coyly.

"If I'm the monkey that makes you the organ grinder" Billy's smirk broadening into laughter before offering: "Put some ice on them that should help with the swelling."

"Damn Donnelly that's almost smart, who knew you had a brain inside that thick skull" Gavin quipped lightly punching Billy in the chest.

"Barely" Billy smiled: "I thought you we gonna suck them all out through my dick cock-sucker"

Gavin grinned responding: "Okay Donnelly, go get the shower started while I go get some ice for my cock-sucker lips" He chortled before adding: "Besides, I don't have time to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person." Gavin ducked Billy's swing as he ran down the hall to the kitchen.

                                                                * * * * *

As they pulled into the Devil Dawg Compound Carl McGregor couldn't help but notice the black SUV parked on the far side of the parking lot nearest the paved walkway that led about a hundred yards through the woods into the ceremonial valley section of the compound.

Carl was certain he knew who the driver of that SUV was as well and as the twelve member team disembarked from the MTVR and started unloading the supplies, Carl called Cpl. Atticus Walker over to him: "Corporal, get all the supplies and provisions removed and secured" he ordered, then added: "Seems we have a guest I need to go greet." Atticus looked at him questioningly nodding and acknowledging the only other vehicle in the parking lot: "Do you require assistance Sgt?" He asked, cautious concern etched on his stern rugged face.

Carl smiled disarmingly, waving the young Corporal off with a flick of his hand before turning and walking toward the pathway and saying loud enough for Atticus to hear: "It's just an old friend Corporal, nothing to concern yourself over."

As Carl walked the serene scenic distance to the grounds he found himself slightly irritated with the jostling of the two-inch circumference red butt-plug Max made him use to hold the loads he fucked into him, right now it held back the two from last night and the fresh one Max had pounded into him earlier in the morning before they left for the base.

The slight discomfort and irritation of the plug now reminded Carl of how its use came into being; years ago, while Max was still with that bitch Monaca and before they had Michael.

Carl still lived with Max, in his own room of course, Max had intended they all share a bed together, but it became quickly apparent that neither Carl or Monaca would ever get along and could barely stand being in the same house together let alone share a bed which of course, relationally complicated things for Max, he hated being put in the middle of their domestic squabbles.

Max would often find little ways to display his annoyance with both of them, the one he favored using on Carl was to come to Carl's room right after fucking Monaca, his dick still wet and dripping with her vaginal juices and fuck them into Carl's ass, Max knew how much Carl hated having part of Monaca inside him, probably ever bit as much as her hating it when Max would kiss her with the taste of Carl's cum in his mouth.

It was after one such incident Max had caught Carl washing his hole out in the shower right after sex, yes he knew Max always insisted he keep his loads inside of him, but that night had been a particular bad one between him and Monaca, they had bickered, argued and fought all evening and Carl finally got fed up at dinner that night and stomped away shutting himself up in his room even after Max had ordered him to return to the table.

Carl wasn't naive about it, he new Max would punish him for it and of course, that night Max came to Carl, right after fucking Monaca and mounted him, he reeked of her the entire time and after Max rolled off him and started to doze off, Carl slipped out of the bed, no longer able to stomach the idea of Monaca's cunt juices inside of his hole and went to the bathroom and began douching, trying to get her stink out of him, knowing that at the same time he was flushing out Max's sperm as well, something Max had directly ordered him never to do.

Max of course caught him in mid act and though at that moment he didn't say anything, Carl knew by the look on his face, he was furious and disappointed in him, emphasized even more by Max saying nothing and leaving his room, slamming his door on the way out.

Too late, Carl realized what a huge mistake he'd just made and knew there would be repercussions for his disobedient behavior.

The next morning Max wouldn't even speak to him, not even during their ride to work, Max just dropped him off at his duty station and left without ever saying a word, leaving Carl the entire day to dwell on it and he did exactly that, but as bad as he felt about what he had done, he still felt justified in doing so, especially after the extra bitchy way Monaca had been acting toward him recently and as the day drew longer and the more he relived the previous few days, the more pissed he got, not only at Monaca but at Max as well and by the time his shift came to an end Carl had become determined to let Max know just how he felt and indeed he did, no sooner had he climbed into the passenger side of Max's truck he started unloading.

For almost ten or fifteen minutes he aired his grievances, every percieved slight he had with Monaca and her behavior and concluding with the unfair way he felt Max was letting her just run all over him without saying a word to her and showing her preferential treatment over him.

All the while Max just sat there staring ahead, his hands gripping the steering wheel of his truck, silently listening to Carl vent and rant, not once turning to look Carl in the eyes, just blankly staring off into space waiting for Carl to finish.

"Are you done?!" Max's voice was icy cold but what wasn't cold was the fire in Max's eyes as he turned his head to lock eyes with Carl: "You are such a tight-ass!" Max said, his tone hard and razor sharp: "You are so blinded by your fucking petty possessive jealousy, that you can't even see what is really going on around you!" Carl remembered how Max's words and attitude cut right into him and just as he was about to let loose his pent up rage, Max turned away, eyes staring out the windshield and simply stated: "She's pregnant Carl."

As he neared the end of the path and the entrance to the ceremonial valley came into view, Carl's thoughts still drifted to that day, how after Max's simple declaration obliterated his rage.
Even worse, was the shame he felt, a shame compounded by Max's continued observations and admonishments: "If you weren't such a tight-ass Carl, you would have sensed it for yourself, just as I did two weeks ago." Max's words of truth carved deeply into him and he sat there silently, his head bowed as Max laid it all out: "I don't think even she knows yet, though I'm sure she suspects, especially now that she's been getting sick in the morning more frequently"

Carl's voice was barely above a whisper: "Why didn't you say something to me, or to her?"

Max's response only made Carl feel even more foolish: "Because I would be stealing her moment Carl, depriving her the right to be the first to know, the first to speak it aloud and share it in her own way and in her own time."

Carl remembered how at that moment he felt like crawling up inside himself, not even wanting Max to look at him: "I'm sorry Max" knowing the words were completely inadequate the moment they passed through his lips.

"Don't be sorry, be better!" Max retorted and with those words still burning in his ears, Max had slammed the truck into gear and peeled out of the parking lot and off the base, a look of total determination on his face, driving them silently into town only to pull up at the only adult store in town.

Max had parked the truck and got out ordering Carl to stay put, it was cold and wet out that day and it was already getting dark; it was less than ten minutes when Max returned holding a small cardboard sheet with a plastic bubble wrapped two-inch circumference red butt-plug.

Max opened the truck's passenger side door and ordered him to get out, Carl could see the focused determination in Max's eyes, he knew the time for any discussion was over, that Max was giving him no options, no choice, demanding only absolute obedience: "Drop your pants NOW!" Max commanded, his voice almost a growl, and despite the fact they were in an open parking lot just a few feet from the main road in town, Carl did as ordered, knowing he didn't have any other choice but to obey and no sooner had he done so and stood there bare ass to the whole world, Max turned him around, his ass facing him and shoved Carl over the seat of his truck his ass sticking out, his feet firmly planted on the pavement.

Carl could hear Max ripping the packaging that held the plug open and within seconds he was jarred by Max kicking his legs apart exposing his hole to the cold evening air: "Let this be a reminder to you!" Max's voice dripped with authority as he placed the tip of the cold latex plug against the opening of his anus: "Don't be such a tight ass bitch!"

Carl remembered the pain he felt as Max shoved the plug into his hole without any kind of lubrication, shoving him into the truck after he pulled his pants up and pulled out of the parking lot and headed home: "That only comes out when you have to take care of personal hygiene, then it is to immediately go back in, is that clear!?" Carl had only nodded his head and thankfully that had been enough for Max at the time: "I expect that hole to be open 24/7/365 is that understood!?" Carl knew that was more a declaration than question and didn't really require a response, just compliance and that is exactly what he has done all these years.

He couldn't remember the last time his hole had ever been closed, couldn't even recall how that even felt, not that he missed it, this, in so many ways pleases Max and Carl had learned long ago, after way to many incidents like that one, that Carl could only be happy when he knew Max was.

Carl smiled as he approached his destination still reminiscing and knowing he had, on so many occasions, been a difficult student in his studies of the book of Max, but fortunately for him, Max was a patient teacher who never gave up on him or let him give up on himself.

As Carl's reverie of his shared past with Max faded, Carl found himself at the base of the stone steps of the dais.

From there he could see that one of the large steel doors to the reliquary stood partially open, confirming to Carl who was inside; only two people possessed a key to enter, Max being one and the other being Danal Cornelius, his and Max's old friend and mentor, also their districts Green Father and Elder of the Council of Greges.

Carl ascended the steps and entered the reliquary, which was cut into the side of the hill.

Carl always enjoyed looking at all the faded old tapestries that lined the rough honed stone walls of the long vestibule leading into the main room of the reliquary, what he didn't enjoy was the musty old smell of ancient books and scrolls that filled the many bookshelves of the main room.

Just as he surmised, there sat Danal, his back to Carl, seated in the center of the room at the large wooden table pouring over the old manuscripts and books before him, one single kerosene lantern situated nearby, his only source of light.

"Well, are you just going to stand there staring at my ass or are you going to come say hello McGregor?" Danal's lilting gruff voice disturbing the silence.

Carl stepped forward, moving toward the old man: "At your age you should feel honored anyone would want to still look at your old gristly ass." Danal stood, turned and embraced Carl warmly hugging his body to him.

"I see Max still hasn't taught you any manners" Carl catching the jovial twinkle in the old mans still very keen gray eyes: "What can I say, he likes me sassy, says it adds spice to his otherwise dull life." It was Carl's turn to smile mischievously.

Danal laughed out loud hearing that: "One of the last things I would ever expect to hear about Max Donnelly is that he's led a boring life." still smiling ear to ear, Danal eased Carl away, his right hand still on Carl's shoulder: "Next time I see him, I'll make sure he knows you need more excitement in your life" his face covered in his most wicked grin was followed by a very hard resounding smack to Carl's left butt cheek.

Massaging his now smarting butt Carl grimaced: "Well you still haven't lost your delicate touch old man, I thought you Green Fathers were supposed to impart wisdom and guidance not bruises and welts."

Danal waxed rhapsodical: "Who's to say we can't do both or that one is mutually exclusive to the other?" Carl noticed Danal sniffing the air, his nose raised upward, looking almost whimsical: "I see that you brought a part of Max with you." eyeing Carl's ass, his toothy grin seeming almost lecherous if not so intentionally comical: "Did you happen to bring the rest of him as well?"

"No" was Carl's simple response. Danal Cornelius wasn't born yesterday, he knew there was more behind that simple utterance than a mere response to his query: "Care to elaborate my son?" Danals tone firm but empathetic.

It never ceased to amaze Carl how easily Danal could slip from old friend engaged in simple light banter into a learned mentor who, like a skilled surgeon, could cut right to the heart of ones psyche, getting one to talk and divulge their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Carl's reluctance spurred Danal on: "What has he done this time?" Carl knew Danal meant Max and he also knew that Danal expected a response, also realizing how relentless he would be if he didn't get one, but still, Carl just bowed his head slightly, not meeting Danal's piercing gray eyes: "I see" Danal smiled slightly as he brought his left hand over to touch Carl's: "The ever recurring theme between you two, who is it this time?"

Carl felt his cheeks flush, ashamed that Danal thought he was so predictable, but then again, he wasn't wrong either: "He's taken interest in a friend of JD's"

Danals eyes dropped momentarily at the mention of Max's youngest son, but pushed it aside just as quickly to address him: "Is it serious and you know what I mean by serious?"

Carl didn't have an answer for that, he just knew Max's interest more times than not led to action, for all he knew, Max could be taking that action even now as they spoke: "I gather you partially feel your presence and his absence now are in part due to this interest?" Danal paused briefly contemplating Carl's physical reactions, knowing he had reached to the core of Carl's angst: "Have you addressed your feelings to Max?" Carl lifted his head and looked into his mentors inquiring gaze: "That's just it, we have discussed it, and Max..." Carl fumbled in how he could convey his confusion: "Right after we discussed it, he had me spend the night with him, at his place with the boy's there"

Danal's left eyebrow raised, his eyes glinting as he began to smile: "But that's not all" Carl was quick to add: "He put me in charge of his household, even told the boy's they had to run things past me." Carl knew Danal could hear the confusion and tension in his voice and he stood there expectantly, his eyes searching Danal's for answers

"Carl..." Danal's tone was soft, his hand now squeezed Carl's reassuringly: "Max has always loved you, he may not always show it in the way you expect or want, but your entire history together is replete with his insistence that you be part of his life, share in his joy's, like when his son's were born." Danal stared intensely into Carl's eyes: "And even more than that Carl, you are the one he has always turned to when things have gone bad, like when Monaca just up and left them..."Danal paused briefly letting that sink in before continuing: "And Michael, who did he lean on through all the struggles he went through with his first born, who was able to calm him over what his youngest has done?"

Carl knew the answer to all those questions, knew Danal was right, and it did help having someone he admired, someone who actually knew Max longer than he had remind him.

"So, He put you in charge of his household huh?" the playfulness returning to Danal's eyes: "For a man like Max, that's like slipping a ring on your finger and carrying you across the threshold like some virgin bride..." the twinkle in Danal's eyes full of mirth and mischievousness: "... Right before he rips your clothes off smacks your ass and ravages you just the way you hoped he would!" Carl joined him in hearty laughter not because it was particularly funny, but because, like usual he was absolutely right.

Carl was still chuckling when Danal raised his hand abruptly silencing Carl as his bearded head craned upward, nose sniffing and the short gray hairs on the back of his neck stood up: "I think you need to get back to your young charges!" Carl could vaguely sense it now too: "Seems we have more visitors and they don't seem to be taking kindly to your team being here."

Carl saw the concern in his eyes and heard it in his voice as he quickly dashed down the hallway running toward the parking lot.


                                                                  CHAPTER ELEVEN:



 "Is that even possible?" queried Elder Heinrich Voigt, he knew from experience that blending two different plant species was possible, he himself crossed various different orchid strains together, but even then the outcome was usually unpredictable trial and error, and if he was going to commit the amounts of funding this woman was seeking to continue her research, he needed far greater assurances of her success than just her saying so, he wanted proof.

Monaca Donnelly was finding this all extremely tedious, she had far more important things to do than be paraded around by her benefactor Ryker Von Krause to every self grandiosing moron who didn't know eukaryotes from monotremes, seriously this man was even more arduous than that buffoon her ex-husband Max endlessly subjected her too, Danal Cornelius who was every bit a smug knuckle dragging neanderthrallic prick as her faggot ex husband Max was.

Someday soon, she would be free of these misogynistic ass-wipes, but right now, her work was at a crucial stage, she needed them for now, or more precisely she needed their money to continue her research, so she just bit her tongue and smiled like some cankerous whore speaking as one would to a child: "My studies have been tracking what are called "jumping genes" these jumping genes are actually small pieces of DNA that can copy themselves throughout a genome and are known as transposable elements, do you follow me?" She knew he didn't, none of them ever did, but she played the game: "What I am attempting falls closer to cross species hybridization, I have found that cross-species transfers, even between plants and animals, have occurred frequently throughout evolution."

While all that was true, she smirked inwardly knowing she was leaving out the cross sex/gender aspect of her experiments, knowing full well these two were deeply vested in their "boys only club" misogynistic mentality, which was at the heart of her research.

She was fed up with men like these, men like her husband who brainwashed impressionable young idiots like her children. Children, that was a joke; she didn't have children. She was infected by a self absorbed monster and used as an incubator for its progeny.

If it was the last thing she ever did, she was going to remedy that, but for now, she played their game, just not by their rules: "Basically Elder Heinrich, what I am doing is best described as cross-species transmission, also called interspecies transmission." she paused trying to keep it as simple as possible but concise enough to sell this dunderhead: "It's a matter of finding the right vehicle to host jump, or spillover by finding the right virus or viral grouping I hope too introduce this virus into an individual of a new host species, to infect that individual and spread throughout a new host population and permanently alter it's DNA.

Again she left out the second part of her plan, to simultaneously create a viral vehicle that would eradicate specific genomes, like the one these idiots had coursing through every cell of their bodies. God how she would love to see the look on her husband's face when she unleashed that on him and his precious kids and that insufferable bitch of his Carl.

"I think you'll agree Elder Voigt" Ryker Von Krause interjected: "That Monaca's work for us has vast potential."

"Yes" Heinrich agreed, it did have potential: "It does have merit and I could see how it could benefit us, but on the other hand it could be a devastating weapon against us in the wrong hands."

Monaca frowned, maybe this one wasn't as stupid as she originally thought, but she could still pull this off: "Then it would behoove you to sponsor my work Elder, it would be foolish to believe that I'm the only one in the world working on something like this."

"Precisely" Ryker ran with her train of thought, just as she knew the moron would: "We need to get there first, be prepared for any contingency, I think it boils down to the old axiom: "Rule or be ruled" He paused for dramatic effect: "I for one choose to rule, I refuse to bend to any man's will but my own!"

Elder Voigt now addressed Monaca directly: "If we grant you the funds what is your projected timetable to a viable application of your treatment?"

YES, she had them, she did a mental high five with herself knowing she had played them for the fools they were: "We are very close, even now I'm extracting more samples as we speak!" she raised her hand toward the large window above the control panel in front of her, two test subjects strapped down to reclining medical chairs with IV's connected to their arms pumping out their blood into the collection bags beside them while interns monitored the flow.

"I'm inclined toward believing you Ms. Donnelly" Elder Voigt said softly, looking at the handsome young blond Marine strapped into the chair on the right: "Especially knowing that one of your test subjects is your very own first born son!

                                                                * * * * *

"I'm tellin' ya it'll work dude" Davy Turner was adamant his plan would work, JD looked to Jason Dunne to back him up, but the normally level headed, down to earth big guy had a look behind his eyes that spoke to a hunger JD had never seen in him before: "Seriously Pee Wee you ain't really thinkin' this is a good idea are ya?" JD knew his voice held a hint of desperation behind it but couldn't help but feel that Davy's plan could totally backfire on them or blow up in their faces and right now, with his Dad already pissed at him over his recent past indiscretions, he really didn't want to add to the list of negatives where his Dad was concerned.

"Don't look at me man" Matt Brewer said putting his hands up defensively: "All ya'lls know I ain't no homo, but dayam' that video was off the wall" He paused for a moment his mouth pulled into a sneer and his left eyebrow raising: "I'd kinda like to see him do that up close ya know?"

Fidgeting and anxiously shifting his weight from one leg to another Jason proclaimed: "Fuck that man, I wanna do way more than watch!" emphasizing his point by grabbing the large bulge in his crotch and giving it a lurid squeeze.

JD couldn't believe that his buds really wanted to use the video Davy had recorded to blackmail their baseball coach into "performing" live for them and JD didn't think for one minute that it would end there either if they did.

Davy had been trying to convince them since the coach had brought them all back to the school in the small van the team used to transport in; it had taken JD and Jason to convince him not to show the video to the entire team, but ever since their other teammates had left, Davy was dead set on having his on way going through with his hair brained little quest and now with both Matt and Jason siding with him, both for different reasons, JD was feeling the odd man out.

"Fuck it man, I'm dong it!" Davy spat, heading down the sidewalk to the rear gymnasium entrance with Matt Brewer flat on his heels, stopping only long enough to turn back to JD and Jason and motioning them to join them before running to catch up with Davy.

"I can't believe you're up for this Jason" JD scolded, looking at his large friend apprehensively as he fished into his pocket for his phone, thinking he'd either call Timmy or his Dad to come get him and leave these idiots to their mischief.

"Look at me Donnelly" Jason responded imploringly: "Do you know the last time I got laid?"

JD looked Jason up and down, wondering what the hell he was talking about, now that Arliss Gundarsun graduated, he was like the prize bull of their football team, everyone knew Jason was the undisputed replacement for Arliss's position as fullback on the team, the guy was freaking huge, at least 6'4" 220 pounds and almost all of it pure muscle, there wasn't a guy on the team that could take him down and JD was absolutely certain there wasn't a cheerleader on the team that wasn't all wet in the panties for him, he looked like a hairy version of a young Rob Gronkowski.

Ever since he transferred here from North Carolina two years ago when his Mom started working at Albany State University as a professor of biology, the team coaches practically begged him to sign up.

It really wasn't until this last school year that he and Jason had even really started to get to know each other and until just now, though new to JD's little inner circle of guys he called friends, JD had always thought Jason as the most level headed and more of a leader than someone who caved to peer pressure.

"What are you talkin' about?" JD queried, looking Jason sternly in the eyes.

Jason walked up to JD, putting his arm around his shoulder, pulling in close: "Dude I know everyone thinks I'm this big stud with the ladies..." He paused, looking after Matt and Davy as they now entered the back door of the gym and headed inside: "But just between you and me, I've never gotten laid before." He stammered, looking down at his feet awkwardly.

JD looked back at him, dubiously skeptical, knowing how many times he'd seen Jason flirt with girl after girl at any of their little gangs get together's, but Jason persisted: "You know why they call me PeeWee don't ya? JD smirked then, knowing that it didn't have to do with his body size or height but from the club he had swinging between his legs, something you couldn't help but notice about the guy when you're in the locker room showers after practice.

Jason blushed: "I ain't lying JD, I've never gotten to third base with any chick before." The look on his face reflected his sincerity but JD grimaced, still finding it hard to believe having seen the way a lot of girls flirted and clung to him: "Jason, I've seen you with more than a few girls hangin' on ya bro." JD stated simply before Jason cut him off: "Yeah, they all wanna see if it's true for themselves..." He paused a pained look in his eyes: "But the truth is, once they see my dick hard they freak out, do you have any idea how fuckin' frustratin' that is?"

JD just looked at they guy, not knowing whether to call BS or to feel sorry for him remembering just a month ago the guys teasing him about leaving a party with a girl he himself had made out with, one of Andrea's slutty bitch friends Michelle Touts and deciding to point that out to him: "I heard you and Michelle Touts left together after a party just a few weeks ago all over each other?"

Jason shook his head, his eyes narrowed, face tinged with a touch of anger: "Yeah I did, she was all over me saying she wanted me" he fumed: "Then when we got somewhere alone and private she got me all worked up and talked me into letting her take a picture of my hard cock" HIs face now red with anger and embarrassment at the memory of that night: "After she got what she wanted and I tried getting it on with her, she just laughed at me and said there was no way she'd ever let a freak like me go anywhere near her pussy."

JD just shook his head, now angry for Jason: "Yeah, dude, that sounds just like her" remembering his own encounter with her and other members of Andrea's bitch squad.

Jason squeezed JD's shoulder drawing him closer: "As bad as that was dude..." he paused, again shaking his head: "I found out the next day she had shared the pic with all her bitch ass friends."

JD frowned, turning to look at Jason square on: "Don't you see dude, Davy and Matt are basically doing the same thing to coach?"

JD could see by the ponderous look on Jason's face that he was torn between something he hoped for and doing what was right before shrugging his shoulders, and grabbing JD's arm hauling him toward the rear exit door of the gym: "I guess we better go stop those two dumb-asses before they freak coach Pullman out."

As JD and Jason entered the hallway and rushed down toward the coaches office hoping to catch up with and stop Davy and Matt from showing that vid to coach, they could hear the slightly raised voices of their two friends and knew they were already to late, that they had already cornered and confronted the coach.

JD grabbed Jason's wrist stopping him right outside the open door to the coaches office, wanting to approach with a little more caution instead of just plunging right into the thick of it: "What the hell do you and Brewer want Turner!?" They heard the coach blurt out, his voice a mixture of anger and fear.

JD and Jason peeked around the open door to the coaches office, seeing him sitting behind his desk while Davy Turner had his phone stuck outward in his hand facing a very pale Tuck Pullman, Matt Brewer stood at the end of the coaches metal desk with his arms folded on his chest, legs apart a lecherous grin across his face: "Your gonna do whatever we want coach" Davy spat, pulling his phone back and stuffing it back into his sweat pants pocket, then rubbing his left hand over the tenting mound protruding from his crotch.

"Listen, I don't have any fucking money kid!" coach Tuck spat, his eyes going nervously from Matt's wicked grin to the hand Davy groped himself with, gulping several times.

"We don't want money coach," they heard Davy say, his voice a lustful low groan.

Coach Tuck's eyes were glued to Davy's bulging crotch now, he watched as Davy continued to rub, grope and fondle his tenting mound, now openly licking his lips and swallowing heavily, before timidly responding: "What do you want then?" JD could tell his voice was lower, thicker now and JD couldn't help wonder to himself: "Is this turning him on?"

JD watched as Matt crossed over to the far corner of the office and picked up a baseball bat, holding it in one hand and slapping the thick end into the palm of his other hand while walking back over to the desk, his eyes smoldering with lustful, malicious intent: "We wanna see you fuck yourself with this!" his wicked smile turning into a lecherous toothy grin: "Right here on your desk!"

JD could feel Jason's hot breath on his neck as he peered over his shoulder, his chin practically resting on his right lat, trying to watch everything going on in the coaches office.

"If I do what you want will you delete the video and promise never to say anything about it again?" Tuck's voice was barely above a whisper, his words coming nervously as he continued to look between the two very horny teens.

"Yeah yeah, wuhtever" Davy cooed, grabbing his erection through his sweats and shaking it at his coach: "So long as you do everything we want ya too!"

They watched as Tuck Pullman arose from behind his desk, his own bulging crotch now coming into view, obviously as turned on as the two teens confronting him, eyeing him up and down like some sort of prize they had just won.

"Strip" was the one word booming command of dark haired Matt Brewer, whose sweatpants now bulged even bigger in front than the one in Davy's pants, which now had a very large wet spot spreading where the head of his cock would be.

JD watched as their 22 year old baseball coach began to pull his T-shirt over his head.

Tuck Pullman had just started on the coaching staff at their school, being the new guy and having the least amount of tenure had landed him the summertime gig of baseball coach.

JD noted he had to be at least 5'10" and about 190 pounds of solid muscle, damn near hairless, even discerning his shaved armpits and clean shaven face highlighting his rustic good looks. Though his light brown hair was close cropped, he wore it like a spikey crew cut on top and oddly had kind of bushy eyebrows framing a beautiful pair of deep grayish green eyes.

Still going unnoticed by the coach, Matt and Davy; JD and Jason continued to spy on the throuple as Tuck kicked his shoes off and began tugging his sweatpants down and off, leaving him standing there in only his old worn out jockstrap.

"Hop up here and lay on your back" Davy instructed patting the top of the coaches metal desk, after pushing everything on top to the far end.

Tuck paused for a moment, studying and assessing the situation and staring at the bat Matt held in his hands, then leaned over pulled open one of his desk drawers and retrieved a bottle of lube and looking at Matt: "You doing the honors or am I?" Tuck asked, holding up the bottle of lube.

They watched as Tuck lay across his desk front to back his head hanging over the front side as Matt moved into position sitting down in the coaches chair and pointing the bat vertically erect as he flipped the cap of the bottle of lube and began squeezing out a generous portion onto the smooth wooden surface before wrapping his large fist around it smearing the cool, viscous gel over its entire circumference and most of its length.

Almost mesmerized and as if the whole scene played out in slow motion, they watched as Tuck pulled his knees to his chest, Davy grasping both his ankles and wrapping his armpits around his shins, presenting Matt with his desired target: "Spread his buns dude" Matt ordered Davy, who leaned forward clasping Tucks twin melon shaped hard mounds and split them apart as instructed.

They watched in spellbound fascination as Matt brought the blunt end of the bat up to Tuck's hole: "Hold up dude" Davy excitedly spoke: "Ya need to lube his hole too dude!"

Matt gave him a look of disgust: "I ain't sticking my fingers in another dudes crapper dipshit."

Davy impatiently snatched the lube bottle sitting beside them and started squirting out the contents into his right hand, still holding Tuck's shins between his armpits: "I'll fuckin' do it ya big pussy" Davy spat, seemingly annoyed at Matt's prissy hesitancy.

JD could feel Jason push closer to his back, trying to gain a better vantage point to the show that was taking place just a few feet away from them, he could feel the heat of his his chest press against his upper back, Jason's hot breath still beating down on his right shoulder and neck, the tightening grip of his right hand on JD's right deltoid.

Matt watched as his blond friend poked the tips of his first and middle fingers at Tuck's anal ring, almost mesmerized as the two digits gently spread the tight ring, parting it as they sank into the warm depths of their coaches hole: "Damn bro!" Davy practically cooed: "This feels just like fingering a pussy dude, except tighter!"

A wicked grin spread across Matt's face as he raised the blunt end of the bat back to Tuck's wet hole, shoving Davy's probing fingers aside and pushed it against the wet round circle of coach Pullman's now juicy anus: "It ain't gonna be tight for long buddy!" Matt sneered forcibly shoving the end of the bat into his anal orifice about two inches.

"Oh fuuuuuck!" Tuck Pullman gasped: "Go easy kid or you'll rip me up inside."

Matt's face turned into an evil grimace: "Ya mean like this faggot!?" he practically growled, shoving another six inches into his coaches straining, over-stretched hole.

Davy could feel their coach struggle to raise up and used the weight of his entire lower body to keep him pinned to the desk, his thighs squeezing his head and muffling his cries at the sudden forced intrusion: "FUCK YEAH bro tear that cunt up" Davy's voice was now thick with lust: "Quit squirming bitch!" Davy spat, smacking the coaches exposed ass as hard as he could as a pain-racked Tuck tried to twist and buck out from under him.

Matt took his left hand from the bat using only his right to hold it in place while he grasped the coaches jock bound nuts in his left hand and gave them a firm squeeze: "Stop fucking kicking bitch or I'm gonna yank your fuckin' nuts off!" he snarled between clenched teeth.

JD and Jason watched as the struggling coach forcibly controlled himself, his pleas muffled between the tightening vice of Davy's thighs: "Can't you shut him up dude?" Matt complained, the timber of his voice denoting his annoyance.

"I got just the thing" Davy mused as he moved his body upward, his knees on either side of the desk next to the coaches head, as he shoved his sweat pants down, freeing his six inch rock hard drooling dong: "Open your mouth faggot" Davy commanded, his normally boyishly handsome face now twisted into a lascivious mask of pure lust as he poked the head of his precum oozing dick at Tuck's tightly closed evading lips.

Davy watched as his life long friend Matt tightened his grip on their coaches nads and squeezed them hard and just as the coaches mouth flew open to cry out his pain, Davy rammed the entire length of his cock into the mans oral cavity, grinding his balls against the coaches nose and eyes: "If I feel your teeth so much as scrap my dick fag..." Davy paused, letting his threat sink into Tuck's head along with his dick: "I'm gonna chew on your fuckin' nuts, now suck my fuckin' dick!"

They could feel the fight go out of their coach as he gasped for breath around Davy's six inch member, gurgling around the embedded schlong sending waves of pleasure through Davy's dick, balls and groin.

Matt slowly released the coaches balls and returned to his main interest, fucking the coaches ass with the thick baseball bat.

Davy watched in renewed fascination as Matt drew the bat back a few inches, grabbed the lube bottle and applied more of it to its shiny wooden surface: "Get ready bitch, 'cause here it comes!" Matt snarled one hand clutching the handle of the bat the other shoving it from the very base, his palm pressed tightly against it, driving half the length up their coaches upturned ass.

Davy's eyes practically rolled into the back of his head as the muffled screams of their coach made his throat undulate against the sensitive flared glans of his throat embedded cock sending spasms of pleasure throughout his entire body, making him grind his dick against the coaches straining tight lips: "Yeah bro, fuck that faggots pussy dude, ram the whole thing up his cunt!" Davy moaned, sweat beginning to pour from his face onto his sweatshirt.

As intrigued by the throuples coupling, JD feared things were getting out of control and just as he decided to intercede on the coaches behalf, he felt both of Jason's large strong hands grip his shoulders, holding him back: "Watch JD, he's loving it!" he heard Jason's deep voice whisper into his right ear and indeed as JD focused his attention on Tuck, he could hear the former cries of pain now give way to moans of pleasure and observed wide eyed as Tuck began thrusting his hips upward to meet Matt's slow but steady thrust as he had begun fucking the bat in and out of his upturned buns, pulling it completely out then sinking it back in half way over and over again, going faster with each thrust, what was now also apparent was the rock hard bulge in the coaches jockstrap pouch, something that didn't go unnoticed by Davy: "This fuckin' queer is loving it dude" He smirked, slapping Tuck's hard dick through his jock: "Give 'em more dude" Davy's eyes burned into Matt's trying to mentally coerce his buddy into doing his bidding.

But Matt didn't really need any encouragement, the wicked toothy grin returning to his face as he thrust the bat deeper into Tuck's already abused, stretched hole, going well passed the halfway mark, until only about six inches remained sticking out of their coaches quivering hole: "DO IT FUCKER!!!" Davy growled as Matt snarled, palming the very base of the bat with both hands and thrusting the last six inches into Tuck's manhole until only the very base of the handle protruded outside the stretched almost gasping, twitching ring.

Davy lowered himself, spreading Tuck's buns, his thumbs on either side of his twitching hole and unfurling the orifice, the slightly swollen lips of his anal ring opening up like a blossoming rose, as it continued to gulp at the base of the fully sheathed baseball bat like a sucking mouth, mirroring the incessant gulping chugs of his impaled phallus in Tuck's cock hungry, ever sucking mouth.

As he lifted his head to look at Matt, who now just stood there panting, chest heaving arms to his side, fist clenching and unclenching, his head bowed and eyes glazed over in the same near primal lust that seemed to fill the room, their eyes met, digging like two daggers into each others souls.

Davy lowered his eyes stopping at Matt's bulging crotch, noticing for the first time the large shovel shaped glans of Matt's hard cock protruding from the top of Matt's waistband, a rivulet of clear precum drooling down the front of his sweats.

Almost as if hypnotized, Davy reached up, digging the tips of his fingers into the elastic waistband and gently pulled Matt's sweat pants down until the full length of his 8 inch circumcised cock plopped into full view, surrounded by his thick, near black bushy pubic hair and two tight bloated furry gonads.

Davy looked down at the tip of the handle of the bat and clasped it between his fingers and slowly began to unsheathe the massive anal invader, watched with fascination and devilish delight as the anal ring stretched around the wider circumference as he slowly withdrew it, enthralled by the way the now loosened ring clung tightly to the slick wooden surface, pulling the loosened ring almost in inch away from his body, now sex swollen and a puffy shade of pink and red, he could feel the gasp coming from around his palpitating dick as Tuck's body reacted to the thick anal invader as it finally popped free and was casually laid beside him, his hole still pulsating and quivering, gulping convulsively for its return.

Davy once again looked upward into the face of his friend Matt, whose eyes glared into Davy's, a burning hunger seethed behind his near glassy eyed stare.

Davy looked down again at Matt's twitching, member, which now stood almost completely vertical to his abdomen, precum bubbling from his glans orifice like an oozing fountain of seminal fluid, he reached forward with his right hand and clasped the base of the now throbbing phallus between his thumb and forefinger, gently pulling it downward until the swollen knob touched the velvety wetness of coach Pullman's quivering quim, with his free hand, Davy wrapped it around Matt's waist and firmly clasping Matt's taut left muscular butt-cheek and urged his hips to move forward.

Staring wide eyed with sexual fervour Davy guided the head of Matt's dong against the sticky wet ring of Tuck's swollen anal tissue, captivated by the way it parted, slopping the dripping glans against the plump circle of dilated rectal tissue, mesmerized as the lips of the hole extended suddenly outward like a gulping hungry mouth trying to consume the turgid flesh of Matt's throbbing boner, wrapping thickly around his glans and sucked at the shiny knob until it had completely consumed it.

Davy suddenly felt the hands of his friend clasp his shoulders for balance as he shoved forward thrusting his schlong balls deep inside Tuck's gulping hungry hole, Davy simultaneously reaching up and cupping Matt's hairy tight balls in his hand and gently fondled and kneaded them between his fingers and palm, eliciting a thick strangled groan from Matt: "Dayaaam" Matt cried out: "That's one hungry pussy."

"Yeah fuck this fags cunt bro" Davy urged staring intently at Matt's slick, gooey dick as it pulled back until only the tip of his glans was still wrapped around the quivering folds of Tuck's clutching manhole.

Without further prodding, Matt began a slow rhythmic seesawing into the coaches sucking guts, Davy's face drew nearer and nearer, hypnotically captivated by the pistoning phallus, the smell of sex wafting so pungently from the coupling that Davy felt he could almost taste it until Matt missed a stroke and his dong plopped out smacking Davy wetly on the chin.

Instead of yanking away in disgust as Matt thought he would, Davy instead brought his other hand up and grasped Matt's throbbing wet dick in his hand, guiding it back to Tuck's loose open hole and ran the head all around the now loose lips of his anus, while also jerking his cock in his strong grasp, milking a torrent of drooling precum from the tip of his dick and smearing it all around.

It was at this moment JD thought to reach into his pocket and pull out his phone and hit the video record, he could hear Jason's moan of approval as he aimed the camera and focused it up close on Davy's face and Matt's hard wet cock.

As the action unfolded before them JD was slightly startled by Jason's large hands leaving his shoulders and caressingly journeyed down his sides, gently but firmly massage him through his clothing, he was even more surprised when Jason leaned further into him, his hard muscular thighs pressing into the back of his own, it was then he felt the thick tube of turgid flesh straining against Jason's sweatpants upward and as his hands came to rest on JD's hips, he felt Jason ease the bulge between JD's butt-cheeks, thrusting his hips forward as he pulled JD back toward him, his hands leaving his hips and wrapping around JD's waist and clutching him closer, their body's glued together only separated by the clothing they both still wore.

Just two weeks ago, if any guy had tried to do this to him, they'd be walking away with a busted lip and few missing teeth, but for some unfathomable reason JD just froze, letting Jason fondle and massage his body, letting him hump his fat bulging cock between his ass crack, he could even hear himself gasp as Jason's lips touched the nape of his neck: "Keep filming JD" Jason groaned into his ear, the tip of his wet tongue dredging slightly across his earlobe.

Confused and more than a bit bewildered by his own body's response to Jason's groping and fondling, JD tried to refocus his attention on recording the trio in front of him.

Matt couldn't see what Davy was doing through his head, but he could see it bob downward and by the moans of approval coming from their coaches dick stuffed throat, Matt surmised Davy was tongue fucking his fag hole.

A deliciously twisted thought occurred to Matt, knowing Davy still held his cock just an inch or two from Tuck's wet hole, Matt decided to thrust his hips forward, embedding the glans of his dong into his pussy right alongside Davy's deep probing tongue.

To Matt's surprise, Davy didn't come up spitting and sputtering as he expected him too, but instead now found his life long friends tongue now swirling all around his bloated knob, the tip digging into his piss slit, scooping out dollops of his thick precum and fucking it into their coaches open hole along side his throbbing schlong.

Even more surprising he watched as Davy lifted his face to stare eye to eye into Matt's glassy glare before wantonly slurping Matt's fat shovel shaped cock-head into his mouth, his tongue cupping under his frenulum applying a tight wet suction to the highly sensitive area.

Matt didn't know which got to him the most, the suctioning of Davy's cupped tongue right at the flanging split of his throbbing cock-head or the continuous fondling and massaging of his hairy ball bag or was it the long strokes of Davy's fist wrapped around the girth of his schlong. What Matt was sure of was the outcome that all three in unison had.

With zero warning, Matt's palpitating cock suddenly grew thicker, harder, the head pulsated and throbbed and as Matt's mouth dropped open a deep snarl escaping his lips as he intently watched the first volleys of ropy sperm erupt from the gaping tip of his sperm spewing dick, right into Davy's wide open mouth.

Matt's eyes rolled back in his head as Davy's lips closed around his spewing knob, groaning passionately as the missiles of thick viscous goo splattered every surface of his oral cavity.

Even after the crashing waves of his orgasm began to dwindle, Matt watched in almost detached, robotic fascination as Davy continued to knead his balls and pump his shaft obviously milking him for every last drop of Matt's pungent, thick seed.

Matt's spent cock plopped wetly downward as Davy let it finally slip passed his lips and Matt watched as Davy's mouth now hovered over Tuck's well fucked hole, acutely now focused on what he sensed Davy was now going to do and smiled wickedly as he observed his friends thumbs now spread Tuck's faggot pussy lips and spit the huge mouthful of thick ropy sperm right into his wide open hole.

Knowing exactly what Davy had in mind, Matt grabbed the baseball bat and brought the blunt end back to Tuck's gaping hole and plunged it back in, deep into his bowels and began rapidly punch fucking his load deep into his maul of a cunt.

Matt watched intently as Davy now fucked Tuck's mouth like he did his girlfriends snatch, plowing it ruthlessly, pounding his pole balls deep into his sucking lips, grinding his nads against his nose as he pummeled his throat relentlessly as Matt pile drived the baseball bat mercilessly into his battered and abused ass pussy: "FUCK YEAH" Davy spat out loudly: "Ram that fukin' queer with that fukin' thing dude, wreck his cunt!"

Matt was startled as Davy whipped the bat from his hands and began thrusting it brutally into their coaches hole, he noticed how his cum had turned into a frothy batter, that slopped everywhere and clung to the shiny surface of the wooden bat: "This is how you fuck a queers pussy" Davy raged, his face now red and wet with sweat, his hips almost a blur of pounding action as he drove his six inch dick into Tuck's mouth and rammed the entire length of the baseball bat in and out of his coaches gooey obliterated gash.

Matt had never seen Davy so worked up before, almost shocked at the brutality of Davy's assault, almost considered dragging his friend from atop their coach when Davy gave out one last howling growl and shoved his hips into Tuck's mouth burying his cock and then slamming the baseball bat all the way into coach Pullman's ass: "Take that load faggot, swallow it all!" Davy roared his hips punching and grinding his course blond pubes into Tuck's orifice as he shot his load down his gulping throat.

Matt shook his head as Davy collapsed on top of their coach, his now deflating dong slipping wetly from Tuck's swollen, battered lips.

JD caught it all on his phone, not really knowing how he had managed to do so with Jason's large hands groping his upper torso, his right hand slipping under his sweat shirt and grasping his right, already erect nipple between his index finger and his thumb, rolling the eraser sized nub between the two as his left hand moved across his abdomen and sliding around his hip to his lower back, his large fingers slipping under the elastic waistband of his pants, his long thick calloused middle finger sliding down the crack of his ass and over his still virgin hole, making JD shudder.

JD was barely able to control himself as he shut off his phone just as he felt Jason's large thick lips press against the nape of his neck his tongue snaking out before he began gentling sucking the tender flesh as his hips continuously ground and gyrated his large phallus into JD's lower back and over the hard surface of his ass.

"Jason...?" JD moaned, his hands now clinging to Jason's right arm as his fingers still pulled, twisted and teased his engorged nipple.

JD groaned out loud as the tip of Jason's middle finger now swirled against his hole, gently prodding it but not yet trying to penetrate him, JD was shocked to find his hips pushing back at Jason's strong hand as he continued to suck on his neck, his teeth gently nibbling: "Jason?" He groaned again trying to catch his attention as JD's body continued to betray him and melted into Jason's strong embrace.

"I think their done Jason" JD finally was able to moan coherently enough to momentarily distract Jason and pull away from him, noticing for the first time the huge wet spot in his own sweatpants where his hard dick throbbed in his now bloated jockstrap.

The distraction seemed to work as Jason's once glassy lust crazed eyes seemed to focus back on the here and now.

"I know, I know" Jason stammered, shaking his head trying to clear his thoughts: "We can't let them leave here with that video Davy shot earlier!"

"Bingo, got it in one" JD mused, smiling directly into Jason's large bluish green eyes trying not to stare at the massive bulge protruding off to the left of Jason's hip, poking the fabric of his sweatpants obscenely well passed it.

JD felt Jason's massive left hand clutch his right butt-cheek and squeezed it tightly winking knowingly at JD's surprised expression knowing he'd been caught staring at Jason's huge bulge: "We'll continue this later" Jason smiled mischievously as he pushed passed JD and entered the coaches office.

"Well, well what do we have here?" Jason's voice boomed breaking the now more sedate silence in the coaches office.

Both Matt and Davy whirled around looking kind of shocked at Jason, who was now standing with his hands on his hips right in front of the office door.

JD stepped in with Jason, moving off to the side and eyeing their coach who was still sprawled out across the desk, his chest heaving covered in sweat barely even acknowledging anyone else was in the room.

"Looks to me like we caught two homos sexually assaulting our coach" JD quipped, shaking his finger at his two teammates: "Tsk tsk boys what will the entire team think about that I wonder?" he mused, barely able to contain the smirk that wanted to spread across his face.

Matt spoke up first: "Fuck off Donnelly your just pissed we got here first"

"Your welcome to our sloppy seconds losers" Davy's mocking grin and cocky attitude was beginning to annoy JD.

"Hmm" JD grimaced looking thoughtfully at Jason, who now crossed his powerful arms over his equally powerful chest still glaring at Matt and Davy: "He's got a point ya know Pee Wee" JD stated as he slipped between the two boys throwing his arms around their shoulders before continuing: "Maybe instead of sloppy seconds we should just break the two of you in!" JD looked to Jason who now grinned and winked wickedly back at him: "I mean seriously all it took was a little video of the coach doing something private to get you both laid, wonder what the whole team would do if they saw this?!" JD held up his phone stretching his hand out so both guys could see the video he had just shot of the two of them having sex with the coach.

Davy snatched at his phone, but JD was quicker: "Wait, wait dude here's my favorite part!" JD held the phone out as a close up image of Davy sucking Matt's cock while jacking him off and fondling his hairy balls while cum shot into his mouth played across the screen.

Davy was red with rage now and Matt not far behind. JD could see the thought processes running through Davy's mind like his skull was completely transparent, debating his chances if he decided to charge JD and looking to Matt to see if he was thinking the same thing.

Jason stepped forward coming right up to face them both: "Listen dudes, we ain't out to trash ya, all ya gotta do is delete the video ya made earlier and they'll be no worries."

"Fuck that noise" Davy spat: "I ain't done with that fag, not by a long shot!" Davy's eyes shot daggers in JD's direction and back at Jason.

Jason smiled ear to ear and began to laugh before cutting it abruptly short and snatched Davy into the air by the scruff of his shirt, his fiery glare shooting fear into Davy's eyes: "I think you're under the mistaken impression I was asking instead of ordering!" Jason's cold calm voice sending chills down both Davy's and Matt's spines as Matt visibly backed away: "Delete the fucking video dumb-ass" Matt stammered.

"Okay dude, dayam..." Davy bluffed: "I was just joking around bro"

Jason dropped Davy unceremoniously to the floor: "Good, we can all be friends again just as soon as you do!" Jason glowered at him watching as Davy fished into his pocket and pulled out his phone. JD scooted up next to him and snatched it from his hands: "I'll do that bro, just so no one can accuse you of any funny business later" he posited, searching Davy's vids and deleting the one of the coach, then handing it back to Davy.

Matt stepped forward, his hands up: "Are we all kewl now?" he queried, still looking a little leary at Jason, letting it be known he didn't want any part of facing off against his team mates.

JD spoke before Jason could comment: "Everything's kewl so long as the two of you drop this and don't bother the coach anymore."

"Agreed" Matt flatly stated, looking over to Davy for his response: "It's not like I got anything on him now does it!?" Davy pouted, shoving his phone back in his pocket and headed for the door: "You comin'?" he directed at Matt, who looked first at JD and then Jason, shrugged his shoulders and headed out toward the door to join Davy turning around before they exited and asked quizzically: "What about him?" Matt nodding his head in the direction of coach Tuck Pullman.

Jason didn't even turn around to answer him, just headed over to the desk and stared down at the coaches nearly naked sweaty body and at the handle of the baseball bat barely sticking out of his swollen, puffy ass lips.

"I think the big guy's got that covered" JD winked at Matt ushering his two teammates out the door before closing it and locking it shut.

                                                          CHAPTER TWELVE:

"Good of you to finally join us McGregor." The voice of Staff Sergeant Paul Lakatos boomed arrogantly as Carl entered the parking lot, having just ran there from the compound's ceremonial grounds.

As Carl assessed the situation, he noted the other two men with Paul now standing threateningly close, on either side of Cpl. Atticus Walker, who defiantly stood his ground in full attentive parade rest. Carl also took in the very tense posture of the other eleven men Carl had brought with him.

Though off to the side, they looked very much like they were ready to attack at a moment's notice in defense of their comrade. Carl smiled inwardly, realizing the ridiculousness of Lakatos's arrogance.

"Might I suggest you have your men step back and stand down from my Corporal before I move them for you First Sergeant?" Carl demanded, making sure that the timbre of his voice conveyed the seriousness of his intent.

Before Lakatos could respond, his weaselly second hand man Sgt. Remy Deveaux, with the smarmiest, most contemptible expression he could have mustered in his Cajun tinged drawl spat: "Dat would take more d'an you fils de pute."

Carl smiled coldly, looking squarely into the young Marines dark brown eyes: "Didn't they teach you how to count back in the bayou or were you to busy sucking your mothers tit to go too school?" Carl hand signaled his men and they all moved as one to stand right behind Atticus, Remy and the large blond Lance Corporal that stood threateningly on either side of him.

"Order your men to stand down NOW Sergeant! Paul Lakatos bellowed, staring icy daggers in Carl's direction.

"You first asshole!" Carl shot back, moving to stand directly in front of the man, until only two to three feet separated them and returning his icy glare with his own.

A now very pissed off SSgt. Lakatos stepped up until he was nearly nose to nose with Carl: "Max Donnelly may tolerate your insolence but I assure you, I won't!" Lakatos growled, the icy stare now one of pure fire, his face a snarling grimace full of malice.

From his peripheral vision, Carl could see his fist clenching and unclenching at his side and knew he was mere seconds away from throwing down with this belligerent, bloviating peacock of a man.

"Then perhaps you should take that up with Max himself Lakatos!" Danal Cornelius mused walking slowly toward the pair, a cocky half grin on his face, his bluish gray eyes full of mischief with an underlying tone of purposeful menace.

Without so much as a sideways glance, his eyes still boring into Carl's, Lakatos shot back: "Stay out of this old man, this is between me and this disobedient mongrel."

Danal was now less than four feet away from them: "Exactly what is it you think you'll do if I make it my business boy?!" Danal's voice was calm and measured but the timbre of his words and manner in which he emoted them, left no doubt that Paul was perilously close to biting off more than he could chew, a fact Carl would have asserted happened the moment he stepped foot on the compound grounds.

Paul Lakatos instantly pivoted toward Danal, roughly brushing passed Carl to stand directly in front him: "I demand to know why you, an Elder of the Council of Greges and Green Father of the Southern Devil Dawgs is allowing this travesty..."Paul's left arm extended out, his left hand sweeping accusationally at Atticus and the young Marines standing behind him, his voice full of contempt and disgust: "They have no right to be here and I insist they leave right now!"

Carl couldn't ever recall a time he had ever seen his old friend and mentor truly mad or angry before, these weren't emotions that came easily to Danal, who he knew to always be a man of measured, thoughtful and often contemplative foresight especially before imparting a response; but the age old adage that there was a first time for everything, right at that moment became demonstrative as Danal Cornelius's irisis flashed for the briefest of seconds a bright blue just before his right hand shot up, with a speed that belied his age and backhanded the six foot one inch, 215 pound muscular Marine with such force that it slammed him to his knees with spittle and blood splashing the pavement below him.

Carl watched with more than a bit of shock but a lot more admiration as Danal turned his now stern, commanding countenance to Paul's companions: "On your fucking knee's NOW!"

Carl knew that Danal's command was solely intended for Paul and his men, but with a flick of his wrist, both he, Atticus and all the other young Marines knelt on one knee facing Danal, heads bowed and not surprisingly so did Paul's men.

Carl could hear the deep growl building in Lakatos's chest, knew without looking he was on the verge of losing control and unleashing a violent response to Danal's actions, the air around them seethed hormonally with his building rage.

From his peripheral advantage Carl observed Paul begin to rise, his eyes burning blue, his teeth bared and snarling, his entire face twisted into a deep crevasse of vitriolic fury, every muscle taut and coiled ready to propel into action when Danal's right hand shot forward and caught him by the throat, his extended finger tips digging tightly into his pharynx, spots of blood dripping where Danal's fingernails dug into his flesh: "I've had enough of your insolence pup!" Danal's voice was low and hard, dripping with authority as he forced Paul Lakatos back to his knees: "Submit or I will rip your fucking throat out right here, right now!"

Carl couldn't help but smile inwardly as he sensed the fight drain from Lakatos, he beamed with delight as the man was forced to bow his head in deference and as quickly as it had all escalated, a strained, controlled calm settled in and Danal slowly removed his hand from Lakatos's neck, a few rivellettes of blood ran down his sternum and soaked into his tight desert camo fatigue blouse: "Get up and follow me" Danal commanded Ssgt. Paul Lakatos, before looking over in his direction: "You too Carl"

As Danal headed toward the Lodge, he stopped momentarily to look at Remy Deveaux and the tall, burly, handsome Marine with him: "Be good little pups and get back in your vehicle and wait until I'm done with your owner" Carl watched with continued amusement as the two Marines wide eyed and more than a little shaken, bowed their heads respectfully and immediately turned heel and headed directly toward the truck they had arrived in.

Always full of surprises, Carl watched as Danal walked up to Atticus and reached down and groped his groin, openly fondling his balls through his fatigues: "Those are some mighty big balls you've got son" Atticus didn't even flinch, just smiled back at the man and gave him a quick nod and a playful wink; Carl almost laughed out loud when Danal leaned in and said loud enough for both he and Paul to hear: "My money would have been on you if Carl and I had taken our time and stopped to pick some flowers on our way to join you." Carl almost wished he'd had his phone out to capture the exuberant expression of pride that crossed Atticus's face at that moment and now, more than before he realized just how accurate Max's assessment had been about this young man, making a mental note to bring it up later when he had time to discuss it with the young Marine.

Paul just huffed beside Carl, turning his head away, completely dismissing the comment.

"Return to your duties Corporal." Carl commanded and watched with no small measure of gratification as Atticus nodded and immediately began barking orders to his unit.

The mischievous smile faded from Danal's face as he returned his attention to the two men before him and waved them forward toward the Lodge.

As they entered the building Danal turned to Carl: "There is a first aid kit in the kitchen, please be so kind as to retrieve it."

As Carl headed in that direction he heard Danal instruct Paul to remove his shirt: "I'm fine" the large Marine insisted: "I'd much rather just leave..." his voice nearly dripping with bile: "That is if your done trying to humiliate me for the day!"

Carl could clearly hear Danal's response as he headed toward the kitchen: "If it was my intent to humiliate you, I would have pulled your pants down and taken my belt to your bare ass before fucking you right there in front of your men." Danal's wickedly playful side returned: "Then again..." He paused as if he was truly considering it: "The day's not over yet and you do have one really nice looking ass."

By the time Carl made it back, Paul had obviously relented and removed his shirt and now sat on one of the wooden benches that proliferated the room, topless.

Despite his animosity toward the man, Carl couldn't help but appreciate his physicality; he wasn't as hairy as Max, but he not only was close to the same size as Max, they had very similar builds; Carl doubted the man had an ounce of fat on him and despite his earlier bravado, he definitely wouldn't have desired squaring off with him, Carl was certain he wouldn't have fared well in the exchange, no more than he would have with Max.

That was just the nature of men like Paul, Max and even Danal; they exude authority, it was inherently part of who they were, just like their exuberant confidence and tenacity, the difference between Paul and Max and even Danal was exemplified by the way they achieved their goals; men like Max and Danal did so by tempering their expectations with an understanding of the limits of those around them, while men like Paul, younger and less experienced, impatiently demanded those around them live up to unrealistic expectations.

All these things were inherently at the core of what Max, Danal, Carl and others saw wrong with the Codex and it was the fact that far to many were just like Paul, those who unyieldingly codified it, citing worthless litanies like: "Its always been that way" that surmounted any notion of change, change both Danal and Max often noted being the only constant in the universe.

One thing Carl was sure of though, nature abhors a vacuum and for men like the ones outside right now, working and hoping for a better future not only for themselves but for many others all over the world just like them, that change couldn't come fast enough and Carl still worried that even if what they were certain and were hopeful for concerning Billy, that even if it turned out to be true, would it be an effective challenge to those determined to keep things like they've always been, maintain the status quo? Not least of Carl's concerns was for Billy himself, would they be placing far to much on his young shoulders?

All these thoughts ran rampant through Carl's head as he held out the requested first aid kit to Danal.

"I'm not so sure he wants me near his throat again do you?" Danal smiled impishly, pushing the kit back in Carl's direction.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me old man!" Carl chided, glancing briefly over at Paul then back to Danal, whose face expanded into a huge mischievous grin: "Look at it this way..." he mused: "How often do you get to paw a young stud like Paul without Max being involved?"

"Can we just get this over with?" Paul demanded, not even looking in either man's direction and definitely not amused by their banter.

"You're gonna smoke a turd in purgatory for this one Danal" Carl huffed before moving over to Lakatos and sitting down in front of him and opening the kit.

Carl opened a pack of cotton swabs and a small bottle of peroxide and began dabbing Paul's wounds and cleaning up the now drying blood that had dripped down his chest.

"Just so you know Danal..." Paul began sternly: "I fully intend to report this to the council."

Danal leaned against one of the post nearest Paul and Carl, his hand gently stroking at his beard: "I'm sure they will be delighted in hearing you confess your insolent behavior to them."

Paul groaned: "You know damn well I meant about what you and Max are allowing to go on here!" He turned his head toward Danal, a bit of his previous defiance creeping back into his voice.

If Danal heard it and Carl was sure he had, he didn't show it, as he continued to contemplatively stroke his beard: "And exactly what business is that of yours?!" Danal cooed whimsically, knowing full well his tone would only exacerbate an already irritated Lakatos.

Carl could feel the muscles in Paul's neck tighten as he grew more tense: "Because I have a right to be here and those men out there do NOT!" Paul snapped, glaring at Danal, the fire building in his eyes once again.

Danal stood erect, turning to face SSgt. Paul Lakatos meeting his defiant glare with a cold calculated temerity: "Let me make this absolutely clear to you boy..." Danal began, walking over, then bending until his face was mere inches from Paul's as he stared him directly in the eyes: "You and everyone else, including myself, are allowed here because Max Donnelly tolerates it, that is of course..." Danal paused bringing his finger up to poke Paul in the chest: "You grow a pair and decide you want to challenge Max directly for leadership of the southern region!?"

Carl could feel the tension build between the two men, Danal's face was stone cold, his eyes burned into Paul's: "Shall I issue your challenge and arrange the time or are you man enough to do it yourself!?"

Carl struggled to hold back the chuckle that begged for release in his chest as Paul visibly gulped and averted his gaze: "I didn't say I wanted to challenge Max Green Father" Paul simply stated, his voice far more sedate and reserved than mere seconds ago; Carl did not sense fear in him, but something more like a reserved acknowledgement of Max's authority.

"That's good Paul.." Danal smiled bringing his hand up to muss the younger man's hair: "I'm very fond of your sire and don't really want him to lose his eldest offspring." Danal stood up and stared down at him: "I will however make sure he knows how close that came to happening today by my own hand the next time I talk to him."

Carl shot the old man a quick look and closed the first aid kit, now finished with cleansing the superficial wounds on Paul's throat and stood to face his old friend: "His fathers going to be the least of his concerns after I report this to Max." Carl chided moving to stand by his old friend.

Danal tossed Paul his shirt, a big grin on his face as he turned and headed toward the door of the Lodge: "Knowing both Max and his sire..."Danal mused: "I would suggest he invest in a big bottle of lube."

                                                                  * * * * *

Timmy Anderson was beginning to wonder what he'd gotten himself into, after his dinner and chat with Max Donnelly early that evening and they had come to an arrangement about his son JD, Max had promised to satisfy him in ways he never knew he could be.

He vividly recalled how Max had stood up, and escorted him back to his bedroom and slowly striped him of his clothing before shucking his olive drab silky shorts.

He followed Max's instruction to lay on his bed before going to his closet and pulling out a rather large metal military ammo box with a pull top lid that latches on one end and carried it over to the bedside.

He watched in silent fascination as Max pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and secured both of Timmy's wrist to the two metal frame posts of the headboard and then retrieved two leather cuffs with singular metal loops.

Timmy allowed Max to wrap these leather cuffs around his ankles before pulling a shiny stainless steel length of chain from the box before wedging himself between Timmy's legs forcing them up and attaching one end of the chain through one of the metal loops on his left ankle then threaded the chain through a metal loop on the headboard about two feet above his head, before attaching the other end to Timmy's right ankle the effect of which, left Timmy's legs spread eagle, ass fully exposed and Timmy bound helpless on the bed.

"That's one pretty little pussy ya got there." Max said smiling down at Timmy from between his legs, his massive 12 inch cock now laying over Timmy's balls and lower abdomen while Max's fingers caressed his smooth, hairless upper torso.

Timmy watched silently, as Max leaned forward and gently kissed his right nipple and then his left, letting his tongue lightly flick over each one before he brought his hands up and clasped each nipple between his index fingers and his thumbs and began softly squeezing his nubs and tenderly pulling them causing both to stiffen and erect.

Max could feel the goosebumps rise all over Timmy's body, his smile broadening as he continued to stimulate the boys nipples while simultaneously thrusting his fat large phallus between Timmy's tight muscular twin buns smearing the precum oozing from his glans over Timmy's upturned ass crack and anus.

Max pushed forward and brought his face close to Timmy's, their lips just inches away from each other, Max staring intently into Timmy's soft blue eyes: "Open your mouth" Max instructed, his voice low and deep his breath a soft whisper across Timmy's pink, plump lips.

Timmy opened up to Max whose lips then covered his entire mouth, his thick wet tongue darting inward filling Timmy's oral cavity.

Max swirled his tongue around Timmy's as he allowed his spit to flow from his own mouth, down over his tongue and into Timmy's who in turn wrapped his lips around Max's tongue and began sucking on it, trying to extract all the flowing juices into his hungry mouth.

To Timmy's amazement, Max's tongue slipped even further into his mouth, well beyond what he would have expected until the tip of it flicked against his uvula and nearly threatened to invade his throat.

"Like that little trick?" Max said pulling back, a mischievous smile spreading across his face, before sliding down Timmy's body until his face was directly juxtaposed to Timmy's exposed ass.

"You're gonna love this" Max growled before diving his tongue against Timmy's pucker, forcibly pushing into his hole and driving through his sphincter into his anal cavity.

Timmy's initial response was to wince at the speedy abruptness of Max's oral invasion, but as Max observed from between his split buns looking directly at Timmy's face he watched bemusedly as Timmy's eyes grew bigger with surprise as he drilled the tip of his tongue against Timmy's prostate, who in turn ground his ass almost involuntarily at the new sensation.

"Oh my Gawwwd..." Timmy groaned, his arms struggling and flailing, at odds with the chains binding him, stopping him from reaching down and grasping Max's head.

Max pulled back momentarily, grinning wickedly: "Somebody likes their butt clit licked don't they? Max mused, adding: "Let's see what this does to ya!"

Max jammed his tongue back into Timmy's wet hole and churned against his joy spot, undulating his oral appendage against it as his lips wrapped around Timmy's spasming pucker and began heartily sucking on it; the combo proved to much for Timmy, his head shot backward, his body twisted and jerked as his gonads pulled nearly up into his body as his 5 inch dick erupted his pent up load all over his face, chest and abs.

But to Timmy's surprise, Max's oral assault only continued, well after his unexpected but glorious orgasm; if anything, Max's tongue probed harder his suction doubled, Timmy felt as if his entire central nervous system was now centered around Max's suctioning lips and twirling tongue, he was certain his hole was being opened and sucked inside out and repeatedly forced back in by his unrelenting oral invasion.

Timmy knew that only moments had passed since his first orgasm, but just like the previous one Max's skillful manipulations induced a second tidal wave of rapturous splendor, that, just like its predecessor elicited a huge eruption from Timmy's straining cock, which once again bathed him in his own seminal juices, splattering his entire upper torso as his head thrashed uncontrollably side to side, his body bucking and twisting, spasming and twitching overcome by the climatic forces Max was inciting from him.

"Omigawwwd Maaaax...pppplllleeeeez....." Timmy practically screamed through clenched teeth, sweat pouring from his face and body, tense and straining against his bonds.

Max yanked back, his lower face looking like a freshly glazed donut, licking and smacking his lips, smiling deviously at the now nearly exhausted golden haired youth: "What's the matter bitch, so use to the fumbling of boys you can't handle a real man?" he sneered, his wicked smile evidence enough he was in no way shape or form done with him yet: "Remember..." he leered: "You said you wanted this..." Max rose up, thrusting his large shiny glans at Timmy's now puffy, swollen hole and began rubbing just the leaking tip against it, smearing it with the copious amounts of precum drooling from his piss slit.

Max reached down and rubbed his index and middle finger up and down the length of Timmy's still tumescent cock: "Looks like your little clit dick likes what I'm doing" Max chided playfully then moved up Timmy's body, his lips seeking Timmy's right nipple and sucking it into his mouth and began nursing and gnawing on it like a hungry baby.

Max continued doing this back and forth between each of Timmy's nipples, ravenously gorging himself on them until Timmy pleaded with him to stop, noting how sore, sensitive, swollen and puffy each of them had become, but Max only chortled and slid back down Timmy's body and renewed his oral assault on his already bloated, distended hole.

For over an hour Max continued to torment both Timmy's hole and both his nipples, nearly driving Timmy to distraction and at least three more orgasms and Max hadn't even penetrated him with anything other than his tongue.

After his last one Timmy just collapsed, both his nipples were grossly engorged, puffy, red and sore while his butt-hole no longer resembled the tight little circular ring he began with, but now looked inflamed, bloated and distended, he had pleaded and begged multiple times for Max to either slow down or out right stop, but he quickly realized Max did what Max wanted too and Timmy was helpless to stop or deter him so he just moaned, groaned and at times squealed and screamed as Max drove him well beyond anything he had ever experienced before.

Max had indeed reduced his entire body to one huge erogenous zone, his central nervous system surge with endorphins throughout, heightening his pleasure and effectively altering his otherwise limited capacity to a rapturous cacophony of sensations and delights.

"I think that's enough foreplay for now." Max grinned: "Time to turn your ass into my pussy Max sneered, satisfied he'd far surpassed Timmy's limited sexual expectations and boyish fumblings.

Max reached up Timmy's torso, clasping his hand behind Timmy's neck and brought hs head forward, practically bending his body in half as his other hand guided his enormous, tennis ball sized, bulbous glans to Timmy's bloated, inflated, spit dripping anal lips: "I want you to watch closely as I turn your asshole into my pussy." Max murmured softly: "I want you to be a good little faggot girl and watch it happen, okay baby?" His deep crooning voice both comforting and demanding at the same time.

Timmy offered no resistance, he lacked the will or capacity to do or say anything contrary to what Max desired of him, he was an empty vessel waiting to be filled, to become whatever he wanted or needed him to be, so he tried to focus and do as he was commanded and center his thoughts on that singular action as Max gently pushed forward the blunt helmet shaped tip of his cock-head, the glans orifice until it kissed the lips of Timmy's turgescent folds and began parting them.

Max tilted Timmy's head back carefully, until their eyes met; Timmy felt as if he were staring into his body, his mind and soul and for the briefest moment he could have sworn Max's corneas flashed a brilliant blue, drawing Timmy in ever deeper, losing himself completely in Max: "Do you want to be my good girl?" Max droned, the sound of his voice hypnotic and surreal to Timmy, as he feebly shook his head yes, unable to do anything more than dribble spittle from the corners of his mouth and groan in ecstasy: "Do you want to be my little faggot princess?" Max cooed bringing his lips forward and caressing them lightly over Timmy's trembling lips, his hot breath filling Timmy's nostrils, making him whimper and moan the faintest whisper: "Yes."

"Then listen carefully!" Max grunted, pointing Timmy's head downward at his torso, Max's fingers released his dick and reached upward to run over Timmy's extremely bloated nipples: "These are your titties, your breast...your boobs!" His voice still soft but firmly insistent: "Men have chest and pec's, faggots have breast!" Max asserted before tracing his fingertips caressingly downward until they ran down the length of Timmy's five inch hard dick: "This is your clit, men have dicks, faggots have clits." He emphasized his point by rubbing Timmy's frenulum eliciting a strangled groan from Timmy: "Do you understand so far?" Max's voice was calm and soothing, speaking to Timmy as if he were speaking to a child, instructing him in the ways of the world as his fingers returned to clutch his massive drooling erection and rubbed the tip against Timmy's wet hole: "This is your pussy, your twat, snatch or cunt" Max emphasized the last word by thrusting forward with the power of his hips the fully engorged head of his schlong driving forcefully into Timmy's hole nearly ripping it to shreds as its mammoth girth split the folds of his anal opening, and with a nearly audible pop, penetrated past Timmy's over stretched sphincter, eliciting a strangled cry from deep within Timmy's throat and chest in sudden pain, he tried jerking away from Max, but Max wrapped his arms around him, his full weight crashing them backward on the mattress as Max held his position letting Timmy's convulsing, spasming anal ring adjust to the wrist thick circumference of his manhood and the protuberant size of his throbbing glans.

Timmy's eyes watered and tears of pain dripped down his cheeks, his arms pulled desperately at the handcuffs restraining them, his powerful legs jerking at the metal chain and leather straps secured to his ankles all to no avail, his hole felt like it was on fire, stretched beyond all reason causing it to undulate convulsively against the massive intruder barely secured beyond his quivering sphincter until his anguish gave him voice: "Pull it out..." he sobbed, his whole body jerking against Max's, who just calmly held him tightly against him, refusing to budge an inch as he patiently waited for the initial shock of penetration to settle, for Timmy's spastic convulsions to abate.

Max hated this part, with each new partner there was always the inceptive pain of first penetration, first with Carl, then with Monaca and later others such as Brock; the list wasn't as vast as some might think. Max could count them on two hands and not all ever took to it like he knew Timmy would, once the initial shock wore off.

Max knew from past experience, it wasn't the anal part that was the hardest it was the oral that proved the most challenging, but over the years, through trial and error, Max had devised a method to even accomplish that as well, the biggest factor was the willingness of the recipient, their need and desire to accommodate and please him.

He knew through those experiences that Timmy was that kind of individual, he needed to please, his desire to satisfy, but most of all his innate, exigent craving toward submissiveness.

Some would wrongfully think Timmy's superior athletic skills came from a place of sportive aggression, when in truth it was his way of pleasing others with a skill-set uniquely his own, his slavish devotion to it evidential of the desire to initially impress and please his parents and later those instructing him, always seeking to improve himself, push beyond their expectations and exceed them, their pleasure at his accomplishments is what drove him to excel and Max knew he would do so now.

Just as predicted, Max could slowly feel Timmy's body relax beneath him, his hole loosen around his invading dong; the tightness and vice like grip was still there, but the spasming of his sphincter lessened.

Max pulled his torso back a bit, until he could look into Timmy's eyes, noting the terror and pain had subsided from his expressions and were slowly being replaced by one of acceptance which Max knew would soon change again by Timmy's inner desire to please and accommodate: "Don't worry princess, I'll soon have this pussy nice and loose." Max smiled as he began to thrust another couple of inches into Timmy's clenching hole, eliciting another grimace from Timmy as his hole expanded and elongated to tightly encompass his member like a new sword being sheathed in its equally new scabbard.

Max held off at the halfway mark, letting Timmy's cunt adjust again, while still pulling back slowly letting the flare of his coronal ridge dredge against his prostate evoking a tremor and shudder of renewed pleasure emitting from Timmy's anal clit throughout his body.

Max grinned devilishly as Timmy moaned and whimpered beneath him as he began rotating his hips slightly grinding his glans against Timmy's and noted how Timmy's hips responded in kind.

That was the signal Max had been waiting for, as he lowered his head to Timmy's ear, at first to gently kiss and lick at the sensitive skin at the nape of his neck before biting down hard against his flesh while simultaneously driving the full length of his monster cock balls deep into the deepest recesses of Timmy's tight twat.

Timmy's body went rigid as his eyes bugged out and his face contorted into a mask of shear agony as Max's flaming phallus ripped passed the tight confines of Timmy's lower bowel.

Max again held him tightly, but this time began to thrust the throbbing head of his dick in and out of Timmy's inner sphincter, pushing it beyond its elastic limitations, forcing it to stretch to accommodate its prodigious girth, relentless in its to and fro assault.

Timmy's entire body convulsed and twisted against his restraints once again trying to buck Max from him and expel his invading member. Max rewarded his efforts by raising up into the push up position and slowly began withdrawing his schlong from the clinging walls of Timmy's overstretched gash until the enormous flair of Max's coronal ridge ripped free of Timmy's sputtering twat.

Max poised and hovered above him, looking down into Timmy's gnarled scowl before ramming the full length of his giant dong balls deep into Timmy's gash and ruthlessly began thrusting the full length of his dick in and out of Timmy's convulsing hole.

Slowly, just as Max knew he would, Timmy's scowl and shrieks of anguish transformed, at first subtly then like a tidal wave, into cries of passion and then to pure stuporous lust: "Fuuuuck meee" came Timmy's initial guttural pleas rapidly followed by a crescendo of lilting squeals and torid grunts: "Fffuck my pussssy....fuuuuck it." became his battle cry, one that drove Max finally over the edge as his bloated dong erupted volcanically into the deepest depths of Timmy's pussy, impregnating the delicate lining of his bowels with molten jolts of spraying jism, flooding his chute with his virile masculine juices.

Timmy's own clit dick erupted spewing watery dregs of seminal fluid from the pit of his seminal vessels completely draining the last of his reservoirs until his dick was dry heaving and his shrunken balls ached from overuse.

As Max's own orgasm subsided, as he felt Timmy go completely limp underneath him, his lips quivering his mouth sputtering incoherent gibberish as drool flowed down the corners of his lips and puddled on the covers of Max's bed.

Max reached down and twisted Timmy's face toward him, Max noting with proud satisfaction Timmy's eyelids fluttering his eyes still rolled to the back of his head unable to focus on anything other than the residual waves of tortured ardor that continuously washed over his profusely sweating and sporadically twitching body.

Max was unsure of whether Timmy could even hear him or not, let alone understand what he was saying as he bent down towards Timmy's ear, softly biting his earlobe: "Better buckle up princess, that was only round one."

                                                                   CHAPTER THIRTEEN:

"Man, it really looks like they did a number on 'em" JD said, looking down on their baseball coach Tuck Pullman, still splayed out on top of his desk with a baseball bat still stuck halfway up his ass, his head dangling over the other side, looking very much like he'd just gotten royally screwed, which in fact he just had.

JD wasn't sure what his friend Jason Dunne was thinking, he stood there staring down at the coach, having positioned himself between his legs; more precisely JD was sure he was staring at the bat sticking out of his ass, but JD did recognize that glassy eyed look, it was the same he knew himself to have every time he was alone in his room and Timmy would wiggle his magnificent ass at him invitingly.

As he moved toward the desk, JD had thought about helping the coach get up and just as he was about to reach down and see if he could run his arms under Tuck's and haul him into a sitting position, the man's left hand snaked up between JD's legs and started fondling his crotch: "Damn..." JD moaned, automatically pushing his groin closer to the coaches face, his cock already hard from the show earlier: "I think he wants more!"

As Tuck groped his boner through his pants, JD looked up to meet Jason glowering intently back at him, looking from JD's face to Tuck's spread, upturned ass as if debating on his next course of action.

JD observed his friend's large hand slowly outstretched toward the handle of the baseball bat, his eyes became riveted to it. He watched as Jason's fingers wrapped around it and silently observed in amazement as the six foot four jock began to slowly withdraw it, surprisingly to the very erotic moans of the man below them: "Please..." Tuck groaned, his hand now desperately clutching and pulling at JD's turgid cock lifting his head to look directly at Jason and begging: "Fuuuuck me!"

It was next to impossible for JD to read Jason's expression but he could see the beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead, he could tell his friends breathing had grown more labored and by the large tenting bulge running down until obscured by the desk below them. JD wasn't surprised when Jason yanked the bat out of the coaches ass and tossed it on the floor: "I don't think we'll be needing that anymore" Jason murmured, his voice thick and heavy as he brought both hands up to clasp both of Tuck's firm round buttocks in his hands and squeezing them like a baker kneads bread dough.

"Man..." Jason now moaned: "That's one big wet, juicy hole ya got there coach" Jason looked up into JD's eyes, the glower had now turned completely into lust: "You gotta see this JD", his eyes once again riveted to the object of his ever increasing desires: "It almost looks like a chicks pussy" JD bent forward at Jason's urging and indeed, Tuck's outer hole was now so swollen wet and stretched, that what once must have started out as a tight ring now flopped open, engorged.

As if to emphasize his observation, Jason moved his hands toward the gaping hole, placing his thick thumbs on either side and pulled it apart like the folds of a vagina, revealing the deep red undulating delicate tissue inside, followed by what was assuredly Matt's cum oozing out thickly, dripping in a steady stream down the crack of Tuck's ass to puddle on the desk in a viscous pool of sperm and semen.

JD continued to lean over the coach, entranced by Jason's manipulations of his twitching anus, he felt Tuck's arms encircle his waist, his hands clutching JD's ass and pulled him down closer to his face until he was practically laying on top of him.

JD could feel the coaches lips and teeth chewing at his member through his sweatpants, he could even feel his tongue lapping at his crotch, running up and down the full length of his swollen phallus.

"I think someone wants some more cock" JD mused smiling, looking up at an equally grinning Jason, now smiling ear to ear: "Like a bitch in heat wanting to gnaw your bone dude."

Jason continued to use his thumbs to rotate around Tucks gooey hole, tracing the outline of his loose anal folds when suddenly he slid his index and middle finger into the oozing gash and began finger fucking him.

"This feels just like how I imagined pussy would feel" Jason mused, ogling his fingers slowly penetrating Tuck's hole in and out slowly, twisting and turning with each inward outward stroke, completely mesmerized by how hot, wet, soft and yielding the orifice was.

"It's like finger banging warm jello" Jason concluded, not really caring who was paying attention to him or not, his head swam with only one lascivious thought as he reached down and began stroking his own burgeoning dong through his pants.

"If you're gonna fuck him..."JD had started to say, but no sooner had the word fuck passed his lips than Tuck began moaning below him almost begging: "Please fuuuuck meeee" and like a call to action, began tugging at JD's sweatpants, trying to yank them down.

"Ain't no "if" about it dude" Jason sneered glaring right into JD's eyes with a hunger and lust JD was all too familiar with.

JD smiled knowingly at his bud, while simultaneously struggling to maintain his balance as Tuck practically ripped his sweatpants down freeing his seven inch drooling dick and began slobbering all over it, trying to capture it between his cock hungry lips.

JD gasped as Tuck's mouth found his straining cock and pulled it into his cavernous maw, gobbling his manhood to the nads and began devouring it like a hungry man who hadn't eaten in days.

He'd always thought Timmy was an amazing cocksucker, but he didn't hold a candle to coach Pullman, the man brought pole smoking to a whole new level, with his dong buried to the hilt, Tuck's tongue slipped passed his lips and began tonguing JD's egg sized balls, washing wetly over them while constantly tightening and constricting his throat around the head of his schlong, milking JD of more and more precum and guzzling it down like it was the sweetest nectar.

No longer able to support himself leaning over the coach, JD rose up and began earnestly fucking his mouth: "Man bro, this dude has a mouth like a vacuum hose" he joyously proclaimed, grabbing both sides of Tuck's head and riding it in long strokes, grinding his balls against the coaches nose on each inward plunge.

Jason watched intently, his own carnal desires building to a feverish pitch, he didn't know why he was feeling the way he was, he didn't know if it was his actual desire to fuck for the first time or the fact that it was something he was sharing with his bud JD.

Jason had admired JD for quite some time, he liked his outgoing personality, the way he handled himself in any given situation and was always the one he could count on when he was feeling down to cheer him up or at least try too.

JD was the first real friend he'd made after he and his Mom moved here from North Carolina, his Mom was always working back in those days, her job at a research facility in applied genetics at a privately owned company there, almost consumed her every waking moment, that and they lived far and removed from most populated areas, his mom always saying she needed the peace and quiet, which was fine for her, but left him often feeling like an outsider looking in.

Being a bit of a scrawny bean pole as a kid, didn't help, that and his mother didn't really like him bringing friends home, not that he had that many to begin with; she didn't even like him spending the night over at a friends house, always insisting in knowing exactly where he was and who he was with and what they'd be doing.

It wasn't until he started hitting puberty and his body really started to change that his interest in sports in particular often led them to argue over whether he could pursue his interest in athletics; she had even gone so far as to set up his own home gym in the hopes of allaying his consistent protest about how isolated and alone he felt most of the time.

The happiest day of his life came when some government agency took interest in the company she worked for and that if she continued working there she would be working with a military liaison, something his mother always tried to avoid and was why she ended up taking this teaching job here at Albany State University.

From an early age his constant queries into who his father was, seemed to pain his mother the most.

Often, after he would push her for more info, she would just clam up, her mood would become more morose and sad, it was after one particular row when he insisted on knowing who his Dad was and demanding to meet him, she had just totally shut down and locked herself in her room.

That night, while he laid in bed, unable to sleep, still wondering and imagining what kind of man his father was and why she wouldn't talk about him, he could hear his mother crying.

It was that night, when he was barely twelve, that he gave up asking her, he couldn't do that to his Mom, but he vowed that someday, when he was on his own, he'd get the answers he sought, for good or bad, he'd find out who his father was.

"Earth to Jason!" JD's voice broke his momentary distraction and revelry: "I thought you wanted to get laid?" JD said, his voice full of roguish mirth and masculine bravado, looking from Jason's face to the hungry moist hole right in front of him: "Ya know..." he continued, the huge grin on his face belaying the seriousness of his intent: "holes don't come with written instructions, ya just gotta go for it dude!"

Jason looked down at Tuck's hole, still filled with his probing digits and slowly removed them.

JD watched intently as Jason's hands moved to the waistband of his sweat pants and started pushing them downward over his throbbing erection until it lurched free and smacked with a loud thud against his abs: "You weren't fuckin' kidding!" JD gasped, his eyes going momentarily wide at the prodigious appendage now palpitating and drooling a steady stream of clear fluids from its enormous glans, sticking nearly perpendicular to his washboard stomach.

Blushing slightly at the awkwardness of JD's leering gaze, he boldly clasped the base of his rotund mammoth eleven incher and waved it at the awestruck youth.

JD marveled at its size, not only its length but at how thick it was. Up until then. the biggest dick he'd ever seen was his brother Billy's, but Jason had that beat by a considerable bit, it was almost as thick as the baseball bat he'd just moments ago removed from the coaches abused hole.

"That's fucking huge bro" JD stammered, unable to take his eyes off Jason's enormous hooded pole: "I can see why chicks would be scared of that thing" he smiled lecherously back at Jason, who also noted JD couldn't take his eyes off his throbbing erection and the way he absentmindedly licked his lips, somehow gave Jason a sense of pride for the first time in his substantial endowment causing the burly youth to wag it at him, peeling the foreskin back and milking a drooling river of precum from the pulsating, helmet shaped, enormous glans.

Jason didn't know which he liked more, the idea of finally getting to fuck an all to willing hole he was certain could handle his big dick or the all to apparent fascination of a nearly hypnotized JD, whose blue eyes now followed his now stroking hand up and down the length of his cock, for whatever reason, that just seemed like icing on the cake for Jason, he realized, on some level, he really liked how impressed his friend was, he also couldn't help but remember, just a few moments ago, how he held JD close to him, rubbing that same monster dong against his pert young ass and how JD had let him caress his hard, warm muscular body as they watched Matt and Davy have their way with their baseball coach.

Jason had never thought about being with a guy before, had never even considered the possibility, even now, he wasn't turned on by the coach, but by the idea of just being able to fuck for the first time, but he couldn't just shake off the fact that out there in the hallway, with JD, it was something more than just the idea of actually getting to fuck that turned him on, he couldn't help but think that maybe in part it had to do with who he was with and how that made him feel.

Either way, he was losing his virginity tonight and he looked down at the gaping, twitching wet hole in front of him, begging to claim its virgin prize.

As if in slow motion, JD watched intently as his huge friend pushed his big cock downward until just the tip of it prodded against the loose folds of Tuck's cavernous gash and began rubbing around in small circular motions, smearing the ever leaking precum drooling from his cock-head all over it adding to its moistness.

It was at that moment that a studious JD was struck by an idea: "Wait dude..." a somewhat startled Jason halted abruptly, his eyes pulled back to JD's handsome face: "This is your first fuck bro!" He stammered excitedly, reaching downward and fumbling to find the pocket of his sweatpants now shoved down to his knees, until finally whipping out his phone and holding it up, brandishing it victoriously like it should hold some great significance to a questioning Jason.

"It ain't everyday you lose your cherry bro..." JD's enthusiasm had Jason completely perplexed, wondering what his excited friend was going on about.

"Don't worry dude, I won't show your face" JD offered as explanation as he held his phone out and hit the video record: "What kind of bud would I be if I didn't preserve this momentous occasion?" He jovially queried: "Just think about all the fun we'll have watching it over and over again later!" JD finally concluded, urging Jason to continue.

Jason just shook his head, smiling at how comedic the whole thing seemed but also taking mental note that JD had said "we" when saying they'd watch it later and how much fun they'd have; Jason couldn't help but wonder what kind of fun that might entail, his mind raced at the possibilities of that open ended declaration.

As he began video recording Jason's first time fucking, JD leaned forward to get a closer look driving his own dick as deep as it could go in their coaches sucking mouth and to Jason's surprise he watched as JD reached forward with his free hand and wrapped it around his turgid pole.

The sensation of his friend's warm hand rippled through not just his shaft but clear down into his gonads causing his cock to spew out even more precum than before. Jason watched in silent reverence as JD began smearing his cock-head against the already saturated cavity, then looking impishly up at him still firmly grasping his shaft and gently stroking it: "Do it bro, fuck this pussy with this big fuckin' beautiful dick."

Spurred by JD's eagerness and the warm lurid touch of his clutching hand, Jason pushed forward easing his prodigious glans into the loose gooey folds of Tuck's manhole causing not only a gasp to escape his lips but whimpers of approval from the coaches cock filled throat.

"Dayam that friggin' feels amazing!" Jason moaned as the head of his cock popped through the sphincter into the anal cavity.

Jason loved the way the delicate velveteen tissues of his anal lining wrapped around his penetrating shaft and glans, reveled in the firm grip of JD's hand at the base of his dong continuously urging him forward into the silken depths of Tuck's sloppy dick ditch.

JD was first to notice as their coach began trying to thrust his hips upward so his hole could claim more of Jason's anal intruder: "I think he wants more" JD mused, looking once again up into Jason's now glazed over eyes before finally releasing his shaft and reaching behnd Jason to firmly grip his right muscular buttock and pulling him forcibly forward even further into the chasm that was Tuck's anus.

As the giant organ penetrated deeper JD could feel Tuck now gurgling around his dick head, his throat desperately trying to vocalize his desire for more but only being successful at further thrilling JD's entrenched schlong.

"Fuckin' coach is trying to gargling with my dick juice dude" JD swooned, the sensation driving him to pay less attention to Jason and more to drilling his own dick in and out of his sucking oral cavity.

If Jason heard him, it didn't show, JD observed he now had his head thrown back, sweat started pouring down his forehead as he just stood there transfixed by the new sensations surrounding his slowly sheathing dick.

Then, without a word of warning Jason growled from somewhere deep inside his chest and clutched Tuck's hips between his large hands and rammed his mammoth cock balls deep into his body with such force it nearly threw JD backward dislodging his dick from Tuck's sucking mouth.

Like a man possessed, JD watched in awe as Jason wrapped his bulging arms around Tuck's strong legs, hauled them over his shoulders and began thrusting brutally in and out of his hole, driving with such vigor that the sound of their flesh impacting reverberated off the walls with a loud thumping, thwacking noise that reminded JD of the sound one's boots made trodding through thick mud.

JD turned his phone off and slipped it back into his pocket, moving back in position looking down into their coaches now grimacing, contorted face: "That's a real big dick fuckin' ya coach" JD mused, not even sure if the man was even aware enough to grasp what he was saying let alone articulate a response as Jason continued to pummel his hole like a jackhammer: "That's gotta be better than some ol' baseball bat up your twat" JD meant it in a jovial, non-malicious way of course, not that Coach Tuck Pullman cared to notice in the moment, instead, as JD delicately ran his fingers over the coaches thick wet, saliva moistened lips their eyes briefly met and the coach began to mutter something, imperceptible at first, because of the jarring, rocking actions of Jason's hammering thrust, but soon the same words drooled passed his blubbering lips: "Big dick fuckin' me."

JD almost laughed at the obviousness of the simple declaration: "Yup, big dick fuckin' ya..."JD repeated then added: "I'm betting your pussy ain't ever gonna forget this night." He concluded by patting Tuck's face, who just kept muttering over and over again: "Big dick fuckin' me" that is until JD stuffed his cock back into his mouth silencing him and joined Jason in fucking the man further into debauched senselessness, matching the huge powerful jock thrust for thrust.

JD looked up and found Jason staring at him, their eyes locked and a kind of mental bond forged between them, it was almost as if they became one person driving compulsively in unconstrained rapture into the fleshy receptacle below them, sheathing their meaty swords simultaneously and repeatedly into the willing consuming flesh of their baseball coach until they reached a feverish crescendo and hovered there together, eyes locked, mind to mind, moving as one before finally succumbing to the inevitable, glorious conclusion and both, in complete synchronicity erupted in torrential waves into the siphoning abyss of coach Tuck's ravenous holes spewing thick jets of jock sperm deep into him from both ends to the point of overflowing.

As the tidal forces of their orgasms subsided JD collapsed on top of Tuck's sweating body he was joined shortly by Jason's on top of his.

They laid there like that together over the desk, their sweat intermingling, their chest still heaving from their carnal exertions.

Moments passed as JD was still enjoying the afterglow and the warmth of being pressed between two hard bodies that he felt Jason's strong callused hands begin to gently stroke his thighs from behind, rubbing them methodically, circling gently but perceptible higher until the tips of his fingers found JD's buttocks and softly stroked his muscular buns.

At first JD thought it felt nice, especially after the intimacy of what they just shared, the connection he knew they both felt when they seemed to lock together into one of the best orgasms he had yet known.

JD had never experienced anything like that with Timmy, yeah the sex was always good and he never once got bored by it, but he couldn't help feel what he was experiencing now was something different, he didn't know what that difference was, nor could he explain it and what troubled him even more, was the fact he was, for the second time this evening, enjoying Jason's caressing touch: "Man you guys stink like sweaty socks" JD announced, shrugging himself upward encouraging Jason to lift off of him as he himself in turn lifted off Tuck.

For a brief moment Jason and JD's eyes locked once again, JD could still sense their connection along with the somewhat dopey sideways grin painted on Jason's mug that made him almost audibly laugh out loud: "I say we all hit the showers" JD mused, trying to lift the coach up into a sitting position, thankful when Jason joined him and managed to finally rouse him enough to know they hadn't done any real damage, if anything, by the way he continued to look hungrily at Jason's now half hard cock, JD was sure he was more than willing for another round of hide the sausage.

JD reached over and clasped Tuck's chin in his hand turning his face toward him: "No more big dick until we all get nice and clean" he taunted, before adding: "Then we can all have a nice little chat about tonight okay?

Coach Pullman did his best to clear his head and pull himself back into focus, but even as he stood and started looking around for his clothes, JD couldn't help but notice he still kept eyeing Jason's big wet dong, which swayed back and forth pendulously as he gathered up his own clothing before joining JD as he headed out the door toward the locker room: "Whether ya want one or not..." JD whispered at his friend: "I think you just earned yourself a devoted groupie."

Jason looked back toward the coach, smiling: "You kidding, I'm totally ready for round two."

"Maybe later" JD chided, grabbing his arm and redirecting him forward:" I need to get cleaned up and think about how I'm getting home before my ol' man freaks out."

"Oh shit me too!" Jason responded quickly, a look of sudden concern crossing his face: "My Mom's probably wondering why I haven't called her to pick me up yet."

As Jason fished through the pockets of the sweatpants he carried in his hands, Coach Pullman walked up behind them: "I can give you boys a lift home if you want" he said smiling directly at Jason, his eyes briefly darting to the big jocks crotch again and absentmindedly running his tongue over his lips as he visually caressed the still half hard dick.

"Sounds like a plan" JD mused: "Showers first" he added before looking back at their coach as he resumed walking toward the locker room: "And for the sake of time, lets keep the soap dropping to a minimum shall we!?"

                                                                * * * * *

"Man this really is some set up you got here" Billy noted, peering over Gavin's shoulder as he typed away at the keyboard of his desktop computer.

"Thanks" Gavin bustled before finishing up the last bit of coding he was writing for the program he created for his uncle to track inventory at the store more efficiently, which also would have the added benefit of making both his and Billy's jobs easier as well.

"I built it myself you know" Gavin simply stated, not intending to sound smug, just stating a fact.

"That doesn't surprise me, Brainiac" Billy quipped, ruffling Gavin's hair playfully.

"I think my Mom really likes you" Gavin smiled, thinking back to their dinner and how his Mom wanted to know all about Billy's athletic achievements and about how well he did last year in wrestling, basically getting all the social amenities out of the way before grilling him about girlfriends, if he was seeing or dating someone.

Her interest really peaked when he told her he'd never had a girlfriend and she shot Gavin a particularly knowing wink and half smile after Billy told her that, causing Gavin to blush several different shades of red realizing exactly what she was implying by it.

Gavin had always suspected his Mom knew he was gay, it just wasn't something they talked about, or at least it wasn't something Gavin was comfortable discussing with her.

He knew in her own way she was just trying to be supportive and he was thankful she really made an effort to make Billy feel comfortable being there, Billy certainly seemed to enjoy the conversation and the meal his Mom whipped up and thankfully didn't seem to notice the way his Mom kept smiling her unspoken approval of Billy's presence.

"Think there are any more of those biscuits left?" Billy queried with a big smile and a wink at Gavin.

"Damn dude, we just ate less than an hour ago" Gavin playfully chided, having not seen anyone put away as much food as Billy did with the possible exception of Arliss.

"Hey now..." Billy said defensively: "I'm a growing boy, besides..."he paused looking around making sure they were quite alone: "Some of us didn't gorge ourselves on protein all day."

Gavin sneered at him before giving him a spirited jab to the ribs with his elbow.

"I take it you still want to see if I can track down your brother Mike?" Gavin taunted, teasing Billy genially.

Billy's countenance immediately switched to serious mode; he and Gavin had discussed his older brother earlier, Billy imparting the fact he had written a couple of emails to him in the last couple of weeks, wanting to know if he could take some leave and come take part in his Heritage ceremony, that and he just really missed his older sibling, but as of that day, he still hadn't received any kind of response from him.

Gavin could see the concern written on Billy's face, knowing his brothers silence wasn't really unusual, that it sometimes took awhile to get a response back, but Billy said it had never taken this long, usually only a couple of days, a week at most, depending on what his brother's duty assignment was.

"Well, I can try to locate him" Gavin said, before cautiously adding: "But you do understand, I can't promise anything."

Billy understood, he was just thankful that Gavin would even try: "No problem bud, I'm probably just worried for no reason."

They both knew that wasn't true, but Gavin knew Billy was very much concerned and Gavin felt that after all Billy had been doing for him lately, this was the least he could do to show his appreciation.

"First, let's check that base out," Gavin said as he typed the base's name into his search algorithm: "Panzer Kaserne, Blingen Stuttgart" he spoke everything out loud so Billy could follow along.

"I thought you said your brother and his friend were Marines?" Gavin asked, his brows furrowing questioningly, glancing over his shoulder at Billy, who was now leaned over and so close he could feel his warm breath on the side of his neck: "This here says it's an Army base."

Billy chuckled lightly into Gavin's ear: "It is, but they have a Marine contingent there" he said before adding: "The base serves as a Marine launch point for early response for both eastern Europe and Africa as well."

Gavin searched through the base listings until he found that they indeed did have a Marine section listed in the sub-menu: "I always assumed that the Army and Marines had separate bases."

"They do in some instances" Billy observed: "But most bases have a complement of two or more branches, basically sharing the same space."

"I guess that's why you always see Marines on naval vessels then huh?" Gavin posited, still searching through the sites listings.

"This is going to be trickier than I thought" Gavin sighed: "They don't really go that much into base operations here." he paused thoughtfully for a second then asked: "You wouldn't happen to know who his immediate superior is do you?"

Billy pondered for a moment, then hurriedly fished out his phone and began searching: "I'm pretty sure Mike mentioned him in one of his emails to me awhile back."

"That could prove very useful in my search" Gavin remarked, then appended: "You do know, I might have to do something a little shady to get what you want don'tch'ya?"

Billy looked over at his friend, giving him a concerned questioning look: "How shady is shady?" Billy queried.

Gavin smiled deviously: "Like, hack into someone's computer shady." Gavin concluded.

"Aha!" Billy said jubilantly: "His direct commanding officer is Major Anthony Drummond" He beamed, hoping that Gavin could work with that info: "So..." He paused momentarily considering Gavin's previous statement: "Can we get in serious trouble for doing this?"

Gavin's smile broadened as he returned his attention to his computer screen and began typing furiously: "That depends on whether we get caught or not!"

                                                                * * * * *

JD couldn't believe he was now playing chauffeur while Jason fucked coach Tuck Pullman's brains out in the back seat of the coaches truck.

Earlier, right after they had finished their shower, that is after they were finally able to pull the coaches mouth off Jason's big dick, they had gotten dressed and as JD hurried them along, knowing it was getting late and not wanting to incur his father's wrath, just as they came up to the coaches truck, he looked at JD and asked if he had his drivers license, when JD assured him he did, the coach tossed him his keys and told him he was driving.

While still partially surprised by the move, it became apparent why as Tuck opened the back passenger door ushering Jason inside before him, only turning for a second to wink at JD before jumping inside with him.

Before JD could even get the drivers door opened and climb up in, he looked back and the coach already had Jason's sweatpants down to his ankles and his head was bobbing up and down Jason's enormous cock-head, the loud wet smacking and slurping sounds only matched by the coaches constant humming grunts and groans.

JD just sat there for a moment looking back at the pair, before meeting Jason's glazed over eyes smiling sheepishly back at him and holding his hands up trying to indicate the futility of his predicament.

Oddly enough, JD reminisced, before they even made it to the shower, they had learned a few things about their coach they didn't know or had wrongfully assumed.

Though it was true he was gay, he wasn't out, at least not at school, being pretty sure he wouldn't have been hired in the assistant coaching position he now held, if Coach Grimmly knew he batted for the other team so to speak.

They had all also assumed he was married, having seen him on more than one occasion with the same beautiful woman and knew the two lived together; but Tuck set them straight (no pun intended) that though they did live together, he and her were just best friends.

They also learned that her name was Claire and she was also gay, or more precisely a lesbian.

They knew people assumed they were married or at least a couple and that played to their advantage so they never bothered to correct those who guessed wrong, after all, what they did in the privacy of their own home was no one's business but their own.

Tuck informed them that his job here was just a stepping stone to gain some tenure before transferring hopefully to a school in a larger metropolitan area where being a gay Phys Ed instructor wouldn't be considered a detriment.

Both JD and Jason promised him that his secret was safe with them and did their best to assure him that they would make sure neither Matt or Davy would be a problem either, letting him know that JD had already deleted the incriminating video from Davy's phone.

It came as no surprise to either JD or Jason that coach Pullman decided to show his gratitude by dropping to his knees in the shower and stuffing Jason's half hard dick down his throat and began sucking it back to a full raging boner.

Which was exactly when JD decided they needed to get the fuck out of there since the shower room was the very same place that got Tuck into this whole situation to begin with.

"Take the long way home JD and drive slow." He heard Tuck grunt from the backseat.

JD watched the action going on in the rear view mirror, he bit his lip nervously as he observed Jason positioning himself between Tuck's raised legs expecting him to just slam his hard cock into his upturned ass, but to JD's amazement he watched furtively as Jason lowered himself even more until his face was buried between the coaches muscular bubble-butt and started lapping at his mantwat, noisily driving his lapping tongue in and out of his swollen hole: "Damn that's some sweet pussy!" Jason gurgled, his voice muffled by Tuck's loud moans.

Coach obviously enjoyed Jason's rimming, having moved both his hands down to clasp his fingers tightly against the back of Jason's head and grinding his ass into Jason's hole sucking mouth.

Both the sights and the sounds of their licentious exchange had JD's own boner straining against his pants and for the briefest moment he considered pulling over somewhere and joining them.

But the butt-munching soon turned into butt-fucking as a now totally lust driven Jason lurched upward suddenly, driving his hips forward and began slamming his mammoth cock, balls deep into Tuck's quivering hole.

For the next twenty minutes JD had to not only listen to their boisterous noisy coupling he could feel it as Jason's pile driving had the entire vehicle rocking back and forth for almost the entire journey.

JD almost sighed with relief as they drew nearer his turn off, that the pair reached their climax and slowly started uncoupling.

They were still pulling their clothes back on as JD pulled into his driveway and parked the vehicle about fifteen feet from his front door right behind Timmy's red jeep.

As JD turned the truck off, he pondered the significance of Timmy's vehicle being there after ten in the evening, for that matter, now that he thought about it, he hadn't heard from him since that morning, which he found equally out of character since they usually conversed multiple times a day either by phone or text.

As JD pondered these things he had stepped out of the coaches truck and without a word started heading toward his front door and was just getting ready to turn the doorknob when Jason called after him.

JD turned in the direction of his voice in time to catch him jog over to him and climbed the couple of steps up the porch and to his front door.

As he stood there before JD, he could see over his shoulder as coach Tuck climbed out of the back passenger side of his truck and took his place behind the steering wheel and started the truck up once again, obviously waiting for Jason.

"Listen..."Jason said softly, trying to meet JD's eyes as best he could standing there in the darkness: "I hope you don't think that all of that..." he said, sweeping his right arm backward and nodding in the general direction of the coaches truck: "Well.. " He stammered: "I just don't want you to think that meant anything serious to me" JD could feel Jason's large callused right hand clasp his left shoulder and gently squeezing it and despite his following response, JD could feel the goosebumps raise on his skin where his hand made contact with the skin of his shoulder.

"I don't" was all JD said, wondering why Jason was all of a sudden concerned about what he thought about their little fuck-fest in the backseat of the coaches truck while he was forced to play chauffeur.

"I mean it JD" Jason said, the sincerity in his voice didn't go unnoticed, leaving JD feeling a bit awkward and maybe even a little bit flushed, so much so that he turned his head briefly, breaking the intensity of their eye contact before thinking better of it and turning back to face Jason eye to eye.

It was just then that Coach Tuck hollered out for Jason to get a move on.

JD watched as Jason swiveled his head in the coaches direction and said he was coming before turning swiftly back to face JD and with a big grin on his face, leaning in and plantinh a quick kiss right on JD's unsuspecting lips.

JD just stood there like he was frozen in time and space as he watched Jason sprint away from him and jump into the passenger side of the coaches truck and hanging out the window waving goodbye, yelling out to him that he'll drop by tomorrow so they can talk all while having the biggest shit eating grin JD had ever seen on his face.

Completely stunned into silence JD watched as the truck disappeared down his driveway, leaving JD standing there wondering what the hell had just happened and more importantly, why had he liked it so much!?

                                                              CHAPTER FOURTEEN:

He didn't know how much time had passed while Max Donnelly relentlessly pounded his hole but Timmy was pretty sure it had been hours.

He had long ago lost any sensation in his ass, but he could still feel the constant jarring impact of Max's groin against him, could still feel the sweat and heat from his body, as he hugged Timmy close to him, his hips ever thrusting and pounding his enormous, insatiable phallus into the gaping maul that was formally his anus.

His only occasional relief came from the intermittent times Max would yank his rampaging cock from his hole and dive down to suck on the now distended folds of his engorged and inflamed hole causing it to swell and inflate even more while simultaneously vacuuming out all the cum he'd fucked into him, filling his mouth with it, before plunging his rampaging dong back into him and forcing his sperm filled mouth over Timmy's and steadily feed it to him.

For at least the last two hours Timmy had been nothing more than a limp rag doll in Max's arms, any possible resistance he might have had was completely drained from him, along with whatever strength his muscles once had, all of it was as nothing compared to the onslaught of Max's virile libido and animalistic stamina.

For almost as long, Timmy's mind had entered into a fugue like state, his body becoming a mere extension to Max's carnal desires, he had in essence become a receptacle of Max's indefatigable manhood, a sheath for his fleshy majestic sword.

His mind was completely subsumed, bent toward one goal, satisfying Max, being his hole, being the bearer of his seed.

Max had promised him he would satisfy him in ways he'd never imagined, at the time he didn't know how true that would be, he could no longer imagine anyone or anything ever so completely filling the emptiness he use to feel or even truly understand had existed within him for so long, until now, until Max had so completely taken him.

Timmy barely noticed as Max raised up and began unfastening the chains that bound his now limp body to his bed all he cared about was the massive engorged phallus that filled him, completed him, that pulsed like a second heartbeat deep with the recesses of his body, to remain connected, joined together as one.

He offered no resistance as Max lifted his head, bending it forward to peer down his own body until he could clearly see the area between his ass cheeks and Max's groin all of which was completely lathered in the thick foamy muck that was their fuck juices.

"I told you I was gonna give you a pussy boy" Max's voice passed his lips thick, low and commanding and as proof of the veracity of his words, Max began to slowly withdraw his massive dick from Timmy's sweaty body.

Timmy couldn't believe how the now loose swollen folds of what once was his anal ring now clung stickily to the skin of Max's wrist thick member, he watched as it distended inches away from his body as Max continued to unsheathe his manhood from the confines of his rectum, until the enormous head of his cock plopped out and a torrent of thick, foamy jism spewed from the now gaping maw his hole had become.

Max was right, the inflamed swollen ring of his anus now looked like the labial folds of an overly fucked vagina, flapping wetly on either side as Max continuously rubbed his engorged glans against it.

"Of course..." Max leered down at him, his lips pulled back into a sneer: "We're gonna have to keep that pussy fucked real good every day until it becomes permanent."

Timmy just listened, letting Max's words fill his mind, he knew what he was saying, knew what he expected and Timmy didn't care, he wanted nothing more than to feel the way he felt right now, satisfied and whole and if Max wanted him to have a pussy then he would do whatever Max wanted him to do.

Max looked down at Timmy, he could tell exactly where Timmy's head was at, he knew because he led him there, like he had led Brock and others like him and Timmy.

This, in part, was his Heritage ceremony, the claiming and acceptance of his peoples lineage, one that was inexorably linked to those like Max.

Despite the disparities within the Codex, both he and Danal and a host of others knew that this was every bit a part of the bigger picture.

Just like Atticus and the thousands of others just like him, who wandered aimlessly, unfulfilled and without purpose and left with no recourse, so too did people like Timmy.

Max and those others knew the history, knew how both sides were interconnected, they also knew how the few, over the ages had corrupted the meaning of the Codex, inserted their own hierarchical meaning into it and bereft so many from claiming or even knowing or partaking in their true Heritage.

Max knew that he was just a guide, he alone could not affect the broad sweeping changes needed to affect so many, but he was sure that his son Billy would be the catalyst, at least that was his and Danal's belief; either way, they would know in just a little over a week from now.

For now, Max would have to settle for helping the few he could, in the limited capacity allowed him.

"So, princess.." Max cooed, staring into Timmy's beautiful soft blue eyes: "Are you ready for the second part of your training?" he asked, even though already knowing the answer, he wanted to hear Timmy say it.

Timmy just blissfully starred up into Max's eyes, nodding his head and meekly whispering: "Yes."

Max lifted Timmy up and half walked and carried him over to the corner of the room between the nightstand and the closet, there he lowered him to the floor.

Timmy watched as Max retrieved one of the pair of handcuffs from the bed he had discarded when he set him free just moments ago, he watched as Max bound his wrist behind his back and hooked them to a metal ring protruding behind him about a foot off the floor on the wall, securing him, kneeling in place.

Max reached over to the metal ammo box and pulled out a metal device that had to concaved bars running perpendicular to each other and was threaded on each side with what looked like long screws with two wingnuts on each side.

Timmy silently waited while Max pushed both bars between his lips and ordered him to bite down on it as he began adjusting the screws, the effects of which, caused Timmy's mouth to open by pushing his upper and lower teeth apart; he did this until Timmy's mouth was fully open, almost to the point of being painful.

Kneeling down in front of Timmy and gently stroking the side of his face with the back of his hand Max calmly explained: "This will be one of the worse parts because it's the most uncomfortable" Max twisted the screws again and the bars spread his jaws even further, it was now not just uncomfortable, it was low level painful: "You see, to accommodate men like me, we have to stretch those tendons in your jaw slowly so you can open wider." Max continued to speak softly, comfortingly: "I know it can be a bit painful at times, but I assure you..." He paused for a second to tilt Timmy's head back as he stood up: "The end result will be its own reward for both of us!"

It was at that point Max crammed his now puffy flaccid cock into Timmy's wide open mouth stuffing it until the glans fully filed his oral cavity, Timmy stared up at him, the discomfort showing in his eyes: "I'm sorry princess but it has to be this way" Max declared, before adding: "As a special reward, I'm going to make sure you stay hydrated."

With that announcement, Max let go a stream of hot piss, that splashed against the back of Timmy's throat.

Timmy's eyes went as wide as saucers as the acrid fluid quickly filled what little space was left between his mouth and the entrance of his throat, his mouth was so full of Max's cock it had nowhere to go except down, reluctantly Timmy began to swallow it, having to gulp faster and faster to keep up with the flow from Max's pissing dong; it felt like minutes, and Timmy swallowed countless mouthfuls of Max's hot piss before the stream died down to a mere trickle.

"Lick it nice and clean like a good girl" Max groaned, pleased that Timmy handled this new role so well.

After following Max's instruction and before his cock began to swell again, Max reluctantly pulled his phallus from the confines of Timmy's tight mouth.

Max stood back and surveyed his handiwork, before realizing he had forgotten one thing and reached into the closet and pulled out a three inch circumference pink butt-plug he'd pick up the other day, just for this occasion.

As Max squatted in front of Timmy, he held the bottom of the plug up so Timmy could see where he had written "Princess" on the bottom: "See, I even thought to buy you a special gift." Max slid it under Timmy's depleted balls and shoved it deep into Timmy's hole until the widest part popped into his anal cavity past the sphincter.

"From now on..." Max said, smiling at Timmy and looking him squarely in the eyes: "You need to keep that pussy nice and open for me, do you understand princess?"

Max's smile broadened as Timmy nodded his head yes.

Max rose up and softly cupped the side of Timmy's face in his large hand before moving up and running his fingers through Timmy's short golden curly hair: "You keep being such a good girl and we won't have to shave all this off." Max concluded before turning and walking away leaving Timmy alone in the bedroom still bound securely to the floor.

                                                             * * * * *

Billy Donnelly sat patiently on Gavin Hollis's bed watching as he rapidly typed away on the keyboard of his computer; to Billy, he looked like a man possessed, engaged in some mystical frenetic, electronic invocation that would magically summon an heuristic algorithm to do his bidding.

"Ya know Gavin..."Billy said, sitting there with his elbows on his knees, his fingers laced together, while his mind fought off a sense of trepidation: "I don't want you to do anything that's gonna get you in trouble." He paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts while trying to suppress the anxiety he was beginning to feel watching Gavin do his digital danse macabre: "What if the military traced this back to you?" he murmured softly, looking down at his fidgeting digits, his fears finally finding voice.

"Oh ye of little faith" Gavin mused, a sardonic grin forming on his face, his eyes never leaving his computer screen: "If it helps, I'm actually not attempting to hack any military network or equipment... that would be a federal offense." Gavin stopped typing for a minute, turning to look at Billy, hearing the concern in his voice and now hoping to assuage it: "What I'm actually doing is hacking into the WiFi network of Major dumb-asses apartment complex off base."

Billy's face contorted into an unspoken question mark, which Gavin picked up on before Billy could formulate a response: "It seems..." that sardonic grin returning to Gavin's face: "Major dumbass likes to use his personal laptop at home to email instructions and directives to those under him."

In response, Billy shook his head and rolled his eyes: "Jeez, even I know you're not supposed to do that, my dad doesn't even own one, Carl does, but I know for a fact he doesn't use it for anything official, that's against regs."

"Exactly!" Gavin exclaimed, then adding: "And I'm sure Major dumb-ass knows that too, that's why, even if he figures out I've been poking around his emails, he'd be reluctant to report it officially..." he paused for a second before he and Billy both concluded at the same time: "Because he'd be admitting what a dumb-ass he is!"

Gavin and Billy both laughed, finally dispelling, at least in part, the tension Billy had been feeling since Gavin undertook this little quest: "So how close are you to getting in?" Billy asked, relaxing a little and leaning back on Gavin's bed, propping himself up on his elbows.

"Oh, I'm already in the WiFi network" Gavin beamed: "I'm just running a decryption program I wrote to gain access to Major dumb-asses email account which I got by backtracking the networks ISP."

Billy smiled back at him: "So you don't even need to get into his computer then, just his email account?"

Gavin just answered Billy by giving him a huge Cheshire Cat type grin and coyly batting his eyes.

"Ya know..." Billy said, smiling back at Gavin: "You keep this up and you may yet get that first kiss after all."

Gavin mockingly clutched his chest in feigned surprise: "I do declare Mr. Donnelly, your audacity shocks my delicate disposition, whatever must the neighbors think?"

As his eyes narrowed and a wicked grin appeared on his face, Billy responded: "They'd probably be thankful you weren't still making all those loud grunting noises you made earlier while chowing down on my chub."

Gavin laughed: "Lies I tell ya, lies!"

On the inside Gavin knew, but also hoped Billy wasn't serious, though he really liked Billy and thought anyone including himself should consider themselves fortunate to be on the receiving end of a kiss from Billy Donnelly, deep down he was still hoping to reserve that first time for someone else, the same person he had been crushing on for the last two years... Arliss Gundarson.

Since his graduation, Gavin had made sure to stay in contact with Arliss, visiting him on his family farm dutifully every Sunday, the one day of the week his family allowed him downtime.

He'd always felt, despite Arliss's devotion to his parents and the family farm, that deep down he felt trapped by his circumstance, that being the crushing weight of family obligation; Gavin knew, for all intent and purpose, he was the only friend his parents tolerated and for all Gavin could tell, was Arliss's only real friend.

Despite his best efforts over the last two years to be as nice as he could to Arliss's parents however, they still always managed to make him feel that his presence was an intrusion they only tolerated because their son insisted on it.

A perfect example of this happened just this last month, in May.

It was one of those rare times Arliss actually called him on his phone, yes they conversed via text off and on all the time, but for Arliss to actually call him was rather rare, the last time Gavin could even remember him doing so was on Christmas when Arliss wanted him to stop by because he had a Christmas present for him.

Gavin was sure it was more than that, he got the feeling Arliss just wanted to spend some time with someone his own age, to connect with someone other than his immediate family.

So, even though he had just seen Arliss just three days prior, he was surprised when he called him out of the blue, on a Wednesday to invite him over for dinner the next night.

It was the last week of school for both of them and just seven days until Arliss's graduation, so Gavin immediately thought it had something to do with that but as the conversation pressed on and Gavin asked if he should bring something, Arliss had just chuckled and said, yeah, he could bring him a million dollars for his eighteenth birthday.

Gavin felt bad enough that he hadn't known it was Arliss's birthday, but what really kind of ticked him off, was the fact he had made it a point, like he always did, to talk to Arliss's parents the previous Sunday and not once did they give any indication or acknowledgement to the one and only real friend their son had, that he was having a birthday that coming week, especially something as momentous as his eighteenth birthday.

Gavin had of course accepted Arliss's invitation, he made it a point to rush right out that evening to pick him up a gift, a pair of wireless headphones for his phone, knowing how much he liked to listen to music all the time, but his Dad hated his musical preferences and would often complain about it being nothing but noise and caterwauling.

As bad as he thought it was that Arliss's parents hadn't even mentioned that his eighteenth birthday was coming up, what really irked him happened the next night when after a simple fried chicken dinner he decided to give Arliss his birthday present, Arliss was visibly moved that Gavin had gotten him something and even more thrilled when he unwrapped it and saw what it was, it was at that time his Mom brought out an unwrapped box and handed it to him and Arliss opened it and it was just a couple pairs of new bluejeans, the same type he wore while working, and that was it and as bad as Gavin thought that was, especially for something as monumental as this, Gavin was further appalled by the fact they didn't even bother with a birthday cake.

That's when Gavin got pissed, there was not a chance in hell he was going to let Arliss's eighteenth birthday go by and he did not even have a single bite of birthday cake, it was then that he announced that there was a second part to his birthday gift.

He could still mentally picture the excited and expectant expression on Arliss's face as he waited to hear what it was, and even more so when Gavin said he was treating him to a night on the town.

To say his parents weren't thrilled, well..., if looks could have killed, the looks he got from both of his parents would not only have killed him but planted him six feet under, dead and buried.

Gavin knew he was further exacerbating them and he did so with a great deal of satisfaction, by hurriedly ushering Arliss out the door and into his car.

Gavin didn't even give him time to respond to his Dad insisting he not stay out to late, that they had a lot of work to do the next day, he just painted a huge shit eating grin on his face and practically pushed his large friend into the passenger seat of his car and drove off, determined to give him the kind of birthday he deserved.

He started the evening out by taking him to a local diner where he knew a female friend of his from school worked as a waitress most evenings and ordered a small cake and a couple of bowls of ice cream, he had quietly pulled her aside and told her it was Arliss's birthday and asked if she could help him in some way to make it special for him, she did so in spades.

Not only did she somehow manage to get Happy Birthday Arliss written on the cake she had somehow managed to get some candles to put on it, not only that, when she brought the cake she and the rest of the waiting staff joined in as they all sang happy birthday to him, much to Arliss's embarrassed delight.

It was right after that, while he was trying to think of where they could go next, that one of the girls told them about a spring fair that was going on near Radium Springs not far outside Albany and by the way Arliss's eyes lit up at the suggestion it was only a matter of minutes before Gavin had him back in the car heading in that direction.

To say Arliss had a good time that night, would have understated his mood that entire evening, Gavin had never seen him smile and laugh so much and vicariously so did Gavin.

Hours later on the ride back to Arliss's home, all he did was go on and on highlighting the events of the evening only occasionally to pause in between to repeatedly thank Gavin for the best birthday he had ever had or ever hoped to have again and as they pulled up and Arliss went to get out of his car, Gavin stopped him and got out with him and gave him a big hug and wishing him a final happy birthday and assured him, that from now on they would always celebrate his birthday with a boys night out.

As their hug ended and Arliss bid him goodnight and once again thanked him for a great evening, Gavin was sure he caught wetness in Arliss's eyes before he turned away to disappear into the night down the paved walkway to his house.

"Cry Havoc and let slip the pups of war!" Gavin exclaimed triumphantly, throwing his hands up in victory.

"You did it?!" Billy gushed, jumping to his feet and nearly plowing into Gavin's back as he assumed his spot bent over his shoulder to peer into Gavin's computer screen.

"We are in, dude!" Gavin boasted, he and Billy slapping hands together in a high five.

At first they didn't know what to look for, most of the emails were to low level command staff and was mostly about equipment and inventory movement so Gavin decided to narrow the parameters and scope of their search to incoming messages and within a few minutes Billy's finger darted toward the screen: "That's him, that's Mike's email address, open that!" he said excitedly.

What they read was an acknowledgement from Mike that he was being instructed to report to some place in Hilden which was in the northeast of Germany, a long way from Stuttgart.

The email was dated about two weeks ago.

Gavin did a comparative search in Major Anthony Drummond's sent emails and found the original orders to Mike.

"Says here he was instructed to report to a research facility in Hilden. Someplace called Qiagen." Gavin noted.

"What the hell is Qiagen?" Billy queried.

Opening up a second browser window Gavin typed in a search for Hilden Germany and Qiagen, what came up only added to their confusion: "It says Qiagen is a genetics research company, like the biggest one in Germany to be precise." Gavin added, his puzzlement written all over his face.

Billy was first to ask the obvious question on both their minds: "Why would the Marine Corps. order his brother to report to a German civilian genetics research facility?"

"Look here..." Gavin pointed to the email instructing his brother to report to that facility: "Seems he didn't go alone, this email is also tagged to a Cpl. Kent Bauers instructing him to do the same."

Billy's ears perked up hearing Kent's name mentioned: "That's Mike's best friend from since we were kids" He said, before adding: "They joined the service together under the buddy system and got stationed together in Stuttgart."

Gavin frowned, turning his head to give Billy a quizzical look: "Somethings not right here dude" he said, his statement only echoing what was already on Billy's mind.

"Billy, I know you didn't want your Dad to know you were trying to reach out to your older brother, but..." Gavin eyed Billy, hoping they were still on the same wavelength.

Billy just shook his head, still not knowing what to think, but still fearing his Dad might take it the wrong way about him reaching out to his brother, but Gavin was right, what they just found out didn't quite sit right, he couldn't explain it, it was just something he just felt in his gut.

"Ya know..." Billy said, thinking out loud: "Uncle Carl would know what to do."

Gavin bowed his head in thought for a moment: "Didn't you say earlier that he's away right now?" He asked, his focus returning to the video screen of his computer as he once again scanned through the various emails listed.

"He is" Billy said but enumerated: "But I think I remember my Dad saying he was due back this Friday."

"Actually, ya know what?" Gavin declared: "That might work out perfectly" he concluded, Billy's expressions now a litany of questions.

Gavin's hand shot up: "Just hold up and listen to what I have in mind" He paused only briefly trying to head off the questions Billy was most assuredly getting ready to start throwing at him.

"Let's wait until Friday and you can run this all past Carl first and see what he thinks" He looked a doubtful Billy right in the eyes: "Let me finish dude..." He instructed, already formulating a plan in his head: "One more day shouldn't make a difference and that will give me some time to see what I can dig up about this company and what they're doing there." He brought his right hand up and placed it on Billy's left shoulder, attempting to ease whatever doubts he had: "It's your call of course, but if your Dad's gonna find out, lets have all our ducks in a row before you pull that trigger okay?"

Billy knew Gavin was making sense, right now he was a little bit too emotionally invested in it to approach it logically.

"Right now, it's getting late" Gavin emphasized: "Let me close this down for now and run you home" He said, adding calmly: "Then tomorrow I can work on finding out more about this company and what their into and more importantly, why your brother and his friend are there, sound kewl with you?"

Billy nodded his head, agreeing that Gavin's plan was their best alternative at the moment, besides, if he was approaching his Dad about this, he definitely wanted Carl by his side when he did so, there was no one his Dad trusted more than him.

                                                               * * * * *

JD had just entered his home, still feeling very confused and more than a little conflicted when he was greeted by his Dad who was sitting on the couch watching something on TV: "Hiya sport, how was the team pizza party?" his Dad asked him, seeming a bit on the cheerful side considering the fact it was well after ten o'clock and more than a few hours after he had sent his Dad the message about his intended whereabouts.

"It was good" he responded, adding: "Coach kept us pretty entertained tonight" JD said, thinking the best excuse was just to tell the basic truth and leave out some of the more colorful details.

"I recognized your coach's truck..." his Dad exclaimed: "but who was that young man with you on the porch?"

JD felt himself blush and hoped his Dad didn't notice: "Oh, that was Jason, one of my teammates." he stammered, still feeling a bit thrown back by what had just occurred: "He's also on the football team."

JD thought to change the subject, hoping to get off the topic of Jason Dunne: "Where's Timmy?" He asked, barely making eye contact with his Dad who just sat there slightly grinning and staring intently at him.

"Come sit with me for a minute sport" His Dad said, patting the spot right next to him, making JD feel more conscientious than he already did, but obeying his father and cautiously sitting where his father indicated.

"Did I do something wrong?" JD asked timidly.

"Not that I know of son, unless there's something you're not telling me" JD caught the slight wink his Dad gave him while also certain he heard a bit of a chuckle as well, further confusing him and adding to his general state of discomfort.

He felt his Dad study him for a moment before continuing: "I think it's time we have a man to man talk about your future" JD felt his Dad's left hand on his right shoulder, firm but still comforting at the same time: "You're going to be a father yourself soon" His Dad began, his words hitting him directly in the gut causing his entire body to tense up: "I'm sorry son, but we need to discuss this and we're running out of time before it becomes a fact."

All JD could do was bow his head, his former confusion and trepidation's about what had just transpired with Jason instantly paling in comparison with the harsh reality of what his Dad just brought up: "I thought her parents were giving it up for adoption?" he postulated, now wondering if something else had happened to change their minds.

"First of all..." his Dad prefaced as he leaned forward on the couch, his hand still firmly affixed to JD's shoulder: "That's your son, not an it" he exclaimed, his voice still calm but growing a bit firmer like his grip on his shoulder: "He is also a Donnelly" His Dad's voice seemed to trail off for a second, but his meaning was perfectly clear to JD and he kind of anticipated his next question even before his Dad asked it: "What do you want to do about it son?"

It was a logical question but it was also a difficult one to answer: "What can I do Dad?" he asked, more as a statement than a supposition: "Do I quit school and look for a job?" He blurted: "Do I try to get custody and attempt to raise him on my own, what?!" He could feel his eyes begin to water up, as fear of his future came crashing down squarely on his back, his mind now racing in a million directions at once, all of them bleak and dark.

JD felt himself plummet full force into an emotional meltdown and through it all, through the entire litany of dark possible outcomes and futures and all the self recriminations, his Dad sat there, his hand on his shoulder waiting for what he knew would come, like a rock against the rampaging waves of a storm until finally his sixteen year old son collapsed into his arms in uncontrollable tears, sobbing and begging his dad not to hate him, pleading for forgiveness, wishing and wanting nothing more than to turn back the hands of time and go back and fix the wrongs in his life, to be the son his father raised him to be, to make everything alright again, return to simpler times when all that was expected of him was to be a sixteen year old boy who liked to play sports and video games with his friends, to enjoy the simple life his father had provided for him before he willfully screwed it all up.

As the sobs began to fade and his body trembled and shook a little less, JD began to feel the warmth of his father's body, the strength of the arms that now embraced him, holding him close, the large strong hands that caressed his back, the unyielding shoulder his face was planted in that absorbed all his unrestrained tears, his anguish and fears, he slowly came to the realization, that his father still loved him, had always done so and had always been there for him no matter what, it was in these few desperate moments that he learned what had always been there and would always be there, he already had what so many other young men yearned for, sought after, some for their entire lives, that unspoken thing was his father's love.

He slowly pulled back from his Dad wanting merely to look into the eyes of the man who sired him and cared for him, his brothers and so many others, he bravely wiped away the tears from his face and eyes with the back of his hands and looked his father in the eyes: "I want my son!"

Those words rang like music in Max's ears, this is what he needed to hear from his son and in this moment here and now he couldn't have been more proud of him, that despite his age, his youngest son was becoming a man: "It won't be easy" He said, knowing now was not the time to try and put a pretty face on it, the road he was on was fraught with twist and turns, bumps and hazards, but it was a road he himself was familiar with, it was in fact a road he was still traveling himself and this was just another hurdle, another obstacle that needed to be faced, crossed and dealt with, it was a road JD was now starting on, joining his Dad on his never ending journey as a parent.

"You'll have your son JD" he said, his tone leaving no doubt he meant every word of it.

"But there will still be a price to pay for that future" His Dad cautioned: "And you need to be prepared to face it when it comes!" his Dad paused for a moment staring intently into his eyes, further emphasizing his stance: "I can't tell you at this time what that price will be..."he said cautiously before continuing: "What I do need for you to do is trust me and when the moment is right, and you will know when that happens, you'll grab it with both hands and hold on to it!"

JD held his father's gaze, and vowed he'd do what needed done, that he'd never let his father down again.

"Good" his Dad said: "the first thing you need to do is let Timmy go, he's not meant for you"

JD had forgotten about him and suddenly remembered that Timmy's jeep was parked outside and realized he had to be somewhere near: "He's with you isn't he?" JD posited, not meaning it as an accusation but more of an actuality.

"Yes" was his Dad's simple response adding: "I mean no disrespect when I tell you, Timmy requires more attention than you're capable, at this time, to give him" JD heard no malicious intent in his Dad's voice nor did he perceive any in his countenance.

"Truthfully Dad..." JD said softly, continuing: "I kinda expected it, you two have practically been all over each other since he started hanging out here with me."

Max just shook his head watching the faint smile spread across his youngest son's handsome face.

"Oh really?" Max began, returning his son's sudden smug smile with one of his own: "Well, since we're dropping truth bombs, maybe you'd like to tell me more about that boy you kissed on the front porch this evening!?"

It was at that moment that Billy walked through the front door, and upon seeing his Dad and little brother sitting on the couch together grinning surreptitiously at each other and now at him, asked: "So, anything interesting happen while I was out?"

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